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Episode 118 - EAT. THE. BABIES.

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Home to The Muddied Waters of Freedom, (((My Fellow Americans))), Mr. 'Murica: The Bearded Truth, and The Wrighter's Block.

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(((My Fellow Americans))) #52: MASTERS OF DEBATE (LNC Chair Edition)
When you play the Game Of Chairs, you either win... ...or you run again in 2 years. We watched an epic battle of wits in our newest installment of Masters Of Debate!  HAGOPIAN. SHIPLEY . SMITH . Who will emerge the victor?  Only you can decide! Libertarian Dad Bod Calendar Libertarian Party Waffle House Caucus Intro & Outro Music by JoDavi.
November 22, 2019
EPISODE 122 - Open up Mexico, Here Comes Pete (featuring Meth)
Chick-fil-A declares war on Christianity, Popeye's declares war on these streets, Buttigieg declares war on Mexico, Biden declares war on weed, Trump declares war on farmers and Hong Kong declares war on itself.
November 21, 2019
(((My Fellow Americans))) #51: The Man In The Big Yellow Kippah with Dan Behrman
SPIKE IS BACK, and boy does he have a Jew-heavy episode for you! Dan Behrman is an international speaker, a software engineer and Presidential candidate running for the Libertarian Party nomination.  He's coming on to tell us that taxation is, indeed, theft, how he's set himself free, and how you can do the same. Behrman 2020 Taxation Is Theft Gear Libertarian Dad Bod Calendar Libertarian Party Waffle House Caucus Intro & Outro Music by JoDavi.
November 14, 2019
Episode 121 - Public Impeachment, Mormons vs Drug Cartels, and Hong Kong
Matt is setting the streaming up for the first time in a bit so he isn't at all stressing in typical Spike like fashion. There was some news, something about graffiti, uhhh, Tulsi and Hillary, and ummm, the whole impeachment thingy is happening, and something about a cartel doing... wait... WHAT? I'm not putting that in here, but we can talk about it, and Hong Kong is seeing an uptick in violence on both sides. Tune in and watch Matt stumble through the streaming side of things.
November 14, 2019
Episode 120 – LIBERTARIGEDDON SC 2020
Hot off their insane weekend at the South Carolina Libertarian Convention and Debate, Matt and Spike are going to play the Debate and live-react to it. They’re also going to show some choice snippets from the convention, as well as our Red Carpet Interviews of some of the stars of the liberty movement. Also, Spike and Vermin Supreme have a special moment on TikTok, and Jo Jorgensen has a special moment with herself.
November 6, 2019
Episode 119 - The World Is Safe From ISIS (Again) ft. Pierre Delecto
Conan kills ISIS, WaPo kills their credibility, Romney kills his sock account, Katie Hill kills her career, and Epstein did not kill himself.
November 6, 2019
Tulsi Gabbard tries to continue Marianne Williamson's fight against the dark psychic force of collectivized hatred. Will she succeed? Absolutely not. Join Matt and Spike as they live-react to this guaranteed dumpster fire in the making. It's like Mystery Science Theater 3000 if all the monsters could actually harm you. Demageddon III: LAST LUAU was broadcast live, exclusively on Flote, the best social media platform in existence! NOTE: Spike forgot to press "start recording" for the first few minutes so this recording comes in about 5 minutes after it started.
October 16, 2019
(((My Fellow Americans))) #50: Johnny Be VP with John Phillips Jr.
Happy Yom Kippur everyone!  The Jewish Day of Atonement, and Spike forgives you all. Spike's already interviewed a few Presidential candidates, but this is his first Vice Presidential candidate. John Phillips Jr. is running as Kim Ruff's running mate for the Libertarian Party nomination for President and VP, and he's hanging out with Spike to talk about their vision for America. John and Spike are also featured spokesmodels for the 2020 Libertarian Dad Bod Calendar which has completely gone to Spike's head, so they'll no doubt be talking about that as well. Ruff/Phillips 2020 R/P 2020 on Facebook R/P 2020 on Twitter Libertarian Dad Bod Calendar Intro & Outro Music by JoDavi.
October 11, 2019
Episode 118 - EAT. THE. BABIES.
Lyndon LaRouche returns from the hoary netherworld with a simple, unifying message: if you want to stop climate change, you must eat the babies. All of them. Also: Trump bitches out in his infinite wisdom, Nikki Haley bitches out in her infinite bitchdom and God himself repeals the President's Mandate of Heaven®.
October 9, 2019
(((My Fellow Americans))) #49: Other Black Guys Matter with Marcus Matthews
G'mar Chatimah Tovah everyone!  Happy Jew Year to you and yours.   Spike had a great time out of town doing very important Semitic things, but now he's BACK with his next guest, the host of The Other Black Guy Who Likes Guns Show, Marcus Matthews! Spike and Marcus are going to talk guns, politics, guns, hip hop and guns. TOBGWLGS on Facebook  TOBGWLGS on YouTube Libertarian Dad Bod Calendar Intro & Outro Music by JoDavi.
October 3, 2019
Episode 117 - dId ThEy WaTcH tHe TrIaL?!
Trump praises communism, Schiff commits treason, Warren and Zuckerberg go to war, and Amber Guyger finally gets found guilty for breaking into Botham Jean's home and murdering him.  #CopTears
October 2, 2019
Episode 116 - Democrats Inquire About Impeachment
Nancy Pelosi calls for impeachment on Trump over a phone call to the Ukrainian President. Talks of treason, bribery, or other high crimes are being floated around the beltway, while outside the beltway, way, way, outside the beltway American troops are landing in Saudi Arabia to help fight for our freedoms which are still in the Middle East.
October 1, 2019
Episode 115 - Trump Is Saudi Arabia's Bitch (ft. Corn Pop)
Trump is bending over for Saudi Arabia, Tulsi is sounding more and more like a libertarian, both parties want to ban vaping (?!) and Joe Biden is saving pools from thugs named after breakfast cereals.
September 18, 2019
(((My Fellow Americans))) #48: Pony Up With Vermin Supreme
Spike is BACK from his heroic exodus against Hurricane Dorian, and he's ready to get serious with his guest, perennial Presidential candidate Vermin Supreme! They're going to talk about the most serious issues facing our great nation: transitioning to a Pony-Based Economy, mandating that everyone brush and floss their teeth, harnessing zombies to produce unlimited energy and going back in time to kill baby Hitler. Vermin on FB Vermin on Twitter Who Is Vermin Supreme? Documentary i Pony the Book Libertarian Dad Bod Calendar Intro & Outro Music by JoDavi.
September 12, 2019
Episode 114 - Straight Pride, Gay Protests, and Spike Turns One
The straight pride parade takes place in Boston with dozens of people showing up to march, and even dozens more showing up to protest. Kansas University faculty wants to rid the school of Chick-fil-A and are working hard on protests, while real protests are getting more serious and dangerous in Hong Kong. Beto wants to do a buy back program, and Trump goes idiotic on Twitter...again.    Also, happy anniversary to Spike Cohen, who has been the co-host of Muddied Waters of Freedom for a year. Here's to a great year and to many more in the future.
September 4, 2019
Mr Bearded Truth 31 - Guns, Trump, and Sad Excuses.
Jason starts off the week with discussing a group of topics that are sure to bother many. Texas was hit with another mass shooting that has plagued the corporate media's airwaves. With 7 being killed, it is of course pulling on the heartstrings of so many Americans who are calling to repeal everyone's gun rights. As a seven year old, Maria Isabel Bueso was invited to this country to be researched to help develop our medical practices for some rare diseases. Seventeen years later, she has been given 33 days to leave before she will be deported. We turn from the zero tolerance immigration policy to one former and one current advisor to the president and their recent news. Specifically, Mattis makes the news talking about why he resigned and Bolton is being sidelined for current hard hitting news. Certainly worth a discussion. Two police officers are accused of having sex with a suspect against her will, how do you think the story plays out? Watch your mouth! at least when you're walking around the University of Michigan, if you don't you may face punishments. It was a fun show and as always, thank you to you all for your support and all you have contributed! Please enjoy the rest of the week and I will see you all again next Monday September 9th.
September 3, 2019
The Wrighter's Block Episode 43 - Demetrius Minor Gets Wrighters Block
Demetrius Minor of AFP and Project 21, and author of Preservation and Purpose: The Making of a Young Millennial and a Manifesto for Faith, Family, and Politics joins Matt to discuss campus free speech, communicating a conservative mindset to the black community, and the impending Hurricane Dorian. Buy Demetruis's book at:
August 30, 2019
(((My Fellow Americans))) #47: So To Speak With TJ Roberts
For a while, Spike has wanted to clear up some of the confusion and misconceptions (and outright falsehoods) regarding the concept of physical removal as espoused by Hans Hermann-Hoppe and others.  And who better to help him do it than the Vice President of the Liberty Institute for Freedom and Economics, TJ Roberts? TJ was previously the Managing Editor of Liberty Hangout, the Campus Coodinator for Students for Rand Paul and other campaigns, he's a Contributor to Advocates for Self-Government and is routinely involved in several campaigns. If the reaction from my followers is any indication, this should be a hell of a show. LIFE on Twitter TJ's Article about Physical Removal Libertarian Dad Bod Calendar Intro & Outro Music by JoDavi.
August 25, 2019
Episode 113 - Pulled a Sneaky on 'Ya
You probably thought we weren't going to do an episode of The Muddied Waters of Freedom this week, but we're the chosen ones!
August 24, 2019
The Wrighter's Block Episode 42 - Erin Nakamoto Gets Wrighter's Block
Erin Nakamoto joins Matt to discuss AnarchoVegas, the new social media site Flote, Ross Ulbricht, and much, much, more. 
August 23, 2019
(((My Fellow Americans))) #46: Going Ballistic With Johnny Rocket
When Spike started his show, one of the people he most looked up to in the world of podcasting was Johnny Rocket, CEO of The Launch Pad Media and host of Blast Off With Johnny Rocket.  Well Spike has now arrived, because that's exactly who he's having on this week. Spike and Johnny will talk about what got them into podcasting for liberty, and the best way to communicate the message of freedom to the teeming masses, and why everyone needs to go out and buy the 2020 Libertarian Dad Bod Calendar so they, too, can have Spike and Johnny's sweet, sweet bodies hanging from their...wherever they hang their calendars. The Launch Pad Media on Faceboook. The Launch Pad Patreon. Intro & Outro Music by JoDavi.
August 15, 2019
Episode 112 - The Mr. 'Muricas of Freedom
 Nobody panic, Jason Lyon is subbing for Matt Wright this week!  And don't you DARE call him Fredo. 
August 15, 2019
The Wrighter's Block Episode 41 - Axl David Gets Wrighter's Block
Axl David with the National Motorist Association joins Matt in studio to talk about motorists rights and how we can fight for them.   Thanks to the Narcissist Cookbook for the music, and Don and Sally for giving me birth.
