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Coffee & Jesus

Coffee & Jesus

By Kara Benson
Maybe, like a cup of coffee ☕, this will be your Morning Encouragement, Afternoon Boost or Evening Unwind as this Podcast shares Bible encouragements and promises with you. I hope you can listen and be encouraged and know you aren't alone. God loves you, has a plan for you and wants you to know Him better. I pray to share Hope, Faith and Encouragement with you so you can boldly live in His Grace and Truth. ✝️
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Shadows On The Cross
That shadow of death, that shadow of doubt, the shadow of unspoken guilt ridden sin, the shadow of disgrace...take that shadow of sin out of the drawer of your heart and realize that in the moment you repent, your sinful self is sewed to Jesus permanently. It is now His to bear and not yours anymore. You don't have to live in that shadow any longer because you are a new creation!
February 16, 2021
Never Have I Ever
We go from walking with Him on water to denying Him when the heat is on. Fire and fear and turmoil overcome the truth of who we are in Christ. This is why I need a savior, this is why we need a savior. Although we have denied His promises for us, he knows our tendencies and He forgives us.
February 14, 2021
Be Salty- You are the Salt of the earth! We are called to be Distinctly Distingished!
So Be Salty! Be the salt of the earth! Sprinkle God’s love over the entire earth, in your community, in your family, in your church, in your workplace, in your day to day interactions, in your social media posts, in your lifestyle, so others who come in contact with you can taste the goodness of God and the blessing of salvation.
February 12, 2021
The Lord is My Banner ✝️ Bible Encouragement For a Busy Life! ☕
Sip your coffee ☕ and be encouraged today! You have a great and Mighty God! He has already won the final battle but we are going to face trials before His ultimate victory plays out in our lives.... Your King of Kings, your Father in heaven loves you and will be the hero of any and every battlefield you encounter. This episode is about relying on a great God who can get you through the battle you are facing today! I hope you are encouraged and blessed by the promises we find in the Bible. May the Lord bless you and keep you and may He be your VICTORY Banner today! ✝️💖☕
January 30, 2021