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Rap It Out

Rap It Out

By Musically
Let's Rap It Out! As we take on rappers and musicians to get a behind-the-scenes look at their life in music and what it took to get there. Guests, laughs, talks, and performing will show the world what being an musician is like and encourage you to get into songwriting and rapping.
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Isabel Marcheselli, A Mexican Favored Music Note

Rap It Out

Isabel Marcheselli, A Mexican Favored Music Note

Rap It Out

Isabel Marcheselli, A Mexican Favored Music Note

Rap It Out

JTOO, The LGBTQ+ Community Favorite
Today's guest is one of my favs, JTOO! He is a rapper and songwriter. He has been rapping and writing songs since 2013. He creates music with a message and a purpose. His goal is to provide a shift in thought, attitude, and behavior amongst people. One of his main focuses is to shed light on fragile Black masculinities, familyhood, and other political, cultural, and social issues including LGBT communities. His profile picture is the cover art to my album Introspective: My Words, Not Yours, which can be found on most major streaming platforms under his former name, The Jaguar. Links to social media and music:
December 5, 2021
Shihori, Japan's Finest Star
SHIHORI is one of the most prominent young music creators in Japan today. She composes and sings for movies, anime, games, and TV commercials. Dozens of her songs have made it into the Japanese hit chart, Oricon Chart, and for 12 of them, Shihori has received Gold Disc Certification, having sold more than 100,000 CDs. SHIHORI has written songs for some of Japan’s most famous contemporary artists, including Nana Mizuki, Momoiro Clover Z, and Shoko Nakagawa. She has collaborated with Kohei Tanaka (composer of world-famous anime series “ONE PIECE”) and Yoko Kanno (composer of “Macross Frontier”). SHIHORI is a frequent performer at venues all over Japan. She has also performed at the Otakon Festival at Baltimore, the Santa Fe JIN Festival, and the Japan Festival in Vietnam. Started "Share the American Dream Project" since Feb. 2017, and Moved to NY 2018.Jan. Made her 1st Solo Debut Concert at Club Bonafide in NY on 27th April 2018. If she can have a whole career then you should be able to check out her music? are you scared? if not DO IT!!! Links to social media and music: WEBSITE INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK YOUTUBE BANDCAMP TWITCH
December 4, 2021
Rielle, Musicing Through Life
Rielle is an emerging independent artist from Buffalo, New York. Her Influences span genres and styles thanks to her education in music, performing, theatre, and playing the saxophone and guitar. She uses techniques learned from these skills when creating. Music is an outlet where she can release and capture her feelings. Rielle is currently writing and recording, working with collaborators Internationally. Rielle (she/her) is musicing through life, writing and recording from her home in Buffalo, NY. Growing up listening to a wide variety of musical genres, studying jazz, saxophone, and performing on stage, inspired the passion that fuels her music. She pulls from her fondest, and heart wrenching memories and experiences in life to guide her lyrics and melodies. Rielle believes music is a form of communication that can transcend any kind of barrier; language, emotional, and physical. She stresses that music not only connects us to one and other, but even more so, to ourselves. "When I am feeling intense emotion, good or bad, I turn to music to help me accept or invigorate my feelings." Rielle is currently working on collaborations internationally and very excited about her recent and upcoming released for this year! Listening to music helps me lift my mood, understand my feelings, and get through tough days and make the best more fulfilling. When I am creating, I am taken over by emotion, highs and lows, memories I never want to forget, memories I wish I could forget, and the unknown. I feel vividly when creating my lyrics and melodies. Sharing my vulnerable and raw emotions is not only cathartic and healing, but is pure truth telling. Through my lyrics and voice, I share what I am unable to express in any other way. I feel no judgment. Im safe to share my experiences, dreams, insecurities, anything that pulls on my heart. It is my outlet. I strive for the truths I emote to transcend to those who are unable to share how they feel about themselves, or towards other people, and to anyone who thinks they are alone in their experiences or feels isolated. To people holding onto memories they wish they could bottle up to capture the feeling, so they would never forget.  Dance, cry, relax, smile, be confident, and listen to the music. Let it resonate and be your outlet as it is mine. She could be the next adele, taylor swift, or even ariana grande! You can make her get there by checking out her music and socials down below and showing love and support! Links to social media and music: https://https//
December 3, 2021
Amrit Ghatore: Passionate, Talented and Unique
Born and raised in West London, 30 year old musician Amrit Ghatore is more famously known in his home town of Heston for belonging to a family of martial artists, specialising in Karate. Despite training in this discipline since he was 4, and teaching from the age of 18, Amrit discovered his love for singing at the age of 7, going on to learn that he was also naturally inclined towards composing. Using music as a tool for self expression through the ups and downs of his journey, Amrit started writing and composing songs at the young age of 15. During this time, Amrit was also able to use his perseverance and discipline - skills he mastered obtaining his 3rd dan black belt in karate - to teach himself to play the guitar; the first of 8 instruments he has taught himself to play over the years since. Part of this journey has included Amrit exploring his historical, cultural and religious roots through learning to play the dilruba, sarangi and tabla. Often featuring in the backdrop of his music, these instruments provide an added depth of emotion to his already expressive lyrics. They also form a base for some of his more modern, fusion based tracks, which mark an era of rebranding for him as an artist. Although his music is influenced by his experiences and his outlook on life, ultimately he aspires to create a blank canvas for people to reflect on their own journeys, and is hoping to continue to do so with his upcoming releases and ongoing music production. He is a dop artist so go make sure to check him out! Links to social media and music:
December 2, 2021
Sam, The All-In-One Manager for The Echodolls
The Echodolls are a band of four, hailing from Skydune City on Planet Armalai. Since the year 104 Post Warp, Ainu, Sierre, Maco, and Paceng have been making music together over various genres, most prominently Space Rock and Melodic Dubstep. Now, in the year 106, they've finally found some limelight on a galactic scale through the interstellar music scene. Can they impress the ears of their listeners across the stars?  Or is their sound too abrasive for the selective palette of Galactic Pop. Along with their intelligent manger, sam, they reigned supreme in their element. Make sure to show love and support and check them out! Links to music and socials:
December 1, 2021
Wordsmith, A Musician Of Words
Anthony Parker aka Wordsmith is a music ambassador to 11 countries, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra artistic partner, nonprofit founder & Grammy voting member. Wordsmith is a Baltimore-based songwriter, performer, entrepreneur and philanthropist. His music has been featured in hit shows like Russian Doll (Netflix), Preacher (AMC TV), ESPN and WWE Programming. Wordsmith's partnership with the US Department of State has sent him to 11 countries over the past 4 years to hold major concerts, anti-bully and Hip Hop History Workshops for underprivileged youth. His non profit, Rise with a Purpose, Inc. is currently raising funds for a consistent music school in Baltimore City while his work as a cultural ambassador to Kids Connection Haiti and Project Plase bring attention to fighting homelessness. Wordsmith has released 6 albums over his career, became a Grammy Voting Member and earned winner of Best Rap/Hip Album for Perspective Jukebox at the 16th Independent Music Awards. 2019 brought prominent features in the hit shows Russian Doll (Netflix), Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix), Preacher (AMC), Skam France (UK TV) and recently had two songs featured in the video game NBA 2K21 Next Gen! Continuing to expand the company, Wordsmith officially opened his nonprofit “Rise with a Purpose, Inc.” and delivered his first TED Talk via John Hopkins University in 2021. Partnering with the US Department of State, Wordsmith has brought his influential music to Azerbaijan, Haiti, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Angola and Ukraine. During the pandemic he performed Virtual Tours for Panama, Tunisia, Tanzania and Ukraine to keep the cultural connections strong! A chance meeting with Tonya Robles, VP of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (BSO), brought an opportunity to write new narration for Carnival of the Animals with the BSO. A second opportunity came when Wordsmith was asked to host the 2018 BSO Gala with special guest Cynthia Erivo. Officially becoming an Artistic Partner with the BSO in September 2020, monumental projects are underway or had world premieres. On Juneteenth, 2021, James Lee III and Wordsmith debuted a piece called “Destined Words” for the BSO Gala Celebration in honor of Marin Alsop.
November 28, 2021
Hapi, The Lost Species
Today we are back with an incredible band named The Lost Species, lead by Hapi! Ecotronica artist, environmental scientist, and activist Hapi has been using her music to address the planet’s most serious issues since her first release in 2008. Particularly focused on environmental issues, she has built up a large catalog of emotionally riveting songs that convey critically important messages. Her latest release under the moniker Hapi and the Lost Species is her most complete and compelling release to date. Music and video to raise awareness of the extinction crisis: Hapi and the Lost Species believe music is key to raising awareness and promoting respect and the action needed to protect our environment and the existence of all the species we share planet earth with. Millions of people are creating positive change in the world and Hapi is part of that voice, reflecting concern about global issues in her music. This is Hapi’s key to unlocking awareness and promoting love, respect and the action needed to protect our environment and the existence of the species it supports. The songs have been written and produced in collaboration with Brian Dickinson and the pair regularly perform their set at venues across England including several recent performances at well known London venues where they have been well received. This has lead on to greater opportunities including performances at festivals scheduled over the summer months. Bands are incredible to witness and discover, if thats what you are going for, check out their social media and their music: Facebook  Twitter Youtube  Instagram
November 27, 2021
Jupiterkami, The Villian
Jupiterkami is an American rapper & singer-songwriter hailing from Dallas, TX; Born on September 12, 2003. kami is an artist that expresses musical versatility tackling genres such as Emo Rap, Alternative rap, Alternative Rock, R&B, Pop, and Ambient. kami would first come into the scene under the alias "Iced Ace" He would later go under "Lonesoul777" but ultimately name himself Jupiterkami. "Jupiter" being the largest planet of the Milky Way Solar System and "kami" meaning God in Japanese. Jupiterkami's Musical Influences are XXXTentacion, Slutty Sonny, and Lil darkie with kami making music, artwork, and Lyrics similar to the artists he listens. He engineers his own music, artwork (some being hand-painted and scanned), and he manages himself. He is known for his creativity in his tracks, exploring the heavily distorted sounds of music such as Trap Metal, while also making soft tracks from genres similar to Alt. rock and pop. He deserves so much more than he is given, don't you agree? If you agree, check out his music and socials down below:
November 26, 2021
PoesiTheDon, A Musical Jocke
Today we are taking a field trip to meet PoesiTheDon, a young and powerful rapper. Today we talk music inspirations, RapPad beginnings, new music, music background, lots of fun, and even does a showcase, which is the highlight of the night! You wanna know more? Check out this dope artist down below in the links provided: 
November 25, 2021
Lourdes of Asgard, Originality Turned Into Alteration
Lourdes of Asgard is a hard rock band from Blackwood, New Jersey featuring Dan Rota on guitar, Brandon Lee on vocals, Ivyn the king on drums and Colin Warren on bass. They bring creativity, originality, and chemistry in their friendship! Today we talk band changes, music journey, an amazing showcase. Please make sure to check them out and give them some love Links to Social Media and Music:
November 24, 2021
Lil Alone Is Emo Inside
Today we meet with an incredible musician named Ug Senura aka Lil Alone! Today we talk name meaning, music creation methods, new music, music inspirations, and demonstrated a correct showcase with auto-tune. If you wanna learn more, take a closer look at his music and socials: instagram : YouTube : Soundcloud :
November 23, 2021
A new update (hint: good news)
I made a new instagram page (@theofficialrapitoutpodcast) GO FOLLOW IT! New episodes coming soon love you just wanted to share an update
November 20, 2021
Reggie Fe Part 2: T.G Kid's Homecoming
Reggie Fe returns for another round of interviews with new-comer, T.G Kid! We dive into their latest single, talk music journey, and reggie and muscially even takes turns doing the questions. If you want more music from T.G Kid, make sure to check down below! Links to music and socials:
November 20, 2021
Reggie Fe Part 1: The 20th Chapter
Reggie FE is an up and coming artist from Rialto, California, who then moved to Wichita, Kansas when he was 12 years old. When he turned 19 after growing up originally thinking, finishing high school branches for culinary and going to some college for it, he randomly discovered that maybe he should try doing music. After his first original track he made, he received immense positive yet constructive feedback for it! That was the moment he decided to work on making music professionally, which in time came up with the name FE, which stands for "For Everyone", as he is someone that is constantly working on changing his negative and pessimistic mindset and turning it positive, to which he also makes music straight from the heart, that provides a positive emotional reaction immediately when listening to it. He calls himself FE because he loves giving back. He strives to one day become a beacon of positivity and inspiration for....well, for everyone! Today we talk new album, catch up with each other, and talk new music. So excited he came back!! Links to music and socials:
November 20, 2021
A Needed Break
Hello! I know surprised right? I haven't been on social media or been talking to people for a while and I can explain! This message explains the next moves and what I have been dealing with. If you know me and support me, please be sure to tune in and take a listen to all I have to say. 