August 9, 2019
(((My Fellow Americans))) #45: Igniting Brushfires with Kim Ruff
It is far too early in this cycle for Spike to endorse a Presidential candidate and he's not really a fan of endorsing political candidates in general BUT MANNNNNNNNN does he like his guest tonight.  Kim Ruff is running for the Libertarian Party nomination for President, and she has been incredible so far. Kim is going to talk with Spike about her vision for America, while we share our love for legalizing almost everything. Ruff/Phillips 2020. R/P 2020 on Facebook. R/P 2020 on Twitter. Intro & Outro Music by JoDavi.
August 8, 2019
Episode 111 - Shootings, Judges & Trump (Part 2/2)
 America has been rocked by some mass shootings from shooters across the political spectrum, American gun owners have been rocked by some terrible gun control proposals from politicians across the political spectrum, and Donald Trump has packed the courts with judges from...pretty much one part of the political spectrum.   Music - Perseverance by Zuby 
August 7, 2019
Episode 111 - Shootings, Judges & Trump (Part 1/2)
 America has been rocked by some mass shootings from shooters across the political spectrum, American gun owners have been rocked by some terrible gun control proposals from politicians across the political spectrum, and Donald Trump has packed the courts with judges from...pretty much one part of the political spectrum.   Music - Perseverance by Zuby 
August 7, 2019
Mr Bearded Truth 30 - The Return of the Beard
Jason returns from a two week break to discuss with you the horrible tragedies of the recent shootings and our politician responses to these matters. Also China has been the focal point for Trump with his ongoing tariff war. Claiming they are manipulating the market, he looks to manipulate it in favor the US. Right or wrong, it's worth discussing. Lastly, I wanted to say thank you to everyone for your prayers and warm wishes as I brought into the world my daughter.
August 6, 2019
DEMAGEDDON II: Intersectional Boogaloo (Nuit Deux)
It's night 2, and Matt & Spike continue to live-ravage the second round of Democratic presidential debates. It's like Mystery Science Theater 3000 but also all the sci-fi monsters are Democrats.   Will Joe Biden unite the party around his message of a return to the normalcy of the Obama years?  Almost assuredly no. 
August 4, 2019
DEMAGEDDON II: Intersectional Boogaloo (Nuit Un)
 Matt & Spike live-ravage the second round of Democratic presidential debates. It's like Mystery Science Theater 3000 but also all the sci-fi monsters are Democrats.  Will Marianne Williamson take this opportunity to heal the world's collective chakra? Yes. 
August 4, 2019
(((My Fellow Americans))) #44: My Fellow Fakertarians with John Hudak and Kevin Shaw
Let's face it: you're not a real libertarian unless you are regularly told that you are not a real libertarian. And my guests this week know all about the REALLY not real libertarians.  Kevin Shaw and John Hudak are with Fakertarians, a group that calls out imposters in the libertarian movement. And my God, are there a lot of them.  All of you, actually.  None of you are real libertarians. Anywho, John and Kevin are going to talk to me about the direction of the movement, why they started Fakertarians and who is the biggest Fakertarian of all. Fakertarians Discussion Group. Intro & Outro Music by JoDavi.
July 25, 2019
Episode 110 - Spike Falls Asleep Repeatedly
Spike admits defeat in an online poll. Nothing else really matters in the news besides Spike's loss, but they will also talk about A$AP Rocky, Jeff Epstein, David Duke showing love for Ilhan Omar, Trump and a bunch of stuff he said, did, or didn't do, and Bernie. We also will talk about our next live streaming event.
July 25, 2019
(((My Fellow Americans))) #43: Free People and Free Markets with Charity Nicole
This may be an unexpectedly triggering episode for some of Spike's followers.  Let's find out together.  Spike is joined tonight by Charity Nicole of Americans for Prosperity to talk about her journey into libertarianism.  We're also going to look at some subjects that many in libertarian circles don't like talking about like climate change and income inequality, and we're going to apply free market solutions to deal with these issues. Americans for Prosperity:  Click this link for 10% OFF ADMISSION to AnarchoVegas! Intro & Outro Music by JoDavi.
July 18, 2019
Episode 109 - TRUMP'S A RACIST!!1!
July 17, 2019
The Wrighter's Block Episode 40 - Kim Ruff Gets Wrighter's Block
Libertarian Presidential hopeful, Kim Ruff, joins Matt to discuss her campaign for President, the platform she is running on, and whether or not nuclear weapons should be able to be owned legally. 
July 12, 2019
(((My Fellow Americans))) #42: AnarchoJudaism POWER HOUR with Yaakov Markel
Prepare yourself for lots of freedom and guilt in this episode, goys.  Spike is joined by Anarchy Jewish Man himself, Mr. Yaakov Markel to talk about his work to spread anarchy, including the upcoming event AnarchoVegas.  Oh, and Israel.  We'll definitely be talking about Israel.  We're Jews. Sign up for AnarchoVegas NOW! Intro & Outro Music by JoDavi.
July 11, 2019
Episode 108 - Can I Finish?
The end of an era came today as Ross Perot was laid to rest, but not before giving Trump 2020 $100M, and Matt mourns the loss of being able to do what some say is his best impression. Howdy Doody drops out of the primary race, and in other news having to do with creepy things that hang out with children too much, Jeffery Epstein was indicted on sex trafficking. requests, and more.
July 10, 2019
Mr Bearded Truth 28 - Campaign: nuked. Epstein: arrested. AOC: still wrong.
 Eric Swalwell has FINALLY given up his dreams of being president in  2020! Every American can cheer at this, as he was polling at 0%.  Jeffrey Epstein is in court for being a vile disgusting individual who  likes to coerce women, will his punishment be similar to his 2005 case?  Let's hope Comey's daughter doesn't make it so.  AOC pushes for $15 minimum wage for everyone including tipped workers.  Let's put this to rest real quick. 
July 9, 2019
Mr Bearded Truth 27 - A declaration with a boom.
 We discuss the 2nd Amendment restoration act and why everyone should support this, regardless of party.  Justin Amash announces he is leaving the GOP. I cover what that means for the future of him and possible wins.  Discussing the situation down on the southern border, brought to us by none other than AOC, it's well worth the listen. 
July 9, 2019
(((My Fellow Americans))) #41: My Fellow 'Muricans with Jason Lyon
This is the 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Episode of (((My Fellow Americans))), and Spike welcomes Jason Lyon, the host of Mr. 'Murica: The Bearded Truth and newest member of the Muddied Waters family to come on and chat.  We'll also be taking your questions and comments, so keep them coming! Intro & Outro Music by JoDavi.
July 4, 2019
Episode 107 - Biden's Busing Blunders
Obama's former Vice President is literally a KKK member and only the lady who has locked up more black men than any other woman in history can save us from him. Kava by State Side Water by Canada
July 3, 2019
Mr Bearded Truth 26 - Ngo where to go but up.
Jason covers the horrible situation that unfolded in Portland, OR over the weekend involving Antifa (the fascists) and three men who were attacked. Also took some time to give the big takeaways from the democratic debate specific to the candidates.
July 3, 2019
Mr Bearded Truth 25 - The echoing debates.
20 Democratic Presidential Candidates took the stage in Miami this week to debate over how to spend your money. With more lies than truths, Jason sifts through the topics, highlighting the failures all of these candidates support due to having unreasonable ambitions that are divorced from reality. 
June 29, 2019
Matt & Spike had the time of their lives making fun of the Democratic Debate.  It was like Mystery Science Theater 3000 for libertarian nerds.
June 28, 2019
(((My Fellow Americans))) #40: Political Devil Worship with Remso Martinez
Spike is wrapping up Gay Pride Month by bringing on Matt's former arch-nemesis Remso Martinez on.  Remso is a political operative and author of the book Stay Away From The Libertarians.  He also has a new upcoming book called How to Succeed In Politics (and Other Forms of Devil Worship).  We talk about that and also make fun of Matt a lot. Remso on Facebook. Intro & Outro Music by JoDavi.
June 27, 2019
Episode 106 - Trump Rapes Iran in a Concentration Camp
Donald Trump has been accused of sexual assault by writer E. Jean Carrol, while Mexico sends troops to the border to aid in stopping illegal immigration TO the United States, which should cut down on the amount of people in AOC's so-called concentration camps, while the tension in Iran continues to simmer over the death of a robot, and a 2020 election shakedown.
June 26, 2019
Mr Bearded Truth 24 - Burning Flags, drones, and rights!
Trump signed an Executive order that Jason actually agrees with! Between that and explaining the entire situation involving Iran, it's a good episode for President Trump. We also cover POTUS' agreeing with the idea that flag burning is bad and I am stuck explaining why it is not only unethical, but stupid. Follow us on all of our platforms: You can find the entire archive at:
June 22, 2019
Mr Bearded Truth 23 - Torpedoes in the air and Dean's underwater.
 Jason discusses the eerily similar discussion of The Gulf of Tonkin  situation that happened to two Japanese oil freighters. We also cover a  gruesome ending of John Dean during his testimony before the House. 
June 21, 2019
The Wrighter's Block Episode 39 - Brendan Casey Gets Wrighter's Block
Brendan Casey slathers his Bostonian accent across this very special episode where he and Matt discuss the new initiative brought to you by State Side Kava Bar, Muddied Waters Media, and Operation Regroup; Operation P.O. Box
June 21, 2019
(((My Fellow Americans))) #39: Between 2 Anarchist Rednecks with Brent DeRidder
Sick of having one Yankee after the next on his show, Spike has finally invited a redneck to come on!  That's right, the Anarcho-Redneck Brent DeRidder is joining Spike to talk about his work as the Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of NC, his founding of the Liberty Coalition for Disaster Relief to help rescue people during disasters, his upcoming project The Liberty Loop, and why people need to stop moving down here from New York, lowering their pickup trucks and pretending they're one of us. Intro & Outro Music by JoDavi.
June 20, 2019
Episode 105 - The International Episode
In the first international episode of the Muddied Waters of Freedom, we pray that the third world country of Canada has internet strong enough to keep Spike's stream alive, while we also hope that the Florida summer storms won’t take out Matt’s internet while trying to support Canada’s dialup. They discuss the first philanthropic collaboration by Muddied Waters Media, Operation PO Box, the Iran affair, whether flag burning is free speech and more. Kava from State Side Kava Water from Canada
June 19, 2019
Mr Bearded Truth 22 - Nazi, Nazi, Nazi, I did Nazi that coming.
Three bigger stories on tonight's show, all about Nazis, white nationalism, and far-right bigotry. Between crashing a Detroit Pride Parade, having content be torn down from YouTube, and having new hyper partisan legislation written in Congress, it appears that National Socialists are America's number one concern.
June 12, 2019
Mr Bearded Truth 21 - Take the shifts and worry about politics later.
 Jason talks tonight about the border fiasco with Mexico, discusses the  flipping and flopping from Joe Biden, and some serious government  overreach. 
June 8, 2019
(((My Fellow Americans))) #38: The Theory of Enchantment with Chloé Valdary
As anyone who follows Spike knows, he is all about bringing humanity together.  In keeping with that theme, he is joined by world-renowned author, speaker and activist Chloé Valdary to discuss what is missing in our current political discourse, how we can better relate to one another as human beings and how much better Spike is than Dave Rubin. Theory of Enchantment Chloé on YouTube Theory of Enchantment Online Course Use product code SPIKECOHEN for a more than 50% discount on the annual enrollment fee! Intro & Outro Music by JoDavi
June 6, 2019
Episode 104 - The One That Is a Week Late
WE'RE BACK!  And we're here to talk about Liz Warren, illegal immigrants, getting arrested for making cops mad, not getting arrested for theft, and nipples!  Sweet, sweet nipples.  #WeTheNipple  Intro & Outro Song - Perseverance by Zuby
June 5, 2019
Mr Bearded Truth 19 - Everyone is equal, some are more equal than others.
