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My Show with Alex and Jake

My Show with Alex and Jake

By Alex Maxwell, Jake Tabor
My show is the tangential ramblings of three collective heads of knuckle. Alex, Jake, & Rbn have been friends for years and this podcast serves as a way for them to vent their creativity, share things they've learned, and stay in touch in one another's lives.
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My Show with Alex and Jake Ep 42: No Bruce Wayne Scenes

My Show with Alex and Jake

Ep 244: Panda-Grizzly Bear with Dave Ft. Doja Cat
In this week's episode we review the Oregon/BYU game and the shenanigans that ensued. There was a ridiculous flag that BYU brought (well intended as it was, it may not have been well received), the game itself, the "Free Beer 4 Mormons" shirt, the "Fuck the Mormons chant done by 5 guys in the 50th row, and the infamous HWCU sign that was enjoyed by many and yet struck enough nerves to prove worth the effort. We discuss MJF, Jake's fam/Uncle, Kevin Smith finally disclosing more than we may have wanted to hear, and BBS...Bitches Be Stressing'! All that and more on My Show. You can also find our video through Spotify. Make sure to check out or for the My Show with Alex and Jake archives and all of our personal links are at the end of the video, and coming soon,
September 26, 2022
Episode 243 - Swallow the Gravy Mode with Dave Ft. Doja Cat
This week we discuss sharks, NCAA Football 24, Breaking Bad, Nebraska's firing of Scott Frost, Texas A&M, and what an HWCU would be.
September 22, 2022
Ep 242: Drugs & Dreams with Dave ft. Doja Cat & Dave
Like the name infers, we talk about drugs and dreams this week. Our experiences with lucid dreaming and trips. Also find out all about $5 Chicken Pies. It's all in this week's episode of My Show.
September 14, 2022
Ep 241: Jake Tabor, the baseball player ft. Doja Cat & Dave
We're on a roll here. Robin has now posted for consecutive weeks. This  week we preview the upcoming college football season, sort of. We mention BYU and shirt ideas (Free Beer for Mormons). We also talked  about hypothetical interviews with Da Bears. Paramount+ has new Beavis  & Butt-head episodes, which we would highly recommend. Check out the  White Privilege bit...pretty funny.
September 06, 2022
Ep 240: Clearly an octopus, put it in your mouth ft. Doja Cat & Dave
On this week's Robin has questions about the smells of Seattle. We talk about GOOD Mexican food which leads to interesting or weird foods. We talk about GFC (Barr None), the "BALL!" guy on TikTok, and Kid Sports! You can also find our video through Spotify. Make sure to check out or for the My Show with Alex and Jake archives and all of our personal links are at the end of the video, and coming soon,
August 29, 2022
Ep 239: The Flat Earth of Columbine
Welcome back! Back to back weeks of Robin putting in the effort and using the moderately fast internet that has finally made its way to the South County public. Bails shows up for an early pre-show surprise. We talk about the killer umbrella incident on the east coast and once the show gets rolling, we talk about that DC Fair and the shenanigans of the night. We talk about the PeeWee Football coach who had an altercation that lead to a murder on the field. We discuss some WWE topics, including Ric Flair, Goldberg, Mick Foley, and DX. We wrap things up with discussion of the Woodstock '99 documentary on Netflix and the top search result on the ol' google, Trench mouth Woodstock. You can also find our video through Spotify. Make sure to check out or for the My Show with Alex and Jake archives and all of our personal links are at the end of the video, and coming soon,
August 24, 2022
Ep 238: Responsible Alcoholic ft. Doja Cat, Dave
It's another edition, another episode of My Show. This is one of the shorter episodes, but we end on a high note. The real star of the show is Narcos by Blasterjaxx & Timmy Trumpet. We talk about Prey, the newest addition to the Predator movies. Many spoilers, but now you've been warned. It's a Smorgasbord of My Show deliciousness. You can also find our video through Spotify. Make sure to check out or for the My Show with Alex and Jake archives and all of our personal links are at the end of the video, and coming soon, Enjoy!
August 24, 2022
Ep 237: The best and worst of wrestling times
Dave is having some significant technical issues as Rbn and Jake hold down the fort for most of the show. Jake talks about seeing the best wrestling match he's ever seen to having to watch the worst match he's ever seen. Sad woo. Check it all out and more this week on My Show
August 08, 2022
Ep 236: Walkin-down-the-street Dude
So this sat in drafts forever and I have no idea why Anchor, get at me. Anyway. Jake went on an adventure that included hapless security, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and parking. Jake watched Jackass 4.5 and found some golf clubs. It's a whirlwind.
August 05, 2022
Ep 235: The Utah Jazz hands
Dave steps in this week to talk about the homeless trying to come up on the good hard working people of South County
July 28, 2022
Ep 234: I didn't write it down
Check out this week as Alex makes maybe his last appearance for a while. It's a fiesta-four pack as Dave tells us about his fingers. Get her a beer, get her outta here, it's My Show.
July 19, 2022
Ep 233: Across-the-street Boobs Ft. Doja Cat
In this week's episode we find out that Jake is truly the Nostradamus. He also went to see Tenacious D and had quite the pleasant surprise when he was there. We talk about ourt favorite cheap beers. We have four dudes in the booth this week as everyone showed up. What an amazing turnout.
July 04, 2022
Ep 232: VHS Boobs Ft. Doja Cat
Dave joins the show this week as Alex is on a sort of hiatus. It's a lot of fun as he powers through a bottle of tequila and we talk about weird places to find pornography, Vince McMahon paying for boobs and prostitutes. That's hardly all. We talk about the Avalanche definitely going to win the Cup.
June 27, 2022
Ep 231: Raw episode surprise
This hasn't been edited for content, nor anything else. Once I find a mouse, I will edit that business and get it up. In the meantime, enjoy this episode!
June 21, 2022
Ep 230: #RobinsBalls ft. Doja Cat
On this week’s episode, Jake and Robin login early and decide to play a game. If you haven’t seen Shoresy Show, give your balls a tug. Great show, great lines, and even greater characters. Once Alex shows up, the game begins. THE BOYS SPOILERS! (15:20). The Preshow gets a great title; C4 Suppository. We had several titles this week, from Slap to Nap, New Force; Who Dis?, Crazy-Eyes with Boobs, and our final and late entry of #RobinsBalls. Now that we’re publishing the episode, #RobinsBalls should be a real thing. You can also find our video through Spotify. Make sure to check out or for the My Show with Alex and Jake archives and all of our personal links are at the end of the video, and coming soon, Enjoy!
June 15, 2022
Ep 229: Passive-aggressive cool
This episode features something nobody saw coming; Jake willingly talking about baseball in a relatively positive light. The Pegicorns entered the playoffs at full speed.  Alex talks about his cats while his cats entertain Robin in the background.
June 06, 2022
Ep 228: Promo Code: Splooge
I just wanted to get the episode up. Find out exactly how to get your promo code and for exactly what website you can use it on. Starring the stunning, charming, and talented Doja Cat.
May 31, 2022
Ep 225: Broken, Indiana (Jones)
Get ready for the Styx & Stones Tour! In the mean time we talk about a fun new comedy venue in Seattle. Jake talks about going to see some of his favorite comeidans and what the new room was like. Alex just got back from Disneyland and has plenty to talk about.
May 25, 2022
Ep 224: Hot Ben Summer ft. Doja Cat
It's another joyous occasion when Ben, the American Hero joins us for another fun episode. He is here to ask the important questions like "What is OJ Simpson's favorite part of the new Ford Bronco?" It's all here and live on Spotify!
May 16, 2022
Ep 225: Israeli Donuts
This is one of those anecdote episodes. We talk about funny things that have happened to us, things that happened to Dave Chapelle, parking and a whole lot more. So clock in and sit down. 
May 09, 2022
Ep 224: Russian nesting dolls of Costco
This week on My Show, Jake and Alex develop an app. More baseball BS from the world of baseball. Jake finds a great deal on a video game and strikes a death knell in the great parking war.
May 02, 2022
Ep 223: Donna Wickwire is a saint
We're trying something new this week. Check out on Spotify for the video version of the podcast or the youtube version for the video version of the show. This week we get some updates on the drama in Jake's life. We talk about our first experiences with laser tag, Robert Battinson and Winning Time. It's all here!
April 26, 2022
Ep 222: Goat Karma
Coaching is always fun and Jake is getting reminded of how much fun it can be. Do you remember that song My Name is Luca? It's by Suzanne Vega. She's the greatest. We talk about the passing of Gilbert Gottfried and some of his finer roles.
April 18, 2022
Episode 221: Roulette, Not So Much (YouTube Cut)
Alex makes his return after a two week hiatus and the three best friends that anybody could have reunite. The second longest single episode posted, because you're getting to hear the entire pre-show this week. Despite the long episode, here is the short description...we talk about some sports, TV, and a little WrestleMania.  Check out all of our content at or
April 13, 2022
Ep 220: A crate of broccoli
This week it’s Jackass 4ever, Dave’s technical difficulties and telling off 10 year olds about a sports rivalry. Alex is a no show again this week so we have a substitute and it’s another fun flavor to savor. I told you it’s a one-take show. Skip ahead if you don’t want to hear it.
April 04, 2022
Ep. 219: And I'm diabetic!
Making his My Show debut this week is Ben the American Hero! He talks about his experiences with big balls of wax and we make fun of Alex. Good stuff this week.
March 28, 2022
Ep 218: The Double Shanghai Reveal (I have negative corn)
This week we have fun stories about math, Jake going on other podcasts. Check in for Peacemaker, Righteous Gemstones and Adam Project updates
March 22, 2022
Ep 217: Get better cheeks
This week we have a real special. What five songs would you put on a list to drive a capacity plane full on a 23 hour flight? That takes a lot of our focus through the episode and Alex plays the hits there at the end. We talk about first birthdays and who they're really for.
March 12, 2022
Ep 216: Classic Springfield
Sure is nice to have Alex back for an entire episode. We make him listen to the Scott Steiner math promo, Alex talks about a woman destroying his car with a hammer and got fired. Jake heckles people...a lot. The decline of Amazon Four Star and Cain Velasquez are in the news.
March 09, 2022
Ep 215: The Saarlac pit is my belly button
Jake apparently doesn't know what a Weimeraner is. Alex has learned the secrets of seltzer. Alex and Rbn talk about tattoo ideas. Who the hell is Harry Styles? Hey, the left cheek just joined the channel. This is also the show before the show. Check it.
March 01, 2022
Ep 214: Sign Snipers
What is the most preposterous thing you could imagine happening at an arena-level concert? Well, they made a movie about that. Also, who would be the ideal celebrity to be friends with? Well, everything is cool when you're Shaq.
February 25, 2022
Ep 213: Miller's Buffet
Come today, don't eat tomorrow. We talk about the Superb Owl and other fine fowl. Jake went to the trampoline park and measured his abilities. We play a fun, new game "Is that celebrity an asshole?" Check it out and get your knees ready for jump hump practice.
February 15, 2022
Ep 212: Broken Skull Strip Club
The question is, who is your hangover three out of any person or celebrity. What would you do and where would you end up? It's a conversation that takes some fun diversions.
February 08, 2022
Ep 211: Schroedinger's answer
Jake is starting to have work stories with his partner Work Alex. Say hello to the first quippy moment between the two, the story of the laundromat gorilla, random drug test and an expert doing accents. Check it out below.
January 30, 2022
Ep 210: F*ck yeah, bring me the sushi
What the heck is going on in southern California that can't be settled with a little karate? Jake has a realization about Glenn Howerton that completely changed his perspective on ASIP. It's fully loaded nonsense this week on My Show!
January 30, 2022
Ep 209: Rules are dumb
What do you mean the name Ted Lasso is against the rules on NBA 2k22? Who is the Vanta Lord and what the hell happened at the end of the Chargers and Raiders game.
January 18, 2022
Ep 208: Febreeze for poo
It's time to launch the sixth season of My Show with a super-sized episode. We talk about Rbn's Christmas prank, conversing with radio personalities and Sir Mix-A-Lot on local TV.
January 18, 2022
Ep 207: The Eric Bischoff of Football
Tiger King 3! Yes! Alex gives us a preview into the wild world of these chaotic people and the lives they purport to live. Jake has created the Wayne Gretzky of baseball. Max Verstappen won the F1 championship and we generate our Wu-Tang names live on the air. It's some good business.
December 19, 2021
Ep 206: Stair wars
Alex takes charge this week in the episode and talks about how the older GTA games don't really stack up the way we want them to. We hear some of the best funny names in sports and create a new fan club. What's the deal with Adam Sandler's career arc?
December 11, 2021
Ep 205: The third best Migo
In this week's episode, Jake reads his Dear John letter to his former company and also a bonus for the guy who thought he could use words that didn't mean what he wanted them to mean. We look at our Spotify Wrapped and also have an update on the Alec Baldwin nonsense.
December 06, 2021
Ep 204: His show with D*ckhead and James
What a jam-packed show this one turned out to be, including an extended preshow. Alex and Jake each got into some traffic nonsense lately and they're ready to share with the class. Also, what happens when you rush a WWE wrestler while they're trying to work? Why does Coca-Cola with coffee exist and who decided we needed a year of backstory for a TV show? 
November 30, 2021
Ep 203: The Fighting D*ckheads of East Illinois
Are you on Team Know the Joke? This is a TV episode this week, talking about the Netflix program Locke & Key and just how much fun Rbn is having watching it. We talk about mushrooms, mushroom tea, and mushroom jerky. We're also watching the Thursday Night Football game in the middle of recording so it's definitely worth hearing some live hot takes about just how bad the Falcons are. All this and more this week in a two-man booth!
