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By Morgan Ræ
A literary painting from MxRS.

Morgan Ræ
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00 5 : House Pets
A MxRS original series by Morgan Ræ. This recording uses the cast from the Live! On MxRS Casting Call held on 20 March 2021. Cast includes: Morgan Ræ, Jody Kelly & Jenny-Anne Jett as Les Deux, Peter Berzanskis as Duke. Special thanks to Leigh Trinh, Simon & Tim Barnett and Enza Benincasa.
March 31, 2021
LiVE! On MxRS :: 004 MOON SHOT
Our first LiVE! Edition of MxRS. Our unedited footage of the public rehearsal in St Kilda VIC 20 Feb 2020. Morgan Ræ as Les Deux, Alan Schwarz also as Les Deux, Sophie Brabenec as Jinx and Tina Alesi as Dixon. Produced by Enza Benincasa & Morgan Ræ. Special thanks to Tony Dupcinov & Rubbish Sound. Music by MxRS.Co
February 24, 2021
00 3 : Instructables
A MxRS original series: Have you been following the clues? Is it making sense or still confused? Discover more on MxRS.Co
January 21, 2021
00 2 : ShowCase
A MxRS original series. Want to follow the clues? Curious to see the sea beast in view? Check it out on MxRS.Co
December 21, 2020
00 1 : Marshmallow Dream
A MxRS original series :  Listen for the clues. Read the story to go deeper. Download at Stay tuned for more . . .
November 20, 2020