Jason breaks down the Justin Amash situation. Robert Mueller holds his second public press conference. We "touch" on the Joe Biden's broken oath.
June 4, 2019
Mr Bearded Truth 20 - Better Nate than lever!
 Jason discusses the Convention of States (after promising for three  videos now, sorry!). We also cover the Virginia Beach shooting as well  as the process to obtain firearms and suppressors. Trump tariffs are  back in the news, let's break them down into simple terms, tariffs are  taxes, taxes are bad therefore tariffs are bad. You don't have to worry  about red light cameras in Texas (some cities exempt) starting in  September, a bill signed by the Gov. is making sure of it! 
June 3, 2019
The Wrighter's Block Episode 38 - Brian MacDonald Gets Wrighter's Block
Brian MacDonald joins Matt to discuss education reform, starting the Education Reform Caucus, and most assuredly, the Sox and Bruins. Join us on this pantsless Thursday episode of The Wrighter's Block.
May 31, 2019
(((My Fellow Americans))) #37: As You Wish With Robin Koerner
You know him, you love him. He's been called the libertarian Jonathan Pie ( me) and he's back! Spike is joined tonight by the always-amazing Robin Koerner, libertarian messaging expert and developer of the Weapons of Mass Persuasion program, to talk about spreading the liberty movement and generally being more relatable to others.  Will Robin call Spike mildly autistic like he did last time? Probably yes.  1st Article Robin Mentioned  2nd Article Robin Mentioned  Intro & Outro Music by JoDavi.
May 30, 2019
Mr Bearded Truth 18 - Aborting deals before they become viable.
Tonight we trudge through the news from the week. A representative from Mississippi allegedly beating his wife because he wanted to get it on. Trump was accused of attempting a coverup and handles the situation with Iran and the Middle East. Twitter bans more people from its platform. The war on drugs leaves a two year old dead. All of that and of course a discussion about abortions/life.
May 25, 2019
Episode 103 - The One That's Two Days Late
In this SPOILER filled episode for almost every popular television show in recent memory: Impeachment whispers are blowing around the airs of DC almost as often as the rumors that Corey Booker is gay. Now It seems as though Trump is hoping for impeachment, according to Nancy Pelosi, as she gets upset about Trumps latest temper tantrum. All of the abortion debates and impeachment talks are overshadowing the cloak of fear we should all be feeling about the battle over free speech that is soon going to begin. Tune in tonight for a pantsless episode of Muddied Waters of Freedom.    Kava from State Side Kava   Opening and closing music by Backwordz
May 24, 2019
(((My Fellow Americans))) #36: That Wasn't Real Festival!
Spike just got home and has zero notes, but thankfully he also has one of his favorite people on as a guest.  Lou Sander, host of The Lousander Show, is here to talk about the upcoming Midwest Peace & Liberty Fest in Michigan! Intro & Outro Music by JoDavi.
May 17, 2019
The Wrighter's Block Episode 37 - Shane Sweeny Gets Wrighter's Block
Shane Sweeny joins Matt for a triggering episode for any recovering addict as they discuss the idiocy of the Drug War, why drugs should be legal, and how the drug war helps cultivate terrorism across the globe. Tune in to watch Matt sweat through discussions about drugs.   Kava from State Side Kava   Opening and closing music by The Narcissist's Cookbook
May 17, 2019
Mr Bearded Truth 18 - And the beat goes on.
You can find all of our archived episodes at: New clothes line from MWOF:
May 15, 2019
Episode 102 - Barred from Sex, Barred from Trade, and...Barr
Alyssa Milano is calling for all pro-choice women to be celibate, thereby ending the abortion debate.  Donald Trump is continuing to make Smoot-Hawley great again, and Bill Barr is investigating the investigation of the investigation investigation investigation. Kava by State Side Water by Kroger Music by J. Titus
May 15, 2019
(((My Fellow Americans))) #35: Welcome Back, Cohen
 Can you believe it's been over a month since Spike has done a show?  Well frankly, that's irrelevant.  Spike doesn't know how long his back will hold up, so he's going to just take your thoughts and questions and tell you if you're right or wrong.  Also, MAGIC MUSHROOMS!   Intro & Outro Music by JoDavi 
May 14, 2019
The Wrighter's Block Episode 36 - Hannah Cox Gets Wrighter's Block
Hannah Cox from the Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty comes on with Matt to discuss about the death penalty and different projects CCADP is working on.
May 10, 2019
Mr Bearded Truth 17 - The blasts ignored around the world.
Maduro bans CNN International in his country, apparently he's not a fan of #FakeNews. Israel received over 600 bombs over the course of 30 hours. It needs to be aired out... not like that. China and Trump continue their economic war, where it will end should fear the American people.
May 9, 2019
Episode 101 - The Garbage Disposaling
It's Matt's 100th episode, Spike is back upright, magic mushrooms might be legal soon in Denver and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez apparently has never heard of a garbage disposal. Kava from State Side Kava Music by Kissing Robots
May 8, 2019
Mr Bearded Truth 16 - Democrats get Barr'd, FB get's Zuck'd, and the truth gets Bearded.
William Barr goes talks to the Senate. His responses are certainly worth getting into. Facebook bans some political talking heads from its platform. While they are allowed to do so, it's not something that should be met with positive reinforcement. Venezuela and MSNBC reminds gun advocates why they are right. No one wants to fight a tyrannical government without the ability to have firearms. The natural right to self defense is vital to a free and sovereign populace. Pro-life bill passes in Alabama, resulting in one member saying "Some kids are unwanted, so you kill them now or you kill them later." Kentucky is looking to prevent tattoos from being put covering up scars of those who consent to it. When is big brother going to be determined to be more than just a sibling but an unwanted parent?
May 4, 2019
Episode 35 - Brett Corrieri Gets Wrighter's Block
Brett Corrieri (a personal mentor, friend, and spiritual brother of Matt) joins Matt to talk about leaving behind the city life, how he has been growing his own food and personal community, and catch up on their lives since they last saw each other.
May 3, 2019
Episode 100 - The Milestone Episode
After 2 and a half years, almost quitting multiple times, coming close to full on implosion on a few occasions we have reached the coveted 100th episode. Tune in for this weeks commentary, covering the synagogue shooting in Ponway, AOC and Trump agreeing on something, Trump and Napolitano battling each other, and the Democrats begin eating their own starting with a Kamala Harris appetizer.
May 1, 2019
Mr Bearded Truth 15 - A copy cat, a dirty rat, and a tip of the hat.
A copy cat shooting occurred this weekend in San Diego. It needs to be addressed. Are you doing enough to protect your future? Rod Rosenstein has submitted his resignation effective May 11th. You can find all of the previous episodes at! Twitter: @MrBeardedTruth @Muddied_Waters
April 30, 2019
Mr Bearded Truth 14 - Are there decent people on both sides?
Jason covers some of the presidential hopefuls and their latest news. Also got to discuss the matters involving the broken VA system, poll results from the Mueller investigation, and why voting prisoners aren't as good as what Bernie portrays it as.
April 28, 2019
Mr Bearded Truth 13 - Condolences to all of the Beard Worshippers
Jason covers the Easter Worshipping situation from Sri Lanka and compare them to other atrocities to show the contrast of responses. We cover Bernie and his money making hypocrisy.
April 28, 2019
The Wrighter's Block Episode 34 - Ty 420 Gets Wrighter's Block
Tyler 420 comes on The Wrighter's Block to talk about The Super FN Dope podcast, Marvel vs DC, and, of course, weed.
April 26, 2019
Episode 99 - Mueller, Warren, Tariffs, And More
Churches and mosques have been set ablaze across the globe as more and more people throw their hats in the ring in their attempts to be the smartest stooge. Mueller's final thesis disappoints the left as they attempt to spin it in their favor, while the right celebrates indignantly. Democratic Presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren turns her campaign up in an attempt to stay relevant, while the tariffs enacted by President Trump have caused a decrease in income to many industries.
April 24, 2019
Mr Bearded Truth 12 - Boom goes the theory.
Jason handles the topics of the Mueller/Barr report, the Yemen veto, how beards are not dirty, and more calls for bigger government by the Republican party.
April 20, 2019
Mr Bearded Truth 11 - Illegal Assanges and hacking immigrants.
Jason is covering the weeks events. Including the arrest of Julian Assange, the southern border fiasco, a protest turning violent, and Congressional spats.
April 13, 2019
Episode 98 - AOC Has a Big Week
Matt and Spike talk about AOC and the number of gaffes she committed this week. The number of Democrats running for the nomination has risen to roughly 1,000, and dispel of a rumor that has been circulating about them.
April 13, 2019
The Wrighter's Block Episode 32 - Remso Martinez Gets Wrighter's Block Again
Remso Martinez comes on to talk with Matt about his upcoming book "How to Succeed in Politics (and Other Forms of Devil Worship)", his writing process, and the news of Julian Assange arrests.
April 13, 2019
Mr Bearded Truth 10 - Trump, talks, and trade.
Tonight Jason talks about some topics that may offend, trigger, or just make you want to go crazy. Trump calls people names, the media responds as if he was a man of good character before and has recently stooped to this level. Chelsea Handler admits that Trump Derangement hit her hard. DHS is looking for a new face to lead the organization as Kirstjen Nielsen is stepping down effective this upcoming Wednesday. Freedom of speech has been under fire recently around the world. Two stories I want to cover, the first being in Australia and social media, the other in Sacramento, CA.
April 9, 2019
Mr Bearded Truth 09 - Without an avocado in sight.
Jason discusses the Alex Jones situation, showing that just because you don't agree or like the content of a content producer doesn't mean silencing them will be for the betterment of speech. We also wade through many other topics such as: Julian Assange's expected extradition, the result of Trump shutting down the southern border, and a professor of logic who thinks taxation isn't theft (although he never takes the statement head on).
April 6, 2019
Episode 97 - We Get Hands on With Joe Biden
Matt and Spike talk about the Mueller Report, Trump's threat to shut down the Mexican border, the city of Chicago dropping the charges against Jussie Smollet, Biden and his groping allegations, and more!
April 6, 2019
Mr Bearded Truth 08 - The political winds are intermittent, will you stay energized?
After missing Friday's show, Jason hits a litany of topics including Trump's wall gets some unexpected funding, creepy Joe Biden now has two accusers of inappropriate touching (every news media source has multiple women who should step forth), AOC flubbing up words (what's new), Red Flag laws, and a bunch more.
April 2, 2019
The Wrighter's Block Episode 31 - Rashel Blackfyre Gets Wrighters Block
Rashel Blackfyre from Liberate RVA and Capitalist memes for economically literate teens joins Matt to talk about Liberate Richmond, VA, Peaceful Parenting, Free Speech and Game of Thrones.