November 24, 2021
Ep 202: Top of the garbage nachos
We couldn't deprive you of any of this. I'm not even sure where the intro is on this episode. Listen to us talk about our fun trip to husky Stadium in Seattle and talk a little bit about some more serious things, like ASTROWORLD. It's a fun one this week.
November 13, 2021
Ep 201: Somebody's gotta wear the pennies
Rbn and Jake are hyped up for the impending trip to Seattle for a football game and that energy boils over. We talk about DUIs, Henry Ruggs III, basketball uniforms and the problems with shoes these days. When did it all start and when will it end? We talk a little Halo and Halo-related literature and our usual diversions.
November 10, 2021
Ep 200: The answer is never Notre Dame
WE did it! 200 episodes in the can and I couldn't be happier. I'm not even going to tell you about this episode. It's very good. Just ask President Clinton. Seriously though, big shout outs to my boys who make time every week to make this show happen. Get in, get a listen and get good.
October 31, 2021
EP 199: Swaggy P Dunk Contest
You know what's inappropriate? The United States not being one of the 16 best nations in the world at soccer. It's ludicrous. But what if we fixed it? We take a look at that, sending athletes back in time to roll over their grandfathers, surprisingly good movies, Adult Swim toys. This show is like the opposite of 4K. It's got no resolution.
October 24, 2021
Ep 198: Slow K Metcalf
How much would you pay to see the Eagles front row? If the answer is less than $2000 than do we have an episode for you. Hear Jake's trials and tribulations trying to make white noise videos. We also build the ultimate music festival. I bet you'll pay 2k for it!
October 19, 2021
Ep 197: Cool guy on Ch. 4
This episode is packed from front to back with anecdotes and opinion. Jake had to deal with a broken TV which leads us to talking about breaking TVs and the nonsense that causes. Also on TV, Rbn recounts the story of being on the Art Mann show for having a wicked good tailgate. What’s crab meat? What’s Ydrapaoej? Find out here. And learn about the new stickers coming out…
October 10, 2021
Ep 196: Kanyon's okay
As Dark Side of the Ring continues we keep an eye on it as well as What If?... It's almost like we're the watchers. We talk some about coaching and our experiences with it. We also talk about some of the madness that came about from going to a Duck game.
October 05, 2021
Ep 195: Bodies over beans
Believe it or not...we talk about gorilla blowjobs and it's not related to the title of the show. We talk about old wrestlers and President Bill Clinton makes an appearance. This is an episode that is better experienced than simply told about. A true archetypal My Show.
September 28, 2021
Ep 194: Talented titties
As Alex becomes a wrestling fan, he has learned a thing or two but he doesn’t quite have a top 10. Rbn and Jake do. They also have a bottom five worst wrestlers of all time. Find out who raniks where and who is the common enemy among all of the wrestlers ever. We also have Jake’s stories from Vegas and they are not anything to be missed. It is my birthday.
September 28, 2021
Ep 193: Sister Mom Starring Jason Mamoa
Wanna know why everyone on the West Coast sucks at driving? We break it down this week. We learn about a law that isn't real and go in on a high school that isn't real either. We talk some about Andy Kaufman and Bob Zmuda as well as Kimi Raikkinen.
September 06, 2021
Ep 192: Larry will live forever
This week we hear a funny story about Alex being put into the TikTok algorithms to make his wife wonder why he’s appearing on the phone. Once again we get into the new Marvel show. Unique instruments. Why is Bo Burnham funny? One more shot. Who is the greatest NBA player to never win a championship and our usual diversions. This week on My Show.
August 29, 2021
Ep 191: Rules of horse
No, this isn't a basketball episode. We're talking about actual horses. We go into What If?... again and talk about how different week one is from week two. Also, Alex hates Nirvana. We learned that early on. Rbn mentions one of his best ideas with the Shaq sauce. There are recipes for campfire sauce too. We've created the legend of Larry, the animal husbandrer. You'll want to know. Too big of a cat.
August 22, 2021
Ep 190: Bat Q
It's a very TV heavy episode and with two guys in the booth, that's more horsepower per guy. We talk about the wildly different TV shows Rbn and Jake have been watching, from A&E Biography to new stuff on Apple TV. Not the mention Lil Dicky's show Dave. Also we talk our home movies and the silliness we've pulled on unsuspecting people.
August 15, 2021
Ep 188: Death Metal Hamster
We are not fans of blind hatred on My Show and in the interest of fairness, Jake watched Nick Gage on AEW and boy does he have a lot to say. Alex watches some midshow and comments live his feelings about the goings on. Jake also dealt with a guy who didn't know what a robo call is. Live look ins at the women's Rugby 7's and more!
July 31, 2021
Ep 186 & 187: Corporate Yard Sale
Life happens and sometimes you gotta make like Sir Mixalot and UNH Double up UNH UNH. It's podcast time. We talk about Marshall's corporate antitheft policy. We have all sorts of deliciousness from last week as well. It's the coming of the olympics and we're all very excited. Come listen to Rainn Wilson's eleventh favorite podcast!
July 24, 2021
Ep 185: Overachieving Cider
Rbn said... thats about the size of it. Hear the boys talk about their first blackouts since Jake can't talk about hangovers.  What's the worst episode of the Office and which ciderhouse is the subject of our snarky gaze. Yeah, we're gonna have to deal with that one.
July 11, 2021
Ep 184: A good end to the unfunny
We take a deep dive this week into Pop Vinyls and what exactly is a CHASE POP!? Rbn has amazing stories of thrifting and Jake has boat stories. Also, learn first hand how to get unlimited coins at TOPPS Marvel Collect. It's a decent day for a shitty day.
July 03, 2021
Ep 183: Ants on my d*ck Johnson
Get her a beer, get her outta here, it's My Show. We have some more Las Vegas stories, this time coming from Alex. We also talk about the times we've  broken our video game controllers, an actual in-depth review of Far Cry 3 that you've no doubt been waiting for and some chirping about Al Pacino. 
June 27, 2021
Ep 182: Ep: 8 Your cousin FROM BAHSTAHN
It starts out as a two-man booth this week with Rbn joining in part of the way through the show. Alex is still mad about wrestling and maybe deep  down is experiencing some FOMO. He's also mad at the World Wildlife Fund, but that's another story. We talk about the first episode of Marvel's LOKI and get a little bit excited. 
June 13, 2021
Ep 181: He Warrior
One of the strangest jinxes in history happens this week on My Show and it happens during the My Show time out. You won't want to miss it. Alex has an opinion about the Ultimate Warrior that is fresh and tasty, and he gets the edges colored in by two guys who know a thing or two about a thing or two. Also we talk about attendance and how important it really is and Rbn's hot wheels.
June 05, 2021
Ep 180: Homeless pee and coffee
Working in a franchise has its ups and downs. Just ask JJ Abrams. This week we talk a little about JJ Abrams and his interview telling the world exactly how he messed up all of his franchises. Classically, there's more Super Humman talk and Jake goes down memory road to things that he found funny in high school. It's better than it sounds.
May 29, 2021
Ep 179: One sad sheesh
An extended preshow, because it was good. One thing that’s true about Alex is that he appreciates the history of wrestling. So what happens when a casual (at best) fan finds himself watching the story of Nick Gage? Chaos. That’s what happens. We spend a good amount of time this week talking about wrestling because as Alex puts it, he has questions. We look to answer them and more this week on My Show
May 23, 2021
Ep 178: The things I've yelled out of cars
We've got stories of our past this week on My Show. All of us reminisce to times when we were able to go out in public and be idiots. This happens in cars, at the Douglas County Fair and in an alternate universe where we have yachts. Jake has problems with Peacock and Rbn and Jake prime Alex on the Brian Pillman episode of Dark Side of the Ring. R.I.P. New Jack
May 15, 2021
Ep 177: Constipated for acceleration
As Mother's Day arrives we need to take into account the things our mothers want from us to show our love. Why not a cameo from New Jack? It spawns a game of "How Much is their Cameo in which Alex is much better than Jake. We also take a deep look at an Eminem lyric that Jake seems to think he knows a thing or two about. It's a video laden podcast so make sure to pop over to to see the Daigo full parry, the Blue Velvet video and T-Pain running a train. Also, hi Super Humman, I hope you like it.
May 09, 2021
Ep 176: Drunk Uncle Bod
Yes, we start this episode with an extended preshow of us looking at sunglasses on eBay. If you aren't here for that comedy, skip ahead until you hear the music. Once the show starts, we get into some of the wild misadventures of driving Jake's old Ford Ranger. We also talk about ways we battle our insomnia and how the Office typically ruins it. We argue about Rocky vs. Terminator 2: Judgement Day as films. And there Jake was...minding his own business...
May 01, 2021
Ep 175: Poking the government with a stick
Alex had a Taylor Swift CD stuck in the CD player and we talk about the uniqueness of making road trip mixes. Falcon and the Winter Soldier concludes this week and we have a brief preview and a shout out to the post-credits scene. Did you know there is a post-credits scene? We talk a little bit about the UFC and whatever Triller is. IT’S A WORK! Also, how much cocaine did Jean-Claude Van Damme used to do?
April 24, 2021
Ep 174: Mood ring finger
Finally back in the studio for the first time in what seems like forever. The treacherous trio return with some takes on the Falcon and the Winter Soldier. We also talk about our least favorite Trail Blazer of all time and run down memory lane for some truly terrible hoopers from the Rose City. Hey, who can talk for 30 seconds without saying ”um?” The answers may shock you. Plus Alex wastes the local fire department’s time with his neuroses.
April 17, 2021
Ep 173: The boys are back in town
It's been a while since I a podcast live. Here we are though, sitting at a bar, the three of us in one place at a time, celebrating. It's not to be missed. We explain out recent absence and talk about getting hurt in P.E.
April 10, 2021
Ep 172: Ol' Bountygate Miller
It's timefor the annual Las Vegas show where Rbn visits Sin City and the other boys have to deal with the insanity. We talk about the new season of Drive to Survive and Disney+'s newest offering in the MCU, Falcon and the Winter Soldier. There's a lot of TV on this week's episode as we've also turned our snarky gaze towards Last Chance U:Basketball and our first trip to East Los Angeles.
March 20, 2021
Ep 171: Rinsing off a poop shell
We’re fully loaded this week with a big announcement…Jake has finally seen two of the three John Wick movies and he’s ready to talk about it. Also how much we enjoy the works of Ian McShane in comedic and also dramatic roles. Ultron and Robert California are never that far apart and we make predictions for the final episode of WandaVision. Come hear how wrong we are! Also, F1 liveries, Aaron Rodgers on Jeopardy and why Jake hates lens flare!
March 07, 2021
Ep 170: Rick Sanchez's PT Cruiser
Everyone is mad. Jake’s mad about BBQ, Rbn is mad about the OSAA and football and Alex is mad about the FIA and secret punishments. On this week’s episode, we talk about what car our time machine would be and our shitty audio mods to have custom sounds in our cars. We get into WandaVision again, because of course we do. Alex gets into his perspective on Young Rock on this Semi-F1, Semi-Wrestling, Semi-Banter podcast.
February 27, 2021
Ep 169 (nice): Adam Silver's dirty little secret
Welcome Alex back to the show this week as his excursion to find his wife's cat has come to a close. At least we know where it is, now. We talk about why we don't trust movie trailers, WandaVision, eBay issues, Young Rock and Cobra Kai. Rbn is the resident Jackass expert and we talk briefly about Jackass 4. There's a lot of television on this week's show. Also, we talk sports uniform trends and what makes us mad. 
February 23, 2021
Ep 168: The Circled Circle
Welcome back to the show, Bailey! We immediately start with the hilarious mic botch of Nia Jax screaming MY HOLE! Jake also follows this up with some ranting about recent wrestling. We're instituting podcast rules and a brief review of them. We also talk about the latest we’ve ever seen fireworks and why baseball games go so late. Haha, sucks to be on the East Coast. We get a Jake’s Shitty Review of the Weeknd’s halftime performance at the Super Bowl and the preceding story. It’s surprisingly interesting. We also talk about the actual Super Bowl and how we felt about it.
February 13, 2021
Ep 167: Sauce Boss and the Fry Guys
This is a weird one. We take some time to analyze some of the failed items that McDonald's has offered over the years to...let's call them mixed reviews. Everyone has stories about doing a high school talent show and all three of us have some fun misadventures at these events. Lastly, we take a look at last week's episode of WandaVision and try to predict the future.
February 06, 2021
Ep 166: The slow push from underneath
Weather has been outside its mind recently and it brings with it, funny stories. Find out what to do if your sun roof is broken or what not to do when you're fighting a guy kicking your leg. Yeah, we get into the McGregor fight and talk about what happened but it's a lot more fun talking about the AND 1 Mixtape tour, White Chocolate and Randy Moss. Jake gives one of his classic "vague reviews" this time, it's Grand Theft Auto 5. Also...WANDAVISION! We aren't ready. We really aren't.
February 01, 2021
Ep 165: Block out with your c*ck out
This week we spend some time talking about some sports news with the firing of pretty much all of Tennessee's football coaching staff, the NFL on Nickelodeon, Patrick Mahomes dying on the field. We also try to talk Rbn into playing Fallout 3 with the most vague description in history. Don't miss round two of The Office trivia!
January 23, 2021
Ep 164: Kickstand on a speedboat
Once again we come to you with news on My Show! Alex and Jake have been working towards this for a long time and are excited to announce the next big step for Red Arrow. We look at one of the greatest moments of taking it out on the messenger ever. Jake outlines his sleeping issues in the middle of a storm. This episode is capped off with some Office Trivia now that Rbn has some new Office memorabilia.
