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The Alignment Architect Podcast

The Alignment Architect Podcast

By Harris Eddie Hill
Create, manifest, and attract a life you love with ease, joy, and authenticity.

In a time when we’re inundated with information and advice, I’m here to invite you to cut the noise and go within, instead. We don’t often need as much information as we’re told we do. Through personal alignment and becoming intimate with our own path, we can uncover our own personal truths, abundance, and deep joy. I’m Harris Eddie Hill, the Alignment Architect, and I’m here to support you in your alignment, energy, and manifestation, so you can have a life you love.

Your life. Your way.
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2 Interview with Sarah Morgan; High Vibration Club
Sarah Morgan is a highly sought-after spiritual coach who made a name for herself initially through her Mastering the Art of Manifesting brand where she discussed the law of attraction and all things manifesting. She's now moved forward into high vibration; a broader approach to all things energy and spiritual wellbeing and evolution. We discuss transforming anxiety and other stored low vibration in order to up-level your life, and by default make positive manifesting an effortless by-product of deeper work. You can find Sarah and her work at Do you want to begin to clear up your own vibration and align yourself for better things to come? Maybe you've reached your limit of living a life you're not completely thrilled with and are ready to take action to making all that happen? Check out my Align Your Life meditation pack at
October 3, 2021
1 Manifesting Meditation - Future Creation, NYE
Join me for this meditation where I'll guide you to manifest a future  New Year's Eve Party where we're celebrating your successes and  achievements!  Are you ready to invite some new, awesome things into your life? If yes,  do I have something for you! My Manifest Your Best Life starter pack is  perfect for people who are done with their old story and want to create  a new, exciting life! Get your copy at Your  future awaits you!  Harris x
September 1, 2021