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My Latin Life Podcast

My Latin Life Podcast

My Latin Life is your trusted guide to traveling and living in Latin America, since 2014.
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David Gauthier on Moving to Mexico and Starting an Agency | My Latin Life Podcast #27 ­čî┤

My Latin Life Podcast

David Gauthier on Moving to Mexico and Starting an Agency | My Latin Life Podcast #27 ­čî┤
David Gauthier is a Canadian agency owner and freelancer who has been working remotely for 3+ years. He helps people make their first money online. David got his start in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. ┬á ­čî┤ Timestamps:┬á 0:00 From Canada to Mexico┬á 23:00 Inspirations (Tim Ferriss, Johnny FD, Chris the Freelancer)┬á 28:00 Mentors and the Manifest Mansion┬á 38:00 Basketball and MMA in Mexico┬á 45:00 How David Makes Money Online ┬á 1:15:00 Ayahuasca in Mexico┬á 1:24:00 Latin America as a Base ┬á ­čî┤ Follow David Gauthier:┬á Instagram: Twitter: Youtube:┬á ­čî┤ Follow My Latin Life:┬á Blog: City Guides: Twitter: Set up a Base in LatAm:
September 13, 2022
Dan Andrews of Tropical MBA and Dynamite Circle | My Latin Life Podcast #26 ­čî┤
Dan Andrews is a founder of Tropical MBA, Dynamite Circle, and Dynamite Jobs. The Tropical MBA podcast, launched in 2009, was one of the original digital nomad podcasts. The Dynamite Circle was one of the first communities for location independent entrepreneurs. ­čî┤ Timestamps:┬á 0:00 Flashpackers: Origin Story of Tropical MBA┬á 14:00 Moving to Asia for Geoabritrage┬á 24:50 Bali Digital Nomad Scene in 2011┬á 28:00 Chiang Mai Nomad Scene in 2013, Meeting Johnny FD┬á 34:00 The Digital Nomad Money Trap┬á 42:15 Impact of Pieter Levels, NomadList, Derek Sivers┬á 46:30 History of Digital Nomadism with James Clark (Nomadic Notes)┬á 52:30 What is the Dynamite Circle (DC) Entrepreneur Community?┬á 57:30 Freddy Lansky Shoutout┬á 58:30 Mark Manson and the Dark Side of Digital Nomadism┬á 1:00:00 Dynamite Circle Parties┬á 1:02:30 ECommerceFuel and other Business Communities┬á 1:05:49 Digital Nomads entering the Global Elite┬á 1:23:50 Get a Remote Job with Dynamite Jobs ┬á ­čî┤ Follow Dan Andrews, Tropical MBA, and Dynamite Jobs:┬á Twitter: Tropical MBA: Dynamite Jobs:┬á ­čî┤ Follow My Latin Life:┬á Blog: City Guides: Twitter: Set up a Base in LatAm:
August 31, 2022
Mitko Karshovski on the Future of Remote Work | My Latin Life Podcast #25 ­čî┤
Mitko Karshovski is a leader in the digital nomad community and host of the That Remote Life podcast. ┬á Mitko is a lifelong entrepreneur currently residing in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was born in Varna, Bulgaria and moved to the United States at the age of eleven. He is an astute commentator on digital nomadism and the future of work. At the time of this interview, Mitko was living in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. ┬á┬á Receive a $100 discount on Parable with this link:┬á ­čî┤ Timestamps:┬á 0:00 Mitko's Origin Story (Biotech to Nomad)┬á 12:10 Building a Personal Brand (Pat Flynn, Johnny FD, Gary Vaynerchuk)┬á 21:45 Employeefication of the Digital Nomad Community┬á 38:30 The Art of Podcasting┬á 1:00:00 Mitko's new venture (Parable)┬á 1:08:00 Living in Puerto Vallarta as a Digital Nomad┬á 1:18:00 Digital Nomad Hotspots in Mexico and Latin America ┬á ­čî┤ Follow My Latin Life:┬á Blog: City Guides: Twitter: Set up a Base in LatAm: ┬á┬á ­čî┤ Follow Mitko and That Remote Life: Join Parable: Twitter: Youtube: Instagram: Spotify:
August 25, 2022
Kyle Trouble | My Latin Life Podcast #24 ­čî┤
Kyle Trouble has been making money online since 2015. Kyle is known for his travel writing, podcasting, and highly active Twitter account. He inspires people to become free & sovereign individuals. ┬á ­čî┤ Timestamps:┬á 0:00 Kyle Trouble Early Days (Historic)┬á 6:20 Biggest Inspirations (Roosh V, Bold and Determined)┬á 9:15 Meeting Jake Nomada in 2015┬á 13:00 Systems Engineer to Blogger, Affiliates, ┬áEntrepreneurship┬á 21:30 The Global Market for Remote Work ┬á 27:40, Hiring VAs, Geoarbitrage┬á 48:00 FTEs vs Contractors┬á 53:20 Living in the USA vs Living Abroad┬á 58:30 Living in Eastern Europe vs Latin America┬á 1:06:00 Residency in Ukraine, Italian Citizenship by Descent ┬á ­čî┤ Follow My Latin Life:┬á Blog: City Guides: Instagram: Twitter:┬á ­čî┤ Follow Kyle Trouble:┬á Website: Blog: Twitter: Youtube:
August 21, 2022
Dennis Demori on Email Marketing, Twitter, and High Ticket Offers | My Latin Life Podcast #23 ­čî┤
Dennis Demori is an expert email marketer and Twitter personality. He has worked with the likes of Ed Latimore, Casey Research, Ryan Booth, Chase Dimond, and The Primal Man. Dennis will teach you how to building a freedom-based, one-person business.┬á ­čî┤ Timestamps:┬á 0:00 Going All In on Copywriting┬á 8:00 The Value of Remote Work┬á 12:00 Mexico for Digital Nomads┬á 19:00 What Makes a Good City┬á 24:20 Italian Citizenship by Descent┬á 28:00 Building a Plan B┬á 36:35 Email Marketing and High Ticket Offers┬á 50:20 Understanding Email Lists┬á 1:03:00 Email Kit and Dennis Offerings ┬á ­čî┤ Follow My Latin Life:┬á Blog: City Guides: Twitter:┬á Set up a Base in LatAm: ­čî┤ Follow Dennis Demori:┬á Website: Twitter: Youtube:
August 14, 2022
The Wandering Investor | My Latin Life Podcast #22 ­čî┤
Ladislas Maurice, also known as The Wandering Investor, is an expert in international real estate investing and second residency permits. He has visited almost 100 countries, speaks 4 languages, and holds multiple passports and permanent residencies. ­čî┤ Timestamps:┬á 0:00 Intro┬á 1:40 Becoming an Emerging Markets Investor┬á 3:30 Starting a Blog and Youtube Channel on Frontier Investing ┬á 4:50 Internationalization Consulting┬á 7:30 How to Find a Good Real Estate Agent┬á 10:55 Citizenship By Investment in Turkey┬á 15:00 Flags, Residencies, and Passports in Latin America┬á 21:30 Living and Getting Residency in Nicaragua┬á 23:40 How Many Passports and Residencies Do You Have?┬á 26:00 Investing in Medellin, Colombia (Airbnbs, Residency, Citizenship)┬á 29:30 Legendary Investor Jim Rogers┬á 31:05 Montenegro and Serbia Residency Programs┬á 33:00 Latin America vs Eastern Europe vs Africa ┬á ­čî┤ Follow My Latin Life:┬á Blog: City Guides: Instagram: Twitter:┬á ­čî┤ Follow the Wandering Investor:┬á Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Youtube:
August 07, 2022
Craig the Travel Junkee | My Latin Life Podcast #21 ­čî┤