January 16, 2021
Ep 163: Season four, we have a dinger
Right off the top, we have some major news in the podcast. You’ll have to turn in to find outr exactly what but it’s considerable. We also go into the mental state of watching TV. Talking about the Mandalorian and why it is that we tend to focus on things that are bad rather than the things that are good with the shows we like. It’s a surprisingly introspective episode as we open Season Five with some fireworks.
January 10, 2021
Ep 162: On The Count of Kick: The airing of the grievances
Happy Festivus to the rest of us it's time for our annual airing of the grievances, this year done on the podcast. Tune in to find out just what pissed the boys off this year as we wrap season four!
December 24, 2020
Ep 161: Giggle it just a little bit
What's it like when your dad insists you learn how to change the oil in your car and then cars advance beyond the layman's abilities? Well, it goes a lot like this podcast. With the holidays baring down on us we find an oasis of college football with the Oregon Ducks finding their way into the conference championship game. We also talk about the problems of trying to shop for Christmas presents in the heart of a pandemic.
December 19, 2020
Ep 160: Superman of Diabetes
Alex learned some important information earlier this week that involved a death-defying trip to the hospital. This sets off coversation about other times we've been to the emergency room and other medical oddities we've faced. We talk a little bit about the University of Washington's football team not playing this week and what it means to us as Duck fans. A lot. We also talk about podcasts that didn't happen and how Kevin Smith can save movies.
December 13, 2020
Ep 159: Shitting upwards
It's a pretty sports heavy episode with one of the most eventful F1 races in recent memory. We recap the epic Romain Grosjean incident at the Bahrain GP and what's coming next. We're sure to see a good amount of excitement. We also talk about Mike Tyson and his fight with Roy Jones Jr. Also, a husky got knocked out, we got into how funny it was.
December 06, 2020
Ep 158: I didn't write it down
After a long week of thought and deliberation we come to you with the main event of our best fictional sports movie moments of all time. We also talk about Tom Greene and movies we wish we didn't see with our parents, including  a dive into Freddy Got Fingered. Daddy would you like some podcast?
November 29, 2020
Ep 157: Jewish Hamilton
Yes, you heard it right. We talk a little about trying to compare athletes across eras and why Lewis Hamilton gets a seemingly disproportionate amount of hatred for someone in the GOAT conversation. On the other side of things we talk about the most embarrassing things to happen to us in sports. Oh and by the way, we had two people in the booth last week, we've got four. Check out the madness and the chaos when Jake sets Alex off from the open of the show.
November 21, 2020
Ep 156: Squirrely Sans
Rbn and Jake embark on the possibility of a new business endeavor, but first Rbn reveals something about himself that no one really knows. This week we take on Oregon's first game back on the gridiron, the new gaming consoles, a would you rather from Rbn and we talk about Matt Damon, Paul Rudd and their unique times on television shows.
November 14, 2020
Ep 155: Box with a question mark
What a wild week it has been. Jake has been locked in the Election office, Alex has been working on getting a new house and Rbn has been on a legendary hunt, trying to get a deer before the season comes to a close. Find out what happens as we all enter our own version of the FINAL COUNTDOWN. Rbn's hunting stories, Jake's voting stories and Alex's humor brings this one together. Also, you all get to hear what happens when Rbn puts on a stupid mask. Jake can't handle it.
November 07, 2020
Ep 154: That's how I knew it was a song, somebody sang it
All three of us have a pretty athletic background and we pride ourselves as sportsmen. However, there comes a time when everyone is a little unsportsmanlike and we talk about some of those times, complete with ball punching, people falling and rules exploitation. Alex had the best dinner he’s ever had but he only got to enjoy half of it. Remember, he’s not the pregnant. What happens when you try to bring booze on a plane and what happens when you beer bong a screwdriver. Rbn went to the hospital because we tailgate like champions.
October 31, 2020
Ep 153: Betty Crocker knows her shit
We play some of the hits here on the episode. Alex gets it all started with a story in preshow of being a DDD. You'll have to see what we mean. All three of the guys have stories together involving scoreless basketball games, acquired road signs, ducking and dodging pseudo-authority and all around doing things we aren't supposed to be doing. This has all passed the statutes of limitations and besides, you can't prove we did it anyway. 
October 24, 2020
Ep 152: Doctor Kramer
Jake has TV now and he's finding his way through the slog that is actual television. Alex made his way up to the Emerald City and got to see Dominic's Red Apple Market up close and personal, in all its glory. We also go into what happens when it snows too much in Myrtle Creek and what's happening on The Boys. Check it out this week on My Show!
October 18, 2020
Ep 151: Dead Al Davis
But you know what we did write down? Borat. Borat is back and making a second movie film for all of us to enjoy. We take it on and talk about it and some of the shenanigans going on around it. Jake is back in his job at the Elections office and talks about some of the standards he has to go through while handling ballots. Also, who is the worst Office character and what is the worst storyline? We take a deep dive into The Office. Is there a player in the NBA that we hate for no reason and we don't know why.
October 04, 2020
Ep 150: Elbow drops and hand jobs
I don't really know what to say about this episode. Sometimes it's just better to ask forgiveness than permission. This week we add Dave to the call and bring him in to introduce a bit of chaos to our podcast and he certainly does that. Hear as we talk about what it's like to have an ethnic friend who looks white but still makes ethnic jokes. It makes life a challenge. It is also fun. Just like this episode.
September 27, 2020
Ep 149: Comprehensive Distance Learning
 The Pacific Northwest is on fire and we're here in the smoke. We talk this week on the show about the fires that have crippled the west coast and everything else around us. As if that weren't bad enough, school has started...kind of. Hear how two separate states and separate school districts have failed their staffs and constituents. Rbn has an epic monologue about getting a new pair of Jordan 5s and they are gorgeous. Also, how much is one person expected to comply with a mask mandate when they're already wearing a mask? It's absurd and ludicrous. Jake started streaming and hear about him not being able to handle scary video games.
September 19, 2020
Ep 148: Dodgeball Deniability
Alex has some of the biggest news any of us have had in some time! This is definitely not an episode to miss. He even made it with his clotleg, so you have to be here. We talk about getting vengeance for children and how much “bullying” is healthy in a society. Remember, there’s no law in the jungle. Jake is experiencing the trials of getting a new job and simply put, people are bad at this. Jake pitches a TV series idea and it takes us down memory lane.
September 05, 2020
Ep 147: Diehard Dave Fans
Listening back, this is a better episode title than what we had before. We are the saddle again with another episode. All three of us have returned and we get into the new DC universe previews and whether we think they're going to be any good. Jake has of course not seen them, this time because he's interested. The Snyder cut is out and Jake has a pretty funny take on it. Alex makes fun of Netflix and Rbn is pissed about having to get back to work to do literally nothing. No, that is the correct use.
August 29, 2020
Ep 146: Thinners is winners
Welcome to the cautionary tale of what NOT to do when you take blood thinners. Alex, a purported champion of Drink the Beer found himself smashed for two days off of less than a bottle of wine. Here all about what happens when you mix booze with meds. Rbn on the other hand, ended up in a strip club...kind of? It's what happens in a small town when that small town "goes too far!" Check it out this week on My Show!
August 15, 2020
Ep 145: Old people. Who knows?
This week on the show, we learn about why you should never leave the sporting event you're watching early. Something amazing is liable to happen. Also, we take a deeper dive into Last Chance U and find out exactly why Jake gets to make fun of Rezjohn Wright...falling into his safety school. With fall sports approaching (?) we take a look at the NBA and NHL bubble and see how they are working when you compare them to the jetsetting baseballers getting sick all over the country.
August 08, 2020
Ep 144: 20 minutes of yuks
Welcome home Alex! Hillsbro's hottest returns to the show this week to talk bring us up to speed on a medical update and why he was absent from last week's show. We also talk about the downfall of most comedy movies and Tropic Thunder the best pound-for-pound comedy in the world? We also take a brief look at Last Chance U and our new favorite coach, John Beam.
August 01, 2020
Ep 143: From Michael Cera to Adam Devine
Alex couldn't be with us this week and so he sent the next best thing, Bailey! Y'all know Bailey, he's been a not-so-silent character on the podcast, popping up in our stories and in our background. This week, he sits in front of the mic and we talk about the famous Redbox Bowl trip to Milpedas, CA, we parlay that into what college sports is doing about COVID-19 and the strange seeming duality of the NCAA. From there we talk about the Righteous Gemstones and whether or not we could ourselves become Kenneth Copeland.
July 25, 2020
Ep 142: Too much preamble
We have a game this week! Thanks to Amber Share and her instagram account SUBPARPARKS, we got to play "Name that National Park" based on one-star reviews from Yelp! Jake peels back the curtain a bit into his personal lexicon because 12 OZ MOUSE has returned to ADULT SWIM for a third season and both Jake and Alex are excited. Jake is also mad. He's taking on the entire GAMING INDUSTRY because CODEMASTERS decided to get hinky with their release dates. Check it out this week on My Show!
July 18, 2020
Ep 141: Lando Norris: Someone's favorite driver
What can we say? This episode had a lot of run-ins. From the infamous Deacon to the man behind the scenes, Bails. Even Mollone shows up. It's great. But we get to this weekend's fights. Jorge Masvidal is preparing for the fight of his life in what could be the culmination of a great story. We talk a little F1 to no one's surprise and how we reacted to the first race held under COVID statutes. Jake raps! He's not a rapper. Really, he doesn't think he can rap but he writes bars sometimes. What's the difference between winning 1-0 or 100-0? We talk about how people are supposed to win,
July 11, 2020
Ep 140: Slow on the whisper
We're back with the F1 season looming ahead of us. We're excited for the start of the series but that doesn't distract us from talking about...well chaos. Alex is trying to stick his finger in the dam when it comes to making people wear masks and Jake is yelling at the police about the same thing. We talk about design flaws in video game consoles as well as stories of video game muscle memory. In the process of talking about video games and Game Pass Ultimate, we start talking about hunting and fun little hunting stories. Check it out!
July 04, 2020
EP 139: Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na NAP MAN!
Wait, who booked the screw job in Montreal? Yeah. That’s how we start the show. This is a bit of a unique episode because Alex and Jake were riding a creative high when this episode started. Hear about why and what caused this creative high as a new comic gets written. We take a brief diversion into Formula E and whatever that is. Robin lives in a rural area so he can go to the movies whenever he wants. That’s why Jurassic Park has been at the top of the charts for the past few weeks. It’s all here and more on My Show!
June 27, 2020
Ep 138: HAUL ASS!
After last week’s episode, Alex took a deep dive on Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge and he’s ready to HAUL ASS! He realizes the difference between the Rock and SCSA and how they are both absolutely necessary in the yin-yang of motivation.We talk about the “In Media Res” nature of Independent film. $50,000 and a can-do attitude. We also discuss some of the finer points of going the wrong way on one way streets. Lastly, it’s sports time and we talk about the NBA firing up and how it plans to play out in Orlando.
June 20, 2020
Ep 137: I hope he sports dies
Have you ever liked an athlete only to have them piss you off so badly in the course of the game that you refuse to root for them ever again? Well, we all have. Also, we talk about some rules of being a sports fan and the true definition of what "sports hate" is. Finally, the newest update has shown up for Call of Duty and Robin talks about why this has been such a frustration. Alex finds out about Stone Cold's Broken Skull Challenge and we get some audio from an episode. The video is available at our facebook page at Our twitter is @RedArrowP Find our instagram @redarrowproductions
June 13, 2020
Ep 136: Reverse Car Paint Jesus
Whaddya know, Jake got into an altercation with someone in his community because he's stubborn. Who could have seen that one coming? Also we talk about the NBA deciding to start back up and what we anticipate to see from it. We also talk a  little bit about the psychology of empty arena sports and how it affects athletes.  We're also very excited for RTJ4 and the surprise drop from Killer Mike & El-P. Alex brings some unconfirmed gaming news and reveals when we may see the next Grand Theft Auto game.
June 06, 2020
Ep 135: That's how I could tell he's from Alaska...
He looks like he's from Canada. Gentle listener, I wish to tell you about a magical, far away place where computers work and do what they're supposed to do. In the height of my laptop's heel turn, it decided that only half of the episode is important. So here is what we could cobble together of our recordings in as close to an episode as we can get. We get to play Canadian or Not, that's at least on the docket. We also get to hear about muscle relaxers and fun stories of taking too many on accident. It's nobody's fault.
May 23, 2020
Ep 133: I didn't write it down v. 1.2 RE RELEASE
AD FREE because we're sorry. Jake has had the worst computer problems in history. We are re-releasing this episode in its entirity. Enjoy!  Alex has ventured back into the dark side of the ring and is learning a lot about the business of wrestling. Rbn and Jake were more attuned to what had happened but were still surprised to learn some of the chaos that followed in New Jack's wake throughout ECW. We talk about Jake-ese and how to communicate with someone speaking their own dialect of English. It's fun. Arcane and draconian. We talk Xbox and how we've been passing the time. Thank you season pass sales.
May 16, 2020
Ep 134: Drake...uhhh
Alex has made a discovery! Well, to be honest he could have made this discovery years ago when someone shared Run The Jewels  with him. We're not going to talk about who. Just kidding. We totally will. We also discuss a "praying mantis" relationship with Supreme Leader. That's fun. Fight! Fight! Fight! The Ol COVID has us watching empty arena fights and they were really...weird. Also we check in on some new TV shows that are keeping us sane during the quarantine. We also talk about what a shitty job really is. Trust me, most of these people don't know what a shitty job is. Now get off my lawn.