November 8, 2021
Xiya, The Houstonian That Did Many
Xiya D is a songwriter – singer – rapper living in Houston, Texas. She uses her advanced degrees in psychology to write lyrics that connect with her listeners on a deeper level. She has been writing lyrics since she was in elementary school. Still, in 2020, she decided to share her verses via social media for the first time. Xiya D plans to release her debut project, “Thankful Carols,” in the fall of 2021. When Xiya D isn’t making music (or doing homework), she spends time cracking corny jokes with friends and family. Her debut album has just been released and we gotta help get her out there. Check her out along with her socials! LInks to social media and music:
November 3, 2021
Santiago Ramones, A Bit Depth Podcaster
Today, we get a chance to meet a fellow podcaster, Santiago Ramones. Born in Venezuela, but came to the US in 2001. He is a composer, podcaster, producer, songwriter, and performer. He likes music, talking to people about deep stuff, and pop culture. He makes music! His debut album, Bloom, is a time capsule of his beginnings as a composer from 2013 to 2016. His follow up EP, Sound Bytes, is 6 instrumental electronic tracks collected from a variety of separate projects. Machinations, his graduate composition project, is an anthology series of pieces exploring ideas in technology, humanity, and the future. Like Black Mirror but with music. He has also made music with Power Cycle, an experimental electronic trio with J.R. Edwards and Breck McGough, and him. He also stream completely improvised music using Ableton Live on Thursdays at 6pm Central. He also has a podcast called Bit Depth, which he started in March of 2016. He has recorded 250+ episodes and interviewed 100+ people. On Bit Depth, he interview interesting people about deep stuff, asking impossible questions like “What do you think happens when we die?” and “How do we reduce the division between people?”. He also work with creators to make their podcasts sound their best by cleaning up the audio, editing out filler words, and making the whole podcast experience a real high quality experience. He also provide my music making skills as a service. He has contributed to and performed with Solstice Cosplay. They have won many awards at conventions performing cosplay skits. Their first skit has 11 million views on YouTube. He also arranged, recorded, and produced all of the audio and music for those skits. Outside of those things, he is a giant nerd. He love video games, science fiction, film and TV, and tabletop games. He currently live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, with my wife,Sable, and our cat, Marnie. Today we talk all this, music beginnings, podcasting, and the methods of creating content and music! If you are interested in learning more, make sure to check out this dope artist down below:
November 2, 2021
The Great Harry B, The Magical Wait Over
The Great Harry B is a 17 year old rapper and actor. He’s also well known on TikTok, and has an album coming out this January that will change everything. 
 Early life:
 Harry was born on the 9/10/2004, making him one of the youngest rappers out there. 2 years from then, Harry still couldn't speak, and then later on was, he was diagnosed with autism. Harry got bullied through school, because he was different to them. Harry started getting into music when he was about 7, when he had a dream that he wanted to be a singer, to follow from at-the-time idol Justin Bieber. Harry got recognized on Soundcloud with a cover by Dj Snake and Justin Bieber Let me love you. Harry has now preformed it at 2 different talent shows coming third in both of them. When he was 14, his mum told him to look up Eminem because she thought Harry looked like him when he released the MMLP. He then played Lose Yourself and loved it so much, he started doing instagram live streams to Eminem songs, which his fans fell in love with.
 On October 2nd, Harry will release his first ever album by his record label thegreatharrybmusic. Dark Side of Humanity will feature artists like lil tyreese, Alexy Large, Stevie Rain and K-Klipz. If you want more music and more excitement, be sure to check out this insane artist.  Links to social media and music:
November 1, 2021
Chase Davidson, Rolling In Music & Podcasting
Today's musical guest is Chase Davidson! He is an artist living just outside of Chicago with his family. From the day he entered into this world, he has been surrounded by music his entire life. From a very young age, his mom and dad have exposed his brother and him to a wide variety of music and have had a major influence in his life. Being involved in choir themselves, they have always been enthusiastic and encouraged us to pursue our musical interests. Over the course of his childhood, he took multiple years of piano lessons, was involved in a couple musicals and naturally picked up singing from my parents along the way. He has always been a creative person, whether it was making videos with my friends on our home computers, writing songs growing up on the piano and guitar, or streaming live capping flags in the kingdom of Azeroth (if you know, you know), it gives me great satisfaction and sense of purpose to express myself and share my emotions. In the summer of 2017, looking for a new passion to sink his time into, he began learning how to self produce and create my own music from the ground up. With an interest to fledge out songs ideas he had written on piano and guitar into full blown tracks, he dove into music production head first. He always push myself to create whatever he is passionate about and inspired by in the moment, using whatever style of music to best capture my feelings and emotions. He writes songs in a variety of different genres ranging from Pop and Hip Hop, to Future Rhythm and Rock. If you are into a new tune in your playlist, make sure to check out more music and more enjoyment from Chase! Links and socials to check out:
October 31, 2021
IceyBruh44, A Future Legend
IceyBruh44 is an upcoming artist from Bonneville, Arkansas! Music has helped him cope with depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, etc. Today we talk beginning of rap career, new music, ways and methods and music creation, and presents a dope showcase for everyone to take a listen. When he says he's everywhere, he is! Check him out on all platforms and his new music: SoundCloud: Spotify: Apple Music: Youtube:
October 30, 2021
Lono Productions, A Hip Hop Producer Who Made It But Didn't
A Young Producer from Massachusetts with an unbelievable work ethic and creative drive that caught the attention of the Enigmatic team until he couldn't join them. Today we talk departure of the Enigmatic Electronic Entertainment label, start up of producing, future music plans, inspirations, an awesome showcase, and we talk partnership as he will be joining me on this show. Make sure to show love to this guy and check his music below:
October 26, 2021
YungStove, The Guy That Wants To Be Famous
Yung Stove is an incredible young musician here to speak with us about his musical journey, methods of music, musical infleuences, and does a dope performance of his own!! He has proven to be very successful and business-forward with his music so don't waste time and check out his music!! Links to Music:
October 23, 2021
Juan Pedro, The Jon Marom Project
Juan Pedro Romero Martínez, is the real name of Jon Marom Project. He was born in Lleida (Spain) on November 25, 1979. Guitarist known for playing in Metal bands such as Plowshare and Blindpoint. He lived his childhood in the Pardinyes neighborhood. He started playing guitar in high school at the age of 17. He quickly joined the ranks of the Khru-bai gang. Years later in 2005 he became part of the Lleida thrash metal band Plowshare, winning several local competitions and with whom he toured the Spanish state playing about 100 bowls and sharing the stage with great international bands such as Sepultura, Napalm Death, Primal Fear, Ratos de Porao, Avalanch, Su ta Gar. In 2018 he became a definitive part with Blindpoint,  a band that is also a speaker with great projection with which they have recorded their first album "Through the ashes of life" at the end of 2019. Currently in 2020 he has just announced his personal project. The Project begins to take shape in early 2020 with the composition of various songs for the achievement of a record. However, he decides before such a release to debut first with 2 songs in single format under the stage name Jon Marom (Jon (Juan) Mar (Martínez) Rom (Romero)). As for music, Jon has managed to fuse an electronic air base in terms of rhythm, keyboards or other effects, along with metal guitars that have characterized him so much in his career.  make sure to check out his music and SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS : SPOTIFY : YOUTUBE CHANNEL VIDEOS:  FACEBOOK  INSTAGRAM @jonmaromproject / TWITTER @marom_jon / PLAYER & MORE
October 19, 2021
The Lancasters Band, An Aviation Rock Power Trio
If you haven't heard of The Lancasters yet, you're missing out big time. This three-piece rock band have the ability to combine old and new, tradition and innovation in a blend that ranges between the best 1970s British rock and more recent expressions of volume driven rock'n'roll sounds. This is the field in which The Lancasters play their game, and they do it damn well. Following up their 2019 debut self titled full length and the most recent singles “Midget” and “CCTV”, The Lancasters show once more that they learned the lessons from classic bands such as CCR, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and The Kinks, but they are not afraid to reinterpret the genre according to their views. They have developed a blend that ranges between the best 1970s British rock and more recent expressions of volume driven rock'n'roll sounds.  For Fans or upcoming fans and supporters of this band, check out their music: Facebook:  Instagram:  YouTube:  Bandcamp:  Spotify:
October 16, 2021
Robert Wagner, The Little Wretches
Robert Wagner continues to perform at coffeehouses and small clubs. A Master's Degree holder, Wagner also counsels abused, neglected, traumatized and court-adjudicated youth. He is the co-founder of The Calliope Acoustic Open Stage, an event that has lasted 15+ years. Wagner is also a long-term cancer survivor. In 2020, front-man Robert Wagner issued two new albums, including "Undesirables And Anarchists," which featured a #1 international iTunes chart hit and received airplay on more than 100 AM/FM stations across North America. The Little Wretches are an incredible act to witness.  For more information and more please visit:
October 12, 2021
Shawn Da Prince, Royalty To Infamous Hustle
Hip hop artist Shawn Da Prince from Hartsville South Carolina entrepreneur CEO of INFAMOUS HUSTLE RECORDS based in Hartsville South Carolina. My first EP drop last February on the 18th MY HUSTLE DREAMS 101 with my lead song What if In 2019 I did my first show in Miami I started my Record Label in 2018 on may 9th in South Jamaica Queens and moved it back to South Carolina in January of 2021 I signed my distribution deal with Bentley Records out of New York I dropping my single Questions on the 21st of April and my full EP and my second Ep Progress meets Process this summer Da Dream don’t stop we just keep going IHR. Show this prince lots of royal love and support by checking out his music and social media!!! Links to social media and music:
October 11, 2021
BRYANMTZMEDIA, The Boss Who Directs The Gemini
Boss The Gemini aka BRYANMTZMEDIA is a phtographer, music video director, and rapper. He is 25 years old. Been doing music for almost 10-15 years now. He has been pushing my music to the top of the food chain. He has been spending lots of time recording and directing music videos. Today we talk music jouney, inspiration behind new music and directing videos, and we get a switch interview. If you are interesting in low budget music videos or just wanna listen some more, check him out and his music down below: Links to social media and music:
October 10, 2021
ether, The Never Land
ether is a RapPad favorite all the way from the United Kingdom and is here to talk new music, life during the pandemic. music methods, and an incredible performance just for you! I know he doesn't seem much but please show him some love and check out his music!!! Links to music:
