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My Brother & Me

My Brother & Me

By Kahlia & Ja’von
A Dope Podcast. Hosts Ja'von and Kahlia discuss all types of topics - nothing's off limits with these two. #ForTheCulture
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Snitchin, Blacklash, Movies & TV Shows
Hosts Ja’von and Kahlia explore whether snitching is ever okay, overt vs. covert racism, what movie made Kahlia cry, favorite movies, most overrated/underrated tv shows, and a review of Disney Channel Original Movies from their childhood.
September 30, 2019
Am I Suppose To Be Buying You Drinks?
In this episode Ja'von and Kahlia welcome special guest Tiffany (Ja'von's wife) as they discuss their thoughts on the differences between dating in the past and dating now, their various dating experiences including their worst date ever, and Kahlia's high school rules on dating. And later Ja’von shares his thoughts about college and Kahlia gets deeper into why she went to an HBCU. *We has some technical difficulties so please excuse the buzz sound every now and then.
September 24, 2019
Let’s Talk Music
A CHAOTIC conversation discussing what’s popping in music - from Jay Z and Bey to a debate about who was really Michael Jackson’s competition - this is a CHAOTIC conversation with multiple special guests
September 10, 2019
Talk Yo Sh*t
In this episode recorded before the trailer, Ja’von and Kahlia discuss future plans, weddings and marriage, and why Kahlia grew up without video game systems. And later some surprise commentary from two special guests - including questions about the police from a 5 year old.
September 2, 2019
Our Very First Show [Trailer]
Hosts Ja'von and Kahlia introduce themselves and explain how they met; Kahlia recalls her most embarrassing moment ever and Ja'von explores his resentment toward his friends who left for college and how he dealt with it. Welcome to My Brother & Me!!!!
August 25, 2019