May 16, 2020
Ep 132: The bottom of Alex's bowl
I made an executive decision and changed the title of the episode. I apologize in advance. I'm as mad as you are. Anyway, we have some tension in the ranks as Rbn and Alex argue about F1. I never thought I'd type that. We get a little into TV with #BLACKAF and talk a little about the NFL draft that was happening while we recorded. By the way, is Popeye a superhero?
April 24, 2020
Ep 131: T9 tangent
Alex watches a bit of the Dark Side of the RIng Docuseries on VICE and learns some things about the Chris Benoit murder suicides that he never knew before. Needless to say, it blew his mind. We all learned some things from that two-part series but this was completely uncovered grund for Alex. We also hear about Jake's continued frustrations with trying to purchase things from people. It's just been a rough go of it lately.  It's all tasty and new here on the quarantine-free My Show!
April 17, 2020
Ep 130: We can't have f*ck in the title two weeks in a row
...but we did. Welcome back, Jake went and did his Alex homework and watched some F1 racing. two people are hooked on *Jason Statham voice* Drive to Survive. Jake talks about his experiences watching and becoming a fan. He also falls victims to one of his classic blunders. Jake uses Offerup! Hear how all that goes when tries to buy second-hand tires. With Wrestlemania in the rear view, we talk about what happened and what the heck that was.
April 10, 2020
Ep 129: Dude, f*ck off: A Klingon Story
Alex is apparently a big time F-1 fan. Who knew? Anyway, he extols the virutes of Formula-1 racing and kind of gets Jake interested in watching it and "Drive to Survive." So, now Jake might have found something else to distract himself. Anyway, we talk about Star Trek from the opposite perspective and how annoying that would be. We discuss the upcoming Wrestlemania which will have fewer people in attendance than will listen to this show. Check it out!
April 03, 2020
Ep 128: Amputees who love big kitties
We have entered stay at home orders in our respective states and as such we are staying home! Weird! With that in mind, it's time too go into our bingeworthy TV shows and what has been keeping us going when we can't exactly get things the same way we used to. We take a DEEP dive into the Tiger King Joe Exotic and spend most of the episode on that. We also talk about other shows that have our attention during the spring of boredom.
March 27, 2020
Ep 128: A roast beef and cooked ham sandwich & a suitcase
It's week two of the Vegas trip. No, Robin didn't go to Vegas for two weeks, but his luggage did. Hear all about this and love in the time of Cholera.  We also go into what it's like to be in character at all times and never shut it off (kayfabe). Jake has a great story about the time he had a bartender help him fool a barback with a really bad Russian accent. Also, Alex has a run in with the local homeless population and the seven police officers needed to "help."
March 21, 2020
Ep 127: Dead like sports
Well, Rbn took off for his annual trip to Las Vegas for the Pac-12 Basketball championships but when he got there, the only thing winning is COVID-19. Naturally this is the main thing we're talking about, just like the rest of the world but we actually find some humor in it. Who are the people freaking out and why? Jake has a theory about politics and COVID-19. May as well listen, it's not like you have anywhere you can go.
March 13, 2020
Ep 126: Regular ass pneumonia
Check out our podcast for all of the breaking Coronavirus news. No, not really. But we do talk about the time Robin got pneumonia. Also, in a more serious note, we hear about two students in Southern Oregon who were life flighted to Portland after a motorcycle crash.  We have both gofundme campaigns up on our facebook page and will continue to share  the campaigns. Oh, and Jake is mad at Rian Johnson again.
March 06, 2020
Ep 125: Bright as shit
We open the show with some sad news regarding the Konami Code and we share some minor memories of playing early Nintendo games. The big news though was the Wilder/Fury fight. We take a deep dive into all the controversy surrounding the end of that fight and compare the issues in boxing to the issues UFC has faced. It's a pugilist's dream this week on My Show!
February 28, 2020
Ep 124: Twin Peaks Tangent
What happens when school children go to Hooters, Jake eats Carolina reaper jerky, and Alex gets #75HARD? Well it all makes for an intensely entertaining episode of My Show, back from a week hiatus when Jake neglected to record the comedy. Check it all out here on My Show!
February 22, 2020
Ep 123: Elbow Grease of Enjoyment
It's finally time for us to talk about the Super Bowl! We take a look at it from the perspective of a sports fan and hear some funny anecdotes about texting 49ers fans during the game. Why are they so mad? Plus, we get into the halftime show a bit. That's what everyone wants to hear about. We talk NBA All-Star weekend and get into why guys like LeBron James won't enter the dunk contest. Also,  did they mean to give Damian Lillard six free points in the 3-point shoot out? It's all here on My Show!
February 07, 2020
Ep 122: Anchor Guinea Pig
This episode has been a long time coming and it didn't exactly come to us the way we wanted it to. Jake discovered that his ethernet port is broken after discovering his headset is broken and everything is broken! Thanks to however, we were able to record the episode right from the app and upload it without a computer. We talk about Kobe for a good amohunt of this episode. As Blazer fans we have a unique perspective when it comes to him and his on-court exploits. From on the court to off, we get to Eminem and we hear about Jake's encounter with a dude at KFC. Sometimes Jake's mouth gets him into trouble. This wasn't one of those times.
January 31, 2020
Ep 121: Mashed Potato God
In this episode, Jake reveals the big secret behind how he makes his mashed potatoes. They're next level. Ask around. With the home viewing release of Joker, we get into a little bit of the movie but mostly about the Cancel culture surrounding the movie and why it enraged some of us. Also, coming up this weekend is the big Cowboy/McGregor fight and we have a brief preview about the big UFC event. Alex, as always brings his charming wit and dashing good looks to the show. It's a good'un!
January 17, 2020
Ep 120: 23 different plums and a strawberry
A lot to get to in this show. We talk about some new, upcoming Netflix programs namely Locke & Key and Cheer. We admittedly know a lot more about Locke & Key than we do Cheer but we give each their time. Also with the launch of the XFL rapidly approaching, we go over some of the rule changes and differences we can expect to see when the league kicks off next month. It's all good on this episode on My Show!
January 10, 2020
Ep 119: Monkey fighting snakes
We are baaaack, we are baaaaack and we're the three best friends that anyone could have. Yes the best three friends that anyone can have. We have game talk with Alex and Jake in the middle of the episode when Jake goes off about the new Star Wars game on XBOX. We talk about times in movies when words are changed to be suitable for public consumption and figure out which one is best. We talk Mandalorian, a little Star Wars and some more movie potpourri. Come get down on Season four of My Show! 
January 03, 2020
Ep 118: There's no way that four seconds was a puppet
This is one of our funniest episodes ever. With The Mandalorian hot in the news we talk about Baby Yoda and all the fun new Star Wars stuff. We explore the Nick Cannon/Eminem beef and wonder what would happen if country music had beef. Jake also has a small preview of The Jay and Silent Bob reboot, having recently seen a screening! All this and more on My Show!
December 13, 2019
Ep 117: I didn't write it down
Well, Jake has laryngitis so he sounds like crap for this episode. We’re also still working on getting everything back together in regards to our production. We appreciate your patience. We talk about pranks and how we feel about them and when they go to far.  Coincidentally, the week after we talked about James Bond, a new trailer drops on our recording day! We can all push our dates back until May! Late in the show we talk about how many bombings there were in the middle of the nineties.
December 06, 2019
Ep 116: Don't sing it, bring it.
Hear the harrowing tale of why we didn't have a show last week! Also, it's Civil War week so as Oregon fans we spend a good amount of time trashing the Beavers. We also talk about the differences between college football and basketball. This is because Duke is in tournament form losing to Stephen F. Austin. Jake has a review of the movie Yesterday and Alex has a question about what book we would like to have written.
November 28, 2019
Ep 115.5:My Show Shitshow
Robin and Jake are walking to Jake's car from Autzen Stadium to make up for the short recording this week. Enjoy!
November 17, 2019
Ep 115: Not gonna call ya
Well, this episode gets cut off at the end because we were having such a good time that Jake unplugged his headphones and the recorder shut off for the last 10 minutes of the show. We tried to do the famous bracket Jake we concocted. It didn’t really work but it was a lot of fun. Also, we take a look at how Disney+ has taken over the world pretty much nad is threatening the life of Netflix. It’s all here on My Show!
November 15, 2019
Ep 114: You Slimy Lingenberger
Alex was wrong and we have evidence! We get into our group chat to expose Alex as the FRAUD he has become. Not really, he just didn’t read something well enough but that’s enough juice around here to get squeezed. We discuss the Favorite Things bracket and what it is and what the ground rules are. Robin saw Joker and has his official movie review of Joker along with his way. Jake is mad at TV tie-ins and we have an all new Boo or Goo! Check it out this week on My Show!
November 08, 2019
Ep 113: Same brain today
This is the episode where Alex and Jake have the same brain. It’s weird. A young woman made a spectacle of herself at a World Series game and we are here for the to speak. We also take on Season ones and how bad they can be before a truly great show can blossom. Jake has a comparison between the NBA and comedy writers that is a can’t miss comparison. We also get into the Ricky Gervais show from the Office and talk about the round-headed idiot Karl Pilkington and how he low-key has the greatest job in the world. Robin has a WAY TOO EARLY GAME REVIEW of the new Call of Duty. He wears his night vision goggles. Who likes Spam? Who likes deviled ham? We get into potted meats and find out who knows what good eating is. Find it all this week on My Show!
November 01, 2019
Ep 112: Frank Beamer's neck
What happens when a high school plays a kid who is supposed to be suspended? It ruins everyone’s season. Speaking about football, Patrick Mahomes injured himself on a quarterback sneak and it brought back talks of the Madden curse. Is it real? It’s also a bit of a trip down memory lane talking about the first video games we remember hearing voices in. Jake has weaponized politeness. What does that even mean? Well, he has an ulterior motive. He’s also working on his Tyson Fury imitation. It’s because we talk boxing. Sports baby!
October 25, 2019
Ep 111: Full of Lies and Spiders
This week harkens the arrival of El Camino, a Breaking Bad movie on Netflix and we spend the majority of the show talking about it. How did we feel about the videography? What did we like? What didn’t we like? We take a deep dive into Jake’s favorite movie of 2019. We also talk about what Vince Gilligan did before taking over the world with Breaking Bad. How does general attitude towards movies change the way we view them? Are you there to be a critic or are you there to be entertained? We hear about the plight of a fallen podcast that never happened and we look at the Marcus Mariota scenario and where he may end up.
October 18, 2019
Ep 110: Hippity Hoppity,Where's the poppity?
Alex and Jake start arguing immediately about tarantulas at the beginning of the episode because Alex doesn’t know as much about spiders as Jake does. Yes, Jake writes the digests. We talk about the passing oral fixation and why it seems ourt entire generation has one. Psst...gum. Plus, the time Jake was in the car with his uncle and he made other people crash their cars. It’s all inside this week on My Show!
October 11, 2019
Ep 109: Bickering Boatshoes
It’s movie week! We get after Joker and in the triumphant return of Boo or Goo we watch the trailer for Martin Scorsese’s newest film, the Irishman. Should movies released on Netflix be considered for Academy Awards? Robin asks which celebrity we would want to spend a 14-hour flight with and we take on the theory that Marvel can’t make TV and DC can’t make movies. What about Lootcrates and the Funko lawsuit? What do you think?
October 04, 2019
Ep 108: The fifth best fat guy out of four
Right off the bat, Jake takes on most of the internet. We talk about the wrestler MJF and the “controversy” he found himself in when he “mocked” Dungeons and Dragons. We also take on network television once again. Jake seems to think he knows what he doesn’t like about Friends, Seinfeld and How I Met Your Mother. Why is mixtape rap better than album rap? We go into discussing Saturday Night Live and trying to find out what funny actually is while we experience our first instance of gatekeeping. Is Dethklok a real metal band?
September 27, 2019
Ep 107: Holes on the pole
I love GOOOOOLD! We couln’t stop talking about Goldmember and the apparent new king member of the X-Men...Gold Balls? We get right into the news talking about a collegiate head coach sniffing a foreign substance and Aussie firefighters dodging “projectiles” while fighting a fire. We pay a bit of homage to Charles Dickens with the tale of two weekend. Being in the middle of football season, we examine a theory about who the best player in a sport is and should be. Alex discovers that sometimes you just buy a car, it’s all here this week on My Show!
September 21, 2019
Ep 106: Palindrome Hanukkah
What if Aaron Paul was on the show? That would be hilarious. It would have been a great promotion. We listen to the newest Hanukkah song as Adam Sandler makes his My Show debut. Rbn and Jake talk about Tropic Thunder and how it encapsulates their friendship. It turns into conversations about people being offended. What about trying to buy video games at Fred Meyer? Jake’s knee hurts, he’s not getting it for you. Check it all out this week. We dabble into MMOs of ESO and their ilk.
September 13, 2019
Ep 105: Better late than never
We're going to blame the record thunderstorms in Seattle for why this episode is coming out on Sunday and not Friday. Now that we have that out of the way, we get to hear Jake get very squeamish about hand and leg injuries and we find out why he's so afraid of them. Also, we get into the finer points of music and decide whether or not trap music is worth a damn.
September 09, 2019
Ep 104: Red, White, and Belushi
Alex hates dreams, despite the fact he always lucid dreams. We look into dreams this week and how they affect all of us. Jake has the best memory for his dreams but Alex’s are certainly wilder. Also Jake touches on deja vu and beliefs on the space-time continuum. We talk about Ben Affleck’s accent in Good Will Hunting and how it wasn’t that bad. What was bad was the downfall of Mike Myers. We take the deep dive. Also, we talk Ducks. Go Ducks. Also long live Billy Mays.
