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Buckle up and enjoy the ride as we take you on a tour through the music industry. Our guests span from multi platinum selling artists, emerging artists, and the people behind the scenes that make it all happen. Hear the ins-and-outs of the world of music as we ask all the questions everyone wants to know the answers to. Its going to be quite a ride!
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Episode 10 - Vanessa Salvucci-Saggese

Musicians And Beyond

Trailer for Episode 20 with Paige Davis
Country musician Paige Davis sits down in studio to talk about her journey in the music world.
September 27, 2022
Episode 19 - Joey "Voices" Noone, Master Impressionist
Sit back and enjoy this wild and crazy ride with Joey "Voices" Noone.  As a young boy Joey used to entertain his friends and family with talents far beyond those of other Malden kids.  Joey has honed in on his talent blessings and today has made it a career. His talents include being a master celebrity impressionist, singer, songwriter and even an author of an extremely successful book "Good Things Are Supposed To Happen To You."  Joey has filled venues across the country entertaining crowds with his take on Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Cher (thong and all), Neil Diamond, Joe Pesci, Robert De Niro, Elvis Presley, Ray Charles and so many more.  It's a show not to miss.  Joey has written and recorded songs mostly revolving around the country music genre. He is preparing to launch on one of the most incredible songs we have heard "Send Pictures Of America" which is a tribute to all of those that keep us Americans safe every day. Stay tuned because you or your loved ones can be part of the interactive song launch and tribute to our soldiers.  The limits are endless with Joey Voices!  Be sure to check him out on all social media platforms and at his website, which is designed and hosted by our very own Mark Lawhorne. #joeyvoices #Singer #songwriter #country #music #Book #author #Inpressionist #franksinatra #deanmartin #cher #thong #lol #louisarmstrong #neildiamond #joecocker #alpacino #raycharles #algreen #davematthews #johnmayer #Beegees #tomjones #Elvispresley #rodneydangerfield #bobbydarrin #robertdeniro #tonybennett #joepesci #malden #gratitude #lawofattraction #celebrity #joeymeows #grateful
September 23, 2022
Episode 18 - Taylor Bloom
Listen up and take a ride with Manhattan based actor and musician Taylor Bloom. Taylor has accomplished so much at a young age. His talents, creativity and positivity  are endless. Taylor takes us on his journey from a young age, in the backseat of the car where his mom and dad where influencing with the sounds of Cat Stevens, Dan Fogelberg, and James Taylor. Taylor's musical and acting path led him to the stage doing both acting and singing.  He auditioned for and took on the role of Paul Simon in the production of The Simon and Garfunkel Story. Taylor learned a lot preparing for this role including how to play the guitar in the same style as Simon. He spent year's on the road performing this role and has now moved on to other artistic endeavors. Taylor grew up idolizing Jackson Browne and covers These Days live during this episode. You can hear Browne's influence in Taylor's performance and in the way he writes his original songs. Check out his version of The Load Out on YouTube. Taylor says, "On the last day of our studio session in San Diego for my album Heading to Ohio, we decided we ought to setup and play live together. The Load Out was the perfect way to say goodbye to our time in the tracking room and to say Thanks to all of you for listening." His album Heading to Ohio was released in 2021 and has 10 original tracks (and includes the bonus track The Load Out). After spending so much time on the road with the Simon and Garfunkel Story, he and the show's band decided to collaborate together on the album's production. You can find this album and his other My Father Before Me on most digital platforms. You can and and learn more and  Taylor Bloom at: Instagram: Website:
September 15, 2022
Episode 17 - Valerie Giglio
Valerie Giglio joined Mark and John in studio for a great conversation. Valerie is an accomplished Jazz musician who has modernized her performances and made herself into an Electric Swing Songstress. Valerie has released two CD's and is working on a new project in what  one could call a miraculous second call for her career. Valerie sang with the legendary AL Vega, her first CD release "Songbook" is a collection of her favorite standards backed by the Al Vega Trio. Her second CD release "The Italian Project" is an Italian language CD celebrating the music from the era of La Dolce Vita as well as Italian contemporary songs and Italian versions of classic American hits. At 42 years old, Valerie was succeeding as a lawyer and flourishing as a vocalist. Her world was turned upside down when she suffered a brain stem stroke which left her paralyzed on her entire left side. Confined to a wheel chair and having to endure endless rehabilitation in order to regain control of her body, Valerie was faced with a very dark reality... she had lost her singing voice. With fierce determination, the support of her husband Mark and family and her healthcare team Valerie overcame all hurdles. "Many amazing friends and family members stood by me during the tough times. They visited me in the hospital the week or so I was there, they came by or called or texted  when I was home again. Even acquaintances became wonderful friends."  