Craig the Travel Junkee is an American travel consultant, blogger, and podcaster living between the US and Costa Rica. ┬á┬á ­čî┤ Timestamps:┬á 0:00 Intro┬á 3:30 The Business of Travel Consulting┬á 14:10 Group Trips and Group Travel┬á 20:30 Travel Facebook Groups ┬á 25:30 Setting up a Base in Costa Rica┬á 37:30 Central America Travel Stories┬á 46:25 Living in Cartagena, Colombia┬á 56:20 The Love of Traveling ┬á ­čî┤ Follow My Latin Life:┬á Blog: City Guides: Instagram: Twitter:┬á ­čî┤ Follow Craig the Travel Junkee:┬á Twitter: Instagram: Youtube: Facebook: The Travel Junkees: Road to 100 Countries: Website: The Layover Podcast:
August 02, 2022
Stephen Storey | My Latin Life Podcast #20 ­čî┤
Stephen Storey is an American entrepreneur, Youtuber, and Twitter personality living in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.┬á In this podcast, Stephen gives us a detailed breakdown of the state of Bahia and his wild lifestyle in Brazil. ­čî┤ Timestamps:┬á 0:00 From Alabama to Brazil┬á 10:20 Relationship with Andrew Tate and the Tate Brothers┬á 13:55 What is an Independent Insurance Adjuster?┬á 23:55 Relationship with Twitter Personalities (Lawrence King, Zuby, Dylan Madden, Logan Fitz, SolBrah, Rivelino)┬á 28:30 Why Brazil?┬á 36:00 Deep dive on Salvador and State of Bahia┬á 46:00 Salvador Day in the Life┬á 52:00 Description and Guide to the Beach towns of Bahia┬á 1:07:20 Deep dive on Nightlife and Dating in Salvador, Brazil┬á 1:26:20 Friendships, Community, and Lifestyle in Salvador┬á 1:42:00 The Hero's Journey ┬á ­čî┤ Follow My Latin Life:┬á Blog: City Guides: Instagram: Twitter:┬á ­čî┤ Follow Stephen Storey:┬á Twitter: Instagram: Youtube: Become an Insurance Adjuster:
July 27, 2022
James Guzman of the Borderless Podcast | My Latin Life Podcast #19 ­čî┤
James Guzman is an expat living in San Miguel de Allende, host of the highly influential Borderless Podcast and founder of the Borderless Blog. James is a pioneer in the international living, offshoring, and perpetual traveler movements. ┬á ­čô× Book a free call with James to review your expat health insurance options: ┬á ­čî┤ Timestamps:┬á 0:00 Working for Peter Schiff an Euro Pacific Capital┬á 5:35 Starting the Borderless Podcast┬á 6:30 Moving to San Miguel de Allende┬á 7:40 Murray Rothbard, Mises Institute, Austrian Economics┬á 11:50 Real Estate in Latin America┬á 17:30 Perpetual Traveler (PT) Movement┬á 25:10 Recommended PT Books ┬á 33:00 Second Residency, Second Citizenship┬á 40:00 Borderless Podcast as a Pioneering Podcast┬á 44:00 Statelessness┬á 48:00 The Future of Second Residency Programs┬á 1:00:30 Mexico Real Estate, Fideicomiso, Retirement┬á 1:20:00 Healthcare and Health Insurance in Mexico ┬á ­čî┤ Follow My Latin Life:┬á Blog: City Guides: Instagram: Twitter:┬á ­čî┤ Follow James Guzman: ┬áBlog: Twitter:
July 24, 2022
Dylan Madden | My Latin Life Podcast #18 ­čî┤
Dylan Madden is a Twitter personality, Youtuber, and freelancer living in Asuncion, Paraguay. He is a master networker and collaborates frequently with people like the Tate Brothers (Andrew and Tristan), Ed Latimore, Lawrence King, Jake Nomada, and Victor Pride. In this interview, Dylan shares his story going from normal guy in South Carolina to digital nomad and international business mogul. ­čî┤ Timestamps:┬á 0:00 - Introduction 2:01 - Traveling the World, Meeting Jake Nomada┬á 5:10 - Meeting Andrew Tate (Tate Brothers)┬á 10:10 - Becoming a Business Owner┬á 21:56 - Networking with 'Nothing' to Offer ┬á 41:00 - The Secret to Twitter ┬á 54:25 - Working with Andrew and Tristan Tate ┬á 1:01:00 Being One of the First Members of the War Room┬á 1:11:00 - The Tate Management Style ┬á 1:36:00 - Introduction to Paraguay ┬á 1:39:00 - Making a Name in Paraguay ┬á 1:52:00 - Traveling from Paraguay to Europe ┬á┬á ­čî┤ Follow Dylan Madden┬á Website: Twitter: Instagram: Youtube:┬á ­čî┤ Follow My Latin Life:┬á Website: City Guides: Instagram: Twitter:
July 14, 2022
Ric Gazarian (Global Gaz) | My Latin Life Podcast #17 ­čî┤
Ric Gazarian (Global Gaz) is on a quest to travel to all 193 UN countries. He is the host of the Counting Countries podcast and a co-founder of the Extraordinary Travel Festival.┬á Ric is humble about it, but he's one of the most well traveled people in human history.┬á He also contributes to his own travel blog (, Nomad Mania, and Travel Massive. ┬á ­čî┤ Timestamps:┬á 0:00 Chasing 193 Countries┬á 3:00 Africa to Bangkok┬á 5:45 What is Competitive Travel?┬á 8:00 Travel Massive, Extraordinary Travel Festival, Nomad Mania┬á 11:30 Counting Countries Podcast, Jeff Shea, Francis Tapon┬á 14:20 Traveling to Every Country in the World┬á 18:40 How to Travel to Every Country in the World┬á 23:00 The World's Top Travelers┬á 29:30 On Drew Binksy, Jorge Sanchez┬á 33:00 What Counts as Visiting a Country?┬á 36:00 What Country to Make Your Last Country?┬á 38:00 Johnny Ward the Irish Traveler, Naughty Nomad┬á 40:30 Ric on Latin America┬á 47:00 Ric on Central America┬á 55:00 Nomad vs Home Base┬á 57:30 Ric on Language Learning┬á 1:01:20 Is It Possible to See Everything?┬á 1:07:10 The Sacrifice and Trade Off of Visiting Every Country┬á 1:10:30 Where Is The World Going? The Rise of Asia┬á 1:27:55 Visas & Logistics Challenges of Visiting Every Country ┬á┬á ­čî┤ Follow My Latin Life:┬á Blog: City Guides: Instagram: Twitter: ­čî┤ Follow Global Gaz: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Extraordinary Travel Festival (use coupon code MLL for $50 off your ticket):┬á┬á
July 13, 2022
Han Talbot aka Han Meets World | My Latin Life Podcast #16 ­čî┤
Han Talbot (Han Meets World) is a travel blogger and host of The Remote Life podcast. She started her journey through an exchange in Florianopolis, Brazil. Han now makes a full time income by freelancing and working online, and is a major advocate for digital nomad life and location independence. ┬á┬á ­čî┤ Timestamps:┬á 0:00 Han Talbot's Early Days in Brazil as University Student ­čçž­čçĚ┬á 12:20 Brasilian vs European Accent in Portuguese┬á 14:00 Making Money Online┬á 18:30 Benefits of Being a Digital Nomad┬á 20:00 Brazilian Community in London and Dublin┬á 22:30 Language Learning┬á 24:00 Advice for Becoming a Digital Nomad, Freelancing┬á 31:00 The Remote Life podcast, Mexico City Project┬á 34:30 Thoughts on the Digital Nomad movement┬á 36:45 Favorite Spots for Digital Nomads┬á 38:15 Han's Projects and Future Plans ┬á ­čî┤ Follow Han Talbot and the Remote Life Podcast:┬á Website: Twitter: Facebook: Youtube:┬á Instagram:┬á ­čî┤ Follow My Latin Life:┬á Blog: City Guides: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:
April 07, 2022
