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Music City Digital Media Network

Music City Digital Media Network

By Music City Digital Media Network
Here at Music City Digital Media Network we are doing something different for Independent Artists
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Battle of the Bands
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
All the Bands are in steep Competition this season because now the Solo Artists want in the Network line up as well. So let's get ready to find the Winner of this battle round. Here are a list of all the Artists in the Battle of the Bands Bedrokk - Angels or Demons My Kind of Chaos - Calm Down Karen Mikalyn - I Love You Too Much Faith Head - Prodigal Road Gypsy Pistoleros  - THE MESCALITO VAMPIRES Ray Fael  - Pandemic Days Riff Reign - Days Gone By Hardland - Rise and Shine Brass Monkey  - Nowhere  Grunge Norris and the Slackers - Unholy Jane Russ Lacasse  - Mama Knows Morningside Lane  - Glass Skin Hunter Lott  - Front Porch Swing  Jessie Lynn - Set It On Fire. Timothy Judson Taylor - My Woman Portobello Express  - You Cry  Shimmer Johnson - Priceless  Coen Rhys - If I Ever Run Malevolent Rejects - Alive Steel Standing TX  - Liquid In Plastic  Aldo Rox -  Like an Angel *not all artist were on Spotify but were considered for this competition and/or entered thru radio submissions*
November 24, 2021