One year later Valerie took to the stage in her second act. With members of her rehab team and a reporter from the Boston Globe in the room, Valerie took to the stage at Johnny D's Uptown Restaurant and Lounge in Somerville. She was the featured singer on the bill for Chick Singer Night. In June, 2021 she released her debut Electro Swing release "Starlite Ballroom" with an upcoming album to follow. What we learned during our interview with Valerie is that she is a determined fighter that doesn't give up! As part of her fight back she wrote a memoir, Singing In My Own Key, it details her triumph over stroke and it is a great read.  She is also on the about to start appearing with a new duo project Starlight Vibes with fellow musician Samuel Cerra. For more about Valerie, her career, story and upcoming events visit
September 07, 2022
Episode 16 - Shanna Jackman
We cried, we laughed and we told stories... this episode with guest Shanna Jackman is filled with emotion and information. Along her road performing music, Shanna has worn many hats including a reserve police officer and dispatcher for her local police department. Her dedication to public service is second to none! She even has a tribute song that she co-wrote that is dedicated to Public Safety Dispatchers (first responders) that has surpassed 3 Million views. Shanna, Lance Carpenter and Ayla Brown wrote "Answer The Call" to honor those that are calmly there when you need them during your most critical moments.   The emotional roller coaster that Shanna went through during our interview was hard for John and Mark to watch.  Shanna was very close to Paul Monti a Gold Star Father. Paul passed away at the age of 76 just days before we sat down. If you don't know the story, here you go... Massachusetts native, US Army Sergeant First Class Jared Monti, died while serving in Afghanistan in 2006. Jared was awarded the Medal of Honor in 2009. Jared's father, Paul, has driven Jared’s truck since his death as a way to remember and feel connected to him. Paul’s story inspired the 2013 #1 Country Song recorded by Lee Brice, “I Drive Your Truck” written by Jessi Alexander, Connie Harrington, and Jimmy Yeary. The truck, a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 V8 became a symbol of a father's love and a place would take friends for rides and tell the story of Jared's life. Shanna was fortunate to be able to spend time riding in the truck with Paul. Shanna and Paul became friends through their shared experiences supporting The Gold Star Families and all military memorial organizations.   Shanna Jackman, while known for her many performances of the National Anthem (for the Boston Bruins, Red Sox, Celtics, Revolution and many other numerous charity, Military and sporting events), is also a Nashville recording artist having released her first self titled EP in 2013. Shanna has had the opportunity to be featured with artists such as Ronnie Dunn, Blake Shelton, Sara Evans, Gretchen Wilson, Dierks Bentley, Alan Jackson, Darryl Worley, Lee Brice, Little Big Town, Collin Raye, Jo-Dee Messina, and Steve Azar. Check out "In My Truck" and hear a true story about her Ford F150 and how this girl left her ex in a cloud of dust!  Listen in to Episode 16 and hear some great stories from Shanna and hear some advice for aspiring artists.  Find more about Shanna at Also on socials: We were also very fortunate to have been invited to record the podcast at Featherglass Studio, home of Ellen and John Sharpe. Ellen is the designer responsible for this showcase home and it definitely has the wow factor. You can find Featherglass on Instagram. Thank you for hosting us John and Ellen. #ShannaJackman #PaulMonti #JaredMonti #GoldStarFamilies #LeeBrice #IDriveYourTruck #LanceCarpenter #AylaBrown #InMyTruck #RonnieDunn #BlakeShelton #SaraEvans #GretchenWilson #DierksBentley #AlanJackson #DarrylWorley #LeeBrice #LittleBigTown #Collin Raye #Jo-DeeMessina #SteveAzar #JessiAlexander #Connie Harrington #JimmyYeary #featherglass
August 31, 2022
Episode 15 - Kai Wilson Singer Songwriter
Seatbelts and airbags!!!  Kai Wilson comes to visit in the studio and tells us the inspirations that make him who he is today. He is a genuine soul with a lot of appreciation for life. Kai grew up in Westchester County, NY, moved to Boston and lived in Colorado for a while before returning back to Boston. HIs dad, James, is also a musician and obviously had a tremendously positive impact on this young man. You can catch James playing shows around their hometown and occasionally find Kai joining him on stage. When asked what genre Kai fits into, Kai sprinkles the infield with a little Folk, Indie, Country... he is a mixed bag! He mentions a few artists as inspirations, but one that stood out was Zach Bryan. Kai has a new single "If I Was Your Man" being released September 9th.  Kai has some shows coming up: * Cambridge - The Middle East Club - Sept 14 Doors open at 7:00 pm along with Earl on Earth. * Cambridge (Sofar) September 10. 7:30 pm. (Location released on 36 hours before the show.) * Nashville - Sept 21 at the 5 Spot from 6-8 pm. Kai is performing along with James Freeborn. Kai's Links: IG: YouTube: Soundcloud: There are a lot of laughs, inspiration, gratitude and love in this episode. Kai is one to watch for sure... be sure to check him out!!