October 9, 2021
O.2, The Element of Surprise
Hailing from Brooklyn New York, The 26 year old Israeli- American Hip Hop Artist O.2. Is slowly becoming one of the most underrated rappers in the game. Unlike others, O.2. Has a distinctive accent which makes him unique in the eyes of his fans and core listeners. On September 11, 2020 O.2. Released his first EP called “ The Journal Of O.2.” Which is basically his autobiography. The first single off the EP “ Letter To God” created a little buzz in the underground scene and made fans wanna hear more. O.2. Is known for his raw lyricism and vivid storytelling…. “I can visualize everything that he’s saying, it’s reminding me of Nas and B.I.G era” a fan said. Earlier this year O.2. released his first video on YouTube “Seeing Green Freestyle “ and as you probably suspected O’s lyricism and water-like flow made a lot of noise and gained the attention of a Def Jam Records A&R . Currently O.2. Is working on his highly anticipated next project “Blessing In The Curse” 10.01.21 No one knows what the future holds but it definitely looks bright for O.2. He is as unique as the name! Show him so love and support by streaming his new album and checking out his social media Links to social media and music: Instagram - Twitter - Linktree - Email : Spotify:
October 7, 2021
Vishaal Ganesh, A True Person
Vishaal, a lost, near-sighted and goofy 23 year old has spent time exploring his personality and expressing what he finds out about himself, in his music! He have worked with different labels with his Tamil and Hindi original release and now starting an independent venture to express what can only be described as "truly me". While it’s fair to say that solo-artist Vishaal Ganesh has always been a dreamer, it took major time and experience in life to realize he was capable of turning his dreams into his daily reality. Now breaking out as an international Folk/Pop singer/songwriter about to launch his third official single of the year onto the charts & playlists worldwide – the remarkable leap of faith Vishaal made with his career in pursuit of happiness and sharing his joy of making music with listeners around the globe, revealed his true destiny. Like so many people all over the world, Vishaal grew up in the societal cycle that has stood the test of time – you go to school, you go to college, you get a degree, you get a job, you retire, you disintegrate. Passing on the illusion of stability & security in a world that offers none, he took the road less traveled & committed to becoming an artist, producer, and all around entertainer at the forefront of the scene From the inspiring versatility in its structure and style, to its insatiably addictive rhythm and flow, to the unified skills of passionate players all coordinating their efforts through the internet for your enjoyment, he has very well be the most incredible musician to have ever been made at any point in music’s history. With thought-provoking lyricism & evocative vocals that perfectly express the madness of the daily grind amidst single-worthy sound beaming from the lefts to the rights – Vishaal has not only proven that he’s broken the hold of social programming, he’ll absolutely inspire YOU to do the same. Join me and Vishaal Ganesh as he breaks out of the rat race and into the limelight, in full control of his dreams and destiny this year and we dive into music, methods, inspirations, and a very original piece performance. Follow Vishaal and me on this journey and we promise you one thing, music in genre combinations like you've never heard before! Make sure to show this guy some love down below in his music: Instagram –   Twitter –   Spotify –   Soundcloud –  Apple Music –   Tidal –   YouTube –   Tik Tok -- 
October 5, 2021
JAVIS, A New Sound-Wave
Jeremiah Balintuma, AKA, JAVIS is a singer-songwriter hailing from North London. After bursting through in 2020, he’s established himself as one of the fiercest talents in the UK drill scene. To identify his music, he has a unique sound that blends with RnB & UK drill music. 
 Today, JAVIS is focusing on pursuing a career that will put his music on the map. He’s introduced a new sound wave of RnB-Drill. With this trend, he visualises a new path for RnbDrill to emerge into the pop culture scene. But for this to happen, it will come with its own challenges by steering away from typical gang, violents stereotypes in music. 
 He’s on a mission to empower the youth of his generation, sending nothing but positive vibes through his music. Today, JAVIS has built up a reputation as one of the most promising young artists, pioneering R&B sound, influenced by drill type production . 
 When JAVIS decided to pursue a career in music, he was determined to change perceptions from day 1. While at college, he found his style and created his own micro-niche genre, mixing , pop, dance pop, alternative rnb, dream-pop & RnB-drill. Today, his music aims to capture the spirit of the youth by touching on universal feelings of love, self-doubt and discovery through adolescent years. 
 Last year, he released his breakout single “September”, which received a remarkable reception. JAVIS sent a powerful message, encouraging people to take the right path and to avoid being a victim of crime. If all this doesn't satisfy you, maybe you need to check out his music, please do so down below: Instagram: Twitter:
October 2, 2021
Miss Freddye, Lady Of Lady Of The Blues
As Pittsburgh's Lady Of Lady Of The Blues,  Miss Freddye keeps the blues alive in her native hometown, She started singing in church at a young age. The influence of church and her mother's love of the Blues gave Miss Freddye the beginning to venture in the world of Blues Music in 1996. She joined BMW(Blues  Music  Works) under the direction of Big AL Leavitt.  In 2002, Miss Freddye formed her own band,  "Blue Faze". Several years later, she became Miss Freddye's Blues Band and Miss Freddye's Homecookin' Band. Her Influences include: Koko Taylor,  Etta James, Sarah Vaughn, Billie Holiday,  Big Mama Thornton,  Big AL Leavitt,  and Bessie Smith. If you are into blues or want to experience a life-changing genre, dive into down below and check out her music and more: Website- Twitter- Instagram- Pefoma-@missfredd
September 28, 2021
Spontay, Simon ́s Apparition
Spontay had a incredible opportunity to talk today about new music, inspirations, foundations of music, beginnings of music career, and got to showcase his talent. He also rap battles so feel free to hit him up for battle requests. He has a little bit of social but every listen goes toward fame for this youngin. Make sure to check him out down below and show him some love. Links to check out:
September 21, 2021
Lord Toph, The Art Genius
LORD TOPH is the founder, CEO, and Executive Producer of Monté CrisToph Multimedia. Monté CrisToph Multimedia (MC) is a realm of concept, sight and sound, dedicated to the visualization, development and distribution of music, art and literature across a wide range of genres. At MC, LORD TOPH works with an exclusive group of diverse artists to assist them in perfecting craft, and becoming professional-grade performers. By painstakingly overseeing every step of the creative process (composing, producing, songwriting and performing), LORD TOPH is able to guarantee the delivery of high-quality, original music. Music has always been an essential component of life for LORD TOPH. At a very early age he was introduced to different genres of music from various artists spanning over several decades. With both of his parents being big music enthusiasts, music was constantly being played throughout his household growing up. Being the youngest of four siblings (all boys), LORD TOPH became somewhat of a “music sponge” growing up. His passion for music grew quickly in his primary years. Paying close attention to the dance, movement, and vocal style of such artists like Michael Jackson, Sam Cooke, or Elvis Presley, LORD TOPH would often mimic these artists and later combine their moves to begin developing his own style. He began performing with songs by Al Green; songs like “Love & Happiness,” “Call me,” “You Ought To Be With Me,” and “Let’s Stay Together.” LORD TOPH is an artist, composer, producer and author. He has produced several songs for artists that have been part of his Monté CrisToph Music roster. He has written & composed for Folk Acoustic artist, Damen Samuel, Adult Contemporary artists Ebony Anne Isaac and Kyle Whitney, Hip Hop artist, SnowFlake Black, the Classic Blues/Rock act, The Tony Mazza Project, and several other independent artists. Having grown up in the South and being deeply influenced by the sound of Delta Blues, Classic Rock and Soul, he creatively finds a way to infuse these essential genres of music to create a sound all his own. If you interested in hearing from a lord, check out his music and more down below:
September 18, 2021
Nouhi's Nomad, Nostalgic & Fresh
Hailing from NYC, bringing a warm vintage style and sensitive lyrics to the forefront, Nouhi’s Nomad is a refreshing modern listen for anyone with a love of indie rock and the groovy state of nostalgia. Nouhi’s Nomad is a graduate of Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts where he sang the title character of Orpheus in their production of Orpheus in the Underworld by Offenbach. In addition to his background in classical music, Persian music and contemporary rock are a few more of his influences — with all three shining through within his Persian percussion, hypnotic and unique melodies, as well as stripped-down guitar backings. Nomad’s self-titled album further expands on these influences, while still leaving much room for experimentation. Nomad is also a Semi-Finalist in the Atlanta Film Festival and a volunteer for the non-profit NIAC (National Iranian American Council). We sit to talk new music, inspirations, and all music tonight. Make sure to leave some time out of your day to check out this dope artist: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
September 14, 2021
The Untouchable 1 With His Outfitts
Untouchable 1 an up and coming artist, member and co founder w/ Al Koleon O Mob and Wolf of The Outfitt Music Inc. For those still sleepin’ – Untouchable 1 is about to wake ya up this year. Putting the veteran skills of Untouchable 1 from Capital O Entertainment’s own premier Rap crew Outfitt to their full potential – he’s hittin’ bars with lyrics strong enough to bend’em. An undeniable wordsmith armed with supreme knowledge and a genuine gift to deliver it straight to the people where it truly belongs through the real art of the rhyme – “They Watchin’” is more than mere entertainment – it’s the most important track the people are gonna hear in 2021, revealing how misinformation infects the mind and how savage the system is intricately stacked against us all, 100%. Taking on everything from the Illuminati to Big Government, Untouchable 1 has expertly crafted this single to shake listeners from their slumber – and the walls around them in the process! Fearlessly exposing the lies & corruption sold to the people through the media and unafraid to speak UP at the time it matters most – Untouchable 1 is a lyrical force to be reckoned with that pulls no punches. He takes his skills straight to the people this year and unleashes a verbal reckoning that takes no prisoners and spares no quarter for anyone with ill intent. Untouchable 1 is an authentic leader & unstoppable force in the Rap game. Make sure to check out his new single and all his other music, available on all major online platforms:  “They Watchin’” April. 16th .  Facebook  Instagram  Snapchat Youtube
September 11, 2021
EQ, The Whiz Kid
Unlike many who just dream, EQ is all set to turn these dreams into a reality. He has produced music for great artists, and has also worked with top industry professionals, while building a loyal, supportive fan base - 'Whiz Kidz'. EQ has a lot more cool stuff in the works and plans to go on a worldwide tour rapping his heart out in the largest stadiums around the world. He is, without a doubt, one of the freshest and dopest rappers to be on the lookout for, as he quickly rises up in the rap game! If you are interested in learning more about this dope artist or want to hear more music, check him out down below in the links provided!!!
