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The Muslim Bitcoiner Podcast

The Muslim Bitcoiner Podcast

By Muslim Bitcoiner
The Muslim Bitcoiner Podcast is a "Bitcoin only" podcast that explores the intersection between Islam, Bitcoin, finance, and, economics. In this series, we'll explore the characteristics and monetary properties that make Bitcoin the most Islamic form of money.
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Episode 3 - Bitcoin and the Gold Dinar Movement
In this episode I talk with Asif Shiraz, who is the founder of Dinar Wakala. We talk about the history of the gold dinar movement, the potential for a gold standard, and why Muslims should embrace a Bitcoin Standard.
June 19, 2022
Episode 2 - Muawiyyah Tucker interview
In this episode, we talk about Muslims adopting Bitcoin, addressing criticisms made by Islamic scholars, the problems with fiat and gold, Bitcoin being anti Riba, and proof-of-work vs proof-of-stake.
May 31, 2022
In this episode I introduce myself and discuss the topics that will be addressed in this series. This is a "Bitcoin only" podcast where we'll explore the intersection between Islam and Bitcoin, fiat and Riba, Bitcoin as anti-Riba, economics, Islamic finance, critiquing rulings on bitcoin, and the theory of money.
May 15, 2022