March 28, 2019
Mr Bearded Truth 07 - Trump gets exonerated while Avenatti gets arrested
President Donald Trump gets exonerated by the Mueller Report on the grounds of he did not collude with the Russians during the 2016 Election. This has spun the media and the left into a tizzy of grasping at every straw. Michael Avenatti, famous for being Stormy Daniels lawyer against President Trump, was arrested over the weekend. Extortion is still illegal, I guess (unless you are the government of course).
March 28, 2019
Mr Bearded Truth - 06 - Who dropped what!?
Three big bombs dropped this week. Between bombs being dropped destroying ISIS's caliphate in Syria, President Trump going after his dead nemesis John McCain, and the Mueller report we had a lot going on this week needing the Beard's discussions.
March 23, 2019
The Wrighter's Block Episode 30 - Sherry Voluntary Gets Wrighter's Block
Sherry Voluntary joins Matt to talk about her love of Science Fiction, the importance of writing in today's culture, and current topics happening today. Kava from Grassroots Kava House Music by the Narcissist Cookbook
March 22, 2019
Mr Bearded Truth - 05 - New Zealand follow up. Drag Queen Story Hour. Trump
Jason gives a debrief on the New Zealand mosque shooting, a Drag Queen Story Hour issue, and a couple big topics surrounding President Trump in the news this week.
March 21, 2019
(((My Fellow Americans))) Episode 34 - Living In Liberty
Don't you hate when you're trying to Rothbard and chill with your honey, and you find out that there isn't actually a libertarian documentary out there to chill to? Well, Spike's guests are going to fix that once and for all. Spike is joined by Joshua Smith and James Michael Smith, the co-producers of the upcoming documentary Living in Liberty, to talk about their motivation for making this film and what they plan to accomplish with it. Will Spike call Joshua "Joshy Bear" for the entire show? Almost certainly yes. LiL Website: LiL Facebook: LiL Kickstarter: Intro & Outro Music: JoDavi (
March 21, 2019
Episode 96 - Beto glad we didn't say banana!
Matt & Spike talk about the New Zealand mosque shooting, R̶o̶b̶e̶r̶t̶ Beto O'Rourke's plan to further bludgeon whomever ends up actually winning the Democrat nomination, Kristin Gillibrand's plan to still have no one care about her, and Trump vetoing the thing or whatever. Also, TACO BELL!
March 20, 2019
Mr Beaded Truth Episode 04 - Trump, New Zealand shooter, and Constitution
Jason has a bunch to unbox tonight, including the manifesto by the New Zealand shooter, Trump's very first veto, and some constitutional issues.
March 16, 2019
The Wrighter's Block Episode 29 - Ask A Black Guy Whatever You've Been Afraid to Ask
Chris Clarke joins Matt Wright to allow Matt a judgment free zone to ask all of the questions he has wanted to ask black people in the past. A list was comprised from a variety of races, and Matt is completely nervous about this show. Tune in! Kava from Grassroots Music by the Narcissist Cookbook
March 15, 2019
Episode 95 - The #YangGang Episode
Matt and Spike are so excited about Andrew Yang's plan to give us all $1000 a month, Nancy Pelosi is saying that she isn't going to impeach Donald J. Trump, #Jexodus is a literal thing that is happening, and so much more! #YangGang
March 13, 2019
The Bearded Truth 03 - The Beard The Smollett AOC HR - 1 Tulsi. Too Much To Handle
Jason talks about the current events including Jussie Smollett being indicted with 16 Felonies. AOC being a puppet, Tulsi Gabbard pushing good legislation.
March 9, 2019
The Bearded Debut - an Intro, North Korea, and Cohen (not the Spike type)
The Bearded Debut - an Intro, North Korea, and Cohen (not the Spike type) by Muddied Waters Media
March 8, 2019
The Bearded Truth 02 - Healthcare, schooling, and hard to learn lessons.
Tonight Jason is talking about some local (South Carolina) issues including School Choice and government hurdles for healthcare providers. We will also be discussing some of the national issues including the always annoying AOC and what's happening with The Wall fiasco!
March 8, 2019
The Wrighter's Block Episode 28 - Daniel Behrman Gets Wrighter's Block
Daniel Behrman discusses his Presidential campaign, how he came to Libertarianism, and his fight to legalize Pineapple pizza. Music by the The Narcissist Cookbook Kava from Grassroots Kava House
March 8, 2019
(((My Fellow Americans))) #33: Igniting Liberty with Jake Dorsch
Spike is nothing if not a consummate opportunist, and as such he is getting his hooks in early with his up-and-coming guest tonight, author and libertarian wunderkind Jake Dorsch. Be sure to buy Jake's new book, Igniting Liberty: Voices for Freedom Around the World. It's FREE with a Kindle Unlimited plan on Amazon. Jake on Facebook: Igniting Liberty on Amazon: Intro & Outro Music: JoDavi (
March 7, 2019
Episode 94 - The Episode that Started Poorly
With the recent news around the world it appears as though we are possibly on the verge of a cold war, that in 10 years will be a warm war, and 20 years later it will be a temperature changing war. Kava from Grassroots Water from Kroger Music from Leah Burns
March 6, 2019
(((My Fellow Americans))) #32: Being Larry Sharpe
Spike is joined by Larry Sharpe, former Libertarian Party gubernatorial candidate in New York, to talk about what's wrong with NY's government (and the US's as well), his plans to fix it and why most people of color are repulsed by libertarianism even though it seems like it should be a natural fit for them. Does Larry announce to Spike that he's running for President in 2020??? You're not gonna BELIEVE what happens! Rest in Peace to Spike's Uncle George Snell, 12/27/1941-2/16/2019. Larry's Website: Larry on Facebook: Larry on Twitter: Larry on YouTube: Intro & Outro Music: JoDavi (
February 28, 2019
Wrighter's Block Episode 27 - I Would Download A Car
Matthew Parks of Bovsi Studios comes on to talk about internet privacy as well as a bit of crypto. Tune in for a great conversation. Kava from Grassroots Kava House music by The Narcissist Cookbook
February 27, 2019
Episode 93 - The One With Minimal Preparation
The dark days have come down upon us as the long entrenched open government prepares for 3-days of testimony from an embarrassed and embattled attorney, while Florida Congressman attempts to earn the moniker of "Florida Man". In a huge win for equality advocates a federal judge decides that gender was no longer a pre-qualification for having to die against your will as a nation, and the cantankerous old coot from Vermont thinks he can still win the Presidency, even with all of the odds stacked against him, while siding with rulers of Venezuela against the advice of literally everyone else on the planet. And more! Kava by Grassroots Kava House Music by the lovely and talented Leah Burns
February 27, 2019
The Wrighter's Block Episode 26 - Joshua Woolbright Gets Wrighter's Block
Newly minted acquaintance of Matt, Josh Woolbright, joins Matt in the studio to discuss current events and libertarianism today. Kava from Muddy Water Kava and Tea music by The Narcissist's Cookbook
February 23, 2019
(((My Fellow Americans))) #31: My Unhyphenated Americans with Christopher Harris
What does it mean to "be American"? What causes the large and disparate differences in outcomes between different racial demographics in America? Is it because of racism, difference in culture, something totally different or a combination of those? Spike is joined by his good friend Christopher Harris of Unhyphenated America to talk about this and more. Unhyphenated America: Unhyphenated America on Facebook: Intro & Outro Music: JoDavi (
February 21, 2019
Episode 92 - The Fake Hate Crime Episode
Join Matt and Spike as we talk about the national state of emergency, the Jussie Smollett Hate Crime, Bernie Sanders, and dear God, so much more. Also, Remso W. Martinez, we are coming for you. Kava by Grassroots Kava House. Music by the lovely and talented Leah Burns.
February 20, 2019
The Wrighter's Block episode 25 - Jason Lyon Is Matt's Valentines
Matt spends his Valentines with Jason Lyon from Mr. Murica, the Bearded Truth as they discuss Yemen, the budget, and the state of emergency.
February 15, 2019
(((My Fellow Americans))) 30: The Coolest Republican In Detroit With Wayne Bradley
Spike has decided thus far to have only black Republicans on his show for Black History Month, because it's his show and he can do what he wants. Who better then to have on than Wayne Bradley, head of the conservative American Urban Strategies and the host of The Wayne Bradley Show? Wayne Bradley: Conservative Bro: American Urban Strategies: The Wayne Bradley Show: Intro & Outro Music: JoDavi (
February 14, 2019
Episode 91 - The Virginia Klan/Rape Episode
This has been a week to hopefully forget next week, and Matt & Spike are going to bid it adieu with you, our lovely viewing audience. Music by J. Titus Kava by Grassroots Water by Kroger
February 13, 2019
(((My Fellow Americans))) #29: Calling up the Cadre with Nzinga Johnson
It is officially the coldest month of the year, and what better way to stay warm than to curl up with Spike and get cozy while he talks with his guest? Tonight he's joined by Nzinga Johnson, the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Liberty Cadre, to talk about leadership, faith, culture, identity politics and her vision for the future. The Liberty Cadre: The Liberty Cadre on Facebook: Intro & Outro Music: JoDavi (
February 9, 2019
The Wrighter's Block Episode 24 - Adriene Cardin Gets Wrighter's Block
Adriene Cardin of the Libertarian Party of Tennessee comes on to discuss recent legislative moves made by the party, as well as some other stuff.
February 8, 2019
Episode 90 - State of the Union Special
Matt & Spike, and the world, watch the State of the Union address with bated breath. Will President Trump stay on script or turn this into one of his rallies? Will Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg show up or is she actually dead? Find out this and MORE, tonight on the State of the Unionstravaganza! Kava from Grassroots Kava House Water from Kroger Music by J. Titus…
February 6, 2019
Wrighter's Block Episode 23 - Andrew Heaton Gets Wrighter's Block
Andrew Heaton from BlazeTV's Something's Off with Andrew Heaton joins Matt to discuss his podcast, how he got into the political realm, horse based Christmas specials, and the benefits of LSD. Kava from Grassroots Kava House Music by The Narcissists Cookbook
February 1, 2019
(((My Fellow Americans))) #28: When All Else Fails with Jason Brennan
Holy hell, January is already done, and Spike consoles himself with a deep discussion about the nature of the state, democracy and our moral duty to resist with Georgetown Professor Jason Brennan, author of When All Else Fails: The Ethics of Resistance to State Injustice. Jason's Website: When All Else Fails on Amazon: When All Else Fails on Facebook: Against Democracy on Amazon: Intro & Outro Music: JoDavi (
January 31, 2019
Episode 89 - Bears Run Rampant In Muddied Waters Media Studios
A new day is upon us as Donald Trump has caved to the pressures of the Dems in Congress and reopened the Government. A bear has escaped from his enclosure and taken over the Muddied Waters Media Studios to talk about California, and the state of the Libertarian Party, and the Mises Caucus. There have also been talks of many other hopefuls planning their attack on the president, and the list is getting longer each day. Plus a whole bunch of other stuff coming your way on this super charged episode of Muddied Waters of Freedom!!! Kava from Grassroots Kava House Water from Kroger Music by J. Titus
January 30, 2019
The Wrighters Block 22 - Joshua Smith Gets Wrighters Block
Joshua Smith, 2018 LP National Chair Candidate, and current California State Chair candidate joins Matt to talk about the DC incident, the shutdown, and a whole heck of a lot more including who he hopes to run for the Libertarian Presidential Nominee in 2020.
