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By Ross Anderson
The Motivational Dude Podcast is for those who seek to create a
happy, healthy and fulfilling life! Each week your host Ross Anderson (The Motivational Dude!) will explore the disciplines necessary for you to optimise your mind and body and outline the practical steps you need to take to do so. All delivered with the perfect balance of silly, serious and science! Topics will include nutrition, neuroscience, sleep,
meditation, gut health, fitness, motivation and more. Ross is a psychologist and wellbeing expert. His passion is the science and wisdom of wellbeing; his purpose, to optimise lives.
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Turning Back Time, Epigenetics & Reversing Ageing
In this episode you'll discover: -your two age types (bio and chrono) -how stress can heavily impact your biological age  -how meditation can positively impact your biological age  -how you can reverse ageing  -some specific benefits of meditation 
May 6, 2019
The 3 Types: Observer, Clueless, Doer. Which Are you?
In this episode you'll discover: -the 3 types and what they represent  -an exercise to get you on track (or back on track) -some questions we all should be asking ourselves 
April 29, 2019
A Conversation With a Purpose: What's Your Personal Mission?
In this episode you'll discover: -A conversation between two people that speaks volumes  -A question well worth pondering  -An exercise for helping your find your purpose, or at least move toward it -The power of a toilet pan 
April 22, 2019
A Lesson On Fear: Perception Is Not Reality
In this episode you'll discover: -how many of us perceive fear and how its holding us back  -how to deal with fear  -how to be more courageous when facing your fears
April 16, 2019
The Double Champ Mentality & How You Can Achieve More
In this short episode you'll discover: the thought process of a double champ (UFC and olympian) a 3 step process you must embrace if you are to achieve great success why 99% of people fail to realise their goals and dreams 
March 28, 2019
Assess Your Relationships To Ascend Your Life
In this episode you will discover: the untapped power of having the right kind of relationships  How to assess your relationships so you can move forward and experience a better life  3 types of friends and the impact of each on your life  some wise wisdom from Ross's Grandmother (who needs Socrates when you have gran)
March 21, 2019
The Connection Between Will Power, Meditation & Becoming A Greater Version Of Yourself
A quick look at will power, meditation and how we can start to make better decisions to begin realising our potential. 
February 28, 2019
Less Stress! Change Your Brain At An Electrical & Chemical Level In Just 30 Seconds Using This Technique
Let's experiment! Learn a simple scientific method to positively shift your mental state in as little as 30 seconds so as to feel less anxious and stressed and more grounded, positive and in control.  
February 26, 2019
Thought Of The Day: Why We Sleep So Bad & What We Can Do To Quickly Change This
In this short episode you'll discover: One of the key factors that negatively impacts our sleep How this factor may also contribute to weight gain One quick and simple sleep tactic to sleep better, feel better and live healthier
February 24, 2019
The Best Piece Of Nutritional Advice You'll Ever Receive!
Years ago someone taught me a very wise way of looking at nutrition.  Rather than making things difficult, this individual taught me to take a simple approach. Smart but simple.  Listen in so you too can utilise this advice.
February 20, 2019
Thought Of The Day: Why You Should Consider A 24 Hour FAST
In this short episode you’ll discover: the benefits of fasting why fasting is key for rejuvenation  a tool that can rebalance your gut in as little as 24 hours
February 6, 2019
My Transformation: Addiction, Near Death, Mental illness & How I Became The Motivational Dude
In this episode I share the details of some of my biggest challenges and how that lead to me being who I am and doing what I do.  Topics covered: Divorce Emotional Pain  Education & Teenage Life Addiction Mental Illness Transformation 
February 1, 2019
Part B: The 30 Day Wellbeing Challenge
The 30 day Motivational Dude wellbeing challenge is designed to help you begin mastering the fundamentals (once and for all) to create new, more empowering health habits in 2019. The challenge itself focuses on four major components of wellbeing: how to eat, sleep, move and think optimally. The end of each section will culminate with an aim and by the end of parts A and B you will have all you require to elevate you health and happiness this year. *The podcast will be conducted almost like you were having a health consultation with Ross.  Time stamps for those who want to get stuck in: 0:54-1:19 Intro Jingle  01:20-21:40 SECTION 3 NUTRITION   21:41-36:54 SECTION 4 SLEEP 37:50-40:30 RECAPPING THE CHALLENGE AIMS 40:30-49:24 THE MINDSET REQUIRED FOR THE CHALLENGE  49:25 X3 ADDITIONAL RESOURCES TO HELP: Feel Supreme Discounted Code: MTDSUPREME15 for 15% off Thriva Discount Code: MTD50 for 50% off Click this unique link to use *Any questions regarding the challenge or resources, simply message Ross via Instagram OR on his website
January 14, 2019
Part A: The 30 Day Wellbeing Challenge
The 30 day Motivational Dude wellbeing challenge is designed to help you begin mastering the fundamentals (once and for all) to create new, more empowering health habits in 2019. The challenge itself focuses on four major components of wellbeing: how to eat, sleep, move and think optimally. The end of each section will culminate with an aim and by the end of parts A and B you will have all you require to elevate you health and happiness this year. *The podcast will be conducted almost like you were having a health consultation with Ross.  Time stamps for those who want to get stuck in: 0-9:50 NEWS FROM THE HOLIDAY SEASON. The good, the bad and the ugly.  12:10-18:17 FRAMING THE CHALLENEGE 18:17-39:40 SECTION 1 MOVEMENT  39:52-END SECTION 2 MENTAL TRAINING   
January 14, 2019
5 Minute Mindful Eating Challenge To Help You Develop Better Eating Habits In 2019
Thinking caps on, dudes.  Honestly, how many times last year did you sit down (at a table) with a plate of food and fully engage with it?  No phones, TVs or iPads. Just you and your food. My guess is not many.  I belive being a little more mindful with our food can serve us all on some level, especially in a world that seems to do its best to steal from us the most precious of moments.   So as the year begins and you're thinking about how you'd like to better operate in 2019, take 5 minutes out your day to tune in and tune out distraction. Dive into this 5 minute mindful eating challenge and see what comes of it.  In this podcast you’ll discover: -An experiment that will help you create new, healthier eating principles    -How to supercharge the joy you experience when eating   -A simple seven step routine that will help you eat your food mindfully, not mindlessly  -A fun and educational experience you can perform with friends and family over dinner to bring your closer together  -A task that'll unveil how disconnected you've become with our food 
January 10, 2019
Thought Of The Day: The One Thing Depression Sufferers Have In Common
This thought of the day explores the link between depression and an area of the brain associated with memory and emotion.
