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If Only They Knew What I Was Thinking

If Only They Knew What I Was Thinking

By Murky
My name is Murky, and I like to think, about a lot of things. The best part is thinking about the possibilities that still fall within the parameters of reality. Because if we can think it, we can believe in it, then we can begin to find proof to make it real.
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its all relatable, because its all the same.
without a reason there will never ve completion, but completion doesnt mean the end, it only represents one piece of you, if you keep trying to remember them then you never saw them in the forst place.
March 21, 2022
In my feelings
This is completely proper of my defensive mechanism of deflection, how I examine relations in the outside world to understand my emotions, this is just me venting, saying things I don't or can't say to some people because well it's there job to come forward and trust.
January 31, 2022
How energy has shifted through time
An overview of masculine and feminine energies, and how they have changed through time
January 22, 2022
An introduction to me and a little understanding for the episodes to come
I'm talking about the way I think, things I'm healing from, how I see life, how I act, express, and just an overall introduction of myself and who I am and a good foundation for the discussions to come.
January 12, 2022