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Musings Of A Wildflower

Musings Of A Wildflower

By MusingsOfAWildflower
Welcome to Musings Of A Wildflower- lessons and stories from the most unlikely of places. Think of them as modern day parables. Episodes shared mostly by Casey and some of her tribe.
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We Now Interrupt Season 5: A Raw Conversation with Casey
As you know, we have been working hard to provide consistent, quality content. But this week, there's something more pressing than "another podcast episode." Join our primary storyteller Casey as she shares her heart and an invitation to extend prayer into action. No editing, no pretty music, just honesty. We pray that whether you have brown skin or not, this conversation will encourage you to loving and tangible action on behalf of black people in this country and around the world. Thank you for understanding the values of this platform by not just listening, but DOING. ✌🏾💚
June 3, 2020
S5.EP6: Check Behind the Door- Another Story from Home
Welcome back to Musings of A Wildflower. Join our primary storyteller and resident dog/plant mom Casey as she shares another story from home. Apparently stubbing your two can be a good thing, if you want to lose weight and what you’re walking with may be the next thing lead with.
May 20, 2020
S5.EP5: A Great Dispensation- My Current Quarantine Thoughts
Join our primary storyteller Casey as she shares her heart concerning one of the gifts for Christian Creatives during this very moment. Don't consider yourself a Christian Creative? Take a listen anyways. You may find that God has a hidden gem just for you. Stay safe. Stay hopeful.  Love,  The Musings of a Wildflower Family
May 9, 2020
S5. EP4: Good GOD- A Story from Home
Things are different. For everyone. So of course that has gotten us to thinking...or MUSING if you will! Join our primary storyteller Casey as she tells an all too true (and super recent) story about what happens when you get derailed. Let us know your answer to the two biggest questions we've asked ourselves during this time... Happy Listening! Stay Home. Stay Safe.
April 9, 2020
S5. EP3: The Treadmill Teacher
Welcome back. Storyteller Casey has been out of the classroom (as a teacher AND student) for quite a while. However, it looks like there's still lessons to be learned. Check out this week's episode as we find out why she should possibly earn a degree from Orange Theory, as we listen to "The Treadmill Teacher". P.S. Sometimes private voicemails should be public. LOL....
March 5, 2020
S5. EP2: My Sozo Story
The second episode of this season is VERY much a personal one. Join our storyteller Casey as she tells a deeply honest story of how she found her own intersection of faith and wellness. This episode is the beginning of a series highlighting many others Sozo Story. Who knows? Maybe your story will be featured next. 
February 19, 2020
S5. EP1: Wigs & Weight
Welcome back to our fifth season of Musings of a Wildflower. Join storyteller Casey as she explains a conversation with her friend... "My  friend asked me what was holding up my wellness company. I’ve been to school. Got my certificate. I’ve done ALL the things. She thought i was nervous people wouldn’t dig it... boy was she wrong. Find out the real reason for my delay on this weeks podcast episode... “wigs and weight”
February 5, 2020
S5: Season 5 is HERE!
Hey Wildflowers!🌼 Season 5 is officially here and we are BEYOND excited. Join Casey for a quick chat about what’s coming up in this brand new season of Musings of a Wildflower. You even get to be a part of future episodes... find out how!
January 22, 2020
S4. EP 5: Forgiveness with Friends (Part II) feat. Stephanie
We know! We know! We left you hanging at the GOOD part! So welcome back to the dinner table as storyteller Casey and Stephanie wrap up what happened after the threat to be dragged across the church parking lot. Like any good fairy tale, this story ends with "happily every after." But that was after a hard phone call, a bumpy transition, and some amazing lessons learned about purpose and relationships. Forgiveness with Friends is HARD work, but it's such an amazing model of Christ's compassion towards us. We can't wait to finish this story with you!
November 11, 2019
S4. EP4: Forgiveness with Friends (Part 1) feat. Stephanie
Join us for another transparent episode of Musings of a Wildflower as we dive into a very transparent story of forgiveness. Despite the fact that Casey's Executive Assistant/ good friend Stephanie is now a HUGE part of her life and business, there was once a time when they weren't even speaking. So pull up a chair, grab a juice, and listen up as Casey and Stephanie revisit (for the first time) their journey through forgiveness. Spoiler alert... Casey was DEAD wrong... LOL
November 4, 2019
S4. EP 3: Are There Fat Yoga Instructors?