September 7, 2021
okay(k), We See You Making Hits
okay(K) is a native New Yorker; inspired by a lot of artists from Frank Ocean to Kanye West and has drawn comparisons to modern enigmas Kid Cudi and Chance The Rapper, DRAM, and Lil Yachty amongst other prominent artists. His first release was an EP titled Lucy Wrap(s) in 2017 and since then he has released seven more EPs under his name, (tmrw) , New York, The Girl on the Couch, i told you i'm not serious, Acoustic, Chill, inception (2010), and You’re Awesome along with various singles. He released his debut album, CHUCK, April 2nd, 2021 okay(K)'s music has been featured in numerous publications such as EARMILK, Happy Mag and We Rave You amongst others. He has received radio play from various notable stations around the world (Amazing Radio, KEXP, WTUL etc.). His single Sunday Forgettable was featured in numerous playlists curated by spotify and has amassed 350K+ plays on spotify. His music has most notably been featured in Spotify's Fresh Finds and New Music Friday in regards to features on that platform. Okay(K) was also featured in the playlists New Fire, INDIY, and Indie Pop for various singles in regards to features on Apple Music editorial playlists. His single Lifetime was featured as one of H&M's favorite songs they play in their stores and was included in an upcoming Vinyl Moon compilation LP released on vinyl featuring other emerging artists along with original artwork. okay(K) was recently featured on tobi lou's album Live on Ice on the song Delete My # Baby, which was featured in numerous publications such as Pitchfork, Complex, Lyrical Lemonade, BBC Radio etc. okay(K)'s most recent project is another artist pseudonym called chuck, the artist. Under chuck, the artist Okay(K) has released two compilations and 2 EPs along with various singles. His song oceanite got featured on the highly coveted spotify editorial playlist, metropolis, with over 670K followers. It is currently in Discover Weekly, spotify's algorithmic playlist. chuck, the artist was also featured in New in Indie and INDIY Apple Music editorial playlists for the single uwu, clementine(s). If you want more music and want to learn more about this artists, check down below for more music from this artists and his socials:
August 30, 2021
Rhode Island Keeps Clouding Up Great Hits Thanks To Keepin' It Cloudy
Keepin' it cloudy is a hip hop group from Rhode island. Keepin' It Cloudy started when he went on Aaron Cohen's Monday night raw. It's Instagram live he does weekly to help promote and bring growth to artists. While working on some music, he got a chance to work with him on two tracks (vintage Cadillac and final whish). His vision to make music and help people and motivate them thru his music. He began recording rise of the cloud ep at the end of 2020 after finishing a track called all summer in a day. Then I was blessed with working with Dizzy Wright on Headspace. Now the journey continues to strive for greatness! After all that success, you might wanna help him out with some listens. Down below on his social media and his music, go check it out:
August 29, 2021
Reign Of The Hated, A Collective of Hated People For Bringing Awareness
Reign Of The Hated is a Metal/punk/Grunge Band From Port Reading New Jersey. Their goal in music is to make music to try to bring awareness for Mental Health/Life Situations/Bullying. This band is currently managed by Carlo Bellario. Reign of the Hated history starts two years ago. Cain, AKA Blood Wolf, (Guitars/Vocals) and his friend Scott (drums) did some shows, but it was only in May 2020, when Ophelia asked Cain to teach her how to play bass, because it was something she and her grandfather used to play when she was younger, that the band was truly completed. Ophelia's grandfather had passed away April 14th, 2020, possibly from Covid, Cain's mother passed away just days before, April 5th, 2020, also from Covid. 'There for You' was written just after their deaths and is dedicated to anyone who had lost a family or even friend that they cared about. 'Manic Psychosis' was written when one of our band members started having a bad bipolar crisis and, according to the band it can be viewed in a couple possible different perspectives: the first as from someone who cares about a person having such a crisis, watching them go through it and their feeling they are alone, while we are trying to reach them and tell them they're not alone, that there's always someone there for them. It could also be interpreted as a deceased relative or guardian angel watching over some loved one. Thanks to My Merch and My Music for recommending me this artist to interivew. If you love them and wanna check them out, click down below to listen to more of their music:
August 28, 2021
FortyCal, A Whole Musical Farm
Forty Cal (sometimes referred to as "Cal Farm) came by today to talk new projects, beginnings of music career, how has music been developed to create a hit, and an awesome performance by yours truly. He has recently been in the studio making music so show this guy some love down below and check him out:
August 27, 2021
Tyler Style, A Songwriter With A Little Style
Tyler Style is a 15 year old rapper born in the state of Michigan. Ever since his dad lost custody of him and his little brother, he has been working on his music career and making bangers. He currently reside near Grand Rapids Michigan. He has been writing songs ever since he moved. Today we talk music beginnings, ways to create his music, and a sick performance described as a "must-see"! If you are amazed by his musical career and urged to learn more check him out down below: 
August 26, 2021
Big MC, A Literal Big Master of Ceremonies & Rapping
If you ever thought about the speed of light, you'll like the speed of Big MC's career and his rap flows. Today we dive into his musical processes, development of music career, talks new music, and gives us a plus two showcase! If you are interested in learning more about this awesome artists and all he does, check him out on his socials and music:
August 25, 2021
Isabel Marcheselli, A Mexican Favored Music Note
Isabel Marcheselli is a singer, songwriter, pianist, multi-instrumentalist and frontwoman for the band, Isabel and The Whispers. The daughter of South American immigrants, Isabel was born in New York and overcame many obstacles in life on the way to finding her voice as a musical artist.  Nevertheless, her father was an engineer who served NASA and always encouraged her to reach for the stars.  Following her B.A. degree from Cornell University, Isabel attended Mannes School of Music and Hunter College, and worked on her major in music while also studying piano with renowned artists, including Naxos-recording pianist Xiayin Wang. A gifted singer, musician, poet, and wordsmith, Isabel has musically crossed so many genres and her eclectic scope of music continues to evolve and defy easy categorization.  While she was trained as a classical musician, she can just as easily create music in mass-appealing genres such as pop and dance.  Whether she performs solo concerts or hits the stage with her backing band, Isabel and The Whispers (Piano/vox/guitar - Isabel; Drums - Alec Menge; Guitar - Octavio Padron), Isabel can put her audience under a spell with her pure, heartfelt vocals and ambient piano music full of melody. Isabel is also a member of Broadcast Music Incorporated (BMI) who is regularly booked for concerts, private events, collaborative projects, music ministry, and much more. Isabel's creative philosophy is to stay open and to stretch herself across new frontiers to keep things fresh and exciting for herself, her musical collaborators, and her audience. If you like this woman and everything about her, check her music and her socials for more info and music: My official artist website:  My Soundcloud channel:  My Facebook artist page:  My artist's Spotify channel:  My Bandcamp band page:  My first album, Isabel and The Whispers, on Apple Music:  My Instagram page:  My artist's blog, "Word Whispers":
August 24, 2021
Psycho Puppet Is Back and More Psycho Than Ever!
He's psycho! He's a puppet! and I don't know anyone else with those names but Psycho Puppet! He has returned to give us an exclusive on new music, updates on life, gives us some more musical background, and made a special showcase for us. If you have no idea who he is or just excited to see him return, take a listen at this! Make sure as well to check his music out and his socials! Also, hit him up for any future projects and/or business inquires! Links to music and socials:
August 23, 2021
Pamela Hopkins, The Woman That Got It All
Little Rock, Arkansas native, Pamela Hopkins, is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. Her first Nashville album of all original music was released in February 1995. She finally got back in the studio writing her second EP project that was released in 2018. Her next album, recorded in Franklin, TN at Off the Row Music Studio is her current project. She released her first single of 2020, Crankin up the Crazy, along with 3 other singles. She is starting her next round of single releases for 2021, starting with “Little Things,” a country love song duet co-written with Matt Dame (featured) and Trafton Harvey. 
 In October, 2013, she began as a Dueling Piano Player and is still playing at Willy D's Rock & Roll Dueling Piano Bar, in the River Market District in Little Rock. She can be seen in other venues, Norwegian Cruise Ships and clubs across the US. She continues to grow her craft, repertoire, and network of fellow musicians in what is a very unique niche in the music industry - Piano bars! 