August 25, 2022
Episode 14 Sadam Seguya From Uganda Africa
Our episode 14 guest proves that music is truly a universal language. Sadam Seguya zooms in to M&B and gives us the insights on traditional African music, instruments and dancing. Sadam is a grateful and inspirational 21 year old Ugandan citizen that has dedicated his life to keeping the music, instruments and dancing from his ancestors alive and giving his predecessors more that he was accustomed to. His aspirations of teaching the local children music and giving them the instruments and place to learn is a priority for Sadam. The local instruments he makes are from all natural resources in the area. He explains that when you remove a resource, you must plant a new one so future generations may benefit in the same way. Although there was a slight language barrier, his message is very powerful and inspirational. This for sure was not a genre that we ever thought that we would  be able to explore until fate hit M&B until we received a message from him admiring our mission to share the love of all types of music and  musicians (and beyond). We know you will love this one !!
August 04, 2022
Episode 13 - Mike Valeras
In studio with the multi talented Mike Valeras. Mike gives us insights and advice on the best way to make it in the music business. His experience, knowledge and talents inspire musicians at all levels. We were honored to have him and his wife Jacy (our co-host for the day) come in studio on their trip from Nashville. You don't want to miss this trip down memory lane on his journey from Lowell with a stop teaching at Malden Catholic and finally Nashville.. Buckle up and hold on tight, the" Mingus Fa Dingus" train is leaving the station. 
July 27, 2022
Episode 12 - Jacy Dawn Valeras
M&B had "The Music City Mentor" herself in studio. Jacy Dawn Valeras shares wonderful stories about her road to success in the Nashville Music scene. Jacy is a Singer, songwriter, podcaster, YouTube creator, media marketing guru (owner Platinum Circle Media) and so much more. Candy O'Terry & Jacy's podcast "Country Music Success Stories" has blown up into a playlist favorite for many. It is believed that the last live interview with Naimoi Judd was with Jacy and Candy.  Jacy and her husband Mike (co-host for the day), tell us what it takes to make it in music city and are in such demand for advice that a YouTube channel "Music City Mentor" was created. Tune in to this episode and let Jacy inspire you! 
July 20, 2022
Episode 11 - Joe Pessia of Steelheart, Dark Desert Eagles, Tantric and Drama Gods
Just A Guy From Westborough! Joe Pessia comes in studio and triggers every emotion possible. This talented singer, songwriter, musician and teacher walks us through his life timeline of slinging newspapers to pay for his first electric guitar, playing in front of 20,000 fans at at time and even getting a personal phone call from the legendary Queen member Brian May. The list of his accomplishments include being a member of Tantric, Drama Gods (with Nuno Bettencourt of Extreme & Rhiana), Hurtsmile (with Gary Cherone of Extreme & Van Halen & Slip Kid), Steelheart and Dark Desert Eagles (with Pat Badger of Extreme & Nasty Ass Honey Badgers) for starters.  Joe has shared the stage with greats like Perry Farrell of Janes Addiction, George Lynch of Dokken, Michael Anthony of Van Halen, Warren DeMartini of Ratt and Mike Mangini of Dream Theater. Joe has opened for icons Like Carlos Santana, Bret Michaels, Alice In Chains, Sammy Hagar, Jeff Beck, YES and Judas Priest.   Joe attributes his music inspiration to his late brother Matt, who was recently taken by the Covid virus. Joe's compassion, talents, quick wit and gratitude made this episode one for the books! Buckle up and enjoy this crazy, fun and educational ride with Joe.  By the way, Joe has never tried Dairy Queens cherry dip and claims the Peanut butter Blizzard is his go to.  We owe you a large Cherry dip in a cone Joe. Enjoy this episode with this humble & inspirational Rock Star! 
July 14, 2022
Episode 10 - Vanessa Salvucci-Saggese
Episode 10 is a fun conversation with singer, song writer, DJ and actress Vanessa Salvucci-Saggese.