January 25, 2019
(((My Fellow Americans))) #27: Liberty Claus with Tom Arnold
Spike is joined tonight by Liberty Claus himself, his good friend Tom Arnold, to talk about his campaign for US Senate in Tennessee, party politics and how to spread the liberty message. Intro & Outro Music: JoDavi (
January 24, 2019
Episode 88 - Smirking Child Brings Media to Its Knees
The world LITERALLY explodes after a Native American man and white teenager stare into each others eyes for an extended period of time. The Government shutdown continues while negotiations turn to petulant child like fighting. SCOTUS, AOC, and more. Kava from Grassroots Kava House Water from Kroger Music by J.Titus
January 23, 2019
(((My Fellow Americans))) #26: WHOLESOME SABBATH EPISODE with Zuri Davis
On this very special Shabbat episode of (((My Fellow Americans))), Spike is joined by wunderkind reporter Zuri Davis to talk about politics, criminal justice reform, Gillette and Spike's tailbone injury. Zuri's Groveland 4 article: Intro & Outro Music: JoDavi (
January 19, 2019
The Wrighter's Block Episode 21 - Leah Burns Gets Wrighter's Block
Leah Burns joins Matt to talk about life in Nashville and her new single "Precious Life" coming out January 29th! Find Leah on Facebook at Kava from Grassroots Kava House Music by the Narcissist's Cookbook
January 17, 2019
Episode 87 - The Shutdown Continues, People Seek Refuge for Healthcare in Third World Nations
The shutdown has waged on, and people are beginning to feel the effects of the nonsensical breakdown of government. All that is apparently left to eat is the food that hasn’t broken down, and those visiting the White House find it to be a special treat to eat anything they didn’t have to hunt and kill themselves. While researchers have found we aren’t procreating enough to replace those we are losing during the shutdown, NEw York is looking to pass legislation to ensure those repopulation numbers are never met. Even Senators, well, the ones not partying with lobbyists in Puerto Rico, are seeking health services from any third world country. Those who still live try to keep themselves busy with crazy statements made by Steve King, false anger over razor commercials and AOCs comments about life, liberty, and the pursuit of unhappiness and racists. Music by Grassroots Kava House Water by Kroger
January 16, 2019
Wrighters Block Episode 20 - Brian Nichols Gets Wrighter's Block
Brian Nichols from the Brian Nichols Show and the Libertarian Republic joins Matt to talk about the new Congress and the Presidential field in 2020. Kava from Low Tide Kava Bar Music by the Narcissist's Cookbook
January 4, 2019
(((My Fellow Americans))) #25: Laying Down Shakira Law with Karim El-Sayed
Spike is ringing in 2019, and the 6 month anniversary of (((My Fellow Americans))), with his good friend the Muslim Conservative, Karim El-Sayed. Intro & Outro Music: JoDavi (
January 3, 2019
Episode 86 - Shutdown Continues, No End In Sight
We are entrenched in the second week of the government shutdown. It is a dark, dark, time in American history. As national parks remain ranger-free, and the Liberty Bell is being held open thanks to public funds only, there is no hope for tomorrow in America. But wait...what's this? Out on the horizon of 2020, a new beacon of promise seems to be sending smoke signals to all those out there alerting them to the newest member of the Democratic Presidential Hopefuls, who will call out the current president for creating more violence by bringing troops home from seemingly endless wars, thank god there's still the air force, waiting, with bated breath to drop something larger than the ball. Kava from Grassroots Kava House Water from Kroger Music by: J.Titus
January 2, 2019
Episode 19 - Matthew Hurtt Gets Wrighter's Block
Matthew Hurtt of the Grassroots Leadership Academy, the teaching arm of the Americans For Prospreity Foundation, joins Matt to discuss proper communication and messaging in the liberty movement. Kava from Low Tide Kava Bar Music by The Narcissist Cookbook
December 28, 2018
(((My Fellow Americans))) #24: Organic, Grass-Fed Episode with Patty Politics
No GMOs in this episode! Spike hangs out with social media superstar Patty Politics to talk...well, politics. We're also going to talk about farming, self-sustainability and how to make vegans hate us even more than they already do. Guest: Patty Politics ( Patty's Facebook: Patty's YouTube: Patty's Gab: Patty's Minds: Intro & Outro Music: JoDavi (
December 27, 2018
The Wrighters Block Episode 18 - Dillon Chaulsett Gets Wrighter's Block
Dillon Chaulsett of Kava Collective in San Diego, CA comes on to talk about recent decisions by the state of California and the FDA to enforce an archaic listing which puts kava (the reason for this entire media site)at risk of not being sold at many kava bars in the state, possibly leading to the whole country.
December 21, 2018
(((My Fellow Americans))) #23: Defending Free Speech with Shelby Susan
Spike is joined by Shelby Susan, a first amendment attorney and Director of the Center to Protect Free Speech, to talk about the importance of preserving our right to say what we wish. Intro & Outro Music: JoDavi (
December 20, 2018
Episode 85 - Trumpgasm or InTrumpMent?
Matt and Spike fit a whole heck of a lot in under two hours, including Trump backing off on the wall, while simultaneously giving money to Mexico, Michael Flynn's sentencing delay, Judge Nap's comments on whether or not Trump will be indicted. Also, the other guy from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air is upset someone stole the dance he stole, the recent assault on the 2A, and Trump wants to take SNL to more. Music by Hot Damn Burnette Kava from Grassroots Kava House Water from Kroger…/UC9-JxZUsqPOA…
December 19, 2018
(((My Fellow Americans))) #22: The Semite Hour of Power with Mohammed Shaker
Muddied Waters Co-Founder and world-famous libertarian activist Mohammed M Shaker joins Spike for a heartwarming time of Abrahamic unity. Intro & Outro Music: JoDavi (
December 13, 2018
Episode 84 - Celebrity TrumpMatch
Matt and Spike discuss Judge Kavanaugh not destroying women's reproductive rights like predicted, Nancy Pelosi vs Donald Trump in the Oval Office Death Match, and the F*** tha Police ruling. Music by Alden Rest Kava from Grassroots Kava House Water from Kroger
December 12, 2018
The Wrighter's Block Episode 17 - Mohammed Shaker Gets Wrighter's Block
Mohammed Shaker joins Matt in studio to talk about the beginning days of the Muddied Waters of Freedom, their struggles with depression, Baby It's Cold Outside, and weigh in on Gansta Rap to the enjoyment of those watching live.
December 7, 2018
(((My Fellow Americans))) #21: My Phollow Americans
Viral voluntaryist superstar The Pholosopher joins Spike to talk about the principles of anarchocapitalism, her family's struggle against communism and how we can deprogram ourselves and our loved ones from statism. Guest: The Pholosopher ( Pholosopher on Facebook: Pholosopher on YouTube: Pholosopher Patreon: Intro & Outro Music: JoDavi (
December 6, 2018
Episode 83 - The France Gas Party
Matt and Spike welcome Mohammed Shaker back on the show to discuss the death of President George HW Bush, the French Riots, the Government makes a couple prove that New Mexico was a state, Trump is a tariff man, and Avenatti won't go away. Music by Alden Rest Kava from Grassroots Kava House and Low Tide Kava Bar Water from Kroger Buy Matt Wright’s book Can You Keep a Secret? here!
December 5, 2018
(((My Fellow Americans))) #20: Fighting Trouble In Our Day with Duane Lester
Duane Lester of the Grassroots Leadership Academy joins us tonight to talk about his personal record of training an army to fight for liberty, and what we can do to fight for a free and open society where liberty prevails. Guest: Duane Lester Grassroots Leadership Academy: GLA on Facebook: 2019 Libertarian Dad Bod Calendar: Intro & Outro Music: JoDavi (
November 29, 2018
(((My Fellow Americans))) #19: Weaponized Libertarianism with Robin Koerner
On this episode, world-renowned political commentator and Libertarian Party activist Robin Koerner comes on and essentially explains why libertarians suck at talking to normies, and how to cut that out and actually work to spread the message of liberty. Guest: Robin Koerner ( Weapons of Mass Persuasion: Give 'Em L Campaign: Intro & Outro Music: JoDavi (
November 22, 2018
Episode 82 - We're all getting Nuked
Matt and Spike discuss just so, so, so, so much, including Congressman Swalwell threatening nuclear genocide on gun owners, the Abrams, Gillum and Nelson concessions, and Trump backs Saudis. Music by Hot Damn Burnette Kava from Low Tide Kava Bar Water from LeBleu
November 21, 2018
Episode 15 - Nick Tomboulides Gets Wrighter's Block
Nick Tomboulides from U.S. Term Limits talks with Matt about congressional term limits and the positive aspects of enacting such an amendment. Intro and Outro music by
November 15, 2018
(((My Fellow Americans))) #18: MASTERS OF DEBATE
On this very special episode, Spike is joined by Mike Shipley and Sam Coppinger to debate the future of the Libertarian Party and the movement for freedom. Joshua Smith joins us in spirit, as he was unable to attend due to illness. #JoshuaStrong Guests: Mike Shipley & Sam Coppinger Mike's Plugs: Mike on FB: Mike on Twitter: Outright Libertarians: Povertarian Caucus: Sam's Plugs: Libertarian Memes for Neoliberal Teens on FB: Lib Memes for Neolib Teens on Twitter: Intro & Outro Music: JoDavi (
November 15, 2018
Episode 81 - Cops Shoot Innocent Black Man
Matt and Spike talk about the shooting deaths of Jemel Roberson and Gary Willis, as well as talk about the election recounts, Trump vs. Acosta, and more. Music by Hot Damn Burnette Kava by Grassroots Kava House Water by LeBleu
November 14, 2018
(((My Fellow Americans))) #17: Where Does Spike End and Jason Begin?