December 28, 2018
The Missing Ingredient For Optimal Sleep
In this episode you’ll discover: -A simple sleep assessment task to improve your sleep -How sleep can negatively impact your physiology  -The dietary factors your body requires for optimal sleep  -The role melatonin (the get good sleep hormone) has on our sleep  -How menopausal related sleep problems could be improved with this one sleep strategy  -The chemical chain of events that has to occur for you to sleep like a baby  LINK Foods High In Tryptophan
December 24, 2018
Just Get Started! The Mindset Required To STOP Procrastination & Begin Achieving Your Goals
In this episode you’ll discover: -The Motivational Myth- a formula that explains motivation >think: (B)ehaviour first! Not (F)eeling first -How motivation is overrated -A brain study that speaks to how to break free from the stress and tension that comes with procrastination -A quote that changed the game for me -What the mentality of high a achiever looks like
December 16, 2018
The Happy Chappy Challenge: A Simple Experiment To Supercharge Your Happiness
In this episode you’ll discover: -Why some people are really happy and others are really unhappy -More about the world of positive psychology -Some of the best (well researched) tactics for attaining true happiness -How to live a more happy and fulfilling life -An explorative experiment (challenge) that will broaden your understanding of what happiness is -The difference between hedonic and philanthropic behaviours
December 14, 2018
Use Meditation To BOOST Your Immune System And STOP Colds and Flus
In this episode you’ll discover: -How meditation boosts your immune system -How mediation can help you recover from the common cold and flus -What NK cells are and their use
December 13, 2018
Product Vs Process-Take More Action, Boost Motivation/Productivity & Be At Your Best
Thought of the Day Anxiety. Stress. Overwhelm. No Motivation. Feelings we’ve all felt when facing or contemplating a major goal, task or project in life. These feelings can prevent us from taking action. They can prevent us from being and doing our best. However! When thinking of or faced with a goal, task or project, most of us focus on ends. Meaning, we focus on the end product (the result). The huge 15,000 word essay. That talk in front of 250 of your colleagues. The 30lbs of fat you need to lose. Running a 26 mile marathon when you’ve barely ran the length of yourself If we focus on ends we make things difficult for ourselves. First, this product (ends) focused thinking may stop you from doing anything worthwhile at all. And then if you do manage to get started, focusing on the product will burden you further, limiting your ability to enjoy the process and produce the best results you can. An so, in this short Thought Of The Day we explore (with a story) how focusing on the process NOT the product will help you: -Get started -Achieve more -Boost motivation -Improve task/project/goal enjoyment -Optimise your performance to produce your best.
December 13, 2018
Thought Of The Day: All Life Is Meditation
Meditation is way more than 10/20 minutes of sit down practice, meditation can and should be used beyond that. This short episode speaks to that very idea. We don’t just meditate to be good meditators; we mediate to be better people.
December 2, 2018
Good Guys Vs Bad Guys: How The Foods We Eat Impact Our Gut & Overall Health
In this episode you'll discover: -How the gut and the brain communicate -Some interesting gut facts -Several toxic foods you don’t want in your diet -2 universally indisputable nutritional facts -Psychobiotics and how they may be the answer -A health rhyme to help you make better dietary decisions
December 2, 2018
Sit With Dignity: How To Sit When Meditating & Why
In this episode you’ll discover: -How to sit when mediating -The power of body posture and positioning on your psychology and physiology -The sad reality of the ihunch -How certain body positions can change your brain waves and leave you feeling more calm, centred and creative Remember! mind feeds body; body feeds mind
December 2, 2018
Mindful Or Mindless? 5 Tips To Better Your Eating Habits & Eat More Mindfully
How do you eat your food? Are you a mindless or mindful eater? In this episode you’ll discover: -The definition of mindfulness meditation and how it can be applied to many things (food included) to great effect -The connection between chewing and your health -How to create the perfect conditions to eat healthfully -What mirror neurones are and how understanding them can help elevate your health -How to gamify your eating experience -Mental tools to help you approach your food intelligently to better your eating habits *Note! This is a bonus piece from an online training course on mindful eating. The audio has been taken from a video.
November 29, 2018
Intro Podcast: The Who, The What & The Why
In this introductory episode you will discover WHO I am, WHAT I do & most importably WHY I do it. I will also explain what you can expect from the show. An extended and more in depth introductory episode will be available very soon.
November 29, 2018
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