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MrSkypelessons' Podcast

MrSkypelessons' Podcast

By David Nicholls
Short story (Lamb to the Slaughter) read aloud by MrSkypelessons
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MrSkypelessons’ Podcast 11 (DO phrasal verbs)
This lesson goes through all the phrasal verbs with DO
October 19, 2021
MrSkypelessons’ Podcast 10 (rhetoric in Poe)
What devices to the masters of literature employ in their sentences? Can you construct such complicated phrases? Yes, you can! But you must practise...
October 14, 2021
MrSkypelessons’ Podcast 9
The Black Cat (Edgar Allan Poe) read aloud by MrSkypelessons
October 12, 2021
MrSkypelessons’ Podcast 8
Which phrasal verbs collocate with ‘it’?
October 11, 2021
MrSkypelessons’ Podcast 7 (Tenses)
A summary of how to use English tenses.
October 10, 2021
MrSkypelessons’ Podcast 6 (possessive gerund)
I appreciate your listening to my podcast. Please subscribe so that there’s no chance of your missing my new lessons 😃
October 9, 2021
MrSkypelessons’ Podcast 5 (complex gerund and infinitive)
How do we use complex gerund and complex infinitive? Find out in today’s episode
October 8, 2021
MrSkypelessons’ Podcast 4
Another lesson on perfect infinitive (to have done)
October 6, 2021
MrSkypelessons’ Podcast 3
Perfect infinitive (to have + 3rd form)
October 3, 2021
MrSkypelessons' Podcast 2
Let’s look at the phrasal verbs and modal forms in ‘Lamb to the Slaughter’. 
October 1, 2021
MrSkypelessons' Podcast
This is a short story read aloud by MrSkypelessons. The story is Lamb to the Slaughter, by Ronald Dahl.
September 30, 2021