(((My Fellow Americans))) #17: Where Does Spike End and Jason Begin? On this episode, Spike is joined by Jason Romano, owner of Liberate Raleigh and Spike's political doppelganger, to discuss the journey from neoconservativism to anarchocapitalism, and what a stateless society would actually look like. Guest: Jason Romano Liberate Raleigh: The Voluntary City: Triangle Zouk: Triangle Zouk on Facebook: NC Zouk Fest: Intro & Outro Music: JoDavi (
November 10, 2018
The Wrighters Block Episode 14 - Rebekah Bydlak Gets Wrighter's Block
Rebekah Bydlak joins Matt for a discussion on the recent elections, curtailing Government spending, and Gun Control. Kava by Low Tide Kava Bar Opening Music by the Narcissists Cookbook
November 8, 2018
Episode 80 - Electocalypse (part 2)
Join Matt and Spike as they painstakingly go over the election results from across the country. Kava from Low Tide Kava Bar and Grassroots Kava House Water from LeBleu Opening and Closing Music: Heaven by Hot Damn Brunette
November 8, 2018
Episode 80 - Electocalypse
Join Matt and Spike as they painstakingly go over the election results from across the country. Kava from Low Tide Kava Bar and Grassroots Kava House Water from Leblue Opening and Closing Music: Heaven by Hot Damn Burnette
November 7, 2018
The Wrighters Block Episode 13 - Ayla Brown Gets Wrighter's Block
Ayla Brown joins Matt for this weeks episode of the Wrighter's Block where they discuss the life of an independent artist, writer, musician, whatever, why you desire chocolate when you quit drinking, what life was like as an American Idol contestant, a Boston College basketball player, and a singer at the 2018 Winter Olympics. kava from Low Tide Kava Bar Opening song: The Narcissists Cookbook - The Good Ship You Closing song: Ayla Brown - Labels Both song used with permission by the artists. Olympics Video Ayla was referring to:
November 3, 2018
(((My Fellow Americans))) #16: Gordon Family Values
On this episode, Spike is joined by Paul Gordon and his daughter Nela to talk unschooling, social media purges and all of the anarchies. Guests: Paul & Nela Gordon iState: Paul's YouTube: Nela's YouTube: Intro & Outro Music: JoDavi (
November 1, 2018
Episode 79 - We Are No Longer Americans
Matt and Spike discuss Trump's plan to circumvent the constitution with executive order, the mail bomber, Kanye, Emoji sexual assault, Joe Biden, and much, much more. Music by Alden Rest Kava from Low Tide Kava Bar Water from Kroger
October 31, 2018
Episode 78 - The Muddied Waters of Wrighter's Block
Matt and Spike discuss the tree farming brothers in Michigan getting fined $700,000 for cutting down their own trees. They discuss Avenatti's statements in Time Magazine, and the recent pipe bombs that have been making the headlines recently.
October 26, 2018
(((My Fellow Americans))) #15: Spike Takes Your Questions & Calls
Spike is here to take your questions and calls because you, his precious viewers, deserve some special one-on-one time with him. Special Guest: Y'all Intro & Outro Music: JoDavi (
October 25, 2018
(((My Fellow Americans))) Episode 14
Episode 14 - THAT WASN'T A REAL 1ST EPISODE! On this episode, Spike is joined by Lou Sander, Spike's first guest (but we don't talk about that episode), to talk about social media purges and the scam that is electoral politics. Guest: Lou Sander ( Intro & Outro Music: JoDavi (
October 19, 2018
Episode 77 - Kanye, Warren, Hillary, Trump, the GOP and More
Matt and Spike go live talking about Kanye and Trump, Elizabeth Warren and Trump, Hillary Clinton, The GOP, take bets on horse races, and take some calls from our listeners. Music by Alden Rest Kava from Low Tide Kava Bar
October 17, 2018
Episode 12- Caleb Franz Gets Wrighter's Block
Caleb Franz of the podcast MilLiberty, and the non profit MilLiberty Initiative, joins Matt in studio to talk all things Marvel, Star Wars as well as Kanye West and the MilLiberty Initiative. For the book by The Narcissist’s Cookbook visit his patreon:
October 12, 2018
Episode 76: The 101st Episode
Broadcasting live from the state of emergency, Matt and Spike accept live callers for the first time. Talk about the end of Kavanaugeddon, Rosenstein, Nikki Haley, Taylor Swift, and others #mattandace Music by Alden Rest Kava from Low Tide Kava Bar Any listeners in the oil industry or in manufacturing want the muddied waters of freedom discount on chemicals should reach out to
October 10, 2018
Episode 11 - Elly Mae Gets Wrighter's Block
Elly Mae gets a case of the Wrighter's Block as she and Matt discuss Kavanaugh, Dinesh D'Souza, a few of the midterms, and Kanye.
October 5, 2018
(((My Fellow Americans))) Episode 13
Episode 13 - A Trip Through Ashtopia In this episode of (((My Fellow Americans))), the creator of Ashtopia, Ashley Brewer, joins Spike to talk about minarchism, unschooling and the problems with the Body Positivity movement. Guest: Ashley Brewer Ashtopia: Ashtopia on YouTube: Intro & Outro Music: JoDavi (
October 5, 2018
Episode 75 - FBI, Kavanaugh, And Ricin
Matt tells Spike about a Vice article talking about a man who booby trapped his house in Oregon, before going into the necessary Kavanaugh talks, and then they just sort of let loose and run Waaaay over time and one of them alleges that a sitting US senator may be a serial killer. Tune in to find out more
October 3, 2018
(((My Fellow Americans))) Episode 12
Episode 12 - Deprogramming with Jack Lloyd In this episode of (((My Fellow Americans))), Spike is joined by libertarian superhero and creator of the viral #TaxationIsTheft campaign Jack Lloyd to talk about anarchocapitalism/voluntaryism, using your talent to spread the libertarian message, what made #TaxationIsTheft take off and how to deprogram ourselves and our children from the state's harmful conditioning. Guest: Jack Lloyd Voluntaryist Comic Series: Anarchyball: Intro & Outro Music: JoDavi ( RIP Naomi Powlett. 9/26/51 - 5/17/13
September 29, 2018
The Wrighters Block Episode 10 - Alex Snitker Gets Wrighter's Block
Executive Director of the RLC, Alex Snitker, joins Matt in studio to discuss Kavanaugh, the Florida Governor and Senate Races, whether or not there will be a Blue Wave, and the upcoming Queen biopic. If you want to keep Andy in the country here is his GoFundMe:
September 27, 2018
Episode 74 - Kavanaugh, Rosenstein, and The Cos
Matt and Spike discuss the accusers who have come out against Kavanaugh, and the man who keeps yelling out full names in accusations, as well as Rod Rosenstein resigning, then not, possibly fired, maybe not, and then we talk about The Cos, and his sentencing, before ending on age of consent laws to really drive away most of our listenership.
September 26, 2018
Episode 9 - Operation Regroup Gets Wrighter's Block
Episode 9 - Operation Regroup Gets Wrighter's Block by Muddied Waters Media
September 20, 2018
(((My Fellow Americans))) Episode 10
Episode 10 - The Illustrious Mr. Pearson In this episode of (((My Fellow Americans))), Spike is joined by Black nationalist Minister Tamon Steven Pearson to talk about self-determination, rejecting mediocrity and acting like you have some sense. Intro & Outro Music: JoDavi ( Guest: Tamon Pearson The Complete Gentleman: The Real G Code (
September 20, 2018
(((My Fellow Americans))) Episode 11
Episode 11 - Spike Didn't Prepare For This Episode Spike was too busy fleeing for his life from Hurricane Florence to have time to book a guest or prepare in even the slightest way for this show, so instead he's going to sit here and take your questions while eating dinner and pretending this is all your fault. This episode has no timestamps because it's a hot ass mess. SPECIAL SURPRISE GUEST: Spike's Wife Vote For Paisley Rae:
September 20, 2018
Episode 73 - Aunt Flo Has Run Her Course
Spike returns from evacuation, and they discuss the charges against Kavanaugh in penetrating detail. Then they go into sweatshops, and price gauging and why we love them both.
September 19, 2018
The Wrighter's Block Episode 8 - Part 2 - The Bowen Brothers Get Wrighter's Block
The voice of the Muddied Waters, Greg Bowen, and his brother, Chris, get Wrighter's Block to talk about the current state of the Libertarian Party from the viewpoint of a current member, a former member, and a former member with malice in his memory of the party.
September 14, 2018
Episode 8 - The Bowen Brothers Get Wrighter's Block
The voice of the Muddied Waters, Greg Bowen, and his brother, Chris, get Wrighter's Block to talk about the current state of the Libertarian Party from the viewpoint of a current member, a former member, and a former member with malice in his memory of the party.
September 13, 2018
Episode 7 - Atom Freeman Gets Wrighter's Block
Communications expert Atom Freeman comes on to talk about NLP and discuss Matt's 4-years of sobriety.
September 6, 2018
Episode 72 - Introduction of the New Host
Matt welcomes Spike Cohen on as the new Co-host of the Muddied Waters! They discuss the rap battle between Eminem and MGK, California's newest regulation that harms independent contractors, the craziness at the Kavanaugh hearings, Nike, and a Tropical Storm Matt didn't know hit him,...oh, and #Mattandace.
September 5, 2018
Episode 6 - Kevin Cline Gets Wrighter's Block
Kevin Cline from Kent State joins the Wrighter's Block to discuss campus politics and how to successfully organize and act as a campus activist.
August 30, 2018
(((My Fellow Americans))) Episode 9
Episode 9 - Joshua Smith Is Taking Over The Party We are joined on this episode of (((My Fellow Americans))) by Joshua Smith, At-Large Representative for the Libertarian National Committee and Certified Libertarian Bigwig. Joshua delves into his vision for the future of the Libertarian Party, BTFO'ing filthy communists and why no one has been able to find the hidden Nazis in the Mises Caucus. Intro & Outro Music: JoDavi ( Guest: Joshua Smith ( Joshua on Twitter: Think Liberty:
August 30, 2018
Remso Martinez Gets Wrighter's Block
Remso Martinez catches the Wrighter's Block and talks about his book, Stay Away From the Libertarians, how Trump is the best President of his lifetime, and how the movie Chappaddaquidick wasn't as big of a let down as he expected.
August 23, 2018
(((My Fellow Americans))) Episode 8
Episode 8 - Resa Willis Is Better At Messaging Than Spike On this episode of (((My Fellow Americans))), Spike is joined by the lovely and talented Resa Willis, Libertarian Party social media and messaging maven, to talk about her journey into libertarianism, her involvement in some very dynamic campaigns and programs, the Libertarian Party's struggle against communism and why Spike needs to stop being a jerk to people on social media. Intro & Outro Music: JoDavi ( Guest: Resa Willis Larry Sharpe Campaign: Weapons of Mass Persuasion: Libertarian State Leadership Alliance: Totem Design Studio:
August 23, 2018
Episode 71 - A Very Special Episode
Matt and Mo talk (for the last time) about fake news, Mo's appearance on Fox News, Kratom, Rand Paul, Trump, Russia, the social media companies taking on Alex Jones, the Christian Baker getting sued AGAIN, Star Wars, and the unite the Right Rally 2.0. Then they say goodbye to Mo, who is leaving the show for personal reasons.
August 22, 2018
Episode 4 - Matt D'Alesio Gets Wrighter's Block
Matt D'Alesio joins the Wrighter's Block to discuss music and liberty with Matt.
