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The MVP Radio Show

The MVP Radio Show

By James Bullis
The MVP Radio Show is a weekly podcast geared for people who are doing business in the digital age. We will walk our listeners through establishing their business' online presence without getting overwhelmed by the millions of potential options. Each episode will cover a critical step in building their online presence. These are the step by step processes that work despite the constant changes in digital marketing.
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Mastering The Transformation - EP015
It's important to understand the true value of what you bring to the marketplace. When you can identify your target market, commit to a specific niche and specialty services while understanding how to provide the right transformation for your client, you will be unstoppable. You'll be packing TNT or as I like to call it, The Value Bomb! In This Episode You'll Learn: Identify your prospect's before state. Identify their desired outcome or after state. Understand the gap between these two states. Figure out how to bridge that gap faster and more effectively.
December 13, 2020
Specifying Your Niche Services - EP014
You can't do everything for your customers. In this episode, we identify the specific services that your business should offer so that you can continue to stay laser-focused. Knowing your target market and niche services will help you in your efforts to doing business online. In This Episode You'll Learn: Figure out what services require little effort. Figure out what services are more profitable. Figure out what services set you apart in the marketplace. Rank your services and stick to your guns.
December 06, 2020
Defining Your Target Market - EP013
You can't help everyone. In this episode, we define your target market. This is constantly being refined as you do business but defining your target market now will give you laser focus for how you talk to your audience in the marketplace. In This Episode You'll Learn: How to analyze your customers. What to do if you don't have any customers. Identify key demographics. Identify key psychographics.
November 29, 2020
The Value Bomb - EP012
There is a war raging around you and if you want to succeed in business then you need a plan. Not just any plan. You need a battle plan that you can commit to. In this episode, we are introducing a new series that will help you get laser-focused in your business with the goal of defeating your competition. In This Episode You'll Learn: You need a plan in order to succeed in business. You should take it as seriously as going to battle. You can win the battle without ever going to war. Get clarity by answering three specific questions.
November 22, 2020
Selling Your Products & Services - EP011
Everyone wants to sell on their website. It's the dream to have people flood your website and buy from you. But there is a proven process to doing this. In this episode we talk about some important factors to consider when you have a prospect that is ready to buy from you. Plus, I'll share with you the biggest secret I have learned in digital marketing.  In This Episode You'll Learn: Why you should offer an entry level item first The importance of using a landing page for paid traffic When to invest in a shopping cart solutions The biggest secret I have learned in digital marketing
August 05, 2019
Build Trust By Educating Your Prospect - EP010
Your website can be used to help build trust with your ideal prospect. Use your website to educate prospects about your process, your industry, and how you can help solve their problems. Give them quick wins so that you begin to build trust as a source that can solve their problems. The best way to educate your prospects is to find and answer questions about the problem you solve. In This Episode You'll Learn: Why you should offer different types of content for your audience My foolproof strategy to create content by simply answering questions Why you should start using email to follow up with prospects Why you should provide value more than trying to sell
July 30, 2019
Capturing Lead Information With Your Website - EP009
Your website needs to work for you. You can build a machine that starts to generate customers for you. Many websites fail to start this process. They can get people to their websites but they can't get them to convert. That's because they try to propose marriage as soon as they meet. Learn how to start slow by capturing their information first. In This Episode You'll Learn: Why you should have a single call to action on your website How to offer a bribe in exchange for real lead information Technology that can help capture lead information Consider your audience that doesn't have an email address
July 22, 2019
Attracting More Visitors To Your Website - EP008
We're talking about the first part of the Four ACES Formula - Attracting More Visitors. It's important to set up a website that attracts both human and "bot" traffic. We're talking about best practices for both. In This Episode You'll Learn: Why you need to learn to attract visitors Why you should attract human and search engine traffic Some ways to make your website more attractive How this plays into your overall online presence
July 15, 2019
Do Websites Still Matter? - EP007
We are starting a new series today based on a formula called the Four ACES. This formula will lay the groundwork as to how your website plays a part in your online presence. In This Episode You'll Learn: Your Website Is The Foundation Of Your Online Presence You Have Control Over Your Website You Can Use Your Website To Build Digital Assets The Introduction to The Four ACES
July 08, 2019
Why You Should Listen To The MVP Radio Show - EP006
 The MVP Radio show is based on the steps that we've laid out in the MVP Roadmap. Together we will work to help you build your Minimum Virtual Presence, that's your MVP. In This Episode You'll Learn: Why I started The MVP Radio Show Your Online Presence Needs More Than One Thing To Work The Concept Of Your Minimum Virtual Presence The podcast is a companion to the Roadmap
July 01, 2019
Engaging With Your Audience On LinkedIn - EP005
Now that we have started to connect with the right people and completed our profile, it's time to get out there and engage with your audience. In This Episode You'll Learn: Why engagement on LinkedIn unlocks your content to more people Using the power of influencers to expand your reach How to post high engagement content to improve your visibility How improving your LinkedIn experience will have an affect on everything you do online.
June 23, 2019
Completing Your LinkedIn Profile - EP004
This might seem really basic, but completing your LinkedIn profile is more important than you think. Every piece of information that you add to your profile can help LinkedIn connect you with the right people. In This Episode You'll Learn: How completing your profile will connect you with more people Using your summary (about) section to connect with your ideal prospects Using media attachments to create calls to actions on your profile The importance of cleaning up and optimizing your skills on your profile
June 23, 2019
Building Intrigue On LinkedIn - EP003
Building intrigue is all about attracting your ideal prospect to view your profile. Find out about the LinkedIn trinity and how you can use it to build intrigue. In This Episode You'll Learn: Why it's important to create a human connection Why you should invest in a professional profile picture Strategies on using your LinkedIn headline to your advantage The importance of adding value into your network
June 23, 2019
Protecting Your LinkedIn Network - EP002
The first step to increasing your power on LinkedIn is a brand new mindset about protecting your network. Find out why it's important to only connect with people that matter. In This Episode You'll Learn: Why I was miserable with my LinkedIn experience Why you should establish a connection criteria Understanding that you can't help everyone Look for people who are interested in your expertise and who need your help.
June 23, 2019
Four Steps To Increasing Your LinkedIn Power - Intro - EP001
In today's episode, we introduce you to our first series - Four Steps To Increasing Your LinkedIn Power. I share with you my story about using LinkedIn and why I believe that everyone should start with their personal brand. In This Episode You'll Learn: Why taking the time to work on personal brand matters The true purpose of LinkedIn is not what you think Why I recommend LinkedIn to anyone just starting out The introduction of the Social Selling Index - Your LinkedIn Score
June 23, 2019
The Return of The MVP Radio Show - EP000
Welcome back to The MVP Radio Show. We are completely wiping out our old episodes and starting from scratch. The MVP Radio Show is designed to help you make a bigger impact online. In this episode, we talk about our plans to help you do that. In This Episode You'll Learn: The missions & vision behind The MVP Radio Show Why it takes experience to improve your chances to succeed Why it takes more than one thing to help your business succeed online Introduction of the step by step process to improve your online process
June 23, 2019