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The Mss Francois Show

The Mss Francois Show

By Mss Francois
Candid Conversations with a variety of entertainment. We use humor to help you with your "dysfunctional" relationships.
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Lydia Caesar- A Queen
I’m very exciting to have in my presence Ms/Mrs Lydia Caesar Sorry fellas she's spoken for :(.  Ms Lydia Caesar is a singer songwriter entertainer and business woman. As far as I’m concerned, she is a superstar. Raised in a Christian home and a very talented family she has steadily climbed the ladder of entertainment success. She currently has two albums her debut  “Caesar” and her sophomore album “Queen of Hearts” She has opened for such big name acts as Patti Labelle, Robin Thicke, Bandy and Ciara just to name a few. On this segment you will get to know her more intimately, find out how love made her  leave New York behind and move to a St Louis.  Hear how she managers her family/relationship in such an industry which is sometimes known to tear people apart. She is an example of what a phenomenal woman is, ladies take notes. To Connect with Lydia Caesar-Tell her you saw her on The Mss Francois Show :)   Instagram: Facebook:  Twitter: Official Website:  Link to the "Queen Of Hearts" Album: Link to "Yesterday" on  iTunes:… COMMENT_LIKE_SHARE_FOLLOW
February 26, 2022
Envisioning your Soulmate
A very talented comedian by the name of  Ms Hannah Abney will start the show off, men you will find out that Ms Abney has many talents so do enjoy. This segment is called Envisioning your Soulmate. Many, are searching for that special significant other to spend the rest of your life with. Someone to add to your life, someone to go through life ups and downs. Yet you are not sure what you are looking for in a soulmate. Ms Dailisha Eve Rodriguez CEO and founder of Hey There Beautiful Foundation, Empowerment Coach and Motivational Speaker will help you get exactly what you want. This is an episode that requires your undivided attention and some pen and paper. If you already found your soulmate, do pass this episode unto someone who needs to hear it .  Contact Guest-Tell them you saw them on The Mss Francois Show  @hannaha650- Comedian  @dailisha or @_Heytherebeautifulinc .  COMMENT_LIKE_SHARE_FOLLOW    Like me on Facebook  Follow me on Instagram
January 28, 2022
Pretty for a DARK GIRL
#melaninpoppin #blackbeauty #naturalhair This episode seems to be directed to “Dark” Women, but It’s for all women. First enjoy the  performance of a  multi-talented young lady she is a comedian, actress, model and singer she goes by the name of Jewel Jones-Freeman, she is singing her original song that she wrote called Pretty for a Dark Girl. After her performance, I get to sit with her and two other young ladies by the name of Amanni Smith and Shamise Johnson. . These ladies will have you commenting “ummmmm”  Find out why when someone say that you are “pretty for a dark girl” its an insult rather than a compliment. We will explore colorism and hear about their experience dating and the remarks and comments made just because of their dark skin color. Hopefully after this episode you can see another side of this conversation, and realize as the song goes LOVE THE SKIN YOU’RE IN. .  Contact Guest-Tell them you saw them on The Mss Francois Show @juustjewel- Bookings @manni.iam @shamisechantel . COMMENT_LIKE_SHARE_FOLLOW   Like me on facebook Follow me on Instagram
January 06, 2022
#makeup #selfesteem #damecosmo On this episode meet Bronx comedian Brandon Reeves, he has performed at every major comedy club in New York. Besides being a comedian, he's an actor and a motivation speaker.  Put your drinks down because you are about to laugh out loud.  After you regain your composure. Meet today's guest, the beautiful Tiffany Garlick, this young lady is a make up artist to the stars she has worked with such celebrities as  Rihanna, Yandy Smith and Adrienne Bailon just to name a few. This episode goes beyond applying make up, we discuss the impact makeup has on a woman's self esteem, how men like or dislike for makeup on a woman and the do's and don't when applying make up.  As always you will be engaged and educated.
November 20, 2021
Get ready for not a good episode but a great one. Comedian Chris Hamilton starts off the show and right after you stop laughing crap your husband, boyfriend, mistress or side piece and get ready to learn a few things. Ms Sherie Wilkerson and Ms Cynthia Jones will educate you and revive the boring routine in the bedroom. This episode is not about being a freak but being willing to add some extra excitement in your life. Stop being afraid to try something new, Life is to short lets, love, live and show your freaky side.