 In her own words, Pamela says, “I’ve had a passion for music since I was a young girl, singing, playing cello and piano. I’ve been successful in music, as a wife, in raising a family and have held two successful careers in law enforcement and then as an English Teacher. I am now in this next season of my life, dedicating it to my music career and couldn’t be more excited about achieving what’s been a long-term dream of mine - a full-time music career.” This amazing singer is one of my favorites on this show so make sure to show her some love and check her out down below. Links to check out her music:
August 21, 2021
It's A Little Dark In Here, Mauri Dark Is About To Light It Up
It's about to get a little dark in here. Mauri Dark is about to lighten up the room with lots of musical experiences, new music, and a great showcase. Mauri Dark is a singer-songwriter, born 1978 in Turku, Finland. He has been writing songs for 25 years now making music both alone and in various bands. He has played around 500 shows in different countries and released 9 full length albums. Mauri Dark’s autobiographical debut solo album Dreams Of A Middle-Aged Man invites you into dark, folky, timeless, intimate, and acoustic songscapes. There is a story behind the record, says the artist: “The songs and lyrics were made amidst the changes of breaking up from a 7-year relationship, my mother’s death of cancer, and finding happiness again, getting married, having a firstborn daughter and making music.” Equipped with a baritone guitar and his deep, low voice, Mauri Dark is an experienced musician and songwriter. For his self-produced-recorded-performed solo album, he got to work with his dream audio team. Associate producer Jussi Vuola is a band mate and a musical blood brother. Mixing engineer / associate producer Hiili Hiilesmaa is famous for his work with HIM, Apocalyptica and Amorphis. Vlado Meller has previously mastered albums for Johnny Cash, Metallica, and Michael Jackson, to name a few. Make sure to check him out down below and make sure to hit him up for any future projects. Links to his music and more:
August 17, 2021
Shiffley Band, The Greatest In The Land + Huge Surprise
Brooklyn's Shiffley has made a name for itself by delivering instantly catchy synth melodies and electric live performances across NYC. Their first full-length album, Paper Cranes (2018), quickly exceeded a million listens, and the band has opened for acts such as Twenty One Pliots, Night Riots, Plain White T's, and Donna Missal. On TV, their music has been heard in the background of Teen Mom, Dash Dolls, Tiny House Nation, Bravo!, TrueTV and more. Shiffley knows how to have fun, whether it's on stage, in your living room, or in your headphones. Their recent releases Gimme and Ri¢h Kids are the first of many new tracks to come this year. This will also include the debut of Musically's voice singing so get ready for that. Today we talk music experiences, how the band got together, the new projects and beyond, and Shiffley's very own, Alex Ganes will do a showcase. You don't wanna miss this. Make sure to also hit them up for business inquires, collaborations, and book them for future and current events. Links to social media and music: IG: Twitter: FB:
August 14, 2021
Tommi Tikka, The Impersonators Lead
Having previously been signed to Sony/BMG with Carmen Gray, one of Finland’s finest rock bands, Tom Tikka has formed The Impersonators, a two-man project born out their ashes and designed to cut out the politics and strife which come from the rock ‘n’ roll carnival of band life. Resolutely studio-based, the Josie Award-nominated The Impersonators channel the bejeweled power-pop of The Go-Betweens and the immediacy/worldliness of early R.E.M. to deliver timeless alt-pop melodies. 
 Comprising Tom Tikka and lyricist Antti Autio, The Impersonators are just that: a duo which masquerades as a full band and does everything it can to defy convention – whether that being their insistence on avoiding touring or their songs, which home in on the warts-and-all gnarliness of love and real life. In fact, if one were to find a common theme that runs through the group’s entire catalog, it would probably be how life very seldom resembles or turns out like Disney fantasies. 
 Despite their poignant lyrics, The Impersonators are still a joyous proposition, with their vocal harmonies and chiming chords harking back to such 60s pop majesties as The Beatles, The Byrds and The Beach Boys. Together with their producer Janne Saksa, The Impersonators craft their lyrics and melodies into retro-flavoured “alternative pop/rock”. While adding a modern twist to the final soundscape, their goal is to nurture and cultivate the creativity, spirit, and warmth that graced the pop records of yesteryears. Today we talk musical joruney, experience recording music, and an amazing performance. I advise you all to check out his and his group's social media links down below and hit him up for business inquires and collabs: Impersonators Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Youtube: Spotify:
August 10, 2021
NOMAD N3LSON, A Small Musician With A Big Song
NOMAD N3LSON is a Boston local artist tryna put some vibezzz in the air. Today we talk music experiences, new projects, and a sweet performance for all them good ears. You may check him out down below in the links provided and make sure to hit him up for business inquires and collaborations.  Links to social medias and music: Tiktok: @nomadnelson Snap: nmarcus96 iTunes: Nomad N3lson
August 7, 2021
Heistheartist, The Name By Definition
Heistheartist is an American Christian singer-songwriter from Central Islip, NY. Formerly a secular neo-soul singer signed to "Bentley Records" under his biological name "LeeMann Bassey," Heistheartist discovered that his true calling was with the Lord after hearing an inspiring sermon by TD Jakes online one day. That day he was inspired to teach the world about the Lord like TD Jakes did with his Sermon, but through music. Today we talk music journey, recording process, and an amazing performance. You may check him out down below and be sure to hit him up for collabs and business inquires:
August 3, 2021
Drip1K, The Realest There Is
Today we meet one of the realest artists ever graced on this platform, Drip1K. Growing up in Atlanta, Georgia, he has had tough times in his life and people saying his couldn't do it and BAM! He is set to release his debut album soon and landed a spot on this podcast. Today we talk about beginnings in music, new projects, life behind the music, and a sick showcase. This musician is available on spotify and other social media and listening platforms! Make sure to check him out down below in the links provided:
August 2, 2021
L.E Cairo, The Genius Behind Cairology
L.E Cairo is interested in pushing the boundaries of music. His journey has covered live performances, multiple genres, and composing originals. L.E Cairo is a hip hop artist and producer. His album, Vertical Vertigo, is a journey through a dark scenario based on true events. His new single and music video is Symbiotic Symmetry. L.E Cairo is currently at work on a second album, the follow up to Vertical Vertigo. He is a genius at his songwriting and musicianship and I suggest you check him out down below and hit him up for collaborations and business inquires. Also we have a special surprise at the end so please stick around!! Links to check him out:
July 31, 2021
JayX Is Raising The Bar
Another RapPader has hopped on this podcast my good friend, JayX! Today we talk start of music journey, new projects, RapPad experiences, and a sick rap performance guarantee to amaze you! He does not have a lot of social media so if you want to hit him up for business inquires and collabs, head over to the links below to check him out! Links to check him out:
July 27, 2021
YNW_lilcj, A Little Rapper
I got another RapPader with me today, YNW_lilcj! Today we talk musical journey to become a rapper, methods of writing, coping with writer's block, new projects, and a sick verse that can't get enough of! He doesn't have a lot of social media so if you want to hit him up for business inquires and collabs, head over to the links provided! (Add him on Snapchat! Username: c_schneiderhe28)
July 24, 2021
S.A.X Is Making Good Music, That's A F.A.X (fact)
Today we got a amazing rapper and music production leader, Emma aka S.A.X! Today we get into beginning of music career and the start of it, methods of writing, new projects, and an amazing verse spitting out like nothing! Also, it is recommended to check out her production label! They produce beats and music. But they aren't an official label (yet). Shmine Productions is a musical collective also known as the "363 Collective" composed of rappers, singers, beat makers, producers, and more. Email here to more questions about it -! Make sure to check out the links provided below for more music from her and her collective!
July 20, 2021
Yavuz Kirmar, Germany's Music Production Service
Yavuz Selim Ö. (born July 3, 1997), known professionally as Kirmar Productions or just Kirmar, is a german-turkish music producer, student and rapper/singer. He has been releasing projects on his YouTube channel "Kirmar Productions" since early 2017. In his early years, his mother noticed that he would always hit his head against the seat to the beat of various pieces of music and always be surprisingly precise doing it. After he suffered from a special type of epilepsy because of a horrible fall damaging a part of his brain during 1st grade and staying in hospital for about 3 months around that time, he began to look at the world and the art of music with completely different eyes. On 30th of September 2019, he published his free mixtape called "The CV Mixtape". The "CV" in the name stands for "Chaos Variety" which he was called earlier in his career.The rest is history. I recommend you guys check him out down below in the socials! Make sure to hit him up for business inquires and collaborations. Links to check him out!
July 17, 2021
Nami Returns As An Ace Star
Nami is back on this podcast as a solo act and got a lot to say! Today we talk about updates in personal life, brand-new community and new music projects, and even straight out talked about Roane in a toasty way! He may have been away but never forgot to do a verse for us and it was fire! As stated before, Nami has developed a new community called Ace Star, a hip hop embellishment! He is calling all rap artists to apply so please make sure to join the discord server and fill out the form to apply! Their first competition will begin soon!! You may check out Nami and his socials down below and be sure to hit him up for business inquires and collabortations:
July 13, 2021
Podcast Crossover w/ Partner In Crime, Hawklyfe!
