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MSU WMA Podcast

MSU WMA Podcast

By Michigan State University Wealth Management Association
A show with Justin Halvorson and Justin Jackson, two undergraduate finance students from Michigan State University who interview financial advisors currently working in wealth management to discover what a career as a advisor can look like. |
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Jacqueline Venier
Jacqueline is a partner at Plante Moran Financial Advisors in Detroit Michigan. Her LinkedIn profile can be found here:®-cpwa®-28151212 Contact: | @msuwma  WMA website: MSU Wealth Management Program: Song credit: J Dilla; Last Donut Of The Night
September 17, 2020
The Virtual Job Search with Kristen Hintz
Kristen is the Associate Director at the Russel Palmer Career Management Center at the Eli Broad College of Business. Helpful links can be found below   Contact: | @msuwma  WMA website:  MSU Wealth Management Program:  Song credit: J Dilla; Last Donut Of The Night Working remotely & side gigs:   Companies hiring:   Start-Ups hiring:   Companies with hiring freezes, including industries hiring; note that there may be differences by function or unit:   Roles in Tech:    Government essential Workers, hiring (May 2020):    LinkedIn list of who's hiring right now (April 2020): (non-professional jobs to make money):   500 Companies Hiring on Handshake (April 2020):    Leads for remote work opportunities for many majors:    GitHub crowd-sourced list of who's hiring - lots of notes about remote/virtual internships Upwork: “connects businesses seeking specialized talent”    Micro Internships: and  Recession-Proof Companies Hiring:   Volunteer in an industry or in a role related to your degree/major: 
September 10, 2020
David Shotwell
David is the President and co-founder of Shotwell Rutter Baer. WMA website: Contact:   Song credits: J Dilla: Last Donut of the Night -
September 10, 2020
MSU WMA Podcast - Justin Halvorson & Justin Jackson
Both Justin Halvorson & Justin Jackson are senior finance majors at the Eli Broad College of Business.  Justin Halvorson: LinkedIn:   Justin Jackson: LinkedIn:   WMA website: Contact: Song credits:  J Dilla: Last Donut of the Night -  Abstract Orchestra: Fancy Clown -
August 28, 2020
Professor Stephen Schiestel
Professor Schiestel is a the current CIO & co-founder of Grand Capital Advisors, and the Program Director of the Financial Planning and Wealth Management Program at the Eli Broad College of Business.    @msuwma | |   MSU Wealth Management Program: Grand Capital Advisors: Song credit: J Dilla; Last Donut Of The Night
August 26, 2020