Simon Ohanian, CEO of Aventura X on Doing Business in Panama | My Latin Life Podcast #15 ­čî┤
Simon Ohanian is the CEO of Aventura X, a leading electric scooter company headquartered in Los Angeles.┬á Logistical challenges led Simon to Panama, where he opened a warehouse in the Colon Free Zone and creating a base for his international business. USE PROMO CODE "MyLatinLife" for $100 off your electric scooter purchase ÔÇ╝´ŞĆ ┬á ­čî┤ Timestamps:┬á 0:00 Starting Aventura X, the Electric Scooter Company┬á 16:00 Sourcing from Asia, Tech Specs, Moving to LA┬á 22:30 Why Panama, Living and Doing Business in Panama, Colon Free Trade Zone┬á 51:00 How to Find Lawyers and Contacts in Panama┬á 55:00 International Hardware Businesses are Difficult┬á 59:00 What's next for Aventura X ┬á ­čî┤ Follow Simon and Aventura X:┬á Order a Scooter: Instagram: ┬á ­čî┤ Follow My Latin Life:┬á Blog: City Guides: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:
April 01, 2022
Jack Roaming on Monetizing as a Travel Blogger | My Latin Life Podcast #14 ­čî┤
Jack Roaming is a writer and adventurer from Luxembourg.┬á He lives a full-time digital nomad lifestyle, owns several niche websites, and 40k+ people follow his writings on Medium. ┬á┬á ­čî┤ Timestamps:┬á 0:00 Intro to Jack Roaming┬á 3:45 On Reading My Latin Life Since 2016, Mark Zolo since 2012┬á 5:40 Balancing Routine and Adventure Travel┬á 9:30 How to Find Off-The-Beaten-Path Places┬á 12:00 Living in Buzios, Brasil as a Digital Nomad┬á 15:00 Carnaval in Rio de Janiero 2022, Lapa┬á 22:00 Adil Maf Shoutout, Balneario Camboriu┬á 23:00 Underrated Spots in Brasil, Selina Copacabana Brasil┬á 28:00 Thoughts on Brasil for Digital Nomads┬á 30:15 Jack Roaming Bio, Growing up in Luxembourg┬á 38:00 Quitting the Corporate World for Freedom┬á 42:00 How Jack Started Working Online┬á 44:50 Growing to 40k+ Followers by Writing on Medium┬á 50:00 Getting Paid on Medium, Passive Income Strategies┬á 57:00 Jack's Writing Process, Routine, Multitasking, Focus┬á 1:01:00 Thoughts on Nomad Capitalist┬á 1:03:20 Residency Visas in Mexico┬á 1:05:00 Plans for My Latin Life┬á 1:11:30 Slow Travel for Digital Nomads┬á 1:15:00 Travel Plans for 2022, Chasing 193, Mark Zolo┬á 1:17:55 Counting Countries, Visiting Transnistria and Western Sahara┬á 1:19:00 Favorite Cities in the World┬á 1:21:30 Best Digital Nomad Cities in the World┬á 1:27:55 Asia Travel Story and Outro ┬á┬á ­čî┤ Follow Jack Roaming:┬á Blog: Youtube: Medium: Instagram: Twitter:┬á ­čî┤ Follow My Latin Life:┬á Blog: City Guides: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:
March 26, 2022
Justin Marc on Dating, Travel, Toronto, and Entrepreneurship | My Latin Life Podcast #13 ­čî┤
Justin Marc is a Toronto-based Youtuber, entrepreneur, and dating coach. At only 26 years old he runs a multi-million dollar coaching business and has over 100,000 subscribers on Youtube. He has spent time in Mexico, Peru and Brasil. ­čî┤ Timestamps: ┬á 0:00 Intro┬á 1:00 Latinos in Toronto┬á 4:30 Moving to Leon Mexico, Making Online Income┬á 8:10 Product Launches During Covid from CDMX┬á 10:00 Earn Dollars, Spend Pesos┬á 16:00 Golden Handcuffs, Go Where You're Treated Best┬á 20:00 Visiting Egypt┬á 23:40 Dating Coach Bradicus Getting Cancelled and Retiring┬á 29:30 Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta┬á 31:40 Job vs