August 30, 2019
Ep 103: Meatloaf is my grandpa...
I heard a better title. Alex is on a mission to play through all of the Borderlands games before they come out so he spends most of the podcast doing that. Jake brings up a thesis relating Meatloaf to Freddie Mercury. Naturally this gets us into a deep dive on his IMDb so get ready to hear us talking about several movies and making lists. Wooooo boy. We get a synopsis of The Boys on Amazon Prime and out of nowhere we start talking about weird little cities in Oregon. We get into the Sony Spiderman sale and then start talking about Fantastic 4 and Deadpool with the X-Men.
August 23, 2019
Ep 102: I'm dyslexic so shut up
 Remember when Hingle McCringleberry made it to the league? Seeing how football is only two weeks away, we get into talking football and who we hate in the Pac-12. Rbn jumps in part of the way through because he got his Ducks tickets! We’re excited. We also get into whether or not teams should wear black. We talk briefly about the Burger King whose parking lot was so bad it took a Facebook campaign to fix their damn parking lot. Also, which Christopher Walken role was best? We have some esoteric votes that Walken fans will surely appreciate. We get a peek behind the curtain at how Jake and Alex interact with one another via text! It’s fun. 
August 16, 2019
Ep 101: Dip, Chomp, Scurry
This is a ping-pong journey of an episode this week. Alex starts us off by talking about his new, burgeoning collection (since recording this, it's already getting out of control.) Robin has a book of Would You Rather and tests the guys on what bizarre physical feature they would rather have. We also hear the harrowing tale of two women who decided to tangle with an octopus. It doesn't end well for them. Check it out this week on My Show!
August 09, 2019
Ep 100: Let's get cancelled!
A little more than two years ago, Alex and Jake started this podcast. It's grown since then and now...EPISODE 100 IS HERE! As fans of Last Chance U, we pretty much wrap our thoughts on season four and talk about the things we've learned as coaches and what this show has taught us. We also look at whether it's more entertaining to watch a loser or a winner. We also learn about the naming rules of race horses. Why? Because Jake wants to name his racehorse something he's not allowed to. That's dumb. This show isn't. Listen to it. It's funny sometimes.
August 02, 2019
Ep 99: Trashcan Batman
What a week it was with the RAW reunion show. Out of the three people in this podcast, you’d never expect Alex to be the one to bring up wrestling, but he did! So we talk RAW reunion and some stories from the old days involving Rowdy Roddy Piper and a white Ford Bronco. We hear fun stories about Jake breaking into people’s houses to get our stuff back...and how we obtained it in the first place. Then we get into Jake and Alex’s habit of stealing road signs, almost dying and booing Alex’s mom for dying four times.
July 26, 2019
Ep 98: Kawhi Leonard: Canadian Hero
Damian Lillard is the greatest Blazer of all time. After he killed the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Blazers are expected to win 44.5 games this upcoming seaso n. Naturally, this gets us into NBA free agency and the madness it has provided this summer. It may be a sports heavy show but you all know that's not all we talk about. Find out why Jake no longer strings his string cheese like a real person. He might become a communist if we aren't careful.
July 19, 2019
Episode 97: Redneck Mackonator
Hey, did any of you use Ello? Jake did for like a day. We open the show with weird, esoteric social media. We were gone for a week to get Alex married and now we’re back at it. Speaking of Alex’s wedding, we hear about the epic prank Jake laid down on Alex. We hear it from both perspectives and it’s classic. It’s Christmas in July when we discuss our worst Christmas presents ever. This goes way beyond getting socks. We like socks. Alex’s worst present was a BB gun. Why it became the worst present he ever received is a story all unto itself. Aunt Kim makes her podcast debut. No, she isn’t on it. We wouldn’t do that to you. It’s some funny stuff. All this and more this week on My Show!
July 12, 2019
Ep 96: A whole new level of what?
This week we take a deep dive into Last Chance U with Season four on the horizon. We get some more clarification on coach Jason Brown's "Hitler" statement to his former player, plus an interesting take from Malik Henry. We also hear about some of the hijinx that Jake and Alex pulled when they worked at call centers together. There's an Ask Jake and a new Dethrone the King. It's hot off the presses and it's all here on My Show!
June 28, 2019
Ep 95: Tender booty cheeks
What would happen if we were presented with farmed human meat? Would we eat it? Alex...has some strong feelings. This episode is a lot of fun, we take to Twitter for our first question testing the limits of our fan hood. What jersey would we wear if we had to wear the jersey of our most hated rival? That's just a small cross section of the madness we cover this week on My Show!
June 21, 2019
Ep 94: Jakob Andreason
We had a bunch of great names for this episode but because Jakob Andreason wants to believe the Earth is flat, we didn't get to use any of them. Thanks. Anyway, you'll have to hear the great names we come up with and can't use. Check out Robin's summer plans, Jake interjecting into them and then talking more about the Atlanta rap scene. Check it out!
June 14, 2019
Ep 93: Brains and gread
We went short last week so we went a little long this week. It's time for Jake's soapbox this week as he takes on everything wrong with Godzilla movies and Superman movies. It's certainly not something to be missed. Who would fat Black Panther be? Well the clue is on our instagram but you can listen in and find out. Robin went crabbing and tells us about his journey to the coast. R.I.P. Robin's drone. Alex brings up Zima and bitch beer and the virtues of the beer no one admits they like. Also, check out a new project from Red Arrow being born on the show!
June 07, 2019
Ep 92: I died in the fire. Nobody look for me
 This one took a little longer to get out of the can; but believe me, it’s worth it. After an odd open, Alex talks about fictional facts. What are fictional facts? Facts that you argue when you’re a fan of something. What is true? Well...we get into that. We also take some shots at Chic-Fil-A. It’s not that good. But what’s more...why the hype for fast food? It’s fast food. We talk about the virtues of the hot case at Chevron. We also introduce the new game “Canadian or not” from Robin. It’s a hell of a show! 
June 01, 2019
Ep 91: Quadrant two tentacles
What would happen if octopi could breathe air? Would they become the apex predators of the world? What other interesting things would happen and how would life be different with an octopus around every corner? Alex also examines what would happen if the United States had not chosen red, white and blue as its national colors. It's weird and wacky and it's all on My Show!
May 24, 2019
Ep 90: We didn't name this one
We did but I'm not looking for it. Anyway, Jake is hot about fans in general and what they do specifically to piss him off. He takes on sports fans, TV fans, and also fans of things Jake likes. We also talk about good ways to sneak into sporting events and get better seats. We bring up the incredible working career of Milla Jovovich and what went wrong with the Matrix back in 1999. Jake finally knows how Alex feels when Jake talks wrestling. Check it out this week on My Show! sVfMKYgrVatw707FCR1i
May 17, 2019
Ep 89: The Water Crisis on Umbaowao
Jake is back in full effect this week as he continues to battle through this cold! He made it (kinda) and in the meantime saw Avengers:Endgame so it's back-to-back weeks talking about the largest superhero franchise in history. We also talk about the new Star Wars and how it relates to the Pope and the Queen of England. Jake brought the content, Alex brought the positivity and Robin kept us on track. This is a whirlwind episode. You don't want to miss it!
May 12, 2019
Episode 88: Jake's flu special
Okay, there are a lot of problems with this episode we know. The audio was cutting out for all of us but we are delivering it in it's entirety so you can at least hear the story of Jake's police report. We also talk Game of Thrones and Jake goes to die while Alex and Robin give MASSIVE SPOILERS about Avengers:Endgame.
May 03, 2019
Episode 87: Noobtubes, Claymores and pissing people off
We re-cover some ground asking about which games we'd like to see remastered and go back into our Golden Fiddle challenges. Specific challenges, not video games. Jake would pick Adamball. Jake also gets mad quite a bit this episode. There are two things he came to the show fired up about before he even put on his headset. Figure out why Aquaman and Krispy Kreme are in Jake's snarky gaze. We also hear a bit about Mike Tyson and Mitch "Blood" Green and their colorful feud.
April 26, 2019
Episode 86: Yo soy Groot
Are you ready to hear the guys get distracted while trying to make a composite list as to who we think the best Jokers are and in what order? Well you're in luck! That's the main goal this week and I think we accomplished it... In any event we get some heated discussion about Jared Leto's joker and where Zach Galifinakis ranks for his appearance in Lego Batman. Robin also gives his review of Shazam!, we make jokes about fast food and mac & cheese. It's chaos. It's My Show. It's here.
April 19, 2019
Episode 85: Chadwick Bozeman, Montana
 Alex is back this week after a one-week hiatus and he brings with him...BOO or GOO! It's a fun affair had by all and we're trying to get Robin more excited for it as well. He will be. We talk about movie trailers and how there are essentially two guys doing all of them. Period. What are flavors? Why do things say they're one flavor when they're clearly another? Jake finally understands Warhol and shares his newly-found reverence for the artist. What is art, anyway? 
April 12, 2019
Episode 84: Stop doing the heroins
This is a big time movie episode. We've got it all here, we talk Joker, Bohemian Rhapsody, Captain Marvel and Jake talks about his least favorite new problem. He calls it the precocious child fallacy. Hear what that means to him this week on My Show! We take a short trip to sports and take a look at the now dead AAF and the Oregon Ducks (big surprise) getting to the big dance and the Final Four. Check it all out this week!
April 05, 2019
Episode 83: Not that Qwisp
We get into a ton of stuff this week. We talk a little Sugarhill Gang. Some more Migos and Alex talks about the new hardest game he's tried to play, Sekiro. There's a lot of music and video games in this week's episode. Especially when we talk about the downfall of Guitar Hero. Tough boss fights and who the Arkham Knight should have actually been. Oh...Russell Turner? Robin's got something for your ass.
March 29, 2019
Episode 82: One day too late bracket update
My Show is Bad & Boujee. Cook up this episode with an uzi. Okay, that’s about as far as I can get with that one. This is the episode we get reasonably deep into the Migos and find out how Jake feels about them after listening to essentially nothing but Migos for the past two weeks. Alex is pissed. He’s been getting his sports feelings out the last couple weeks and he doesn’t disappoint taking on fantasy sports and “fans of sports.” We also get to hear about Robin’s trip to Vegas to watch Oregon beat the huskies [sic] and win the Pac-12. 
March 22, 2019
Episode 81: Aggressively Mediocre
What happens when you aren't interested in the things that used to interest you? Jake analyzed why he doesn't really like Gorillaz anymore and surprisingly...he's okay with that. We also talk about the new Joker movie with Joaquin Phoenix and how it's breaking down the wall between DC movies and this very specific audience. Robin is in Vegas and we get to hear all that nonsense and tomfoolery while he runs around in America's largest playground. It's all here this week on My Show with Alex & Jake!
March 15, 2019
Episode 80:
Welcome to the AHL! The Alex Hockey League. That’s right, we conclude the trio or sports leagues with Alex’s turn to give the minor league version of NHL teams. We hate the Wild. Go away Minnesota. We also hear Robin go on Robin’s Rant about helicopter parents and letting educators educate. We also get into Robin trying to learn about Pokemon and whether or not an adult can get into it now without the nostalgia factor. It’s Boo or Goo!
March 08, 2019
Episode 79: 30 for 30 seconds
 Well it’s finally happened. Alex watched Big Trouble In Little China and niw we get to talk about it! We also get to discuss the upcoming sequel and we find out..did he like it and is he excited for the sequel? Staying on movies we talk about the Oscars and Jake is pissed.To make him less pissed he lists the names of the NBA’s minor league affiliates. It’s all this week on My Show! 
March 01, 2019
Episode 78: Roofracks for kayaks
 Alex gets put on a jinx in this week’s episode of My Show with Alex & Jake and we learn the difference between jinx and a personal jinx. We hear about the Fortnite Live festival and how it got shut down by Epic Games. John Carpenter takes center stage as we highlight the upcoming Big Trouble in Little China sequel starring Dwayne Johnson. Robin spent time and put together the minor league equivalent to NFL teams and lays down a challenge to Alex and Jake. It’s all this week on My Show! 
February 22, 2019
Episode 77: Bottom Left Square Famous
Man, this is a show jampacked with content. We talk about the NBA All-Star weekend coming up, game shows, and the return of Crank Yankers. We spend a good amount of time on TV today. We also talk about the Snowpocalypse that Jake just survived and the guys all picked their new favorite AAF teams. All this week on My Show!
February 16, 2019
Episode 76:
Welcome to a new segment on this week’s show, Robin’s rant. You’ll have to tune in to hear what he gets on about. We also go over what we consider to be our grand champion video game throwdowns. Baseball is considering a rule change and Alex weighs in on his least favorite sport’s changing landscape. Also, Jake has a scheme to make money with ancestry. Of course, at the end we bag on Oregon state. It’s all this week on My Show with Alex & Jake! JONATHAN SMIIIIIITH! 
February 08, 2019
Episode 75: Gandolfini the Grey
 Well, none of us are dead. That's the important news here before this week's episode. We get to hear the harrowing tale of Robin almost dying and then we talk about sex education. Jake went to private school so you know that's going to be a fun discussion. We go into a lot more this week, including the teachers we didn't really get along with. It's all here! This week! My Show!