August 16, 2018
(((My Fellow Americans))) Episode 7
Episode 7 - The Wright Stuff On this episode, Spike is joined by Muddied Waters Media mogul Matt Wright to talk about the Libertarian Party, balsa-wood helicopter removal, the Pennsylvania Catholic priest pedophile scandal, Trump calling Omarosa a dog, how Hitler made Fanta and why Candace Owens should let Matt take her out on a date. #Mattandace Intro & Outro Music: JoDavi ( Guest: Matt Wright (
August 16, 2018
(((My Fellow Americans))) Episode 6
Episode 6 - Elly, Spike & True On this episode of (((My Fellow Americans))), Spike and his guest Elly Maye talk Alex Jones, Candace Owens, the unhinged left, the slightly more hinged right, 3D printed guns and why Spike won't just move to Somalia. Intro & Outro Music: JoDavi ( Guest: Elly Maye ( Red, Right & True: (
August 9, 2018
(((My Fellow Americans))) Episode 5
Episode 5 - William Eiland Interview Roleplay ASMR (You WILL fall asleep!) On this episode of (((My Fellow Americans))), Spike and stand-up comedian William Eiland talk about why there's no place for politics in comedy, and then partway through they decide to make this into an ASMR video. Intro & Outro Music: JoDavi ( Guest: William Eiland ( It's Not Music Podcast:
August 2, 2018
(((My Fellow Americans))) Episode 4
Episode 4 - All Things Blockchain On this episode of (((My Fellow Americans))), blockchain and cryptocurrency expert R.L. Bryer joins Spike to talk about his new book Blockchain: Project Renaissance, while Spike shows off his new podcasting equipment. Intro & Outro Music: JoDavi ( Guest: R.L. Bryer ( twitter: steemit:
July 26, 2018
(((My Fellow Americans))) Episode 3
On this episode of (((My Fellow Americans))), Spike is joined by journalist and Viking pillager Taylor Millard to discuss American history and our mythologizing of it, why so many of us revere power and how similar the authoritarians on the right and left are. Happy 80th Birthday to Spike's father and rabbi, Harvey Cohen! Intro & Outro Music: JoDavi ( Guest: Taylor Millard ( & Hot Air:
July 19, 2018
Episode 3 - Zuri Davis Gets the Wrighter's Block
Zuri Davis gets a case of Wrighter's Block and discusses the death penalty, and the case of Chris Young out of San Antonio, TX. Zuri Davis on Twitter: The book she was holding: Check out the Narcissist's Cookbook on iTunes or Spotify!
July 19, 2018
(((My Fellow Americans))) Episode 2
Episode 2 - Paul Gordon Explains It All On this episode of (((My Fellow Americans))), Paul Gordon joins your host Spike Cohen to discuss the reality of power, clearing our spook-filled minds and why Messina Dance Company is the best source for dance lessons in Greensboro, NC. Intro & Outro Music: JoDavi ( Paul's Websites: & Messina Dance Company:
July 12, 2018
Episode 2 - Yehuda Remer Gets Wrighter's Block
Yehuda Remer joins the show to discuss his new project, The Pew Pew Jew.
July 5, 2018
(((My Fellow Americans))) Episode 1
On this first episode of (((My Fellow Americans))), your host Spike Cohen is joined by Lou Sander of The Lou Sander Show to talk about misconceptions about the history of foundation of the US government, the religious beliefs inherent in statism and how you and I can be more free. Intro & Outro Music: JoDavi ( Guest: Lou Sander ( Dangerous History: Midwest Peace & Liberty Fest:
July 5, 2018
Episode 70 - Independence Day, Immigration, and Hemp
Matt and Mo talk about the birth of the nation, the Farm Bill that just passed congress, and immigration reform that failed in the house today.
July 3, 2018
Episode 1 - Caleb Franz Gets Wrighter's Block
Matt kicks off his solo show talking about Anthony Kennedy and the Supreme Court with his friend Caleb Franz from MilLiberty
July 1, 2018
Episode 69 - Travel Ban, Immigration, And Pride
David Leatherwood takes over the Muddied Waters to discuss the Travel Ban, Immigration, and talks about his experiences at Pride over the weekend.
June 26, 2018
Episode 68 - Matt's Back, Immigration, Korea, and Space Force
Matt rejoins the Muddied Waters of Freedom to discuss family separation, immigration, Korea, and the newly announced Space Force.
June 23, 2018
Episode 67 - Santa Fe, Russiagate, Rand Paul, and more.
This is my first show by myself so please excuse the sound issues and my low quality content as this is new to me by myself till Matt returns. I talked about Russiagate, Guns, and Rand Paul.
May 20, 2018
Episode 66 - Matt's last show for a few months, Trump's Iran and NK, Seattle's head tax
This is Matt's last show until September he is going to Alaska to do a temporary contract job and I will be doing the show solo until he returns. We talk about some movies and television shows, Trump's pullout of the Iran deal, North Korea disarmament, Seattle's new head tax on multi-million dollar corporations, the Scouts - BSA, and more.
May 12, 2018
Episode 65 - China, Trump, May day, Kane, plus so much more
Matt and Mo go sully-semi automatic style on topics today as they hammer through a lot of what happened over the last week including, but not limited to, Kane winning the GOP nomination in Knox County, china no longer buying soy beans, Trump's pull out game, May Day and so much more.
May 5, 2018
Episode 64 - Zuri Davis Takes Over The Muddied Waters To Talk About Race...and Only Race
Zuri Davis joins the Muddied Waters of Freedom and talks about the Starbucks incident that took social media by storm, and the united colors of the Muddied Waters discusses race in America. Music by Ayla Brown:
April 21, 2018
Episode 63 - Syria, Facebook, And Paul Ryan
Matt and Mo discuss the recent (and unconstitutional) attack by the US on Syria. Mark Zuckerberg appears before Congress, and Paul Ryan retiring. Music by Steve Wynn. Find it here:
April 14, 2018
Episode 62 - Matt and Mo's Excellent Adventure, Taylor Anderson, YouTube Shooter, Trump and Jay-Z
Taylor joins the episode. Matt and Mo talk about their day with Rand Paul, the youTube shooter, Trump's recent decisions with troops on the border and increasing the trade war, and Jay-Z and his lack of privilege.
April 7, 2018
Episode 61 - Syria, Felonious Texas Mother, And Potpourri
Matt gets very excited to talk about the new Bill and Ted movie coming out in the (hopefully) near future, before they discuss Trump's desire to pull out....of Syria, and Texas mother who was arrested for voting, and then touch on a litany of issues from gun control to non violent crimes. Closing Song - Pray for Me by Alden Rest
March 31, 2018
Episode 60 - Taylor Anderson Officially Joins the Muddied Waters
Matt and Mo bring the new editor in chief, Taylor Anderson, on the show to discuss the new budget bill, guns, and video games.
March 24, 2018
Episode 59 - Guns, Commies, And A New Editor - In - Chief
Matt and Mo talk about gun control actions, communism and welcome Taylor Anderson to the team.
March 17, 2018
Episode 58 - Jon Sterner Takes Over The Muddied Waters
Jon Sterner comes on the air to talk about why he loves Trump, his thoughts on recent gun control laws, and offending people.
March 11, 2018
Episode 57 - Gun Control, Trump and Individual Liberty vs Societal Liberties
Matt and Mo discuss the shooting at the Parkland high school, the inability to act by the Broward County Sheriff's department, and the fallout of the incident. Then They talk about Trump and some of his mistakes over the last few days, and discuss individual Liberties vs Societal Liberties, which was spawned from a facebook debate.
March 3, 2018
Episode 56 - Tennessee, Tariffs, and Pocket Equality
Matt and Mo discuss Tennessee's new bill to ban kratom, Trump's idiotic tariffs on solar panels and washing machine's, and cuckolding and how that equates to women's pockets being too small.
January 28, 2018
Episode 55 - Yehuda Remer Joins the Muddied Waters of Freedom...Again
Yehuda Remer comes on to talk about his newest book, 10 Little Liberals, as well as shithole comments, the fake news awards, and the government shutdown.
January 21, 2018
Episode 54 - Andrew Heaton of Mostly Weekly Joins the Muddied Waters
Matt and Mo welcome Mostly Weekly creator and host, Andrew Heaton, on the show! It's good for a few laughs, and you may agree with something that was said.
January 9, 2018
Episode 53 - Jeff Sessions, Trump, Taxes, and Spending
Matt and Mo introduce their new correspondent, Mason Jefferson, and talk about Jeff Sessions, marijuana, Trump, taxes, foreign aid, spending in general, and what their last few months have been like.
January 6, 2018
Episode 50 - Nicholas Veser Joins The Vanguard
Nicholas Veser from joins Matt and Mo on the show where they talk about saying Hillary deserves the nomination in 2020, the attack on the Egyptian Mosque, and Net Neutrality.
November 25, 2017
Episode 49 - End Net Neutrality Now
Matt and Mo discuss the end to Net Neutrality
November 23, 2017
Episode 48 - Econ 101 With Mohammed
Mo discusses the six policies economists love, but politicians hate, welfare vs socialism, and then Matt and he discuss Trump's water take, Al Franken, and sexual assault in politics.
November 18, 2017
Episode 47 - Caleb Takes Over for Mohammed
Caleb Franz joins Matt for an impromptu episode of The Muddied Waters of Freedom, where they talk about the FDA's recent comments on kratom, the recent ruling that medical marijuana card holders can't purchase guns, and then they talk about whatever comes up in conversation.
November 16, 2017
Episode 46 - Spike Cohen Takes Over For Mohammed
Spike Cohen takes over for Mohammed on today's episode.
November 11, 2017
Episode 45 - Kevin Spacey, Beau Bergdahl, and the DNC
Matt and Mo talk about the Kevin Spacey apology, the Beau Bergdahl conviction, and how Hilary Clinton took over the DNC to ensure her victory.
November 4, 2017
Episode 44 - James Reilly Joins Us To Talk About Yemen and JFK
Matt and Mo welcome James Reilly on the show to talk about Walter Jones's bill to end the war in Yemen, as well as the JFK document "dump" and the different positions people take on the subject of his assassination.
October 28, 2017
Episode 43 - Jeff Deist Of The Mises Institute Joins The Vanguard
Matt and Mo are very happy to have Jeff Deist of the Mises Institute join the show. Check it out to find out if he's a cat guy or a dog guy, and many more positions on topics that actually matter.
October 14, 2017
Episode 42 - David Gornoski Joins The Vanguard
David Gornoski joins Matt and Mo to talk about how freedom works with religion, the Vegas shooting, free speech, and how the NFL is dying.
October 7, 2017
Episode 41 - Kratom, Jones Act and Tom Woods
Matt and Mo discuss the recent events with kratom, Puerto Rico and the Jones Act, and Tom Woods 1000th episode.
September 30, 2017
Episode 40 - Lets Talk About Trump Baby
Matt and Mo talk about the recent actions by the President, as well as free speech, Hillary Clinton, and London banning Uber
September 23, 2017
Episode 39 - Effective Communication and 3 Years Sober
Matt and Mo welcome communications expert Atom Freeman from Closer College on to talk about how to more effectively present the libertarian message. They also joke around a lot, and talk about Matt's three years of sobriety, and how he met Atom.
September 7, 2017
Episdoe 38 - Yehuda Remer Takes Over The Muddied Waters To Talk About Gun Safety
Yehuda Remer joins the Muddied Waters of Freedom to talk about his book Safety On: Introduction to Firearms for Children. Check out for a link to purchase.
August 27, 2017
Episode 37 - Nazis. Nazis Everywhere
Matt and Mo talk about the recent accusations against them for being Nazi sympathizers, and how the liberal use of that word has gotten out of control in today's society.
