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The MS5 Podcast

The MS5 Podcast

By Aaishwariya Gulani and Swathi Raman
Things They Don't Teach You in Medical School. A podcast about personal and professional development for medical students.

Join your hosts, Aaishwarya Gulani and Swathi Raman, two second-year medical students, as they interview experts in the field of professional development! From networking to leadership to building meaningful relationships, each episode aims to ultimately give actionable advice for medical students who want to take the next step in developing themselves outside of the classroom.

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Total Leadership with Lindsay Kuo

The MS5 Podcast

Hierarchy in Medical Training with Barron Lerner and Shailin Thomas
Everyone has heard of this hospital hierarchy with the attending physicians, fellows, residents, and medical students. And those who have experience working within it know how hard it is to speak up and the importance of establishing a feedback-driven culture. In this episode, Dr. Barron Lerner, a physician, professor, and author, and Shailin Thomas, a 6th year MD/JD student at NYU, join us to speak about their experiences within this hierarchy.  For more information, check out Dr. Lerner's New York Times article, "In a Hospital Hierarchy, Speaking Up Is Hard to Do," and his book, "The Good Doctor: A Father, a Son, and the Evolution of Medical Ethics."
September 14, 2020
Total Leadership with Lindsay Kuo
Dr. Lindsay Kuo talks to us about her journey training in both medicine and business, the four domains of leadership, and what makes an effective leader. Join us as we delve into Dr. Kuo's blog post titled "Personal Total Leadership" and discover what it means to better integrate all aspects of your life!
August 23, 2020
Setting your own Agenda with Tony Tsai
Tony Tsai talks to us about how to make time for our own passions, differentiate ourselves, build relationships, and set our own agenda in medical school. Join us as we kickstart this series with our first guest and see if you can answer Tony's 3 questions on personal development!
August 10, 2020
Welcome to MS5!
Get to know your hosts, Aaisha and Swathi, and their ideas behind this podcast in this introductory episode.
July 27, 2020