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The Music Combine Now!

The Music Combine Now!

By Greg Telfeian
We are looking to resonate with our consumers giving them the right to take back the power and the ability to manifest their career through their conscious and artistic vision. Learn and be inspired by an array of creditable industry experts. Today the music artist is stressed by no real process to release their music. It can feel overwhelming to properly execute the right strategies that give your music the justification it deserves. This podcast was created for you the musician by the musician to help you on the path to pursuing and fulfilling your true calling.
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Jeet Paul the aspects of recording a good record
Jeet Paul has an interesting story. Being Indian born and the son of doctors. Has lived and traveled all over the world which adds to his unique experience. He is probably one of the most busiest producer engineers in the NYC area. And shares his unique experience with us on the Combine. 
February 26, 2021
State of the Union for 2.22.2021
Hey we know this one was little late this week a lot going on around our campfire. This week we talk about the Sound garden law suit and what it takes to be real with yourself here we go !!! State of the Union is in the Station! 
February 23, 2021
Space and the journey
Space has been good friend of Mikes for years.Space was founding member of the band Memento in the in early 2000's and has sustained a music career most would not think possible. Would also with the likes of Seether. Another guide in the tea leaves on this weeks episode of the combine.  
February 19, 2021
Episode 137 Zaki Ali Producer and multi instrumentalist
Zaki ali has been crucial to the New Jersey and international music seen as a educator, producer and engineer. He stops by the combine and speak on what it takes to be independent and profitable. Welcome to the combine
February 12, 2021
State of the Union 2.8.2021
We are talking about Super Bowl and the weekends slipknot tribute. How to record yourselfproperly form the source. And how to do a proper as your own curation. 
February 8, 2021
Sandy Espinoza Founder of Episode 136
In these trying times there have been industries wiped out. One of those industries that have been hard pressed to come back has been the touring industry. This week we interview Sandy Espinosa the founder of A industry resources for folks in need in these tying times. Sandy dissects the necessity for her organization. And moving what the industry needs to do. And how she is lobbying for reform in Washington to protect the performance community. This is an amazing episode. The Combine starts now!
February 5, 2021
Toby Wright and Jason Sakowski State of The Union 1.31.2021 This is Taummhoms!
Little Different this week on the State of the Union. We had the amazing pleasure to sit down with Legendary producer Toby Wright and his business partner Jason Sakowski. To talk a about venture that has been 11 years in the making. Audio healing product called Taummhoms. They talked about the inception all the way through to how they put it together and the production of this amazing platform. 
February 1, 2021
Bobby Keller Episode 135 Being Independent from Anywhere!
Bobby Keller Started his music career during his time while playing basketball at a small college in Georgia. This was time when he started his career . He has toured with such artists as Evaesence . And has currently struck out on his own. With his solo project Reign of Fire.Bobby is and ESP guitar artist and amazing human being. Get ready and welcome Bobby Keller. 
January 29, 2021
State of the union 1.25.2021
Another amazing Episode !. We talk about structuring of modern day publishing!. And what can you be doing to sharpen your skill set. 
January 25, 2021
Tim Howley from Fit for an Autopsy "Branding your Band" Episode 134
This week is killer! We have one of the most brutal guitar players in metal Tim Howley from Fit for an Autopsy! Giving  us a first hand look into his other talents in the world  branding and marketing. Tim stopped by the Combine to speak on what's been going on with him and FFAA. As well as, his other entrepreneurial efforts. Such, as Tombstone Clothing. He also touched on the power of Twitch and how he has built his presence in that arena as well. So you don't want to miss this week on Th Music Combine Now! 
January 22, 2021
State of the Union 1.17.2021 Andrew Shreeve Grestch Drums Brand Manager
This week weekend would of Been the start for NAMM 2021. We were planningtoattend and bring you guys content form the show. Obviously it was cancelled some time ago. But we brought a man with a lot of experience in the topic of retail instrument sales and artist endorsement deals. We talk about what NAMM is and what it means to him. Please welcome Andrew Shreeve to the Combine and State of the Union.
January 18, 2021
Roger Joseph Manning Jr(lickerish quartet, beck,jellyfish and johnny cash . Episode 133
We hear his intriguing story of the journey he’s made to becoming one of the most creditable and iconic artists of his time to what his passion is now creating music in his new band The Lickerish Quarter.   Let’s welcome Roger Joseph Manning Jr!
January 15, 2021
State of the Union 1.8.2021
We talk about Mesa boogie being bought by Gibson guitars. And Greg shows amazing ways to improve your instagram. 