Entrepreneurship, Moving Back with Parents┬á 35:20 Value of Mentorship and Recommended Books┬á 37:30 Learning from Owen Cook (RSD Tyler)┬á 39:30 Looksmaxxing, Getting a Nosejob, New Tattoo┬á 44:40 Medical Tourism in Mexico, Travel Insurance, World Nomads, Safetywing┬á 46:30 Thoughts on Los Angeles, Moving to USA┬á 48:00 Being from Scarborough┬á 48:30 Online vs In-Person Business Models┬á 51:00 Dating Coaching vs Business Coaching┬á 53:00 Shoutouts and Justin's Product Offerings┬á 56:00 Dating in Latin America vs North America ┬á ­čî┤ Get SafetyWing Travel Insurance (Recommended by Justin):┬á ­čî┤ Follow Justin Marc:┬á┬á ­čî┤ Follow My Latin Life:┬á Blog: City Guides: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:
March 22, 2022
Adil Maf on Living in Brasil as a Resident & Digital Nomad | My Latin Life Podcast #12 ­čî┤
New episode with Adil Maf, a Moroccan digital nomad living in Balneario Camboriu, Brasil. In this episode we talk about living in Brasil as a digital nomad, becoming a legal permanent resident of Brasil, Balneario Camboriu, tax in Brasil, payment processing, US vs UK companies for online business, working with emerging market clients, the metaverse, and play-to-earn. ­čî┤ Timestamps: 0:00 How Adil Moved to Brasil as a Moroccan Guy 5:00 Adil's start in Online Business in Casablanca Morroco 17:15 Becoming Location Independent in 2015 21:00 Why Brasil 23:30 Colombia vs Brasil, Plan B, Second Passports 28:20 Get Permanent Residency in Brasil, Buy Real Estate in Brasil 31:00 Brasil Legal Residency through Stable Union (Uni├úo Est├ível) 41:00 Living in Balneario Camboriu as a Digital Nomad 51:00 Balneario Camboriu vs Rio de Janeiro, Brazilian Beach Towns 54:00 Arabs in Brasil, Language Learning 1:01:00 Payment Processing Options in Latin America 1:09:15 Tax Implications as a Brasil Permanent Resident 1:14:00 Foreign Investment in Brasil 1:17:00 US vs UK Company: What's Best for Taxes and Online Business 1:19:40 Working with Emerging Market Clients, High Ticket Sales 1:24:30 Digital Nomads from Emerging Market Countries 1:27:00 Nomad Capitalist (Go Where You're Treated Best) 1:28:00 Crypto, NFTs, Play to Earn, Revenue Sharing, Metaverse ­čî┤ Follow Adil Maf:┬á Crypto Wealth Accelerator Course (Use code MYLATINLIFE-CWA for 40% off):┬á┬á ­čî┤ Follow My Latin Life:┬á Blog: City Guides: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:
March 14, 2022
Martin Toomey of Offshore Consultancy Group | My Latin Life Podcast #11 ­čî┤
Today's guest is Martin Toomey of Offshore Consultancy Group LLC. In this episode we discuss residency options, naturalization, second passports, tax optimization, and real estate opportunities in Latin America. ­čî┤ Timestamps: 0:00 How Martin Got into Offshore Consulting 9:00 Buying Investment Property in Latin America 30:35 Shoutout Sam Miller Life and Airbnb in Medellin 35:00 Tax and Residency Options in Mexico, Colombia, Panama, Argentina, Central America 1:05:00 Incorporating Offshore 1:09:00 FEIE and Tax Breaks for Americans Abroad 1:15:00 Tax, Residency, Naturalization, and Citizenship Questions ­čî┤ Follow Martin Toomey:┬á┬á┬á ­čî┤ Follow My Latin Life:┬á Blog: City Guides: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:
March 07, 2022
Swiss Ramon on Panama Residency and Dropshipping Success | My Latin Life Podcast #10 ­čî┤