July 06, 2022
Episode 9 - Martin Lesch
His talents are endless! Martin Lesch zooms in from South Carolina and tells us so much. He is a singer, songwriter, multi instrument musician, composer, teacher and youth inspiration. Listen in to hear his stories of how old he was when he knew when he wanted to be a renowned pianist.  He plays all over the globe and inspires everyone in his path. His endless efforts with the helps youth fulfill their dreams of owning an instrument and increasing their musical talents. Martin is humble and explains that there is always more to learn. Oh, and Martin is a incredible cook as well. He specializes in Asian cuisine. Buckle up and enjoy this "Journey Through Jazz" with the inspirational Martin Lesch at the wheel. 
June 27, 2022
Episode 8 - Michael Pace
You have seen him on TV and heard him blowing up the air waves. What a pleasure to have singer/songwriter Michael Pace and drummer Matt Zall join us in studio recording from one of the coolest spots ever. We were graciously hosted, wined and dined by Dustin and Julie Whitney in their incredible 1860's barn.  Michael tells us his connection with Boston Bruin's Brad Marchand & Kevan Miller and how he was brought into their March and Mill Co. project. Michael tells a funny story how he got into music, as well as talking about his inspirations when writing and performing. He also gives us the low down on his favorites spots for eats in Nashville. So much fun packed into one episode. This guy is one to watch for sure as he takes off becoming a household name all over the USA. Check out his website WWW.MICHAELPACEMUSIC.COM and grab some merchandise and find out his national tour schedule. Buckle Up and enjoy the ride! #michaelpacemusic # march&millco #nashvillians #nashville #hardy #singersongwriter #lawhorneandsurabian #lorettaslastcall #alanjacksons #clintblack #rileygreen #zachbryan #turnpiketroubadours #jameyjohnson #bluebirdcafe #thelisteningroom #coyotejoes #redrocksamphitheater #3rdandlindsley #grizzlyrose #kolbycooper #back9Band #jordanwalker #mattzall #adelesnashville #urbangrubnashville #princeshotchicken 
June 20, 2022
Episode 7 - Tony Puleo Of Carley Simon, The Blueman Group, Electric Temple and so much more
You may need 2 seatbelts for the ride with this humble and super talented musician takes us on. Tony Puleo (we even pronounced his last name correctly ) came in studio for an action packed conversation. Tony shares his associations and collaborations with some of the biggest names in the music industry. He shares a very insightful look on how he keeps the passion and love for what he does so fresh and alive. This magazine cover, multi-talented guy lit up the studio with his energy, passion, stories and his laugh. Buckle up for this one and sit back and enjoy the ride of Tony's 35 years in the music industry.
June 13, 2022
Episode 6 - Grammy Nominated Jeff Batson
M&B had Nashville based Singer/Songwriter Jeff Batson ZOOMed into our studio this week. We learned of some great behind the scenes info on his inspirations and techniques for his successful songwriting. He shared his thoughts on his most intimate song "Found My Way To You" which is a tribute to his Mom via adoption. It is a very touching song which he gave to his Mom for a birthday present; it also tugs at the heart strings to learn he sang it at her funeral.  You will be surprised who he listens to as he drives around town and up and down Broadway. He has opened for some pretty big names and shared the stage with some greats! He offers some advice to new artists and some insight to how songs get "plugged" in the industry.  Buckle up and enjoy the ride with this Grammy nominated artist!
June 09, 2022
Episode 5 - Rachel Sumner
The multi talented Rachel Sumner gives us the great insights into her song writing. Rachel has gained critical acclaim and national attention for winning "The Lennon Award." Awarded as part of a contest for song writing on behalf of John Lennon by Yoko Ono Lennon and judged by the biggest names in the industry.  Check her out and pre order her new incredible album today at and make sure you follow her on all her socials! With songs as sweet and biting as the nectar and venom in her voice, Rachel Sumner has been captivating audiences throughout the northeast with her exciting new band Traveling Light. While their instrumentation and textures show roots deep in bluegrass and traditional folk music, Sumner's lyric-forward writing and penchant for snaking chord progressions demand something beyond folk conventions, highlighting the acrobatic range of her brilliant bandmates Kat Wallace (fiddle/harmonies), Ira Klein (acoustic guitar), and Mike Siegel (upright bass). Sumner is no stranger to the stage. She spent her early career on the bluegrass circuit, singing and writing with the genre-bending Boston group Twisted Pine. Since setting out on her own, Sumner's songs have been critically acclaimed, winning the Lennon Award in the folk category of the 2021 John Lennon Songwriting Contest for her song "Radium Girls (Curie Eleison);" earning her a spot in the Kerrville New Folk Competition; and being chosen two consecutive years by WBUR/NPR as one of the top Massachusetts entries in the Tiny Desk Competition. Originally a classical flutist from the dusty Mojave desert, Sumner relocated from California to Boston a decade ago intending to study Composition and Film Scoring at Berklee College of Music. While at school, she found herself in the orbit of roots musicians like Molly Tuttle, Bronwyn Keith-Hynes, and John Mailander who introduced her to a trove of traditional music, started her off with a few chords on the guitar, and encouraged her to write her own songs. In the short time since, Rachel has become one of the most vital voices in Boston's thriving roots music scene. Rachel Sumner & Traveling Light will release their debut LP in the summer of 2022.