January 11, 2021
Anthony Lopardo and Ray Marte Owners of Westfall Recording
Glad to be back! here's our first episode of the new year. Anthony Lopardo and Ray Marte(also drummer for Moontooth) the owners from Westfall Recording. We were so excited have these guys. We talked about all the pies they have there fingers in especially how they help new and up and coming artist strive. How and there view on the current industry going into 2021. Get ready another amazing new year episode.The Combine starts now!
January 8, 2021
State of the Union for 1.3.2020
We talk this week about bistro kid and all there amazing marketing tools. Also, KiSS break all streaming records with NYE concert in Dubai!
January 3, 2021
Encore presentation of The Roadie Round Table Episode 131
Please enjoy our encore presentation of the roadie round table will be back next week with new episodes 
January 1, 2021
State of the Union for 12.27.2020 End of the year wrap-up!
This week instead of music news and debate. We discuss the ability to use your time as an entrepreneur and how that effects your career as a musician . 
December 28, 2020
Encore Replay of Lindsey Medina from Veeps
We have been really blessed this year at the combine with the quality and amount guests we have had.  this week since it is Christmas we wanted replay one of our favorite episodes with Lindsey Medina. We hope everyone is enjoying the cocoa,familyand some Music Combine over the Holiday season. Will see you next with another encore performance and restarting with new guests in the new year 
December 25, 2020
State of the Union 12.20.202
This week we talk about your self assessment and how to embrace technology going into the new year. As well as, what Facebooks solution is to artists collaborating on there platform 
December 21, 2020
Episode 129 our favorite Episodes!
As Christmas approaches we wind down  the end of the year.This week we have decided to go live on Youtube and talk about our favorite episodes and how they apply to our listeners. This was totally off the cuff live and you can tell no edits. Hope you have fun listening to this.
December 18, 2020
State of the Union 12.13..2020
The State of Union this week we cover Evergreen content  and making your impression last. And we talk turkey on the Dylan publishing sold to UPMG.
December 14, 2020
Roy Mayorga Episode 128
Roy Mayorga has been the known hired gun for a lot of folks. He has been a permanent  member of such bands as Nausea, Thorn and Stone Sour to name a few...He also stopped by to talk about being tapped to be in HELLYEAH!As well as, talked about what his secret to his success has been and how he keep's on  trucking! Get Ready The Combine starts now! 
December 11, 2020
State Of the Union 12.6.2020 With Chef Brian Tsao
Another great State of the Union. With our good friend Chef Bria Tsao. We talk about the cost of your project and how you get to the projects first steps. Brian Shares his insight with his band Loss Becomes. And how he steers the helm .
December 7, 2020
Chef Brian Tsao Episode 127
This week on th Combine we visit with Chef Brian Tsao. You might know Brian as the the Chef who beat Bobby Flay on ... Beat Bobby Flay! Brian stopped by and talked about not only what he  is doing in  the culinary world. With  how he is promoting his brand as a chef. As well as, his band Loss Becomes. An amazing episode with "not your typical chef" This is not your typical episode welcome to the Combine!
December 4, 2020
State Of the Union for 11.29.2020
We talk about the Taylor Swift Long Pond Record. How to be more true to your self as you can be risky with your. And capturing yourself and rolling out your campaign 
November 30, 2020
Episode 126 The Best of the Combine
This week as you are getting over your turkey coma. And annoying social distancing from your family which can sometimes be a blessing. We bring you the best of our first 25 episodes. Have a blessed and great Thanksgiving.
November 27, 2020
State of the Union 11.22.2020
State of the union this weeks little different we have Machine! As a special guest !straight from his studio  in Texas! We talk about all things streaming this week. 
November 23, 2020
Mark Morales of Sons of Texas Episode 125
Sons of Texas! have been a force to be reckoned with on the hard rock scene. From a true cinderella story of getting signed to being the underdog in the industry. SOT has been putting pound for pound putting out true Texas rock.  With their legion of religious fans to support their movement. It was great to catch up with Mark Morales Lead dinger for SOT. We talk about myriad of topics from... Getting signed to Mark branching out a little and putting out a solo ep. get ready.... The Combine starts now!
November 20, 2020
State of the Union 11.15.2020
Finally music in your head can be realized! Ticket master will ask for negative test or vaccine when shows go back! Get the times now for the State of the Union 
November 16, 2020
Reddstar Episode 124
With many bands figuring out what they have wanted to do in recent months. One band has emerged from the ashes of collapse. We had chance to sit down with Lead singer  Daemien and Mikey Lopez formerly of Nine Electric. Sit down, strap in, this was a great interview of how come back when you been knocked down. Glad to announce formation of Reddstar!
