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Mr. Shark Attack and Lady Starfish: The Reboot

Mr. Shark Attack and Lady Starfish: The Reboot

By Mr. Shark Attack
Now in Production:
Brilliant rantings, biting commentary, the podcast with teeth. Chomp chomp.
2021 and beyond ...
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Fungus Arm
Episode 8, featuring Toenail clipping Slo Gravy and more. Still here ... 
April 24, 2021
On Your Roof
Episode 7, featuring: Head update Big money Sniffing Forgetting Driving Gorilla Dirty movies with mom Mall “service” Gettin’ old Rollin’ Lady Sunfish Bedroom door ‘Mesters Turntable plans (sniff) Oprah don’t care Vegas goodbye.
March 26, 2021
Spider Bite
Episode 6, featuring: Four o’clock Mr. Freedom Fish question COVID shot Four Roses (being consumed) Cuomo talkin’ dirty Tiny mouth Kohl’s Monkey man Poll: LSF or MSA, who’s funnier? Corned beef x 2 Back to work Interrupting shark Shave the cat? Camping stories: Pickles Chili comin’ up Camping stories: Awning, Tornado, Backin’ in, Fire tips Darts Stats What’s up with The Kid? Huh?? -end-
March 20, 2021
Episode 5, featuring: Sunday Six more months! Big Birthday Making friends in the bathroom Making gay friends in general The excuse for everything The dream Gland update Readers 12 beers Dr.’s visit (repeat?) HBD LSF!
March 09, 2021
Tiny Potatoes
(with special guest Lady Angelfish) Tiny potatoes Drip drop (this part is when LSF was bumping her foot on the table) Butthole deodorant Ed Grocery shopping adventures Donuts Childhood recipes (still bumping the table, pouring drinks) Pennsylvania high school MSA navigation Freedom fish and Electric eel Siblings Growin’ up poor (orn?).
February 27, 2021
Dirty Dozen
This week on MSA and LSF: TR ... Windex cliffhanger Anal gland expression Static electricity is shocking when you’re old Soaping tips Haunted mall shop Tea taker Corn cobs Firefly Lane Bubly Woo! Shoutout to GDS Beefy fish? Abandoned office Flippin’ the lid All hail the air fryer Shoutout to Conan @Listen2MSA - leave us a message - RSS: Say hello at Mrsharkattack @ gmail
February 20, 2021
By Popular Demand
Episode 2, featuring:  The linen closet MSA in bad shape (Dr. Crow) Teen trout Podcasting is easy now - Thanks Lightning Licks & Renaming the show? Why no Taco Tuesday? Self checkout Freedom links Grass allergies/Snow Joe She’s the queen Facebook ads Raw dog audio (that’s the furnace) Windex (what will happen?) Drunk plans Impeachment Bowl 2 Two masks? The Machine Shop.
February 12, 2021
Back for More
A pretty fantastic show if you don't count the audio quality or the sound of MSA rubbing his feet together.  Enjoy. Both of you. 
February 07, 2021