Today's guest is Ramon from Switzerland! He's a highly successful dropshipper with a presence across Latin America, Europe, and Asia.┬á In this episode we talk about living in Mexico, Panama residency, internationalizing yourself, offshoring, online business, Latam vs Europe vs Asia, and much more! Ramon is a really smart guy.┬á Timestamps:┬á 0:00 How Ramon Got Into Entrepreneurship and Internet Marketing┬á 18:00 From Dropping out of University to Making 6 Figures Dropshipping┬á 30:00 Thoughts on Paying for Mentorship┬á 39:30 Panama Residency, Playa del Carmen, Staatenlos Mastermind┬á 45:00 Lowering Your Taxes, Offshoring, & Creating a Plan B┬á 1:04:00 Latin America as a European┬á 1:18:00 Balancing being a Digital Nomad and Getting Stuff Done┬á 1:24:00 Latam vs Europe vs Asia as a Digital Nomad┬á 1:45:00 Making Money Online and Business Models ┬á ­čî┤ Follow Ramon:┬á ­čî┤ Follow My Latin Life:┬á Blog: City Guides: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:
March 02, 2022
Ian Blas on Bitcoin Cash Adoption in Argentina | My Latin Life #09 ­čî┤
Ian Blas is the founder of BitcoinCash Argentina. ┬á In this episode we talk about Bitcoin Cash, adoption of BCH, smartBCH, TangoSwap, BCH vs BTC, capital controls in Argentina (and how BCH solves this), BCH for remittances, the history of the BitcoinCash community in Argentina and Latin America, and predictions for the future of Bitcoin Cash. ┬á┬á┬á Timestamps:┬á 0:00 Intro┬á 1:20 Conversation In Spanish┬á 52:32 Conversation in English ┬á ­čî┤ Follow Ian Blas and BitcoinCash Argentina:┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á ­čî┤ Follow My Latin Life:┬á Blog: City Guides: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:
February 23, 2022
Freddy Lansky from Points Panda | My Latin Life Podcast #08 ­čî┤
New podcast episode with Freddy Lansky from Points Panda! In this episode we talk about living in Mexico City, traveling Brazil, being a long-term digital nomad, working remote from Latin America, and starting/buying/selling online businesses. Freddy is the founder of Points Panda, a credit card and travel advice website and youtube channel. Points Panda shares best unbiased editorial information on all the latest airline seats, hotel rooms, and general travel information. ­čî┤ Timestamps: 0:00 Intro 3:00 Where to Live in Latin America (Peru, Brasil, Mexico, Colombia) 8:00 The Business of Points Panda and Travel Hacking 14:30 How Freddy Started Traveling 24:00 Building a Million Dollar Business Teaching Chess 28:30 How Mexico City is Changing and Gentrifying 30:00 Philosophical Thoughts on Brasil 32:00 Comparing Latin America vs Eastern Europe vs Asia 52:10 Thoughts on Language Learning 54:00 Mexican Residency, Mexican Visas, and Traveling Mexico 1:20 Philosophical Thoughts as a Long Term Digital Nomad
February 17, 2022
Mike NoGoZones on Vlogging from War Zones | My Latin Life Podcast #07 ­čî┤
