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My Coffee Stories

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Sharing my daily life stories and simple how-to’s over a cup of coffee!
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Quick Catch Up!

My Coffee Stories

Quick Catch Up!
Hey, excited to start a new chapter for the podcast! I'm just sharing some life updates before I welcome my dear friend Bianca as a regular tambay in the show. Let's catch up!
July 15, 2022
Imposter Syndrome: How to identify and combat this phenomena?
Lucky, a dear friend, a life coach and the voice behind the "Life Talks with Kuya Lucky" joined me in a discussion about Imposter Syndrome. In this episode, we talked our personal experiences on how we are dealing or somehow dealt with this phenomena. Have you ever felt of this syndrome before and how did you overcome this? Let's talk about that in this episode.
February 18, 2022
Happy 2022! Here's my 2021 reflections & learnings
This is very personal! I hope everyone is giving themselves a pat on their back for surviving 2021. It's never easy but look at you, you're still thriving and growing. Hope you get something valuable from my personal reflections.
January 25, 2022
3 Things Adults Should Learn from Children
Majority of adults are probably having some struggles winning in the game of adulthood. Looking back on our childhood days, we were fearless and creative. How did we end up being a person who would listen more to others that actually listening deliberately to ourselves? I tried to list down some simple learnings I got from my 11 year old cousin and how those insights would be helpful to make our adulthood a little better. Learn more in this episode! Follow our website for the show notes and blogs: Let's be friends and continue the conversation on Instagram or buy me some coffee!
November 08, 2021
Zoning out helps my productivity!
A little clarification on why is it okay to do the bare minimum, hmmm— I personally think that showing up or starting to do something is already an achievement. Once you have already build a habit, eventually you don’t waste to waste your time anymore and you’d decide to do better in handling your resources like your time. | What is mindfulness? You may check this article to learn more: | Feel free to visit James Clear's website as well to learn more about "Productivity", here: Enjoy zoning out!
July 18, 2021
My old podcast episodes, I cringe! I cringe!
So good to talk to you again! It has been awhile since we have this kind of conversation. In this episode, I've looked back on how I started and what's keeping motivated to keep on going. I hope this will be helpful for those who'd like to start doing something new in their lives. Please let me know if you like this content by sending a message on my social media. Facebook: Instagram:
May 24, 2021
Podcast Trailer
Welcome to the My Coffee Stories!
May 13, 2021
Forgiveness and Breakthroughs | Can we start over again? Part 2
Part 2 is up! Also, belated Happy Birthday to my guest, Gel! I'm so blessed to share her wisdom to my dear Coffee Friends. Enjoy listening! ****** I had several cold wars with my guest in this episode! But, asking her to be share her testimony here in the podcast only proves that having some time off with someone you care about helps to grow your relationship more. We often spent hours talking offline but despite of having long personal talks, we still could not stop exchanging our thoughts here in this podcast. So, I decided to cut the episode into 2 parts! Yay! I personally learned a lot from simple talks with my most cared friends and I also hope that you'd be able to get some wisdom in this conversation too. What's in this episode? Forgiveness Starting over again Our definition of "happiness"
May 02, 2021
Can we start over again? Part 1
I had several cold wars with my guest in this episode! But, asking her to be share her testimony here in the podcast only proves that having some time off with someone you care about helps to grow your relationship more. We often spent hours talking offline but despite of having long personal talks, we still could not stop exchanging our thoughts here in this podcast. So, I decided to cut the episode into 2 parts! Yay! I personally learned a lot from simple talks with my most cared friends and I also hope that you'd be able to get some wisdom in this conversation too. What's in this episode? Background on our 11 year old friendship First relationships and why it failed Red Flags to spot on before entering a new relationship Part 2 will be uploaded next week, Sunday! Stay tune and happy listening!