August 21, 2017
Episode 36 - North Korea, Virginia's State of Emergency, and Generation Z
Matt and Mo talk about North Korea, much to Matt's chagrin. Then they discuss Virginia's State of Emergency as ordered by Gov. Terry McAulliffe, and how Gen Z voted in the 2016 Election
August 12, 2017
Episode 35 - Nazis, Female Privilege, and Movies
Matt and Mo talk about Jeff Deist from the Mises foundation and the recent accusations of him being called a Nazi, a man being forced to pay child support even though the DNA wasn't his, and how there were no black people in Dunkirk.
August 5, 2017
Episode 34 - Bob White, candidate for Florida Governor, joins the Muddied Waters
Matt and Mo welcome Bob White, RLC chair, and candidate for Governor in Florida. He talks about his campaign and his vision for Florida. Be sure to like, share and enjoy. instagram: @MuddiedWatersofFreedom
July 29, 2017
Episode 33 - Afghanistan, Healthcare and Seattle (ft. John Lindley)
John Lindley joins Matt and Mo to talk about his personal experiences in Afghanistan. Healthcare and Seattle recent ballot measure are also discussed.
July 19, 2017
Episode 32 - Net Neutrality, Obamacare Fail, and Soundcloud
Join Matt and Mo as they talk about the potential net neutrality rollbacks, the GOP healthcare bill and all it's problems, and how Chance the Rapper saved Soundcloud
July 15, 2017
Episode 31 - The Missteps of the Libertarian Party Leadership
Greg Bowen (the voice of the Muddied Waters) shows back up to discuss the many failures of the LP leadership.
July 12, 2017
Episode 30 - Free Speech, CNN, and Trump Meets Putin
Matt and Mo talk about Star Trek a lot, while trying to keep on the topics of free speech, CNN blackmailing a meme maker, and Trump's meeting with Putin
July 8, 2017
Episode 29 - Welcome Back Mo! Healthcare, Bernie, And FDA Overreach
Mo talks about his experiences with the VA over the last week, and they both discuss the current healthcare bill, and how Congress should just repeal the ACA. They speak about Bernie Sanders and the FBI investigation into his wife, and the case of Samuel Girod, the Amish farmer recently sentenced to jail for 6 years.
July 1, 2017
Episode 28 - St. Pete Pride Day, and a mishmash of other topics
Matt and Mo talk about St. Pete Pride, and the festivities surrounding it. Then they talk about so many other topics Matt doesn't want to list them all here, but check the tags.
June 24, 2017
Episode 27 - Kava, Lighthouse Point, Osoff, And Syria
Matt goes off on the City Council of Lighthouse Point for their decision to reject a building permit to someone who was trying to open a kava bar, then they discuss Osoff's loss, and Syria.
June 22, 2017
Episode 26 - Congressional Baseball Practice Turns Deadly
Matt and Mo discuss the shooting that happened at a Congressional baseball practice in Virginia that ended in bloodshed, and then touch on the recent spike in terrorist attacks in the UK. After a quick recap of James Comey's testimony, they talk about Puerto Rican Statehood and whether or not that is a good idea (Spoiler: it's not),
June 14, 2017
Episode 25 - Paris Accord, Kathy And Bill, And Jury Nullification
Matt and Mo welcome the Vanguard to episode 25! We discuss the Paris Climate Accord, Kathy Griffin and BIll Maher, and quickly talk about the benefits of Jury Nullification. Please Like, Share, and Comment!
June 3, 2017
Episode 24 - Trump's Budget, And Terrorism
Welcome to Episode 24! Matt and Mo talk about Trump's proposed Budget, the cuts, the closings, and what is spared, and how it all can be equated economically to healthcare. The topic of the four major terrorist attacks over the past week comes up, and Mo gives us his opinion on how to fix the issue.
May 27, 2017
Trigger Warning- Caleb Franz Joins The Show
Caleb Franz from MilLiberty and Outset Magazine joins Matt and Mo as they discuss Guardians of the Galaxy 2, James Comey's firing from the FBI, the AHCA, and for the sake of so many out there this episode is headlined by a simple Trigger Warning.
May 13, 2017
Episode XXII - Steve Edmonds Joins Us To Talk About Florida's Waterway Issues
Steve Edmonds joins the Muddied Waters of Freedom to talk about the many issues that face the Florida water systems and how we can fix them.
May 6, 2017
Episode 21 - Trump's First 100, North Korea And Brinksmanship, And Government Irrationality
Matt and Mo present: Episode 21! We talk about Trump's first 100 days, North Korea, and so much more. Be sure to share with your friends.
April 29, 2017
Alex Snitker Joins the Mudded Waters
Alex Snitker, former Senatorial Candidate, and owner of the Liberty First Network, joins Matt and Mo in studio where they talk about Earth Day, the Libertarian Party of Florida, North Korea, Berkeley, and Venezuela. Enjoy!
April 22, 2017
Episode 19 - Zuri Davis Takes Over The Muddied Waters
Matt and Mo welcome Zuri Davis of Rare on the show! Listen to us discuss Afghanistan, North Korea, United, the Libertarian Party gaffes, and Sean Spicer.
April 14, 2017
Episode 18 - A Country At War, And Neil Gorsuch And The Supremes
Matt and Mo talk about Pepsi, the attack on Syria, and Neil Gorsuch in this intense episode.
April 8, 2017
Episode 51 - Jordyn Takes Over For Mohammed
Jordyn Zents ( takes over the microphone for a bitter Mohammed as Matt searches for a new cohost.
April 2, 2017
Episode 17 - #aprilfools, Internet Privacy, And Then Off Book
Matt and Mo talk about April the giraffe, Internet privacy, and then in an odd moment of unprofessionalism go completely off book and talk about climate change, and George Takei
April 1, 2017
Episode 16 - The #bradswife And Islam Episode
Matt and Mo spend a while discussing #bradswife, whether Taylor Swift or Libertarian Girl (Marianne Copenhaver) is better looking, and Islam, with a few other nuggets of goodness thrown in at the end for closure.
March 25, 2017
Episode 52 - Getting To Know Matt And Mo
Get to know Matt and Mo on a more personal level where we don't talk about politics (much). facebook: instagram: muddiedwatersoffreedom Twitter: @muddied_waters
March 22, 2017
Tillerson, Fake Fiscal Conservatives, Tax Returns, and Drink Taxes
Matt and Mo take stabs at Rex Tillerson's recent trip to South Korea, Trump's budget proposal, Rachel Maddow's embarrassing moment with Trump's 2005 tax returns, and Philadelphia's stealing a page out of the failed New York playbook on soda taxes.
March 18, 2017
RINOcare, Tulsi, Rand and Thomas, Oh, My! and Domestic Spying - 3:11:17, 4.32 PM
Matt and Mohammed go off on wild tangents about nothing in particular while touching on the GOP ACA replacement bill, the bi partisan terrorism bill, and the domestic spying revelations that have come up this week. Listen to us in all of our awkwardness. Facebook: twitter:
March 11, 2017
CNN, NYT And The 1st Amendment, Jeff Sessions, Russia, Fake News, Paul Vs Paul On ACA Lite, And More
Matt and Mohammed welcome their friend Greg Bowen from the Liberty Underground Show on for episode lucky number 13. We talk about Trump removing members of the media from the press room, Jeff Sessions and whether or not he committed perjury in his AG hearings. They also discuss Rand Paul and his fight against the GOP Obamacare Lite bill, and talk briefly about Brianna Wu from Massachusetts. facebook: twitter:
March 4, 2017
The Dark State, Shadow Governments, Rand Paul and More
Matt and Mo discuss the fallout of Mike Flynn's resignation and all of the implications of the events leading up to it. Rand Paul failing to stay consistent to his ideals. Trump's presser that has everyone up in arms, and the leaked document that didn't come from the White House that was sending National Guard troops to deport illegal immigrants.
February 19, 2017
DeVos, Department of Education, and Healthcare Debates - 2:11:17, 4.29 PM
Matt and a formerly muddy Mohammed talk about the appointment of Betsy DeVos to the Department of Education, and the Healthcare debate between Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders on CNN.
February 11, 2017
Free Speech, Muslim Bans, and Oh, Florida....
Matt and Mo discuss the Super Bowl, Milo's cancelled event at Berkeley, Trump's "Muslim Ban", and many of the issues plaguing Florida right now including Corporate Cronyism, and St. Pete deciding to become a sanctuary city (and why that's not a bad thing).
February 6, 2017
Border Walls And Healthcare
Matt and Mo talk about a plethora of items including President Trump's executive orders, such as the ban on visitors from 7 Muslim countries, foreign abortions, and the Mexican border wall. We discuss how America will pay for that wall, Rand Paul's Obamacare Replacement Act, and the St. Pete/Tampa Crossbay ferry, and the money sucking pit of despair it is.
January 28, 2017
Special Inauguration Edition
Matt and Mo talk about the days leading up to the inauguration, the inauguration celebration, and the day following. It's an intense episode and the sound is slightly better!
January 21, 2017
#Fakenews and Russia - 1:14:17, 4.03 PM
Matt and Mo cover a plethora of issues including Trumps Golden Shower "fetish". Kristin Jacobs latest attempt to ban an all natural substance from the state of Florida. As well as the Tampa police arresting a group of citizens who were committing the heinous act of voluntarily feeding homeless people. Please hit the heart and share buttons.
January 14, 2017
Too Many Topics for 30 Minutes
Matt and Mohammed talk about so many topics today they go way over time. Glen Greenwald vs the Washington Post and the fake news. The GOP backing down on the ethics committee overhaul. Obama put troops on the front lines in Russia. The New Years Eve massacre in a Turkish night club. The GOP's awful attempt at getting rid of the(UN)affordable care act, but truly adding more to the debt ceiling and passing the debt on to future generations. Chicago and all the bad, violent, shit happening there.
January 7, 2017
We Will Miss You Carrie Fisher- 12:31:16, 3.27 PM
Matt and Mo talk about the NDAA and the George Orwell Bill (Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act), how Russia had something to do with it, as idiotic as it was, and the sanctions put upon them by Obama. They also discuss Israel and the UN, as well as Matt talking about his love for Carrie Fisher.
December 31, 2016
A Very Matt and Mohammed Christmas - 12:24:16, 5.24 PM
Matt and Mohammed talk about the condescending MTV news video recommending resolutions for white guys. They discuss the Russian ambassador's assassination in Turkey and how it compares to the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. And Mohammed tells the story of the Christmas Eve ceasefire during World War I, while both wish you the very happiest of holidays.
December 24, 2016
Lesbian Dance Therapy - S01E03 - 12:17:16, 5.29 PM
Matt and Mohammed talk about a slew of things, including Syria, Assad, Aleppo, IsIs, debating online, worthless degrees, the 2016 elections, admit to being the Russian hackers who swayed the election and so much more!
December 17, 2016
Muddied Waters of Freedom s1e2 The Freemen - 12:10:16, 3.46 PM
Matt and Mohammed talk about voluntaryism, whether the democrats or republicans are worse on free speech, the #FAKENEWS explosion, VA hospitals and issues, and a Marxist Vegan Restaurant that closed. Enjoy!
December 10, 2016
Matt and Mo S01E01 - 12:3:16, 8.51 PM
Here is our first podcast, we are still working on some stuff to make it better but next week will be an improvement if not perfect.
December 4, 2016
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