May 27, 2022
Episode 4 - Michael Gray of Lee Brice
It just keeps getting better! The legendary Michael Gray, percussions, drums vocals for Lee Brice put aside his golf clubs and drum sticks to give us some great insights on music, tours and the success of the band. Listen to his crazy story of how he actually got an audition with Lee. Its an action packed, fun filled episode with lots of laughs and stories. Seatbelts mandatory.... Buckle Up Mentions: Dawne Gray, Garth Brooks, Eric Haines, Jeff Batson, Bluebird Cafe, Nashville, Tim McGraw, Jason Aldean, Red Rocks Amphitheater, Madison Square Garden, Joes Bar (Chicago), Luke Bryan, Francoix Simard, McDonalds, The Bull 101.7, Grand Olde Opry, Ryman Theater, Garth Brooks, John Caron, Fenway Johnnies, West End Johnnies, Fenway Park, Extreme, Aerosmith, Indy 500, David Letterman, Jerry Seinfeld
May 17, 2022
Episode 3 - Francoix Simard
Seatbelts are mandatory for this one! We were able to enjoy an in studio sit down with the multi-talented and quick witted Francoix Simard. His enthusiasm and passion emanates in his stories of songwriting and playing at thousands of venues . He reveals some interesting and impressive trivia including he has played for the Prime Minister of France. It is one action packed, quick paced interview with great info and funny stories.  Enjoy! Mentions: Justin Hawkins, The Darkness Band, Gary Cherone, Pavarotti, Sting, Elton John, Steven Tyler, John Butcher, Eric Haines, Xavier Rod, Freddie Mercury, Steve Perry, Reds Kitchen & Tavern, Dark Dessert Eagles, Extreme, Pat Badger, Reds Group, Drew Mulholland, Ray Bourque, Boston Bruins, Sony, BMI, Universal, Prime Minister Of France, Justin Peterson & Ed Sheeran, Lawhorne & Surabian.
May 09, 2022
Episode 2 - Erica Mantone, Singer/Songwriter
Mark and John had a great chat with Erica Mantone. We talked about her upcoming album release and what it took to accomplish this from start to finish. Her energetic and witty persona made it such a wonderful experience to share studio time. She is multi award nominated artist that was vital in resuscitating a Hollywood style Rock Opera staring some of the biggest names in the music world. She is extremely humble about all her notable accomplishments and isn't shy to give everyone credit along the way. "It takes a village to make an Erica," she selflessly proclaims. Her LP titled "I May Have Asked For This" is available on all major download platforms. for more information  Mentions: Debbie Catalano, Gerry Devillis, Just Another Sunday Podcast, Boston Rock Opera, Linda Vienes, Gary Cherone, Mark Cherone, David Bowie, Boston Music Awards, Lisa Fisher, Eric Haines, Nate Leavitte, Dan Nicklin, Buffalo Tom Band, Will Dailey, Pearlables, Wooly Mammoth Studio, Q Division Studios, Blue Tone, Alison Krous, Apple, Spotify, Bandcamp, Amazon Music, iTunes, Pandora, Danny & Susan Cantino, Meghan Tracy, Emily Grogan, Robert Plant, Brandi Carlisle, Yola, Caroline Whiddon, Ronald Bruanstein, Me/2 Orchestra, Jenny Bergman Photography, Secret Bureau of Art and Design, Bernie Brown, Other Brother Daryl, Dan Nicklin and the late Dave Mirabella 
May 03, 2022
Episode 1 - Eric Haines, Nashville based Singer/Songwriter
We chat with our friend musician, singer & songwriter Eric Haines from his Nashville based studio. He shares stories from his musical journey, songwriting and inspirations that has shaped who is he. We talk about our last visit to Nashville where we saw his show at the Bluebird Cafe and where we were fortunate to sit down for dinner with Eric and his duo partner Jeff Batson. Buckle up it’s going to be a fun ride!
April 22, 2022