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My Looks with Ogo

My Looks with Ogo

By Ogo Maduewesi
I'm Delighted to have you here.
My Looks with Ogo is here, passionately to Enhance your Body Confidence, Positive Body-Image, Abilities, Boldness, unique Gifts.. being intimidated by:
*Physical Appearance issues?
*Do your Looks affect your intimate life?
*Do you feel ashamed to be in a social gathering?
*Do you feel so different and abnormal because of your looks?
*Is your look affecting your career/work life?
*Do you generally dislike the way you look?
*A Skin condition? Disfigurement - scars, burns, birthmarks, hair loss? Body-Image issues?

Let me be your Enhancer...
You, be my Doer...
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Celebrating World Scleroderma Day with Sara
World Scleroderma Day, 2019 It is June 29 and it is World Scleroderma Day. This is one rare condition that really breaks my heart each time I have to look or discuss it. Its disfiguring nature is just sad, yet the likes of my beautiful warrior here, Sara keeping pushing and winning with it in the midst of all pains, restrictions and more. Scleroderma refers to a range of disorders in which the skin and connective tissues tighten and harden. It is a long-term, progressive disease. This means it gradually gets worse. I will leave it here now so you can hear directly from Sara Jato, the founder and Executive Director of Me and Sclero Foundation Africa Remember, I be your Enhancer… And you be my Doer… Thank you…
June 28, 2019
Happy World Vitiligo Day, 25 June 2019
World Vitiligo Day 25, June Special Podcast  ...mmmm excitement carried me,I just realised that I did not say my name while podcasting, forgive me hehehheeh... My name is Ogo Maduewesi, your My Looks with Ogo Podcast host. Today is World Vitiligo Day and this is my own little way of celebrating... I hope you listen and drop a comment. Thank you Happy World Vitiligo Day to us!!!
June 25, 2019
My special birthday Podcast - 14th June, 2019
My special birthday podcast... It's been a journey i'm eternally grateful for.  It's been a journey with huge priceless lessons. It's been a journey of growth. It's been a journey I really love to share with you. Remember, I want to be your Enhancer,  And you, be my Doer.
June 14, 2019
Albinism Awareness Day 2019 - "Still Standing Strong"
People with albinism face multiple forms of discrimination worldwide. Albinism is still profoundly misunderstood, socially and medically. The physical appearance of persons with albinism is often the object of erroneous beliefs and myths influenced by superstition, which foster their marginalization and social exclusion. This leads to various forms of stigma and discrimination. In some communities, erroneous beliefs and myths, heavily influenced by superstition, put the security and lives of persons with albinism at constant risk. These beliefs and myths are centuries old and are present in cultural attitudes and practices around the world. - UN And today, I join The Albino Foundation TAF whose VISION is - “The Albino Foundation envisions a society with equal opportunity for Persons with Albinism” to celebrate the International Albinism Awareness Day.  Standing Strong and winning with you all with our Looks! Much Love
June 13, 2019
Having Suicidal thoughts?
Have you ever had suicidal thoughts possibly because of your Looks, Physical Appearance, Facial disfigurement, or just any other form of Visible Disfigurement and Body-Image issues? Maybe due to panic attacks, anxiety, depression and or some mental health challenges? Have you been blamed or called vain, because your are not at peace with your Looks?  Have you been able to access and get true help? Do you feel better?  I want you to understand one thing, irrespective of what anyone thinks, you are very good to me and a host of others walking this journey together, please trying to be accepted by others who do not have the tiniest idea what you are dealing with. Stay away from them for your sanity, peace and progress, they are so many around us and no matter what they say, if you see or perceive contrary actions, they are not your circle. Truly, it is very ok to feel 'ugly' when certain situations happen, just don't park, build and live in with that thought. It is very ok, not to want the way you look, no it doesn't make you a sinner or worldly person. The truth is that you,. not liking your acne scar os no different from the other (maybe a celebrity) who got a scar on her face. Do not feel less, especially when they try to make you feel so, you do not need them for the sake of your mental health. Please download this podcast and share with people you think might need this. Please share your thoughts with me on comment sections on all my Social Media,   Linkedin Ogo Maduewesi Instagram @OgoMaduewesi Twitter @OgoMaduewesi Facebook @ogomaduewesi1
June 10, 2019
My Looks, my living experience.
And this still on introducing 'My Looks with Ogo' Podcast... Just to learn you know that I am not a psychologist, but coming to you with priceless lessons, coping skills and self-help guide I have developed at different times trying to live confidently and successfully with my appearance issues which include white patches, receding hair, scars and all... smiles.. Let me be your Enhancer, And you be my Doer. Much Love
May 31, 2019
Yes! Welcome to my very first Podcast
I did it... yipppeeee... Here is introducing my podcast, which I am so passionate about. It is all about 'My Looks', personalised for each and every one of us, what is the issue with our looks? How is it affecting you and your productive life? Lets journey as we discuss, share, tell and build. This is getting us on the path. This dropping it real and as blunt as it is. I'm so excited, this has been long coming, I'm so happy that I finally got this started after procrastinating for years. Let me be your Enhancer,  And you be my Doer.
May 31, 2019