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Musing Podcast

Musing Podcast

By Muna
Its a self improvement podcast that gives an insight into my mental wellbeing and yours too!! It also has to do with finding what soothes your soul and what helps to keep you on a higher self vibration!
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We are back! {Balance in the Chaos}
There is so much happening in the world this episode will give an insight on how to LIVE through all the chaos going in. i hope you enjoy it considering it has been such a minute!!
April 07, 2022
Managing an EX's Drama
Here my guest and i will be talking about how to deal with an ex's drama, how to move on and heal without hurting anybody,how to manage your emotions and not look too needy and a whole lot of banter, ENGAGE YOUR EAR TO THIS INTERESTING BANTER!!
July 14, 2021
Update me!
April 15, 2021
Self care 2021
It’s a New Year and we are ushering it in with self care and self love all year, So sit back and listen to the extra effort you need to make on your self care routine!
January 18, 2021
BONUS!! New Year,same you?
It’s a BONUS! bants and realizations, new year and new goals to smash innit?
January 04, 2021
Anxiety and Fear is a thing
Everyone is going through silent battles, anxiety and fear is all part of basically be kind, listen and get restored
September 02, 2020
We struggle with so much as humans personally but a process we need to go through in other to reach our higher self is healing.
July 15, 2020
Travel and Tourism with Toke aka Alarinka
On this Episode Toke aka Alarinka shares with us her experiences and challenges travelling round the 36 states in Nigerian and encourages us to be more aligned with our roots and not to be frightened in taking road trips in your country Nigeria.
June 19, 2020
A guideline to be mentally ready for Marriage?
There's just so much pressure and talks about marriage especially when the society folks think as soon as a woman is born she should automatically be ready for marriage, is there a guideline to be mentally ready for marriage ?
June 12, 2020
Keep Your Inner Child Alive🌞
Many times we get carried away by the fastness and seriousness of the world and our personal lives that we forget what our ”inner child” looks like..your inner child should never fade away🌞
May 27, 2020
Understanding the need to consciously practise gratitude is a whole lot but it helps release you from a lot of mental stress but you should LISTEN so as to be in TUNE with yourself!
May 18, 2020
Lockdown Effects on Relationships!
I know this lockdown be making people in relationships make confusing moves, some might come out single while others will come out even stronger..what are the odds? Listen to my G and I discuss this!
May 02, 2020
Reconciling with your past
I know the past can be a buzzer for us but it also holds a lot that can help us to move forward and release all we need to attain peace of mind and genuine happiness, so MAYBE take a trip back to the past and reconcile with something that has been holding you back? LISTEN and be a little enlightened!
April 30, 2020
Just feel the vibes and dance with the flow!!!
April 29, 2020
Supporting your Friends and their Brands!
A lot of us obliviously act like we don't see our friends push on their career and hustle but the expect them to like act like they see yours, NAH you cannot get what you cant give sisssttt and brosss , give support and you will get it right back,,,, GO AND LISTEN!!
April 23, 2020
Most of us boys and girls know how to either play oblivious to signs or just don't recognise when someone is actually digging you, get a grasp of it on this episode 
April 15, 2020
This episode is only going to help you understand that change is a constant and there is no need fighting it when it comes, and if someone is experiencing some sort of change learn to appreciate and respect their change! of course I shared two fav jams on my playlists!!  being very conscious of yourself whilst being in the knowing is also a part of this soothing rant......LOL
April 09, 2020
How im avoiding texting everyone and anyone!
Isolation and quarantine chronicles be making you wanna engage unnecessarily, ”word of advice” please DONT!
April 09, 2020
How I handle my Insecurities
I have tons of insecurities, here's little on how I'm trying to curb them you too can learn a few tippsss!! 
April 03, 2020
Welcome Back S2!(Bye Rona Fear)
  Welcome back to a new Season and Episode themed "Quarantine and chill Vibes"  it is going to be a whole lot of relatable story telling on this season so buckle up on this mind Trip Whilst Quarantining!!
April 01, 2020
im horrible@things i Preach abt!
No intention for overly deep talks but Life is full of lessons and its best we pay attention to these lessons rather than ignore it,  end of season 1 and also thankful to all of you who have listened to my self righteous bants!!! 
March 26, 2020
Peace of Mind,you on that ride?
This Episode explains deeply what opinions people have on peace of mind generally and what peace of mind should really be in the real world, do you feel you are on that journey to find your peace of mind? key in and listen, you might grab a thing or two!!
March 10, 2020
Gender Roles(Part1)
On this Episode we would be talking about Gender Roles and the stereotyping of these roles to the male and female genders, the need to appreciate your partners opinions and differences as well as find a balance regarding these roles.
March 04, 2020
Education or Entrepreneurship?
On this Episode you understand that there has to be a balance between Education, 9-5 and of course the USUAL game of entrepreneurship, no matter how you feel about all 3 of them!
March 02, 2020
It is the Aquarius season and it brings lots of love arrows and feels, this is for the Singles and the "not so Single", Easy on the Valentine feels, no pressure, just feel the love, be the love and stay in love. 
February 08, 2020
Mental Health;do you get?
get hooked on how to avoid depression and make your sanity a priority
January 25, 2020
Listen to mu talk💬
This episode is basically about the musing podcast and the voice behind this amazing podcast! Hopefully it doesn't get too personal
January 13, 2020
Sexual transmutation, for all genders?
This episode is taking you through a sexual cruise, what sex signifies and how one can transmute these sexual energy!! Stay pumped!
December 21, 2019
Episode1 muse talks contd!
It's a wrap up on the first episode more like a continuation
December 07, 2019
Muse Talks
This Episode has to do with the year cycle, our survival and coping ways!alot of deserved BTS moments while listening and of course a lot of laughs!
December 07, 2019