Mike is a the Miami-based creator of No Go Zones. Instead of traveling to tourist hot spots, Mike travels to so called No Go Zones - areas that are deemed unsafe by mainstream media. We pull back the curtain and see whatÔÇÖs really going on in these so called dangerous areas. ┬á ­čî┤ Timestamps:┬á 0:00 Intro ┬á 3:30 Inspiration and Anthony Bourdain┬á 4:40 How Mike Got Started┬á 19:00 Mark Zolo Shoutout┬á 22:00 How to Record in a No Go Zone (Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria)┬á 42:00 Talking Ciudad del Este, El Salvador, Miami, Latin America┬á 1:17:00 Jake Nomada Shoutouts & Outro ┬á ­čî┤ Follow Mike NoGoZones:┬á Website:┬á Youtube:┬á Instagram:┬á Twitter: ┬á ­čî┤ Follow My Latin Life:┬á Blog:┬á City Guides:┬á Facebook:┬á Instagram:┬á
February 16, 2022
Marc Falzon on Bitcoin Cash Adoption in St. Kitts & Latin America | My Latin Life Podcast #06 ­čî┤
Marc Falzon is on a mission to bring peer-to-peer cash to the world. He is documenting crypto adoption across Latin America. He joins us today from St. Kitts & Nevis, a country experiencing a wave of Bitcoin Cash adoption. He has also documented the crypto movement in El Salvador, Panama, and Thailand. ┬á ­čî┤ Timestamps:┬á 0:00 Marc's Background and Intro to Bitcoin Cash┬á 20:00 Bitcoin Cash Adoption in St. Kitts┬á 37:00 Thoughts on Citizenship and Second Passports┬á 40:30 El Salvador Bitcoin Adoption Issues┬á 55:30 Roger Ver, Kim Dotcom, David Bond Involvement in BCH┬á 1:01:00 Crypto Predictions and Adoption in Latin America┬á 1:17:00 BIG PREDICTION - Next Countries to Adopt Crypto┬á 1:19:00 Thoughts on China, Argentina ┬á ­čî┤ Follow Marc Falzon:┬á Flipstarter: Instagram: Twitter: Youtube:┬á ­čî┤ Follow My Latin Life:┬á Blog: City Guides: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:
February 04, 2022
The Travel Money Guy | My Latin Life Podcast #05 ­čî┤
Kyle the Travel Money Guy first came to Medellin, Colombia in 2015. That trip disrupted his pursuit of the "American Dream" and he has since moved to Medellin, learned Spanish, Portuguese, French, and has invested in becoming a full-time travel and content creator. ­čî┤ Follow My Latin Life:┬á Blog: City Guides: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: ­čî┤ Travel Money Guy's Info:┬á Youtube: Website: Instagram:┬á
February 04, 2022
Sam Miller Life | My Latin Life Podcast Episode #04 ­čî┤
Sam Miller is a youtuber, real estate entrepreneur, and crypto investor living in Medellin, Colombia.┬á In 2008, he rode a motorcycle from Canada to Argentina. ┬áHe fell in love with Latin America and has now lived in Colombia for 10+ years.┬á At one point he managed 200+ rental units in and around Colombia. ­čî┤ Sam Miller's Info:┬á Youtube:┬á┬á Twitter: ­čî┤ Follow My Latin Life:┬á Blog: City Guides: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:
February 04, 2022
Daniel Rusteen aka Danny Booboo | My Latin Life Podcast #03 ­čî┤
Daniel Rusteen is an expert on all things Airbnb and a digital nomad since 2016.┬á He recently bought property in Medell├şn, Colombia.┬á Danny has spend extensive time traveling and living in Latin America - from Mexico to Colombia to Brasil. Danny's Info:┬á┬á
January 19, 2022
Mark Zolo - Retired and Gone Sailing | My Latin Life Podcast #02 ­čî┤
Mark Zolo is an Irish writer and adventurer. He has visited 100+ countries and is serious candidate for most interesting man in the world.
January 19, 2022
Vance the Founder | My Latin Life Podcast #01 ­čî┤
Legendary first episode of the new My Latin Life podcast.  My Latin Life is your trusted guide to living in Latin America, since 2014.
January 19, 2022