We have a few things in common, we love music, we are both musicians, we interview musicians, and most of all WE KICK ASS! Today I'm here with one of my closest friends, my partner in crime, the man with the plan, Hawklyfe!!! Today we talk musical beginnings, start up on chop it up podcast, backgrounds in music, music processes, and a chance for him to be in the hot seat. If you like rap battlings and network with creative people like you, check out down below Rap Battle Kingdom. Also check down below links to hit up hawklyfe for business inquires, interviews, and/or collaborations.  Links to check out:
July 12, 2021
Julius SCRD, The Most Sacred Rapper & JAC's Co-Host Debut
This is a special moment in season 2! Remember JAC ( and his many features? Well he has returned to season 2 as a co-host so give around of applause to a new member of the family, JAC! Today along with JAC, we got a small but uprising rapper, Julius SCRD and we are here to talk about musical journey beginning, strategies for writer's block and creative process, and a sweet verse rapped! You may check out his social media here and hit him up for business inquires and collabs:
July 10, 2021
King Kelo, The Next Big Rapper
King Kelo aka Kartez Que'yon Lee Hall Jr is a Wichita, KS born and raised teenage rapper, songwriter, and entrepreneurs.This young artist has worked with big names such as Bow Wow, King Blitz, Oz thehitmaker, King Vvibe, Breana Marin, Beat Of The Weak, Funk Masterflex, Peter Rosenberg, 50 Cent, and more. His potential is limitless and he's willing to work for anything to achieve his goals in life and in the industry! You got to check him out down below in his socials when you get the chance and hit him up for features and collaborations. Links to his socials:
July 6, 2021
Soda POP Spit Wicked
Here with me today is a fresh new rapper/model trying to make it big. Please welcome, Soda POP! Today we talk music influences, music beginnings, improving on freestyling, and a banger verse laided out for all to see! He doesn't have a lot of social media so you can hit him up down here in these links:
July 3, 2021
Yung Pinap is Constantly Vibing
Yung Pinap is a Canadian producer and musician from Southern Ontario. Growing up as a saxophonist, he has always had music around him. Graduating from Brock University in 2020 for Game Design, he began to focus more heavily on Music Production. Since then, he has started a solo career of creating beats and songs. I recommend you check him out and listen to his music down below in the links and hit him up for business inquires and collaborations. Links to check him out and his music:
June 29, 2021
Music Thunda is Creating A Storm of Great Music
On the podcast today is a rapper extraordinaire with me with great talent and great wisdom let me introduce, Music Thunda! Today we talk about the beginning of the music journey, experiences on RapPad, meeting cool people, methods of writing, and a sick rap performance that will make you want to work with him. He is a dope artist and you should check him out! Go to his links provided and hit him up for business inquires and collaborations.  Links to check out his music:
June 26, 2021
REVLI$ is Making Moves In The Music Business
REVLI$ is a Musical Artist, Producer, and Multi-Instrumentalist hailing from St. Louis, MO. Growing up, his life was filled with hardships and struggles, but that never stopped him from pursuing his passion; Music. His first passion was Rhythm and Poetry (rap) before it became producing. Now, with the world at his feet, he is slowly but surely conquering every lane of music he possibly can. REVLI$ has something to offer for every listener, with instrumentals that are all created by Him under the alias of L.N.$.G. which stands for "Loaded Never $ober Gang". Pioneering his own sound, he sets himself apart from all other artists with raw creativity, passion, drive, and love for his craft. His first official EP on all Streaming platforms was released on January 30th 2021, and is titled "CROWBAR". He is the Founder & Leader of L.N.$.G. ENT. Moving into this year many fans will look forward to what new music REVLI$ has to offer! Please make sure you check out his music down below in the links provided and hit him up for business inquires and collaborations.  Links to check him out:
June 22, 2021
VibeKill, A Perfect Mix of Vibes and Killing It In Rapping
One of my closest friends gets to finally debut on this podcast, Vibekill, who is killing it in his rap career. He is a Computer Engineer, Writer, and Rapper! Does rapping, music production for free and beats/Cover are from Other Sites/Artists. Today we talk rap beginnings and motivation to start his music career, his experience in RapPad, and a dope rap laided down. Make sure to check him out in these links and hit him up for collabs:
June 19, 2021
10 FLIP, A Savior of Music Production
10 Flip is a music producer and songwriter from Maputo, Mozambique. Fueled with passion for music, the talented musician aims to push the envelope with his unparalleled sound and bridge various elements from different genre to make a well-rounded, dynamic style. Inspired by his life experiences, 10 Flip seeks to create music that will connect and inspire people worldwide. You may check out his music here in these links and hit him up for collabs and producer/production in music advice.
June 15, 2021
Scotland's Greatest Rapper
One of RapPad's greatest writers (my opinion), please welcome to the stage, Ross Wilson aka ScotlandsGreatest! Today I'm also joined my my substitute co-host, AHB and together we talk with Ross Wilson about his beginnings as a writer and rapper, experience on RapPad and in life, and provides us with a lot of advice and wisdom. You may check out his music here down below in the links and be sure to hit him up for collabs. Links to check him out:
June 12, 2021
AHB Returns With An Upgrade!
AHB returns to the show with talks about new meaning to his rap career, tragic events happening in his life, new music, and bring fresh bars to his show and presents them well. We also talk experiences on RapPad and update on life, music, and what's going on with him. You may check out his music here down below in the links and hit him up for collabs. Hope you enjoy this one Links to check him out:
June 8, 2021
NevEd, The Blind Side Of A Rapper
This will be a brand new experience for us all so please tune into this one! Today I am here with NevEd who is an insane and incredible musician and get this.... he's blind. Today we talk beginning and process getting into the music game, updates on new projects in the making, experiences and methods of musicianship, and an amazing showcase of musical talent. Check him out on his social platforms as well as his music:
June 5, 2021
Rottweiler Nazen, The Raw Dog
This one has been held back for a while but now It's time for a view! Today we get a chance to interview one of my good friend, Rottweiler Nazen aka The Raw Dog! Today we get into rap beginnings, update on new music, life update and new things coming up, experiences on RapPad, and a dope rap showcased so this one is a good one for the books. Also, make sure you check him out on his social media links and platforms:
June 2, 2021
D.O.M of DnD, A Music Nerd
With his witty charm, great sense of humor, and fantastic musicianship, D.O.M of DnD is one of a kind. He started his rapping journey in early 2016-ish, where he covered various songs by Eminem (still working on Rap God) for school assignments. After a while, this eventually branched out into me making his first album for Soundcloud in 2018: Just Delete This. Because this wasn't really taking off as much as he'd thought (haters and such), he was about to throw in the towel until early 2020, where he discovered r/makinghiphop, a community on Reddit that helped him fine tune his skills in areas such as flow patterns and mastering my audio. Main inspirations for his music range from people like Dali $oul and Eminem to internet entertainers such as Markiplier and Indigo White. Discover and enjoy him and his music on these platforms provided and check him out: YouTube: Twitter: Instagram: Spotify: Soundcloud (For Reddit Cyphers): Soundcloud (Discontinued):
May 30, 2021
An Oldie But A Goodie
Comparable to Souly signing with Atlantic Records, Me and XTTASY have interviewed DC Glenn – the Tag Team founder, group with an album that went platinum 4 times and gold once, Whoomp! (There It Is). Also, he's a working actor and voice artist with the People Store Agency in Atlanta. This episode basically displays everything you can possibly need to know about this artist's life from the beginning of his career to this day. It also is packed full of life lessons, feedback, and useful information on how he made it and on how another artist can actually make their presence seen. He's interested in sharing his story and experiences with your audience. I guarantees when we talk, you listeners out there will gain incredible value. He's been through trials and tribulations He does not wish on anyone, but He has come out the other side in spectacular fashion. He's look forward to talking to you and sharing his stories with all you listeners. Not to mention he's also currently, the spinning scoop dude in the new Geico Commercial “Scoop! (There It Is), here's the link if you wanna check it out -'s a living legend and he's about to school ya'll! Check him out here ya'll and enjoy this old school trust me you won't be disappointed!:
May 2, 2021
Rumorz, The Inside Look At A Brand New Rising Star
Everyone has been spreading rumors that there is a brand new rapper and musician called Rumorz who is really incredible and amazing and in this brand new episode, we get a chance to take a closer look at his life in music and his new projects, the history and meaning behind his music, and some sweet and amazing bars! You don't wanna sleep on this! Check him out here as well: Snapchat: rumorz0425 By the way, Listen to Midnight Sessions EP, an album by Rumorz on #SoundCloud
April 10, 2021
QL Of Landfill, A Beautiful Mistake Turned Into A Career
You know that feeling of regret? You ever regret a mistake you made? well apparently this man and his horrible mistake turned out to bring him a whole supply and demand of great music and editing, producing, and such more! QL (originally of Q Rate L & Rhythm) is a hip hopartist from Vancouver, BC. He began making music at 14 years old where he learned about recording in a program for at risk youth, MN8 Sound. After high school he studied Sound Engineering for 4 years after already spending years dedicated to learning the art. It was in this time he teamed up with Rhythm to create the album The Last Pulse. Throughout this time he spent years learning life lesson after lesson and battling with depression due to a decreased amount of motivation and loss of hope for what the future held. At his lowest he ended up landing himself in an Australian prison where he spent 3 years of his life due to drugs, his life choices had finally caught up with him. in this time he wrote over 600 pages of lyrics and learned to play guitar, building on the puani. Finally freed and back home in 2017 he began rebuilding the life he left behind, he moved in with his one of his best friends and instantly found a job and returned to some degree of normalcy. He spent the next 3 years slowly building up his collection of studio equipment and writing songs, but nothing serious until now. In the years after prison, his life has remained chaotic somehow after losing his father and in the midst of the fentanyl crisis of North America losing many people to the epidemic including his best friend who may be the only reason he is where he is today. There really is no way he would be here today without him. His music is his story. Today we discuss life in prison, new projects, and how this man turned out to be! Check him out here by the way he's amazing don't waste time, go check him out:
April 6, 2021
Moonrxks, The Coolest Rapper On This Side of The Cosmos
Get ready and buckle up! Today we are going to outer space to encounter a rapper who's lyricism, style of music, and good raps served will show you just how amazing rapping really is! Today is also a twist but you'll find out just keep watching! Today we also discuss new projects, beginnings of becoming a rapper, and dark secrets and discoveries revealed. This is an journey you don't want to miss! Check him out while we're aboard the spaceship:
April 3, 2021
Milkshake Alabama, The Perfect Blend of Sweet Beats & Being an Producer
All we need is a song, lyrics, social media, and a final touch of likes and dislikes and that's how you make a Milkshake Alabama! For real though, today I get a chance to take a field trip to Portugal, Europe where we get to meet an incredible Trap & Rap beat producer. Today we discuss beginnings of being a producer, new projects on the way, and very, very, good beats made by a genius! Check em' out:
March 30, 2021
Retro Nicotine & Sleep333, The Poor Unfortunate Souls That Got Good Luck
Who ordered a combo meal of Retro's good vibes and great lyricism and Sleep's good vocals? Everyone that loves these guys! Today you all get a deluxe deal of two, Retro & Sleep333. Retro recently reached an achievement of 10k Monthly listeners on Spotify with hislargest song currently sitting at 210k streams on Spotify. Drawing from a wide pool of musical influences – including 90’s ska-punk, emo pop, and modern trap – Retro Nicotine stands at the threshold between alternative rock and hip hop. The midwestern artist’s sound juxtaposes bright, melodic instrumentation with depressingly bleak lyricism. The result is a brand-new subgenre, one that is quickly becoming underground rap’s next big thing. After dropping out of college, it didn’t take long for Retro Nicotine to carve out a new lane for himself in the music industry. He started out by making music videos and cover art for other local artists and soon moved on to working in management and distribution. His passion for music and business-savvy mindset helped him build major followings for his clients, which would eventually encourage him to start publishing his own music as well. Sleep on the other hand is just your average, regular guy who together with Retro equals good music. Take this opportunity to check out their music:
March 27, 2021
Wesley Rocco, Texas' Very Own
What's up y'all, today we got another fellow Texan, Wesley Rocco. He's pursuing a rap career and he have released a handful of projects already. He's looking forward to working with you and making some fire music. Today, we talk life as a musician, new projects, free-styling like he was born into it, and a well served verse laid out on a plate of great music. Please also take this time to check out his music: ^check there and takes you to all his links
March 23, 2021
Caroly Boucher aka "XØXA/Xoxa" + Sebastien Pierre aka "Serbygp/Serby" = Good Duo and Great Music
Enough with the math and on with the music! Today you're in for a special treat as we discover a friendship so strong it cannot be contained! Serbygp & XØXA takes us into their friendship creation, new music, and life lessons to learn from. XØXA is a 20 year old Haitian artist looking for a better life. Fun Fact: he's been listening to impaulsive Logan Paul's podcast and it intrigued him and now he's a bit of fan of podcasting. While Serbygp is an athlete who also peak 5 different languages fluently. Please make sure to listen to their music, it's really good:
March 20, 2021
Trust The Trusc
Try saying "Trust The Trusc" multiple times! Just kidding! Today we got an incredible musician, Trusc, An East London rapper who makes fast technical raps. While being on of the best english rapper I know, he speaks on musical history in rap, new projects in the making, and an awesome rap verse laid out before you. You can check out him on social media and his music I suggest you check him out:
March 16, 2021
Amani Roberts, The American Musical Dream of a Lifetime
In the basement of an old bank in Washington DC, a college kid watched Biz Markie spin—and his life changed forever. Now Amani Roberts (DJ AmRo) is a successful DJ, music producer, podcaster, educator, and business professional. With Bachelors of Business Administration from Howard University, Amani initially focused on developing his business skills in hotel sales management. But by 2008, he was already moving in music circles, creating his own podcasts, and spinning in local bars and clubs in California. He developed his skills both as a DJ and a music producer at the renowned Scratch Academy in Los Angeles—skills that ultimately launched his DJ career. As well as performing around the world, Amani has co-released three remix EPs and runs a successful music business that caters to corporate clients. He’s also an adjunct professor at California State University (CSUF) where he teaches Entertainment Money Management, and the co-director of the Center for Entertainment & Hospitality Management. Amani hosts and produces The Amani Experience Podcast, and has been featured in Yahoo! Finance, MPI, and on the Evan Holliday Podcast. Amani currently lives in Redondo Beach, California. Visit www.AmaniExperience. com, and follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (@amaniexperience). He's absolutely amazing so make sure to check out his music we'll provide links so we got you covered!: Website:
March 13, 2021
Feeling good vibes and spreading positivity, this next artist is one of the nicest, sweetest, and most respectful guest that's come so far, everyone put your hands together for TYTILLIDIE! Know for his lyricism and strong passion for golf and music, He is a 23y/o Independent Artist in the Hip-Hop genre mixing different styles originally from New Jersey moving to Los Angeles. In his musical journey, he is an artist out of New Jersey who’s been developing and evolving his sound with an amazing EP dropping everywhere on February 26th. You check him out on his social media and new EP so make sure you guys listen to his music!:
March 9, 2021
Smoking, Drinking, and Vaping Dang! What's Next?