November 13, 2020
State of the union 11.8.2020
This week we talk about the possibility of Kanye West buying Universal . And how record Days have been a plus during covid 
November 9, 2020
Elik Alvarez And Juan Cammarano Episode 123 The soundtrack of life
When you think of film composing to most it is almost is an after thought. When watching film.But our guests today Elik Alvarez and Juan Cammarano are two of hottest composers with some the most strategic work ethic on how to be in a business that is ultra competitive. Todays episode is about asking for what you want and going for it. Elik and Juan stopped by to talk to MIke and Greg. And gave glimpse into their secret sauce. And how the game of placing and composing for TV film is more than just being crazy talented at composing score. These guys are the total package. As always.. Strap in this is the Combine!
November 6, 2020
State of the Union 11.1.2020
We talk about about Guitar Center may file  for Bankruptcy. And Live Nation might have a solution to bring shows back sooner than we think. Plus the week ahead on the combine. 
November 2, 2020
Tom Maxwell Episode 122
Tom Maxwell hails from great state of Maryland. And Has been in legendary bands as Nothingface  and HELLYEAH!Since HELLYEAH has wrapped up touring last year Tom came by and spoke with Greg and Mike about what he is up to. We talk bands, coffee brands and life. Getcha pull! This is The music Combine Now! Special Rockd Coffee edition/.
October 30, 2020
State of the union this week can be seen at Http://
Sorry guys we had issue with our zoom link 
October 26, 2020
Fox Fagan Episode 121
Fox Fagan comes from the land down under. Where from his humble beginnings in wedding bands help him sharpen his skills, for what could be called a stellar career as a working musician. He came to Los Angles  in 2008 with his eyes on the prize for musical greatness and got so much more. From Playing such artists as Wilson phillips. To playing bass with Chris Shiflett from FOO Fighters. He has also made name for himself as a engineer and producer as well as, his band Teleskopes is his current project. But has also won awards for such films he has mixed like Mark of the Rugaru. As always only value is given behind these doors welcomes to The Music Combine Now! 
October 23, 2020
State of the Union 10.18.2020
UMG decides to start destination music  venues, BYLR Radio what does it mean? And SOSF Save our stages festival the Troubadour. 
October 19, 2020
Jason Dering 120 Making It! As an Independent Musician
Jason Dering has been a professional musician for almost  15 years. Being signed to Geffen in a band called Barefoot. As well as, being a session drummer for the likes of Ashlee Simpson and Cash Campbell. He came by the Combine to talk o Mike and Greg about goin all in! And what it takes to put it on the line while having a family and raising two kids. Jason is one of the most talented down to earth guests we have had on the Combine. Strap in for another ride.  
October 16, 2020
State of the Union for 10.11.2020 Tribute to Eddie Van Halen
this week we cover the life and time of Eddie Van Halen 
October 12, 2020
Machine Episode 119 Being a Creative Producer! And how Machine Shop Live became a reality!
Machine has been a producer for more than 20 years in the industry. He's has credits with such bands as (Hed) pe, Lamb of God and Clutch. He took time to stop by the combine and chat with us about his past . What it takes to be producer these days. And his new jewel in his crown. "Machine Shop Live"!
October 9, 2020
State of the Union 10.4.2020
We talk this week is there a big enough piece of the pie fro mid-level tiered musicians. IS Daniel Eck doing the right thing. And what's to come this week. With Machines interview 
October 5, 2020
Lindsey Medina Episode 118 Welcome to Veeps!
Lindsey Medina is a force to be reckoned with. A seasoned marketing professional in the concert and entertainment industry. Which has lead to her current Helm of marketing with the Veeps! Lindsey sits down with us and speaks about how artists and streaming does not have to be so hard and on the contrary be extremely profitable. 
October 2, 2020
State of the Union episode for 9.27.2020
This episode we apologize for the Audio quality but We talk about Paisley park   releasing a Prince  a boot leg show for stream featuring Miles Davis. We talk about taking the time in the last quarter to be ready for 2021. and Black Sabbath Turns 50!
