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Myedtechbuddies Podcast

Myedtechbuddies Podcast

By Daren White
Myedtechbuddies is a podcast focusing on increasing confidence with edtech tools in the classroom and beyond in the education environment.

Designed to compliment the @myedtechbuddy app - a self-paced VIA20 Google Innovator project to help teachers learn new approaches with technology. Find out more at

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Episode 20, Series 1: Connecting with Clare Pirie
In this final episode we meet Clare Pirie. Clare is an educator, blogger and Google Certified Innovator, who having changed careers, is passionate about Teaching and Learning.  Clare is the founder of @ConnectrioEd, aiming to share successful strategies for parental engagement. We also find out the final entry in the #lunchboxlegend world cup. 
April 6, 2021
Episode 19. Series 1 - All Inclusive with Ryan Evans
In this episode Daren speaks with Ryan Evans, founder of  Ryan is a former ICT teacher and now Inclusion Technologist from Carmarthen in Wales. Ryan is a Google Certified Innovator, Apple Professional Learning Specialist and Microsoft Certified Educator and his #VIA20 project reflects his passion for inclusivity in learning. 
March 30, 2021
Episode 18, Series 1: Pick Your Own PD with Zaitoon Bukhari
In this episode we're joined by Zaitoon Bukhari, SLE in Integrated Technology, Edtech Teaching & Learning Lead at Witton Park Academy, Google Innovator & Trainer. Zaitoon is passionate about delivering relevant PD opportunities to staff in order to empower colleagues and improve life chances for students. Here she talks about her own experiences of training quality, diversity and innovation and how she is determined to drive better representation and relevance in the education and edtech worlds through 1:1 coaching and readily available resources.
March 23, 2021
Episode 17, Series 1 - #ITjustworks - according to Abid Patel
In this episode we talk to the A-B-I and the D, Abid Patel, IT Director at Leading Learning Trust, Edufuturist Network Manager of the Year 2020, #Edtech50 one to watch. Abid is also a co-founder of Global GEG and leader of GEG UK.  We talk about digital strategy, eradicating the 'them and us' culture, staff development, 10X thinking and more. 
March 16, 2021
Episode 16, Series 1: Taking a leap of faith - with Ben Moore
In this episode we meet Ben Moore, the world's youngest Google Certified Trainer and lead member of GEG UK and Global GEG. Even though he is only 20, Ben has already held a number of roles in education and is a pioneer in terms of supporting staff development with technology for his schools and the Academies Enterprise Trust as an InnovAETor.  Ben talks openly about his rapid rise to Google Certified Trainer, being a young member of staff in schools and his personal battle with long COVID. 
March 9, 2021
Episode 15, Series 1: Lightbulb moments with Andy Caffrey
In this episode Daren chats with Andy Caffrey - @MrCaffrey - the highly respected CEO of @CanopyCIC , Google Innovator Program legend and former teacher with a love of technology. Andy has been instrumental in helping thousands of teachers improve their tech skills and continues to do so through Canopy's latest release Google Workspace Skills.  Andy talks honestly about rejection, resilience and reinvention. 
March 2, 2021
Episode 14. Series 1: Thinglinking about the future with Louise Jones
In this episode Daren talks to Louise Jones, former educator, Googler and current Director of Education, Community & Partnerships At Thinglink about her varied career, accessibility for all, the future of education and of course, what Thinglink has to offer not just educators but any user across the globe. Follow Louise @Scotlandlouise Click here to view an example Thinglink edtech tube map 
February 23, 2021
Episode 13, Series 1: Introducing new approaches with Emma Baker
In this episode we talk to Emma Baker, Principal of Ormiston Rivers Academy in Burnham, Essex, England. Emma has been a Headteacher for 6 years and was instrumental in developing teaching and learning at her previous school, Maltings Academy and has since introduced Google for Education at her current school.
February 16, 2021
Episode 12: What is education for? with Jon Neale
In this episode we talk with Jon Neale, a highly respected Google Certified Trainer and Innovator and Digital Learning Lead at Halcyon London International School about the purpose of education, how things have changed and how they might move forward into the future to the benefit of our young people and our staff. @JNealeUK
February 9, 2021
Episode 11: Mote-making with Will Jackson