Today we got a rising star in the music game who happens to make bad choices. Syllablistic or simply Sylla will talk about new projects, beginnings and foundation of his music, and give us all a little laugh. Also, for a special treat, he will perform two rap pieces and let me tell you, he's amazing! You can check him out on these platforms and make sure to listen to his music:
March 6, 2021
There's Good, There's Great, And Then There's Good Old Days
Time to get serious and pay attention. This guy is throwing serious advice for you guys and pay attention and listen, think about applying this logic to everyday life. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce the only and the only Allan Wilson. Many years experience in music will touch your heart and blow your mind and might I add some backstory of his life including a tale of a loss one. He has also made probably his best work, a 10 song album "I Just Want You To Come Home" will be out sometime in November. The single by the same name has had almost 14,000 you tube hits and compliments from people in 79 countries. Check out some of his other work as well:!
March 2, 2021
Paxson Chase, The Understanding
Today we get a chance to meet an upcoming alternative/indie artist from Trenton New Jersey who is making music for people to relate with and understand they are not alone. Reigning from Trenton, New Jersey Paxson Chase is looking to change the music narrative in his home state. Mostly being surrounded by trap and drill rappers, Paxson decided to take his own route.  Using his dark tone to offer his thoughts on depression, Chase mixes in an alternative sound as well. He also likes to step out and explore his voice going into bedroom pop and soft rock. 2020 was a big year musically for Paxson as he surpassed 300,000 streams. This gave him motivation to keep pushing because of the effect he is having on those going through similar, dark situations. Using influences from idols like XXX and Kid Cudi, he wants to keep being versatile and speaking on real life occurrences. Paxson also is trying to bring back the art aspect of music with his blends of sounds and harmonies. With seeing amazing feedback from release last year titled “I Want to Kill Myself But Now Is Not The Right Time”, expect to see more and more heart wrenching music from Paxson Chase in 2021. Make sure if you have not already, check him music out, trust me you don't wanna miss this:
February 27, 2021
Best Friends Forever, Best Friends For Life
Like Robin and Batman, These two rappers know how to throw down good music and do it together. I got an opportunity to meet Reggie FE and his best friend and producer, Carl! Today we talk rap history, inspiration for music, backstory to friend, and two incredible raps like no other! By the way, i got a challenge for ya, if you can translate what Carl was rapping and send me a voice message of what he says, you get a prize (it's a surprise) so get excited ya'll! and check em' out here and listen to their music, it's good like really good!: ^all social media and ways to contact them and listen to their music is all there, click on that link and it will take you there 
February 23, 2021
Sharita Jackson, The Songbird Supreme
Woah mama! i've never seen such amazing singing from an incredible singer and no it's not Mariah Carey or Rihanna but a princess to there throne, Sharita Jackson! She is very kind and positive person and have a strong passion for kindness. Who loves to talk and connect with people through her music. Music has always been Sharita Jackson's first love. She started singing at the age of 12 this is also the age in which she began writing songs. By the age of 13 she started to take music seriously. Now 18 years old. She began posting YouTube cover videos of her singing songs from various genres. She has a strong Alto range and cites Lana Del Rey, Etta James, and Amy Winehouse as "big musical influences." Her music is of Pop, R&B and EDM. Be sure to check out her music and enjoy it ya'll you won't regret!: Also in the background, we have beats so we gotta credit the masterminds behind those beats and their links:
February 20, 2021
Thomas Geelens, The Everything Man
Today we get a chance to meet a new rising star to the singer and songwriting game and dang! he is really killing it, let's meet Thomas Gleelens! He is Ian up and coming singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer, he's easy to talk with and he's looking to reach more & new people. He writes and performs his own music, writes for other people, produce music for himself and others and play guitar a lot as well. From music videos to guitar videos, he'll post anything that makes me feel alive and makes you feel undestood. Be sure to also check him out and listen to his music it is so good!:
February 16, 2021
Denni Aliester aka Madd Matic is Back with A Smashing Surprise Visit!
Hey ya'll remember that Rap It Out special where we interviewed Gigabeytez and Madd Matic wel he came back for a real interview where we discussed music beginnings, new project, and maturity since we've last met! but wait guess what happened next??? BOOM!!!! SOMEONE CRASHED OUR INTERVIEW!! can you guess who? not gonna tell you but watch this episode to find out!!
February 13, 2021
It's Valentine's Day and We Got Two Lovebirds!
Today we are in the in the presence of a legend and true masterpiece! everybody let me introduce to you my man KingDarius TheGreat and his girlfriend (a girl that is his friend lol) will be joining me today to talk new projects, how he started in the music industry, and an oldie but a goodie verse laided by two lovebirds! isn't that sweet? you can also check them out here ya'll and make sure you check out their music as well and look out for their new track coming on valentine's day! Fun Fact: who used to go by Joe Gator from the hip hop group C-Side but he has reinvented hisself as a solo artist. He’s worked with everyone in the music industry from Keyshia Cole to Mike Jones, Lil Wayne, MikeWilMadeIt, Bando Jones, and list goes on. Isn't that amazing??? Links to check them out:
February 9, 2021
Living The Dream Life in Canada and Guess Who?, Dr. B!
What's up, ya'll!! Today we get an extraordinary look at a very special musician who is a father, college man, magnificent musician, and best-selling book author is it wonder women? is it superman? nah it's Dr. B! He is an experienced edm musician with a new song coming out every Friday! He worked with Swizz Beatz, Elephant Man, Just Blaze etc. Formerly known as Tha Madd Scientist, Dr. B began his deejay career as a turntablist. After performing at Montreal's (Canada) most popular shopping malls and clothing stores, Dr. B was approached to open up his own record/clothing store. After much success in Montreal, Dr. B decided to pursue music full time and move to New York City. In the early 2003, Dr. B began to work with super producers Cool & Dre, Tony Touch, Boogie Blind (USA Champion) and reggae sensation Elephant Man. The same year, Dr. B won the "DJ of the Year" Award for his mixtape, "Quotable". This passion lead to Dr. B working with Hip Hop legendary producer Swizz Beatz. Swizz also appeared in 24K's "Skully" video, produced by Just Blaze and executive produced by Dr. B. Although he has found success in Hip Hop music, his true love has always been the world of EDM. In 2019, Dr. B released his first dance record independently. His debut solo album, "I NEED A DR." will be released in 2022. Not to mention he loves cartoons and comic books! Anyways make sure ya'll check out his music right here:
February 6, 2021
Here Comes The Next Mariah Carey!
Hey ya'll!! Today I get a perfect opportunity to meet a inspiring, creative, and one of the most incredible musicians i've met here give it up for Prithvi Prakash!!  She is a singer-songwriter and composer from Texas. She is currently a student at the Berklee College of Music. She has released her debut ambient single, Valley on all streaming platforms a couple months back. Before putting out any more music, She decided to start my podcast, Pochemuchka (out on all platforms) to talk to other creatives and give artists a platform to talk about the things that matter to them most and connect with other creatives. Check out her music and social media here:
February 2, 2021
Welcome to The Wild WIld West Featuring Colby Acuff
Today I get a chance of a lifetime to meet an unexpected guest, a country music star!! I am here today with Colby Acuff, a magnificent guitarist and vocalist and a master at songwriting! Brought to you from the mountains of North Idaho is a country boy with southern roots. Acuff's blend of old school storytelling and powerful voice takes you to an unfamiliar place of honest country music. From high flying grassroots country to slow ballads that will pull at your heartstrings, there is no doubt that his music is meant for the people. Acuff released his freshman album “Life of a Rolling Stone” in early 2020 and is planning to release his sophomore album “If I were the Devil” in early 2021. Check out his music, you won't be disappointed! Check him out here ya'll:
January 30, 2021
This Podcast is Burning Hot with Ash
AHH!!! watch out it's burning we're on fire!! quick put it out!! just kidding! just a new episode with a brand-new star to the rap game, Ash who with a horrible microphone and small experience with music was able to pull through and give us a good episode with some sick freestyle bars!! isn't he amazing?!