April 25, 2021
#LearningIsEssential | Still learning in mid-20's
It's up! I've been always passionate in learning little things and I'm excited to share this same passion with my dear friend, Guia. She's a young professional, and despite being 5 years younger, I admire her in so many ways, particularly her desire to learn and grow in both her professional and personal life. Find out what we've been learning lately and how it affects our perspective as young professionals.
April 18, 2021
Those difficult times! When the battle choses you.
I've been blessed to be surrounded by these amazing people who constantly reminds me to have an intimate relationship with God and Khalil is one of those! In this episode, we have tackled our personal struggles and what's our outlook towards facing those difficult times. So happy with my dear friend's transition and I can listen all day with his stories about this journey! Support him and his God given talent on singing by subscribing to his Youtube Channel here: 
April 11, 2021
Insecurities rooted from childhood
I've been called by different names (especially in grade school) because of my color or how big my eyes are. For a child, we thought this could only be a source of entertainment or fun. We ignore it 'cause it may be natural for kids to tease each other and we grow up normalizing these actions. Partly, it can be true that kids may have said things unintentionally but the scars that it gave us could last for years and worst, it affects the way how we see our identity as a person. Believing that those names our former classmates used to call us are who we are. In this episode, we bring back those memories and talk about how simple teasing impacted us as adults. I brought my former coworkers  and now my dearly friends (Ayie and Bianca) to join me in this episode to share their thoughts and experiences! Enjoy this episode! If you want to continue the conversation, please follow "My Coffee Stories" on Facebook and on Instagram @my.coffeestories_ and let me know if you're having the same experiences when you were a child! You may also check our Podcast Show Notes here: Follow us on Social Media: Instagram: Facebook:
April 04, 2021
Financial Background and Habits
Start of my very tita talks! I am now finally disclosing how I handle my finances. My ways are not perfect but I hope I am still able to inspire you that it's never too late to have it in a right way. Enjoy this episode and I hope you're able to get some inspiration to start and personalize the habits towards your financial goals! Link for the Bloomberg article: ttps://
March 29, 2021
My Story
Getting personal here, lol! I am finally unveiling my-not-so-special life story to cap my podcast anniversary week. I grew up in a broken family which left a deep scar that I had to deal for 27 years! There was a scenario during my childhood that affected on how I handled relationships, I had difficulty trusting opposite gender and became too independent that it was hard to let other people lead me. Each one of us have our own kind of scars, some are deep and some aren't but it affects our lives somehow. It would take time to completely heal and despite of not wanting to remember the pain of those scars, it would always play a huge role of what we are now.
February 27, 2021
Learn to say "NO" to what's not important! | happy heart's day #mcs minisode
Happy Valentines, loves! This minisode is quite rush, I was reading a book then I couldn't wait to share my realizations so I immediately record this to share it to you! It's my Valentines's gift. Hope you like it! If you have questions or suggestions, just connect with me on Instagram: @my.coffeestories_ Enjoy this minisode!
February 15, 2021
Patience and Praises, Love Works Chapter 3 #BookNotes
It's Friday, lol! Got the chance to continue book notes! Hooray! In this episode, I'll be talking more on what I've picked up from CEO Joel Manby about how he handled leadership. It's only the chapter 3 of the book but it has been already insightful. I'm excited to explore more the other episodes and I wonder it would affect my outlook on being a good leader! Let me know your thoughts on this, feel free to DM me on Instagram! Follow me @my.coffeestories_ 
February 12, 2021
Weekend Gaming, Playing Among Us #MCS Mini Episode
Wednesday na! Weekend is coming and I can't wait to rest and spend it with loved ones. Check this podcast episode to get to know how I usually spend my weekends! If you want to continue the conversation, DM me on Instagram @my.coffeestories_ and I'd love to know how's your week so far! #mcfspeaks
February 10, 2021
Working From Home for good!