February 01, 2019
Episode 74: Gotta play to win
We open the show a lot more congenially this week and everyone gets along! That’s what you came here for, right? Well first we start talking about what shows and movies we use to fall asleep or if we even still do that. Robin gets us all put on someone’s watch list when he looked up information about the illuminati. We each have fun stories about improbable winnings of sweepstakes and random chance. Alex goes on a rant related to the costs of everything wedding related. Jake sits by and goes “mhm.” Plus, Alex is rooting for the Patriots?! Rob Gronkowski to the WWE? Hear why this week on My Show!
January 25, 2019
Episode 73: A ten minute story about a fifteen minute cutscene
We finally have the showdown of Alex and Robin talking about Yair Rodriguez and the argument becomes heated almost immediately. We also go into who our celebrity doppelgangers are and who we have been told we look like.  Famous movie blunders step into the spotlight for a little which gets us into Space Jam. How do we get there? You gotta listen. Jake tells the story of Bo$$ Key Yachts when Jake played NBA2k17 MyCareer where the evil Vic tries to take down your career. Man, there was a lot of nonsense and we got a little loose in an extra long episode for y’all.
January 18, 2019
Episode 72: The New Steve Buscemi
It's the first episode with a three-man booth and if this episode is any indication of what is to come, this is going to be a lot of fun. We open the show talking about the most recent Banksy painting and the havoc it has wreaked on one particular person's life. We also get into comedy sequels that we kind of remember and talk about some of the more absurd mascot names we've heard. It's a great time and it's all here on this week's episode of My Show with Alex & Jake!
January 11, 2019
Episode 71: Smurf Sluts
We ring in the new year with a new episode! Starting right off the bat, we find out that Jake is launching a second Red Arrow Podcast. Find out more in the open. From there we talk about our New Year's resolutions and figure out that they aren't dissimilar. More on shenanigans as Jake made a trip to his first college bowl game and what a strange journey that was. **SPOILER ALERT** There's a $10 box of vodka. Alex:1 Jake:0
January 04, 2019
Episode 70: Holiday Express
It's our season finale and we blow it out right. We talk about our family holiday traditions for a little while and then we talk about the main event, Gavlebocken. This is a giant straw goat in a town square in Sweden. It's a great show and we will be back in January for season three!
December 21, 2018
My Show with Alex & Jake Ep 69: A rainy night in Nashville
After a long wait, here we are! Finally on and telling the story of how Alex and Jake decided to go to Denver to go to their first ever NHL game. Tune in to hear about what each of the guys remember, some of their misadventures and the things they enjoyed the most from this amazing journey into the Rockies. It's all here this week on My Show!
December 14, 2018
My Show with Alex and Jake Ep 68: of Canada
Alex is back from suspension and he came in hot with a story! It's story time with Alex and Jake this week! Come check out the fireworks when Alex shoots back at Robin about this whole Yair thing. I told you it was going to a fourth bout. We have a boo or goo about the upcoming Aladdin movie as well as a deep dive into a Vice article about the rise of piracy once a-gain!
December 07, 2018
My Show with Alex & Jake Ep 67: The Jonah Hill scale
Alex is serving his suspension this week and in his stead we bring in Robin for his second stint as guest host on My Show. We talk about our favorite concerts, some of our least favorite DJ performances including Jake's story of seeing DJ Dougpound. Robin counters with seeing Reggie Watts. Stick around for the stank sandwich on this one because it is truly one to behold. We also get Robin's opinion on the most infamous knockout in recent memory. It promises to give us some fireworks when he and Robin get back on the line together. Have you ever wondered what it's like to be at a football game with Jake, Robin and Bailey? Well there are recordings...we get to hear's exactly what you think it sounds like.
November 30, 2018
My Show with Alex & Jake Ep 66: Bad for the zombie
It's tough starting episodes like this. We have to eulogize a legend with the passing of Stan Lee at the beginning of the episode. It's a very sad time but we focus on the positives here on the show. From there we talk about Yair Rodriguez and his insane knockout against Korean Zombie. By the way, that name is weird. Alex has his first solo movie review having seen Jonah Hill's movie Late Nineties. We hit music history talking about Smoke on the Water and Pink Floyd. Then it happens. Alex gets suspended. What's more, we get to hear about his adolescence and we discuss how realistic the TV show Big Mouth was to both of our growing up. We also forgot that Jake didn't Boo or Goo last week about the PS1 classic. That was weird too. We hit it this week. Check it out this week on My Show!   #hidetheboner
November 16, 2018
My Show With Alex & Jake Ep 65: Vice President of Action
Did Alex forget to introduce Jake at the top? Oooooh man. It gets heated immediately. Then it promptly cools but it got half-hot. Well the corners were turning white in the microwave. Somehow we get to talking about some of the most harrowing spider stories in the history on time. We also decide how badass Carl Weathers is, who belongs on the Mt. Rushmore of action movies and Jake gets mad at Garth Brooks all this week on My Show!
November 09, 2018
My Show with Alex & Jake Ep 64: #fineprint
"I shitteth thee nay. I have the greatest story in the history of video games." That's the hook of this episode. Jake experienced something that is unlike anything he has ever seen before. Considering things no one has ever experienced before, Alex had a dream and it changed his life.  Oh, you want more? Well how about we take on Halloween? It was Halloween when we recorded this so rest assured that this episode is heavy in that and then #talesfromthecallcenter. Check it out this week on My Show!
November 02, 2018
My Show with Alex & Jake Ep 63: Thor's Shield
#thankyouroman first and foremost. Jake spends a little bit of time talking about Roman Reigns and his second battle with Leukemia and certainly we want to wish him well in his future recovery. The new Halloween movie is out and Alex went to see it. We get to see another difference in taste between the guys as the conversation about slasher films takes shape. There's even a shout out to one of the greatest scenes in a horror movie and it features Busta Rhymes! By the way, did Thor have a shield? Find out what the confusion is all about this week on My Show!
October 26, 2018
My Show with Alex & Jake Ep 62: Doception
When it comes to the things we know well, Jake is firmly entrenched in wrestling whereas Alex is the comedy expert. One way or another those two things seem to work their way into our show one way or another. Well, on this show we go into a direct comparison with our areas of expertise and examine when it's appropriate to expert a performance to be perfect.  With the NBA starting up this week we look into exactly why we don't expect this year to be any different than the years past. It's all here in this week's edition of My Show!
October 19, 2018
My Show with Alex and Jake Ep 61: Get better at war
What is the worst thing that could happen if someone was trying to work out in their own home? Well, that's how we get this show started. Alex also goes in and reads a list of Murphy's 31 Laws of Combat. It's all a lead in to us talking about the results and opinions on UFC 229.  Jake was hot about some things in the evening and you're going to have to tune in to hear what he thinks about Conor McGregor and his fight, Khabib and his belt, Derrick Lewis and his balls and lastly, Dominick Reyes and his phantom KO.   Check it out this week on My Show with Alex and Jake!
October 12, 2018
My Show with Alex and Jake Ep 60: Part 2 Electric Boogaloo
For the first time in more than a year, neither Alex nor Jake recorded the episode. It was so good too! That's why we didn't have a show last week. This week though, we are back with a vengence. We take on one of our favorite TV shows, Letterkenny and from there transition into talking about Lil Wayne's album Tha Carter V. Also, how mad is the city of Seattle still about the Sonics? Well we have a lesson in insulting Seattle. It's a fun show full of twists and turns. Make sure not to miss out on this week's show! Figure it oot!
October 05, 2018
My Show with Alex and Jake Ep 59: Two future Governors
Finally it's time for Alex to be mad about something for the duration of an episode. This time, Alex has to talk about what he considers to be the worst Predator movie in franchise history. We talk about it and the other Predator movies.  We move from there into the evolution of Jake into a Seattlite and how hard life is when you can't find a Starbucks. Lastly, we get into the Eminem/MGK feud and lend our ten cents. Our two cents is free. Red Arrow Productions and My Show can be reached on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter. Patreon: IG: RedArrowProductions @redarrowdeepsouth @impactfulpanels twitter: @RedArrowP Facebook: Red Arrow Productions
September 19, 2018
My Show with Alex and Jake Ep 58: No Rabbitholes, Maxwell
Hey...I didn't cut that joke. We take a deep dive into the Beatles 1 album this week. We look at the songs we liked, the ones we hate and Jake actually comes up with a theory of his own regarding the first 10 songs on that collection. What sort of revelations did the guys have about themselves and the music? What happened when Jake heard Yellow Submarine? When did Alex become a pedant? It's all right here on this week's episode of My Show! Red Arrow Productions and My Show can be reached on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter. Patreon: IG: RedArrowProductions @redarrowdeepsouth @impactfulpanels twitter: @RedArrowP Facebook: Red Arrow Productions
September 14, 2018
My Show with Alex and Jake Ep 57: Off and on workin' on
Alex and Jake are both in a creative rut! We don't know how to get out of it so we thought we would have a public forum of us trying to spitball ideas. This is something we do frequently with one another and now we're trying to bring the smartness out of us. Hopefully we can make it happen. We also bring back Ask Alex! which is Alex's favorite segment. Listen to him try to name all of the US Presidents in under two minutes! Check out as the guys talk about some of their projects and Jake actually gets a little hot in this episode. It's all part of the three-ring circus that is My Show!   Red Arrow Productions and My Show can be reached on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter. Patreon: IG: RedArrowProductions @redarrowdeepsouth @impactfulpanels twitter: @RedArrowP Facebook: Red Arrow Productions
August 31, 2018
My Show with Alex and Jake Ep 56: Taking the piss out of John Candy
We're back to movies but this time we aren't talking about recent movies, we're talking about older movies. Specifically, we're talking bad movies we love, good movies we hate and some ones in between. As was posted on IG, the movie Jake loved as a kid was Ready to Rumble. Alex takes a little more time but he gets there eventually. For him, it's all about Tokyo Drift.   And Alex and Jake have a strong bond. You don't want to read about it here can hear it on the show. Red Arrow Productions and My Show can be reached on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter. Patreon: IG: RedArrowProductions @redarrowdeepsouth @impactfulpanels twitter: @RedArrowP Facebook: Red Arrow Productions
August 24, 2018
My Show with Alex and Jake Ep 55: Haha! Theory time!
We introduce a new segment in this show called Boo or Goo! In this initial segment, Jake and Alex take a look at Nintendo's most recent revelation about Smash Ultimate. Following that, we take a look at cover songs. We highlight the good ones, the bad ones and the ones somewhere in the middle. It's all here in this week's episode of My Show!   Red Arrow Productions and My Show can be reached on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter. Patreon: IG: RedArrowProductions @redarrowdeepsouth @impactfulpanels twitter: @RedArrowP Facebook: Red Arrow Productions
August 17, 2018
My Show with Alex and Jake Ep 54: Paperback Writer
Well, we forgot to name the show during the show. Also, Pearl Jam is in town. I'm not sure when they aren't "in town" but they're here now and making all of downtown Seattle a dumpster fire. already is. Anyway, come on and listen to the nonsense caused by the 90's deciding to exist again. We follow that up with a look at sports video games and some of our greatest feats and most crushing de-feats. Gnome sayin'?   Red Arrow Productions and My Show can be reached on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter. Patreon: IG: RedArrowProductions @redarrowdeepsouth @impactfulpanels twitter: @RedArrowP Facebook: Red Arrow Productions
August 10, 2018
My Show with Alex and Jake Ep 53: Spoiler Heavy
SPOILER ALERT! THIS EPISODE IS FULL OF SPOILERS! If something gets played yourself. This week we talk about Antman & The Wasp, season three of Last Chance U and Sorry to Bother You. I don't want to give away too much in the description, particualrly because we are dealing with spoilers and we don't want things ruined! Before we jump into the spoilers though, we talk briefly about Google's new chinese search engine and also another volume in the Saga of the Search for Sin City. That's a lot of prepositions. If you aren't into Last Chance U or football, we start talking about Sorry To Bother You at the 53:45 mark. Red Arrow Productions and My Show can be reached on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter. Patreon: IG: RedArrowProductions @redarrowdeepsouth twitter: @RedArrowP Facebook: Red Arrow Productions
August 03, 2018
My Show Interview With Interesting Dudes 4: Zaid Abdul-Aziz
This week we sit down with Zaid Abdul-Aziz, former NBA player and current public speaker. Abdul-Aziz played in the NBA throughout the 60s and 70s and now lives in Seattle. I was fortunate enough to meet with him at Starbucks for an interview. If you would like a copy of Zaid's book Darkness to Sunlight, get in contact with us and we will get a copy of his autobiography sent to you directly! Red Arrow Productions and My Show can be reached on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter. Patreon: IG: RedArrowProductions @redarrowdeepsouth twitter: @RedArrowP Facebook: Red Arrow Productions
July 27, 2018
My Show with Alex and Jake Ep 51: The James Bond Phenomenon
Welcome back! It's the first episode of the next fifty episodes.  Alex gets us off and running by talking about how much he hates the radio and how pointless it is.   We get into the cars of our adolescence and that is a whole other ball of wax. The late nineties and early 2000's was the era which tried to be cool and just wasn't. Despite this, these were the days of our lives and they were cool then! We're probably still trying to be cool and aren't. Oh well. Listen to this week's episode. It's a good'un.