January 26, 2021
21pence, Scottland's Greatest Mystery
he's back! 21pence is in the building! large and in charge!!! Today we get a chance to find out his musical history, discuss new project, RapPad past and future, and a really interesting (horrible and should work on it!) freestyle rapped!!
January 23, 2021
The Weirdest Thing Just Happened, A New Musician has Hopped On!
Today we get a chance to introduce and meet Maven Avila aka Dead Letterman! Maven Avila is the singer-songwriter for Lexington, KY's Dead Letterman. As an activist, recovered alcoholic, and parental survivor, Maven's raw life experience inspires both their music and their efforts in activism. Maven was honored with the title of Kentucky Colonel in November of 2020. Also, he has given us a special performance ya'll! you can also check him out here -! and on his other social media
January 19, 2021
Jacob Luciano and His Best Friend, The Smartest Musical Duos Ever!
Today we got a little twist here see, Jacob Luciano is not here but his best friend, musician, and incredible producer is here with me to talk on his behalf. Today we talk music beginnings and friendship, new projects in the making, lots and lots of laughs, and a very drake-like verse by the brains of rap himself! Make sure to follow these guys on social media and give them some love - Callupjacob is Snapchat, callupjay is twiter and my insta is zootownjacob! hope you like this one 
January 16, 2021
JayAlexanderMusic, The All-In-One Musical Experience
An artist, a musician, with great plans for music and a great mind is it Eminem, Chris Brown, Drake NOPE!! it's JayAlexanderMusic here with us to discuss new music and year planned in music, background in rap and musical history, and a teaser of a new song rapped by a godess and a cherry on top, a sneak peak of one of jis upcoming projects, it isn't mixed yet, so people get a special early draft!!
January 12, 2021
80HD, The Cursing Wizard
Finally!!!!! he's here!!! it's 80HD!! after so much time passed trying to get him here on our podcast he's finally here! today he's speaks family musical history, flashback to beginnings of music and rap for him, and a very terrible freestyle turned into a fire rap! 
January 9, 2021
Girls like Kayla are Rapping Queens
Kayla Gundar comes to us from Califorinia to discuss singing and dancing, musical begininngs, and a must-need improved verses rapped but we helped her and she also provides great advice to helped you! isn't she great?
January 5, 2021
Roane, The Rappad's Finest
Hey ya'll we're happy to meet and interview one of RapPad's finest recording artists, Roane! Join us on this mission as we discover how he got into rap, details and news about his new projects, current lifestyle, and a verse so dope it appeals to every hip hop fan with a good taste in music!
January 4, 2021
Next Apollo, The Next Greatest Rapper In History
Hey ya'll we're blasting into outer space to meet one of RapPad's greatest recording artists, Next Apollo! join me on this mission as she discover the meaning of his name, details and news about his new album, current lifestyle, and a verse so dope it can be heard around the world (even to aliens)!
January 2, 2021
MALItheKing, The Rap Prince
Today we are in a presence of a prince, MALItheKing who with his clever points of view and creative style of music shows us all that you gotta stand out and show people who you are and shine your light! well said and well pointed out!
December 29, 2020
Hyde, The Jack of All Trades
Hyde, an incredible recording artist/producer, a college man, going to law firm, and making music all at the same time?? can he really do it all? I guess we'll find out as you join me to discover the realness and intensity of hyde and all he has to bring to the party including a special performance by SadBoyZac (follow his soundcloud - 
December 26, 2020
Cue the Seer, A Rapping Visionary
Today I had a future vision, someone is gonna come on this podcast and I was right! A brand-new rapper is here with us today, Cue the Seer! today we talk rap experience, musical family, and a verse that was so good he should be more into music.
December 22, 2020
Croc, The Rapping Nile Crocodile
Ya'll watch out! there's a live crocodile in this podcast! run before he raps you to death! just kidding, its croc, a rapper all the way from australia! today we talk long break from rappad, rap and musical experience, name backstory, and a well-cooked rap served by croc himself!
December 19, 2020
Storm, The Rapping Arsonist
Ready to meet an Arsonist? today we get a chance to meet StormTheArsonist! today we talk rapping experience, journey as a writer, next york experience, and he kinda broke tradition and didn't rap it out (he'll pay for that) but anyways he's a cool guy to meet!
December 15, 2020
Kierra, The All-Powerful Wonder Woman
Today she makes history as our first girl on our podcast, Kierra aka Kay! Today we talk singing and playing instruments, musical family, beginnings in music, and it a super-powerful weapon known to men, rapping it out!
December 12, 2020
Let's go swimming with SeaJay!
get it? swimming? sea? uhh! ya'll will get the joke when you watch this amazing podcast! Join me and a legend recording/songwriter SeaJay as we talk rap history, current projects and life in college, and an outstanding rap done like Eminem! enjoy!
December 8, 2020
Nadey is Rapping the African Way
Today we got a global podcast episode! Meet Nadey, a rapper all the way from Africa! wow, what a travel! today we talk beginnings from poetry to lyrical musical styles, break from rappad for a year, culture in african, and the most realistic rap rapped by this guy! 
December 5, 2020
YBD-reaper, The Reaper King
YBD-reaper is back and ready for more rapping. We discuss long break from RapPad, rapping background and beginning of rap and rapper name, and a well-done verse rapped by the reaper. I wonder what else is next for him. 
December 1, 2020
Elywaves is Chillin' Like a Villian
Today we got Elywaves, a chill and relaxing rapper who all he wants to do is have fun and I respect that. We also get to know his beginning and culture in rap, new rap projects, and a smooth rap verse so ya'll will enjoy this!
November 28, 2020
I'd Kill to Listen To This Guy
Today we got Akillo, who is going to talk about new music projects, music culture in his life, and rapping out a verse so good, you'd kill to listen to him. Also, we have a special rap performance by tray boy so enjoy that too!
November 24, 2020
Battling Till He Dies (Should Freestyling Tho)
Today we got MetroOnDatBeat aka Xclusive from RapPad as he talks discord server, Lyrical Records, and ther server's backstory. Also, rap history and how he got into battling and the beginnings of making music. Even though he did not mster freestyling, he did do one heck of a battle verse. I dare you to battle this guy (you won't win!). 
November 21, 2020
KingOsiris, The Mighty Rap Battling King
Today we got a special treat and a big surprise from the king of battle rap, KingOsiris and he has requested we interview him so join us as we talk new projects and battles, life before and after rapping and battling, and a nicely done verse rapped by himself. 
November 17, 2020
Goatz is the G.O.A.T
Hey ya'll join me today as we join an original and creative written rapper, Goatz who will talk rapping experiences, music, and show us all who's the goat in this city.
November 14, 2020
Sweet But Psycho
Oh, he's sweet but a psycho, A little bit psycho, At night she's screamin', "I loving this podcast, loving this podcast". Lol, remade that line from Ava Max. Anyway ya'll today we got a living legend himself, PsychoPuppet, a devoted writer, rapper, and currently has over 600 songs, dang! join me as talk the beginning of rap, a recording artist vs. a written artist, and a sick verse rapped by the king himself.
November 10, 2020
Rap It Out Meets Ghetto Poetry Media
Hey ya'll we're taking a little trip so fasten your seatbelts because we're going to meet the greatest group of musicians you'll ever see, Ghetto Poetry Media or GPM. Today I got 2 bros, Gigabytez and Madd Matic who are friends by day, rappers and producers by night and are here to have some crazy fun. Join me as we talk GPM, loads of good laughs, and instead of rapping they are gonna battle rap it out. This is a special one-hour special you don't wanna miss! Make sure to also follow and join GPM!
November 7, 2020
JMdaMizfit, The Rappin' Misfit
hey, everybody look what I got here, a country rapper. What are the odds I would meet a country rapper but get this, he's in California and yet he's raps country, that's so ironic. But anyway join me and my friend, JMdaMizfit while we talk being a misfit where he lives, what's up with him and he's new name, and the real down-to-earth talk on his culture. 
November 3, 2020
Drugs Are Bad, Rapping is Better
Do you know how many drugs he's done in his life? he did 614! nah I'm kidding! Join me as we talk on one of my good friends, DrugsAreBad and the wonderful world he lives in, his music and perspective, and probably the only guy that has never cried in his life. He did drugs so much, it dried his tears! nah I'm joking again!
October 31, 2020
Anonymous Ominous User
What is that in the sky? is it a bird? is it a plane? no, it's ominous. join me as we talk rap in a most interesting way, horrible life where he lives, and a really ummm.... well you get the idea.
October 27, 2020
Tekneek's Technique
tekneek's technique, try saying that 10 times! join me as we talk battling in and out, new and upcoming projects, and a serious rapper that we have so few of these days!
October 24, 2020
Truth Hurts, Deal With It
Swish Swish, another one in the basket, Hese who is a rapper, baller basketball player, and computer techician whoo! what a super star. Join me as we talk life before and after rap, have a couple of laughs, and get a inside look at what it means to be truthful and be truthful in rapping and in music. 
October 20, 2020
The Terrific Trio
We have got our biggest episode yet as we interview the incredible Consey, SCR, and an older guest that makes a return, JAC. These 3 people are as good as you're gonna get outside of mainstream artists so tune in to see their insights.
October 17, 2020
There's A Ghost In This House
Uh oh! there's a ghost rapper! just kidding, join me as we take on AAGhostryder who's life is rapping and we talk rapping history and what it means to him to rap it out! there's a ghost haunting this podcast!
October 14, 2020
JAC-ed up
we're all JAC-ed up about this episode as me and xttasy take on JAC, a rapping genius, we talk battling in the future, rap projects, and his intake on rapping and the website, RapPad itself and the rapping community. Make sure during this episode to follow JAC on youtube:, twitter:, and Instagram:
October 10, 2020
A New Rapper Turned Old
AHB has been away in quarantine and lost his touch in music and recently got it back and is making music again! Join me as we discover more about this new and refreshing rapper that was a true friend and raps like a boss. 
September 19, 2020
A Co-Host Debut
Let's welcome a new guy to the family, XTTASY. Join him as he talks music experiences, rapping advice, and getting to know our wonderful upcoming rappers!
September 12, 2020
A Full House
We have a full house! tune in as we take on 5 guests to learn about their music, life in quarantine, and a little free styling rap! 
August 30, 2020