October 05, 2021
Five Kids is Enough
How well do you know your significant other? Well Mr and Mrs Mezetin played a little game to start the show off which almost ended their 16 year marriage. "Just kidding".  Taina and Quentin Mezetin has been in a loving relationship for over 16 years and have five children. On this episode  they shared with us how they met, how they keep the relationship exciting, how they diffuse arguments and how having such a large family can affect your finances.  At the end of the interview, you will  get to meet all five children. The Mezetins has definitely set the bar high, they are  a great example for a young family getting it right.   COMMENT-LIKE-SHARE & SUBSCRIBE Like me on facebook  Follow me on Instagram
August 22, 2021
What does 143 Stands for? I LOVE YOU
This episode has a great combination of laughs and advice. Ms. Cathy Homes opens up the show with some edgy and funny comedy make sure your check her out at @crappyfumes. Today Segment was called 143 Speaks if you didn't know, 143 is code for I love you.. "Who Knew". Donald Jones who is will rounded and versed on relationships,  enlightens us about the signals we all give off to our partners. Hear about the 4 things every relationship should have FEAR, EXCITEMENT, COMFORT and of course LOVE. Hands down one of my favorite conversations on the show. Check out his Blog @143speakssimhigh. .   COMMENT-LIKE -SHARE & SUBSCRIBE Like me on Facebook Follow me on Instagram
August 17, 2021
We all need a psychologist
Are you ready to laugh? Well look no further. The show was opened by comedian  Jodell Lewis.@iamjoeshow. This segment was called you need a psychologist. On this episode I had the pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Glorious Dunkerley. A psychologist with over 20 years of experience. She answered such questions  about overcoming hurt, unfaithfulness, forgiveness and so much more. Can you believe she was my psychologist. Well you are welcome because I decided to share her with you. Special thanks to our first telephone caller Terri Moore,  she was willing to be transparent with us on the show and was opened to receiving some feedback from Dr. Glorious Dunkerley.   Please SHARE and SUBSCRIBE  Instagram Facebook
July 26, 2021
Eye On You
Enjoy this fun interview with international soca artist Mr. Pearly. He's not only handsome but has a great work ethic.  EYES ON YOU is one of those songs that you can't get out of your head and you are in for a treat because you get to see him perform it on The Mss Francois Show.  Join me as you hear  Mr. Pearly talk about travelling the world, his music, women, wining and winning. Ladies I promise you will love this episode and yes he is single.
July 13, 2021
More Stamina in the bedroom
You are in for a very information episode called more stamina in the bedroom. First Ms. Brittany Sherrod will have you laughing as she shares what she does in order to find a man. Remember It's a NEW YEAR and many of us have fitness and health goals. However are you aware that staying in shape can help you in the bedroom. So if you want to spice up your love life and add some extra excitement in the bedroom. Get to the gym you are not only getting fit and healthy for yourself but you are doing it for you partner as well. Get all the advice you need from two professional personal trainers Ms. Julia Zuniga and Mr .Anwar Carroll
May 10, 2021
Doesn't Matter if it's Black or White
Love knows no color. This Episode explores three individuals that are dating or married to someone of a different race or nationality. The one common thing these relationships have is love and respect for each other.  Hope you enjoy the speech by Brian C Robinson and get to know each and every guest because they are not only telling their story they are telling your story. Remember it does not matter if you're are black or white. The great Martin Luther King said we should not judge others by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.
March 15, 2021
Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man (Book Review)
Why can't we be ourselves on the first date? Enjoy a skit that shows Dooreen on her first date and transitions into another person after being dropped off. Check out the video on YouTube search "The Mss Francois Show" Season 1 Ep#6. Then join a mother and daughter duo Ericka and Imani Napier as we review a the book Act Like a Lady Think like to man by Steve Harvey.  The concept of the book is about what men really thinks about love, relationships, intimacy and commitment. ... Whats your point of view on this book? Did
February 28, 2021
What Makes Marriages Work?
In the beginning of this episode our guest Quentin Mezetin @themindinvestor gives us 1 step that promises to help your relationship. Presently it's said that 40-50% of Marriages end in divorce in the United States. This segment shows two mature women Nancy Pierre and Karian Wright both  married for over 19 years. They will share with us on why their relationship has stood the test of time, hopefully there is something to be learned and applied.
January 27, 2021
Let talk about the Ex's
Our ex's play an important part in our future. We should learn from our mistakes and the wrong choices we've made. Take some responsibility, forgive them and move on. Mistakes are meant for us to learn from not for us to repeat.
November 16, 2020
Men get hurt in relationships too
Women stop blaming men. ...There are two sides in ever story, many times women blame men for their hurt and why they come with so much baggage to each new relationship. These two men are here to put their feet down and let us women know that they have feeling also and they have been hurt too.
November 01, 2020
Women who want a good man, but are they good women?
@Justjewel starts the show of with her stand up comedy, she will having you in stitches. Episode #2 is about Women who are  searching for a  GOOD man. But what does he look like and how can we find him. Listen to two women with different background and philosophies of what a good man means to them . What is a good man look like to you?  But while listening ask yourself are you a good woman? 
October 18, 2020
She found her husband's mistress hiding in the bathroom
This episodes starts with a monologue called "Steve Harvey Can't Find Me a Husband"   after the monologue Mss Francois will interview Ms Lilia Morrero who was married for over 20 years and came home to find her husband changing the locks to the apartment they shared. WHAT WOULD YOU DO. Find out how Ms Lilia Morrero response to this  traumatic life changing situation.
October 06, 2020