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Muthoni Mystique

Muthoni Mystique

By Muthoni Mystique
This is a podcast on the stories of a hasty girl learning to slow down, learn patience, to be okay with imperfection and find her balance. It’ll be a combination of everything that life is about, the good, the bad, the uncomfortable, the risky, the easy, the scary…. There are no limits! Intro Song:
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Episode 3: The nighmare of requiring help and having to ask for support.
How are you coping? There's so much going around the world and the weight of that can occasionally get really heavy. Some days are a lot heavier than others and i just hope that you are surrounded by love and support :)
October 15, 2020
Episode 2: Sex and Sexuality in a christian home
Sex and sexual identities are both very touchy subjects. Some of us were lucky enough to have gotten proper sex education, some of us had to  fumbled through the dark, some of us might have taken too long to find the light, and maybe some of us are still looking.  Whatever the case... we're all here now.
October 06, 2020
Episode 1: Playing with fire
Finally a creative outlet! Welcome to the madness, subscribe, feedback and share if you may :)
September 30, 2020