Yay! Happy new year, happy new life indeed! I recorded this last January 'cause I'm still not sure what topic to talk about. Then, the idea of sharing to you how am I preparing myself and my tiny work space to work from home for good. Hope you enjoy this! Follow me on instagram: @mycoffee.stories_
February 03, 2021
Preparations for 2021! My 3 major focus next year...
Happy Holidays!🌟 Ending this year with some preparations tips on how we can have a better year. Thank you for supporting this podcast! You can now support me and My Coffee Stories by visiting this link:
December 25, 2020
Book Notes | Love Works? Intellectual Glow Up? *Maybe?*
Fond of reading? Join me in this *podcast* book club for a little brain glow up this pandemic season! This week’s book is “Love Works” by Joel Manby. Watch his Undercover Boss episode here:
September 30, 2020
What’s wrong with Self Talk?? *I’m not crazy!*
Talking to myself is (sometimes) my hobby but believe me, I’m not crazy! Haha Let me explain it to you in this episode. 😀 You may want to read this article to understand more: and
September 25, 2020
Quick Life Updates, Resetting and Building New Habits
In this episode, I talked my fascination on animation and some Korean dramas lately and shared my motivation on resetting my daily life. Enjoy the episode!
September 09, 2020
Embracing New Season This New Normal *Moving On Tips*
Finally talking about moving on! Hola to all single ladies and lad out there. Let’s make this season fruitful and maximize it as much as we can. Sharing the things I’ve been doing to overcome the painful breakup. 💪🏻
August 06, 2020
Managing *Current* Life Detours
Hola! Finally, opening up my current struggle. I hope this give you a little insights on how you can also manage yours. Please stay safe! 🥀
July 18, 2020
You’re fiercely and wonderfully made, Self Image Recovery Session with Chari Brown ❤️
Tell it to yourself, you are different, you are beautiful! 🤎 Had my college best friend to talk about Self Image Recovery—how to handle or recover yourself in the world’s standard of beauty. Enjoy and learn! 😘
July 04, 2020
Relationship Talks & Advice, Fun and insightful chikahan with one my closest friend,
Hola! ✨ Reunited with my sister from another mother ❤️ I really love this episode ‘cause its like literally brings back our “ Rooftop Coffee Session”. Just freely talking about us, our relationship, our struggles and how to move forward. Enjoy our laughs and kwentuhan as much as I did! 🥰
July 03, 2020
@_Home.M on Creative Ideas into Action: Start your own brand,Quality IG Feed in a low budget
Invited my friend Home.M_ around to share her very inspiring story on starting her creator’s page! Personally, I admire the creativity and dedication of this lady in her passion project. Follow her on IG and Youtube: @_home.m Listen and enjoy this episode! ❤️
June 26, 2020
Quick Random Updates | My online business, Spacing Out and Clearing Up my head
Hola! You missed my voice and my passersby (jeepneys, trucks and even planes)? 😂 This episode is so random, I just actually want to record anything under the sun—and might help me process my thoughts well. To be honest, its quite effective! So, whether you like it or not, I might do this kind of things again. For now, just enjoy listening! No bashers allowed, mwa! ❤️
June 14, 2020
Greatest Skill Requires Constant Rehearsals | Regaining confidence in your talent or skills
Hope everyone is safe, I’m so excited this episode where I share how I recalibrated my mindset to share and grow God given talents. Hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did. ❤️
May 08, 2020
Bakit parating kulang? My Problem Solving Analysis about Contentment and Financial Approach
Happy Labour Day! Salute to all the workers around the globe. This podcast talks about my self problem solving on how to be contented of what I have, appreciating little things that will surely gives me pure joy. Tell me your thoughts about this later. Enjoy listening!
April 30, 2020
Toxic Relationships, Work, Money and Stress Management ft. Jhann Tan
Stress kills brain cells! Scary as it may sound but my dear friend Jhann and I made some fun in giving each other some insights on how a normal workers like us deal with day-to-day stress, coworkers, money and toxic relationships.
March 03, 2020