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By Anna Tyzack
Interviews etc from blog site, Mumfidential
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Ilona Bannister, debut novelist, on her novel about a mother falling apart
Ilona Bannister talks to Anna Tyzack about parenting during lockdown and the inspirations behind her first novel, When I Ran Away, which introduces Gigi, a New Yorker in London, who is overwhelmed by motherhood, grief and her loss of identity
March 3, 2021
Rachel Waddilove on being a new mum during lockdown
Childcare expert and author, Rachel Waddilove, talks to Anna Tyzack about the challenges facing new parents during lockdown and offers advice on sleeping, feeding and settling baby into a routine
March 3, 2021
Mumfidential: If you’re struggling with breastfeeding ...
Painful nipples? Baby won’t latch? Everybody telling you something different? I’m with you!
February 15, 2021