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By Coloring Book Coach
Inspired by You! It's apparent that a lot of us can use a little extra support, encouragement, and reminders of just how fabulous we are! Listen in as Kim, The Coloring Book Coach, reminds you of just that! Each podcast features short inspirational vignettes filled with support, encouragement, surprises, tips, and lots of love from The Coloring Book Coach.
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A Week of Love Letters #1
Apr 19, 201805:56
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A Week of Love Letters #1
Apr 19, 201805:56
Busy as a Bee
Mar 29, 201802:19
Impossible Is Only An Opinion!
Mar 28, 201801:41
You Have Powers You've Never Dreamed Of...
Mar 28, 201801:39
Are You Wearing Rose-Colored Glasses?
Mar 28, 201801:43
What Does Courage Mean To You?
Mar 28, 201801:49
What Grand and Glorious Adventures Will You Have Today?
Mar 28, 201801:38
Just Be Yourself
Mar 28, 201801:31
Sometimes All It Takes is a Little Faith
Mar 28, 201801:42
You've Done the Best You Could
Mar 28, 201801:44
There's No Remote Control for Your Life
Mar 28, 201801:37
Sometimes The Bad Things Set Us Up for the Best Things
Mar 28, 201801:42
Everybody Strays from The Path Sometimes
Mar 28, 201801:41
You're A Good Egg
Mar 28, 201801:41
Not Caring What Others Think
Mar 28, 201801:40
It seems like there's always a way...
Mar 28, 201801:28
Not All Who Wander Are Lost
Mar 28, 201801:36
A Boat is Safe in the Harbor
Mar 22, 201801:24
In a World Where You Can Be Anything...
Mar 22, 201801:27
Try This for Just One Day
Mar 22, 201801:24
What if there was something right...?
Mar 15, 201801:33
You know what's beautiful?
Mar 10, 201801:21
I am at the right place, at the right time...
Mar 11, 201801:27
Looking Backwards Can Be Painful
Mar 13, 201801:43
Don't dwell on the bad thoughts of the past.
Mar 13, 201801:58
How much better can it get?
Mar 13, 201801:42
Mar 13, 201801:27
When you truly don't care what someone thinks of you
Mar 13, 201801:35
Practice saying this to yourself today...
Mar 13, 201801:24
Whatever Shows Up... Love It.
Mar 13, 201801:33
May your day be filled with miracles.
Mar 13, 201801:30
When Something Goes Wrong...
Mar 11, 201801:34
Look for the Magic Moments!
Mar 14, 201801:52
Worry is a misuse of your imagination.
Mar 13, 201801:40
Are you celebrating life?
Mar 13, 201801:36
Happiness is a choice.
Mar 13, 201801:35
Don't Give Up on Your Dreams!
Mar 13, 201801:45
What infinite possibilities are waiting for you?
Mar 14, 201801:50
Always remember deep in your heart that all is well...
Mar 13, 201801:45
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