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The Ms. Ayanna J Podcast

The Ms. Ayanna J Podcast

By Ms. Ayanna J
The Ms. Ayanna J podcast features one girls approach into womanhood. This podcast aims to be transparent, and authentic, discussing various topics pertaining to platonic + romantic relationships, education, careers, physical, emotional + mental health, societal issues + more. It will include numerous guests and will leave the listener enthralled, as it aims for the listener to laugh, learn, question, and relate to what they’ve heard. Follow @MsAyannaJ on Instagram + Twitter for all updates & subscribe to for blogs + more content.
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Read The Room‼️ || EP 3
This episode discusses what’s been going on on social media, influencer culture, Black Lives Matter becoming a trend rather than a hashtag, insensitivity/losing sight of focus + more. This episode was more of an open conversation and included Ameeza (@ayebenzz) + Richelle (@toast2rc).
June 12, 2020
Who Will Survive in America? 🤔 || EP 2
This episode discusses racial disparities, injustices, and experiences. It serves as open discussion, as SignedSZN is joined by Alline A., Ashlee M. & Kayler L., three young women passionate about social justice, activism, criminal justice, and change.
May 29, 2020
#HBDSZN 🥂🥳 || EP 1
Welcome to the first episode of the SignedSZN Podcast! #HBDSZN — Gems 22 has taught me #ThankYou22✨ Be sure to subscribe, follow, + share! #SignedSZN
May 15, 2020