So we know God often uses the least likely, but you ever wonder why He seems to use you WHEN you’re least likely? Sheesh! Join storyteller Casey as she shares her journey to overcoming the fear of pursuing her God-calling at the time that she felt the LEAST qualified - now. You may also get to hear a small clip of all the tiny people in her head yelling at once. Lol. Grab a pressed juice and listen in to this week’s episode during our Season of Random.
September 18, 2019
S4. EP2: I Think I’m an Extremist
Before you go get a dictionary and look up the ACTUAL definition of “extremist” (which has nothing to do with this episode), grab a nice pressed juice or energy drink and listen up for this week’s episode of Musings of A Wildflower. Join storyteller Casey on about 13 tangents that include diagnosis, cops, quick diets, and somehow ends with a something we could all use- better habits. We hope this episodes helps you move some part of your life from occasional to habitual. Happy listening!
September 4, 2019
S4. EP 1: WELCOME... to the Summer of Random
8 weeks! That’s how long it’s been since the last episode. Join Casey as she removes her face from the imaginary podcast milk carton in the newest episode of Musings of a Wildflower. Listen up as she tells you what’s been up with her and how David’s dying has given her purposeful hope in starting...again. We pray it does the same for you!
August 21, 2019
S3. EP5: Humility with friends feat. Naomi Raine
Surprise! We have a special episode to FINALLY finalize the Take The Stairs series. Join storyteller Casey as she has a candid conversation with one of her closest friends, worship songwriter & leader Naomi Raine. Humility is best addressed in community. So we are honored to share a bit of our tribe with you!
June 13, 2019
S3. EP4: Transparency vs Translucency
Ever got pulled over by the cops and NOT get a ticket?!? Well join storyteller Casey as she shares her "victory" of having illegally tinted windows and recalls one of her biggest shortcomings as a worship pastor. In this week's episode of our "Take The Stairs" series, we take a deep look into how we establish relationships with those we serve with. Grab a green juice, vegan snack, or a piece of bacon - and tune in to this week's episode of Musings of a Wildflower.
June 6, 2019
S3. EP3: Praise Team Outfits
Does your praise team have a uniform? Well Casey’s praise team sure did, and she did not conform. Join us as we continue the Take the Stairs series with this week’s episode- Praise Team Outfits. You’ll hear more about Casey being a jerk and start a discussion about what we often settle with when we are looking for approval. Happy listening!
May 15, 2019
S3.EP2: Water Bottles
Join storyteller Casey as she continue the “Take The Stairs” series by telling the truth— she was a jerk! But with a simple prayer and a few water bottles, that all started to change.
April 24, 2019
S3.EP1: Take the Stairs
Welcome back to another episode of Musings of a Wildflower as Casey shares her heart behind the brand new series “Take The Stairs”- a real life journey in developing a true heart of humility. This series has been at least two years in the making - so be gentle! Also, the amount of times she says “umm” is absolutely ridiculous, but we’d like to think it’s a great indicator of passion! Lol.
April 5, 2019
S2.EP2: Second Album Blues
Don't you hate answering the same question over and over? We do too! Join storyteller Casey as she shares the annoyance of answering the same interview question at least 1,000 times while finding the deeper lesson of how to handle a peculiar feeling that seems to come right after the joy of something amazing happening. Do you have the second album blues? Well hopefully this week's podcast will start you on the road to recovery.
March 9, 2019
S2.EP1: Don't Hold Your Breath
Join us this week as Casey makes her "triumphant" return with a story that'll take your breath away. Well... at least it takes away hers. From her new conversation series exploring the spirit  of poverty, come hear what can happen when we start to hear that little voice whisper "there's not enough."
February 19, 2019
S1.EP2: Why Shoudn't You Race Your Mama?
Join storyteller Casey as she shares a possibly confidential story about her mom and a larger lesson about a common issue plaguing creatives- Creative Discipline . You may also learn a new vocabulary word!
November 1, 2018
S1.EP 1: Why Wildflowers?
Join in on the very first episode to hear the story of how this podcast grew from a seed of an idea to a fully blooming wildflower garden. Told by Casey (who forgot to say her
August 8, 2018