July 20, 2018
My Show with Alex and Jake Ep 50: The Bumblebee of Sprinters
Alex mentions "Ain't too Proud to Beg." which immediately causes Jake to think about the California Raisins. Alex spent the weekend after July Fourth at a track meet in Bend, OR. Alex realized several things that gave him, in his own words his "dismay" from this junior meet. He also learned the finer points of assisting in the meet. We get to talking about Usain Bolt again and how he has changed track and field. We anwer an important question, physics be damned, could a high jump athlete double dutch under a high jump bar she could jump over? Jake also takes a hard left turn and tells a story about himself while at work. Then he went to the opposite of a track meet, the geek and nerd expo. He met Jason Mewes and it was definitely Mewes-ian. We talk about the downfalls of buying comics and the chaos of comic collecting OCD. Jake also talks about the PTSD-enducing expiernce of downloading digital comics. Digital vs. Physical media comes up as a major theme in this show.   Red Arrow Productions and My Show can be reached on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter. Patreon: IG: RedArrowProductions @redarrowdeepsouth twitter: @RedArrowP Facebook: Red Arrow Productions
July 13, 2018
My Show with Alex and Jake Ep 49: Stunt Granny
It's a lot more fun when Alex is the one who gets mad. This week opens with a conversation about magic and why it makes Alex mad, takes a short detour into really bad TV documentaries and we eventually get to James Randi and exposing mediums and psychics. Then Jake talks about advertising and what he actually likes about some ads but mostly talks about stupid advertisements. It's all here on this week's episode of My Show!   Red Arrow Productions and My Show can be reached on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter. Patreon: IG: RedArrowProductions @redarrowdeepsouth twitter: @RedArrowP Facebook: Red Arrow Productions
June 29, 2018
My Show with Alex and Jake Ep 48: Patreon special: Volcanoes
Well, it was asked for and here it is, Alex and Jake take on Supervolcanoes and extinction level events. It's a wild episode which starts with a rare appearance of Ask Jake where he doesn't perform nearly as well as Alex did in Ask Alex. Oh and by the way, we learned that if you live on the west coast and volcanoes decide that it's showtime, we're all doneski. Seriously. It's scary. Also, Yellowstone will explode relatively soon.   Red Arrow Productions and My Show can be reached on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter. Patreon: IG: RedArrowProductions @redarrowdeepsouth twitter: @RedArrowP Facebook: Red Arrow Productions
June 23, 2018
My Show with Alex and Jake Ep 47: Pacific and Pacofic
Jake opens the show with a very real and open apology to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and then immediately brings up Chingy. We then play what was going to be a quick game of Ask Alex but it turned into an arguement about pirates and whether or not they had good maps. Alex got to name an episode! We also get into why we didn't have a show last week. It was not a fun weekend for Jake! We round off the show talking about E3, the things we like, the things we don't like and the things that were missing completely.   Red Arrow Productions and My Show can be reached on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter. Patreon: IG: RedArrowProductions @redarrowdeepsouth twitter: @RedArrowP Facebook: Red Arrow Productions
June 15, 2018
My Show with Alex and Jake Ep 46: Drexler would have been Bletter (sic)
It took two weeks but we finally got to the topic at hand, "What would you do to entertain yourself if you had a time machine?" Interesting question, huh? Alex has some big news that he wants to pass along to our listening audience. Jake...does not. We also talk about music festivals, Spotify and DJ The Chicago Kid. I still am not 100% sure who that is or if he even exists. We dabble with sports a bit as well. It's only natural. Come get some tasty podcast! Red Arrow Productions and My Show can be reached on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter. Patreon: IG: RedArrowProductions @redarrowdeepsouth twitter: @RedArrowP Facebook: Red Arrow Productions
June 01, 2018
My Show with Alex & Jake Ep 45: Turns out I'm Moxxi
We had a plan for this episode. It didn't take long for us to go off of the rails. We spent the first half of the show talking about Borderlands 2 and that conversation turned into us talking about video games at a discount price. We also talk about games that we're looking forward to playing soon, namely Red Dead Repemption 2. We also spent a good amount of time talking about the XFL. Bethesda still thinks Skyrim is worth $60. We talk about that too. Check it out on this week's episode of My Show! Jake lays down a fat podcast challenge.   Red Arrow Productions and My Show can be reached on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter. Patreon: IG: RedArrowProductions @redarrowdeepsouth twitter: @RedArrowP Facebook: Red Arrow Productions
May 25, 2018
My Show with Alex and Jake Ep 44: Sparkling Waterworld
Alex and Jake are back with another adventure down memory lane and in addition, we get to see what exactly happened to Jake's belt. It was a weird day at work for him. Alex on the other hand is having to get used to drinking La Croix and he is not adjusting well. We take on Popeyes V. KFC (Popeye's wins, every time) and Anthony Bourdain in this episode of My Show with Alex and Jake!   Red Arrow Productions and My Show can be reached on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter. Patreon: IG: RedArrowProductions @redarrowdeepsouth twitter: @RedArrowP Facebook: Red Arrow Productions
May 18, 2018
My Show with Alex and Jake Ep 43: No Triplepeat!
What's more interesting than conference realignment?! In this edition of My Show, we take the NFL and realign it based on which teams are the closest to each other and then we take the NBA and split it North and South. Sports purists beware we turn the leagues on their respective ears. It's not all sports though. We talk a little bit about Three Dog Night and Michael Jackson. How did we pull this off? Come and check it out this week on My Show!   Red Arrow Productions and My Show can be reached on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter. Patreon: IG: RedArrowProductions @redarrowdeepsouth twitter: @RedArrowP Facebook: Red Arrow Productions
May 11, 2018
My Show with Alex and Jake Ep 42: No Bruce Wayne Scenes
First things first. Massive Avengers spoilers ahead. If you don't want Infinity War ruined for you, skip to 18:45. We realized in the middle that we were talking about a movie people still want to see. Come back and listen to that part after you see the movie. Jake reveals his new movie rating system. It's something. We also talk about Tammie Jo Shults who safely landed a disabled aircraft. Oh. The story gets better. Also, the BBQ INN! Get it all right here on My Show!   My Show will return next week.   Red Arrow Productions and My Show can be reached on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter. Patreon: IG: RedArrowProductions @redarrowdeepsouth twitter: @RedArrowP Facebook: Red Arrow Productions
May 04, 2018
My Show with Alex and Jake Ep 41: PowerTech Issue Two!
Strap in, buckle up, grab hold of something or somebody. The newest edition of My Show is here with Power Tech Issue Two! Back by popular demand, Alex and Jake read the second part of their passion project and put it out for all of you to hear. Jake once again is on (bad) voice acting while Alex does the prompts throughout. You will also get a little behind the scenes action as to what we were thinking and even some live changes on the air. Do you want to know who has the best voice? It's the server, but you'll have to listen to figure out why!   Patreon: IG: RedArrowProductions @redarrowdeepsouth @impactfulpanels twitter: @RedArrowP Facebook: Red Arrow Productions
April 27, 2018
My Show with Alex and Jake Ep 40: Interviews with Interesting Dudes
We have our third in our series of interviews with interesting dudes and this time we bring in a ringer. Christopher Daradics joins us on My Show this week to talk to us about the language of relationships. Why do I put it that way? Well, because Christopher works in the largest humanities department at the University of Oregon; Applied Linguistics. Chris tells us a story about travelling around the globe and gives a little insight as to having to deal with Jake as a student. Oh yeah! Christopher was Jake's high school advisor. Check it out this week on My Show! Check out Christipher's website for more information about him. Patreon: IG: RedArrowProductions @redarrowdeepsouth @impactfulpanels twitter: @RedArrowP Facebook: Red Arrow Productions
April 20, 2018
My Show with Alex and Jake Ep 39: Late Night Sexy Show
Dr. Jake and Alex are in the building talking about things they have no idea about, relationships. Just for a bit. Just long enough to say something that will get us in trouble at some point. Anyway, Alex had to go to a bachelor's party this weekend making this a Monday affair. It's a little weird but what is also awesome is that it was reasonably close to Wrestlemania 34 so Jake gets to talk about his impressions of Ronda Rousey in addition to the other madness in the evening. It's all here on a crisp, tasty new episode of My Show! Patreon: IG: RedArrowProductions @redarrowdeepsouth @impactfulpanels twitter: @RedArrowP Facebook: Red Arrow Productions
April 12, 2018
My Show with Alex and Jake Ep 38: I just don't get French film
Jake has spent a lot of time watching the Twilight Zone lately and has noticed some things while watching. By the way, there are a ton of spoilers in this episode but it’s okay, if you haven’t seen the Twilight Zone by now, you probably weren’t going to watch it anyway. Oh, I guess there’s a spoiler for How I Met Your Mother and Black Panther but you probably should have seen those by now too. If Jake has seen a movie, you can’t be mad about the spoilers. following that, we talk about the first time we heard profanity in music. It's a fun trip down memory lane this week on My Show!   Patreon: IG: RedArrowProductions @redarrowdeepsouth @impactfulpanels twitter: @RedArrowP Facebook: Red Arrow Productions
April 06, 2018
My Show with Alex and Jake Ep 37: They REO Speedwagon'd it
So far, this has been one of the most fun episodes we have had making. Centralled around National Comic Book Day, Alex and Jake spend a good amount of time talking about comics, comic runs and the like. Jake is a big fan of Chew and he tells the misadventure of how he came to fall in love with this kooky little story when he least expected it. We also talk video games: Mass Effect: Andromeda and the whole series takes center stage while we discuss interplantetary diplomacy and atmosphere creation. Finally, we come back to Earth and talk about real things. Sometimes, there's that guy at work that you want to be friendly with, but he's not pulling his weight. What do you do? can listen to My Show! Now available on iTunes! Patreon: IG: RedArrowProductions @redarrowdeepsouth twitter: @RedArrowP Facebook: Red Arrow Productions
March 30, 2018
My Show with Alex and Jake Ep 36: Beavis and Buffhead
Here it is! Alex and Jake read through the first issue of what they plan to have as the first part of several in Power Tech, Red Arrow's primary project. Come check it out as Alex narrates while Jake does the voices and sound effects in the background. Join us as we follow the tale of Leslie Fortis and what it would be like if a young man in college could purchase super strength. It's a hoot! Patreon: IG: RedArrowProductions @redarrowdeepsouth twitter: @RedArrowP Facebook: Red Arrow Productions
March 23, 2018
My Show with Alex and Jake Ep 35: Rant & React
Well, this was a Jake episode. We started off talking about something that had Jake very frustrated when he read it in the Seattle Times. We talk about what it was like to meet Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and a very meta moment in that meeting. Why do we always talk about work with the people we work with? We examine that and come up with excuses to talk about St. Patricks Day. Come check out this episode of My Show! Red Arrow Productions and My Show can be reached on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter. Patreon: IG: RedArrowProductions @redarrowdeepsouth twitter: @RedArrowP Facebook: Red Arrow Productions
March 16, 2018
My Show with Alex and Jake Ep 34: Special Guest Host!
Welcome to another edition of My Show! Alex couldn't make it this week and as such, good friend of the show Julio stepped in to help with the show. We discuss Breaking Bad who the best James Bond is, as well as an awkward situation at the gym. Check it out all on this week's episode of My Show!   Red Arrow Productions and My Show can be reached on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter. Patreon: IG: RedArrowProductions @redarrowdeepsouth twitter: @RedArrowP Facebook: Red Arrow Productions
March 02, 2018
My Show with Alex and Jake Ep 33: Bob Dylan is a Cat
Well this episode started off being somewhat serious. We start with which musicians we relate to at an emotional level and somehow...somehow...that turned into a discussion about the naming of Seattle. Jake knows this stuff and he's not 100 per cent sure why. Also, we talk about tattoos. Which ones we have and which ones we want, including an exciting Terminator 2: Judgement Day tat. Happy Rusev Day!   Red Arrow Productions and My Show can be reached on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter. Patreon: IG: RedArrowProductions @redarrowdeepsouth twitter: @RedArrowP Facebook: Red Arrow Productions
February 23, 2018
My Show with Alex and Jake Ep 32: The Raisin House
Jake starts the episode by positing an interesting concept about fighting games and real life which gets the guys off on a tangent talking about different gaming idiosyncracies that we wish were real. We talk a bit about spare change and trick or treating. It's another hot, piping episode of My Show with Alex and Jake!   Red Arrow Productions and My Show can be reached on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter. Patreon: IG: RedArrowProductions @redarrowdeepsouth twitter: @RedArrowP Facebook: Red Arrow Productions
February 16, 2018
My Show with Alex and Jake Ep 31: Dumpster Fire Sale
Another nutty trip down memory lane for the guys. It was National Pizza Day during the recording so naturally we have to talk about what our favorite toppings on a pizza are. Naturally we bring up Reggie Watts. We also get deep into the topic of nicknames, how our preferred nicknames came about and the devolution of nicknames in sports. For the truly esoteric fans, we talk about the franchise history of the Jakeadelphia Jakes and the Jaketon Alexs. It's all on this week's episode of My Show!