September 28, 2020
The Roadie Roundtable Episode 117
Get ready strap in its a wild ride when touring, This weeks episode we hear  from the best of the best in touring. Welcome to the Roadie Round Table! We Feature some amazing talent in the touring industry  Weston Blaha( Amon Amarth) , Stephen Shaw( Cage The Elephant) , PKing,(Lamb Of GOD!) Brian Moran (Slash and Stone Sour), Neil Lim Sang ( (Photographer) James Mcmahon )Amon Amarth , Michale Berger (KISS)Marcus Scefer (5 Finger Death Punch) Matthew Woods(Black Dahlie Murder and Trivium) Its hell of shoe lots and value . But more laughs.
September 25, 2020
State of the Union 9.20.2020
Bille Eilish helps to save RDC. Critics telling Metallica "You shouldn't sell Booze"! Kirk Hammett Response. Hedge Funds getting in the publishing Game! And Big Wreck do a drive in Show in Ontario the car horns applause. 
September 21, 2020
Ben Weeks Episode 116 Being a manager is an act of service
Ben Weeks is and has been force to be wreckoned with. In recent years since his start as an employee of the canyon club. HE has worked  his way up through  the ranks to managing Hoobastank. He has an amazing resume that is only getting started and is a straight shooter with a take no prisoners mentality of being of service to his client's. This is one not to miss with his story truly being one of "Success leaves Clues!"Ben has worked with Hollywood Vampires, Joe Perry and Godsmack. Get ready for another exciting week of the The Music Combine NOW !
September 18, 2020
State of the Union 9.14.2020
This week we have Russ Rey From Vyces and Red Starr. We tackled the topics of Raising tariffs and fees on touring VISA"S. And Face Book! not allowing artist's to stream live after October 1st. Strap in its good one!
September 14, 2020
Sarah Martinico Episode 115 the art of of self Promotion
Sarah Martinico for a while has been a force to be  reckoned with in the publishing and tech sector of the music industry.  From er time at BMG Chrysalis Music Publishing. To striking on her own with there current in publicity and marketing for artists. This is Sarah's story. 
September 11, 2020
State of the Union for 9.7.2020
New some signs bill for mUsicians to be exempt for AB 5. And Live Nation! More lay off's
September 7, 2020
Josh "Igloo" Monroy Episode 114
Josh Igloo Monroy stopped by our studios to talk about the passion of doing what you love. From his early beginnings at TREE SOUND in Atlanta GA. Where his his career had a major spring board with working with Ludacris. To starting Red Umbrella Records. He also talks about his crossroads and epiphany he had about entering the music business. This aspiring med student has come a long way in the music Enjoy another informative and amazing episode of the Music Combine Now ! 
September 4, 2020
Dave Neabore 113 From Dog Eat Dog
Dave Neabore is the iconic co- founder and bass player of Dog Eat Dog. The seminole early 90's Hardcore band . We talk about the history of Dog Eat Dog . How to build your fan base and turn them into friends. As well as, the passion of being a fan of music and movies. Dave also talks about other  projects outside Dog Eat Dog he is working on at the moment. That proliferates his passion for Horror films. It was such a pleasure to also talk to him about his work and music on the comic Bottom Feeder. 
August 28, 2020
Water tower Band PDX to LAX and Building a Fan Base! on the Off Ramp
This week is a very special guest . We actually found them playing on the Pacific Street off ramp in Glendale California. Mike our host followed them on instagram and saw the wild and insane fan base they built by doing this. Kenny and Juice from the Water Tower Band know how to promote and capture fans. And keep them!. Their loyal following has grown from brick by brick and a fan at at a time. There is a ton of value for the musician struggling to build a fan base. Success always leaves clues. WTB's story is none different. 
August 21, 2020
Joel Douek Episode 111 432 Hz and Beyond !
Composer Entrepreneur and Physical. Artist Joel Douek stopped by the Combine this week to talk about a myriad of topics. Joel comes from the school that there is no hobbies only career choices. We talked how his choices in life have led to an amazing career as a composer. He also spoke on what creativity as an artist means. And how it enhances your choices of  being a person business in the arts. So again another episode that does not disappoint. Welcome the 432 Hz and beyond 
August 14, 2020
Bobby Field Episode 110
Bobby has done it all!!!. He has been in bands acted and directed. HIs credits have included such award winning films such as Jezebel. To being behind the camera of some amazing shows. With his current show "Edo Has Landed" with world famous Edoardo  Baldi from E. Baldi in Beverly Hills. Which being currently shopped . To his project "Snake River" which is in production. HE talks about why not you when the opportunity and how to get it. Again its #DBD zone. Welcome to the Combine 
August 7, 2020
Krash Karma Episode 109
Episode 109 Does not disappoint with our featured artist of the month Krash Karma!. Nikki, Ralf and I talk stopped by the studio for our first in-person episode.  They talk about the fact of staying independent in this market and what it takes to be able to manifest your own destiny as an artist. We ask them what it is like to be the heavy metal Captain N' Tenille. Being there a couple making there way in the music business. And how an Island of two is a more powerful team than four. Their live shows amazing  and they also talk about their adjustment to the current world and how that has served them. So get ready for the Zen of Krash Karma ion the Combine.