In this episode we talk to co-founder of Mote, Will Jackson. Mote is a fantastic voice recording and feedback tool that has taken the educational world by storm, allowing teachers to give great, personal feedback whilst reducing workload.
February 2, 2021
Episode 10, Series 1: Not Just A Guy featuring Lawrence Tijjani
In this episode we talk to Lawrence Tijjani (@justaguy_LT) about his journey, his challenges and drive, mentoring young people and making a change in terms of BAME representation in the Edtech world.  Born and raised in Bermondsey, South East London. Lawrence is an entrepreneur who had always been driven by success. Lover of all things technological and a former teacher who happens to have epilepsy and chronic pain. Through blogging and speaking about his challenges he has  found a greater purpose in helping others to drive their own social mobility on their journey to success. JustAGuy Foundation
January 26, 2021
Episode 9, Series 1: Feel Better featuring Wendy Peskett
In this episode we speak to Independent Trainer Wendy Peskett about her experience of staff training and balancing that with morale and recognition in terms of work-life balance. Wendy is the developer of @FeelbetterEDU - a one stop shop full of ideas and resources to help educational staff find more balance in their lives.
January 19, 2021
Episode 8, Series 1: Coaching & Mentoring in a pandemic featuring Stephanie Howell
In this episode we speak to Stephanie Howell, former Special Education teacher and now Instructional Technology Coordinator for Pickerington School District, Ohio. USA.  Daren and Stephanie talk training and supporting staff in a remote situation, juggling family and work as well as the power of a PLN and your local GEG (Google Educator Group) GEG UK Global GEG
January 12, 2021
Episode 7, Series 1: Getting Creative with Bookcreator featuring Jon Smith
In this episode we meet Jon Smith,  Teacher Success Manager at Bookcreator. Jon is a former teacher and self-taught tech enthusiast and the face of the Bookcreator instructional videos. Tune in as we talk teacher training, getting creative, sharing successes and failures and COVID, not forgetting of course, Jon's all important entry for #lunchboxlegend .
January 5, 2021
Episode 6, Series 1: Supporting Teachers as a 'Techie'
In this episode, we speak to Dave Leonard @itbadger and Strategic  IT Director at the Watergrove Trust. Dave is a Google Certified Trainer and Innovator and co-host of the popular @learningdust podcast. 
December 29, 2020
Episode 5, Series 1 - InnovAETors Assemble
In this episode we meet Richard Sparks, David Draper and Elmaz Soyal, fellow leaders of the InnovAETors team from the Academies Enterprise Trust and talk about how the trust has been supporting staff in developing their digital skills, including the delivery of remote learning.  The team share their experiences and top tips for supporting your staff and yourself in Edtech adoption as well as their #lunchboxlegends 
December 22, 2020
Episode 4: Series 1: There ain't no party like an SJ Part-E with SJ White
In this episode Daren is joined by fellow Trainer and Innovator SJ White (no relation) as they talk Edtech and coaching, FE and Pivoting.  SJ is the first UK female Google Certified Coach and has a wealth of experience in working with staff to develop skills and confidence.
December 15, 2020
Episode 3: Series 1: 2019/20 - A great time to join the education world with Daniel Manley
Daniel is IDS and Google Lead at Witton Park Academy. Daniel's background is not in the education world but in September 2019 he took the plunge and couldn't have timed it better (or worse). 
December 8, 2020
Episode 2: Series 1: Talking Technology and Training with Rachel Coathup
In this episode of #myedtechbuddies Daren speak to Rachel Coathup, Google Certified Trainer & Innovator #SWE19 and Lead Teacher for Technology for Learning at LEO Academy Trust.  Rachel is also the driving force behind  Follow Rachel on Twitter @techmissC  Check out the @Myedtechbuddy app
December 1, 2020
Episode 1: Series 1: Say Yes with Dean Stokes
In this episode Daren talks with Dean Stokes, Google's Education Adoption Manager for EMEA, about the his take on teacher training, how to approach new technology and his favourite lunchbox snack.  Links: Shine Dean at the Bett Show
November 24, 2020
Introducing Myedtechbuddies
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
Myedtechbuddies is an accompanying podcast for @Myedtechbuddy, a #VIA20 Google Innovator Project from Daren White, @Rangathetrainer, focusing on how we can help teachers grow confidence with educational technology in the classroom and beyond. To check out the @Myedtechbuddy app go to
November 19, 2020