February 10, 2018
My Show with Alex and Jake Ep 30: You Can't Pop Me Twice
Another one. We are back again with some more freshness. This week's episode went all over the place, but you're used to that by now. We talk about proper restroom etiquette, stand up rappers with specific shout outs to Froggy Fresh, Lil Dicky, GMCFOSHO and Reggie Watts! Come and hear how we get from point A to point B, it's madness in a can, if that can were a podcast. Red Arrow Productions and My Show can be reached on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter. Patreon: IG: RedArrowProductions @redarrowdeepsouth twitter: @RedArrowP Facebook: Red Arrow Productions
February 02, 2018
My Show with Alex and Jake Ep. 29: Kids are dumb at sports
It's time to talk about the Olympics! Alex is back with a vengence (like Die Hard) and we get to what we've been waiting for, the Winter Olympiad. jake shoehorns Chris Jericho into the conversation and Wrestle Kingdom 12. We've got Curling, Track and Field, Cool Runnings, Snowboard, somehow Jake forgot about Shaun White.  Red Arrow Productions and My Show can be reached on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter. Patreon: IG: RedArrowProductions @redarrowdeepsouth twitter: @RedArrowP Facebook: Red Arrow Productions
January 27, 2018
My Show with Alex and Jake Ep 28: Gotcha! No Olympics
Had to call an audible this week as Alex could not be on the show this week. So we got the admin of our instagram affiliate @redarrowdeepsouth Robin to come on and fill in for the week. We start by talking about the upcoming UFC pay per view this weekend which takes Jake to the Royal Rumble. We talk Tide Pod challenge and other internet challenges and exactly what is great about Patrick Stewart. Star Wars, Harry Potter, UFC and WWE in the same conversation? Well, only on My Show with Alex and Jake. Red Arrow Productions and My Show can be reached on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter. Patreon: IG: RedArrowProductions @redarrowdeepsouth twitter: @RedArrowP Facebook: Red Arrow Productions
January 19, 2018
My Show with Jake and Alex Ep. 27: Next week we talk about the Olympics
This week, Alex outs himself as an Alabama fan for the duration of three years. We check in on how that band wagon feels late in the podcast. Things intertwine, talking about TV ratings and sports and the Golden Globes and the GG drinking game that never got talked about. Red Arrow Productions and My Show can be reached on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter. Patreon: IG: RedArrowProductions @redarrowdeepsouth twitter: @RedArrowP Facebook: Red Arrow Productions
January 12, 2018
My Show with Alex and Jake Ep 26: Unbeatable Duo of Deliciousness
Christmas is behind us and 2018 is in front of us as we get our lasy My Show of 2017! The guys recap their Christmas and talk about the fate of the double bird and the rise of the prime rib.   We also hear the story of how and what Jake named his Dwarven Armor wearing mudcrab. It's all inside. NERD ALERT AHEAD!   Red Arrow Productions and My Show can be reached on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter. Patreon: IG: RedArrowProductions twitter: @RedArrowP Facebook: Red Arrow Productions
December 29, 2017
My Show with Alex and Jake Ep 25: Gimmick Infringement!
This is what happens when Alex and Jake try to do a dual live stream. Alex was on instagram and Jake was on facebook doing the podcast live so if there is a little confusion of what things look like, we apologize. Pictures of what were mentioned will be posted on instagram. The show starts by talking about Alex's Pokemon card collection which he is sharing with us all and then start talking about what collections we have. We talk about what actors we once hated but came around to like and the sheer pointlessness of Red Arrow Productions and My Show can be reached on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter. Patreon: IG: RedArrowProductions twitter: @RedArrowP Facebook: Red Arrow Productions
December 15, 2017
My Show with Alex and Jake Ep 24: Mexican Standoff of Intensity
Some semblence of order returns to My Show with Alex and Jake as they talk about fighting their evil selves, what video games they could beat the devil at and there's even a delete chant at one point. We're back with another tasty groove as the guys go back and forth with some more digressions. This was a good ass episode.   Red Arrow Productions and My Show can be reached on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter. Patreon: IG: RedArrowProductions twitter: @RedArrowP Facebook: Red Arrow Productions
December 08, 2017
My Show with Alex and Jake Ep. 23: Uncle Drew's Thanksgiving, that's the name of your sex tape
Other shows are giving you their greatest hits since its a holiday, but not My Show! No sir, no ma'am! WE are coming to you with some fresh hits (mostly because we don't have enough tape for a greatest hits show.) So we did it. We made it to the Jordan episode without completely ruining everything. It's Thanksgiving, Jake's favorite holiday. With so much around a holiday surrounded by food, the guys are going to have plenty to say. Red Arrow Productions and My Show can be reached on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter. Patreon: IG: RedArrowProductions twitter: @RedArrowP Facebook: Red Arrow Productions
November 24, 2017
My Show with Alex & Jake Ep. 22: Ten Wickets
We goofed and thought that this was the Jordan episdoe but it turns out it was the Drexler episode. In any event, we talked about art. Alex had the idea that we should find something we appreciate about art we previously didn't enjoy. It brought Jake face to face with Pablo Picasso. Not literally, but he is ALL THE WAY UP! Red Arrow Productions and My Show can be reached on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter. Patreon: IG: RedArrowProductions twitter: @RedArrowP Facebook: Red Arrow Productions
November 17, 2017
My Show with Alex and Jake Ep. 21: SModcast Ep. 259
Alex and Jake have always wanted to have their very own SModcast 259. If you tune in to this week's episode of My Show, you'll get to hear the guys create something that could one day turn into a real thing. When it comes back, it will be My Show Ep 21. For those of you who are unaware, SModcast 259 was where Kevin Smith came up with Tusk.   Red Arrow Productions and My Show can be reached on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter. Patreon: IG: RedArrowProductions twitter: @RedArrowP Facebook: Red Arrow Productions
November 10, 2017
My Show with Alex and Jake Ep 20: No Improvements Will Be Made
We are back with the triumphant return and the twentieth episode of My Show with Alex and Jake. We explain our recent hiatus and start with our Halloween costumes for the year and some how end up talking about fake twitter accounts. All our typical diversions are front and center for this one. Red Arrow Productions and My Show can be reached on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter. Patreon: IG: RedArrowProductions twitter: @RedArrowP Facebook: Red Arrow Productions
November 03, 2017
My Show with Alex and Jake Ep 19: Suddenly Summer
Music videos is how the conversation begins and the rabbit trails begin shortly thereafter. It's also a week of debuts as we get the first ever taste of the new My Show theme song. Seth McFarlane is partially responsible for some of Jake's musical tastes and we dig into it. Red Arrow Productions and My Show can be reached on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter. Patreon: IG: RedArrowProductions twitter: @RedArrowP Facebook: Red Arrow Productions
October 13, 2017
My Show with Alex and Jake Ep 18: Downhill In A Hurry
It's the first show without a format and that somehow made it better. Alex and Jake start by talking about movies and go on so many rabbit trails they actually end up talking what they originally meant to talk about in the first place, which was movies to begin with. It's a new era on My Show, be prepared for some spoilers because you should have seen some movies already.   Red Arrow Productions and My Show can be reached on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter. Patreon: IG: RedArrowProductions twitter: @RedArrowP Facebook: Red Arrow Productions
October 06, 2017
My Show with Alex and Jake Ep 17: CHARLIE MURPHY!
Welcome to the age of Patreon. This is our first episode where one of our Patreon backers picked our topic. If you want to pick what we talk about you can at our Patreon! This episode we talk about comedies and what we like, why stand up is so hard and Alex brings up Joe Rogan about 435 times. Red Arrow Productions and My Show can be reached on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter. Patreon: IG: RedArrowProductions twitter: @RedArrowP Facebook: Red Arrow Productions
September 29, 2017
My Show with Alex and Jake Ep 16: Interviews with interesting dudes
We're back with another interview, this time we bring in Nicole Hams who is a doctoral student at Oregon State University and has worked with the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Nicole will be defending her thesis in the near future to officially become Dr. Hams. In her "spare time" Nicole works with numerous institutions at OSU helping the advancement of people of color in the STEM field. Nicole can be reached on Linkedin and also on twitter @HammyJams Red Arrow Productions and My Show can be reached on Facebook, Instagram, Patreon and on Twitter. Patreon: IG: RedArrowProductions twitter: @RedArrowP Facebook: Red Arrow Productions
September 22, 2017
My Show with Jake and Alex Ep. 15: The Phil-cons
You don't know who the Phil-cons are, do you? Well, if you listen to this episode of My Show you'll learn just who they are.   It's time for a new format and as such there are caveats which come along with it. Check out this week's episode and then follow it up by following us on social media. The tasty links are below including a new one. That's right, we have a patreon.   Why do we need a patreon? Well, so you can tell us what to talk about. Check it out! Links below! Red Arrow Productions and My Show can be reached on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter. Patreon: IG: RedArrowProductions twitter: @RedArrowP Facebook: Red Arrow Productions
September 15, 2017
My Show with Alex and Jake Ep 14: Technical difficulties
Apparently when Podbean says "Schedule post" it's a good idea to check the date. But here we are, 15 hours late but live! Jake and Alex get back to a topic they are both very familiar with, FOOTBALL!  Since it's opening week, we had to talk about some good ol' pigskin. Red Arrow Productions and My Show can be reached on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter. IG: RedArrowProductions twitter: @RedArrowP Facebook: Red Arrow Productions
September 09, 2017
My Show with Alex and Jake Ep 13: The Learning Episode
Oh it's time to talk about some things that really, really piss us off. This is not a list in totality but it is certainly a good start on the list of pet peeves. Make sure you're checking us out on social media. We have some big news coming down the pipe soon.   Red Arrow Productions and My Show can be reached on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter. IG: RedArrowProductions twitter: @RedArrowP Facebook: Red Arrow Productions
September 01, 2017
My Show with Alex and Jake Ep. 12: Interview with Dean Westwood
This week we take a serious turn and bring in our first guest on the show, Dean Westwood. Dean is a person with a disability and was recently incarcerated in three of Oregon's correctional facilities. Dean discusses his experience and troubling circumstances with the department of corrections. It's said in the show but what happened to Dean was a miscarraige of justice. Links to Dean's blog with the ACLU, the Vice report by Rebecca McCray and the ACLU's report on prisoners with physical disabilities: Caged In are below. Dean can be reached on twitter @DWest64 Red Arrow Productions and My Show can be reached on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter. IG: RedArrowProductions twitter: @RedArrowP Facebook: Red Arrow Productions
August 25, 2017
My Show with Jake and Alex Ep. 11 : Jibba Jabba
Apparently the ghost of Lincoln Osiris took over Jake early on in the episode. It's a revelatory episode in truest fashion. We learn a ton about the things that Alex and Jake are willing to admit they like or have liked. It's all about guilty pleasures! Come get some and learn a thing or two about the hosts.
August 18, 2017
.My Show Ep. 10: Interview with a smartass
Well it's been 10 episodes already and we haven't been told to stop by anyone. Not that it matters if someone did. Anyway, alex has an interview today on the show with a special purpose. Check it out to see who it is when the magic curtain is lifted.   It's totally not Jake.
August 11, 2017
My Show with Alex and Jake Ep. 9: Duckin' n' Dodgin'
It wouldn't be a conversation about sitcoms if we didn't talk about matter how fast Jake tried to get away from it. Sitcoms! What makes us laugh? WHat's the formula? What do we like? What are we decidely against? Check it out on this week's episode of My Show with Jake and Alex!
August 04, 2017
My Show with Jake and Alex Ep. 8: Caught up in the Kayfabe of Christmas
After some technical difficulties Jake and Alex are back to talk about the overt complexities It's a wide ranging topic and so the guys took a little more time than normal. Also, they missed last week so a little more was owed.   We're starting to social media blitz. Not only are we on facebook, we have started a twitter, instagram and have started a new email address. twitter: @RedArrowP IG: RedArrowProductions
July 28, 2017
My Show with Jake and Alex Ep. 7 : Loosely based on nothing
An instant classic for My Show fans. Alex and Jake go into movie adaptations of books and all the trappings that go along with the topic. It's another case of Alex doing his homework and Jake flying by the seat of his pants. What else is new?
July 14, 2017
My Show with Jake and Alex Ep. 6: Thanks a lot, Snapple
Chop, chop, let's go. In another one-topic show, Alex and Jake go after technology. How can they stay on topic for so long? Well...they can't. That's part of the fun. Anyway, the boys go after socail media, social currency, camera phones, trench foot and a leak of a new Red Arrow production. Hold on to your butts, this is going to be a good one.
June 30, 2017
My Show with Alex and Jake Ep. 5: Off the rails with this one
It's been said once and it must be said again. Nothing ever comes out in post. Anyway, Jake is still excited fresh off his trip to Pain in the Grass Festival bringing on conversation about concerts. This brough up partnerships for Alex and we learn just how little Jake really knows about Facebook.
June 30, 2017
My Show with Alex and Jake Ep. 4: Straight to Act 2
While some may say this podcast is always pointless, the themes today are both things the guys find pointless. Whether it's seeing Thomas and Martha Wayne for the thirtieth time or learning that homework will be weighted, this episode is about the things Jake and Alex find pointless. The guys also announce a couple new projects coming down the pipe. The audio levels aren't quite right. We're still working on making this all work out the way we want it to. We think it's improving, let us know what you think.   Enjoy!   -J
June 23, 2017
My Show with Jake and Alex Ep. 3: As much sports credibility as Bill Walton
With apologies to Jake's good friend Bill, the boys go after golf and eventually start a conversation about what is and what is not an athlete. After the conversation, I think they're more confused than when they began. Check out the new start time! We thought this would be a nice way to kick off your Friday morning. Enjoy!
June 16, 2017
My Show with Jake and Alex Ep. 2: Motivation and Fighting Games
Alex and Jake address their trios of fans! At some level, the boys come full circle and bring this thing around. Alex leads the discussion on a topic important to himself, motivation. Meanwhile, Jake digs "deep" to bring up the topic of fighting games. Alex is just as passionate but in a different direction.
June 11, 2017
My Show with Jake and Alex Ep. 1 - Playoffs
My show is the tangential ramblings of two collective heads of knuckle. Alex and Jake co-host a show that tries to cover a broad range of topics without taking anything too seriously. In the inaugural episode of My Show with Alex and Jake the guys take on the playoffs. Not just the NBA playoffs, playoffs in general. Watch out. Hot takes ahead. Oh, and Jake didn't take anything out in post.
June 04, 2017