July 31, 2020
Zoe Abbott Episode 108
Zoe Abbott is an independent financial professional from Tampa Florida. She has worked with Mike for years and is an aspiring  musician. With the voice of an angel and heart of of a teamster, She broke it down when she stopped by the combine studios a few weeks ago. She talks about work balance and how it is a myth.  Manifesting your life style so it fits your needs not so it fits in a box. And how she leads with education and when teaching folks about there finances. This episode extremely informational. For the modern musician . This is the Combine !
July 24, 2020
Jesse Zuretti Episode 107* "Marvel The Sound"
Jesse Zuretti the founding member of " Binary Code " and is a composer for film and TV. With such Credits as "West World" and has done amazing scores for Marvel!. Jesse stopped by to the Combine and spoke about his experience in the industry. Why he doesn't do politics anymore. And how he makes the best of his time with composing and future music projects.  He also talks about the Binary Code where it is going. It's episode 7. Strap in! and put your helmet on and be ready to have your mind Blown! Welcome to the Combine!
July 17, 2020
Patrick King AKA P'King Episode 106 Sponsored by Rock'd Beverage Co. Featuring P'Kings 333rd Road Dawg Dark Roast Blend
This week we speak to one off the most amazing should in the touring industry.Patrick aka P'King stops by the Music Combine Compound this week to talk about being a working professional in touring and concert production world. We talk about situations friends and people he work with . And what it takes to the show on there road. He also talks about how he got his  first gig with HELLYEAH! and how it turned into being Vinnie Pauls drum tech. Patrick also Talks about his collaboration with Rock'd beverage and how being coffee entrepreneur is new and exciting realm for him. Strap in ! This is a wild ride this episode ! Getcha Pull !
July 10, 2020
Stephen Strauss partner at Buchalter Law Firm Episode 105 "The Business of Music !"
Stephen J. Strauss is attorney from Los Angles California . He came by the combine to talk about his experience and what to look for when protecting your brand! Stephen has been in practice for 30 years and talks about the in and out's of publishing, partnerships and licensing your  likeness and image.A super informative episode of the combine. 
July 3, 2020
Stephen Shaw Tour Manager for Cage the Elephant "Touring in the time of pandemic"
Stephen Shaw has been a touring professional for twenty plus years.He has worked with the likes of  Marcy Playground, Drowning Pool, System of a Down,Stone Sour and is currently working for Cage the Elephant. Steve joined us from his home in North Carolina to sit and down and talk about a myriad of topics. What it is to be a true touring professional. How to be of service while doing so. Not only is Stephen a friend of the show he drops some amazing nuggets and knowledge on touring and what the future holds for the touring industry.
June 26, 2020
Episode 103 Eric Denniston AKA Robots and Balloons
In Episode 103  we interview Musician and Producer Eric  Denniston aka Robots and Balloons. We talk about the challenges for artists in today music economy. And what he has done to proliferate his brand. As well as, we talk about what he feels artists need to be doing in todays market to get ahead. Eric has also  given us the world  premiere of Robots and Balloons new track "Feel Alive" the new track which drops today the 19th.On all streaming platforms 
June 19, 2020
Episode 102 D.J. Lynch and Rob McIntyre "Posing the Sound"
DJ  Lynch and Rob McIntyre have collectively almost 20 years of post audio experience. They came by the Combine to talk to MIke and Greg about the inception of their new studio Rebel Sound! As well as, talk about what they got cooking with their current line up of shows. Such as the new Animaniacs reboot for Hulu. Amongst other projects. And tell what their secret sauce is for success. As always the questions ere asked, and the guests did not disappoint!
June 12, 2020
Death of the Stream Episode 101 Dave Shaw from Rebel Engine Entertainment
Dave Shaw has been a 25 year Veteran in the Radio Game. He shares his thoughts on the future of radio promotion. And what avenues are available to the artist in the independent markets. We talk Radio , Road Stories and Stephanie Quayle. Buckle up! this ride gives you all you need to know about radio promotion!
June 5, 2020