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The Psychedelic Integration Podcast

The Psychedelic Integration Podcast

By Mystical Heart Collective
The Psychedelic Integration Podcast with Mystical Heart Collective is a weekly conversation series exploring the complete journey through healing with psychedelics. Each week hosts Sinclair Fleetwood and John Steiner will share insights, experience, and coaching around preparation, navigation, and integration, and get real about the lifelong journey of working with psychedelic medicines.
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002 Transforming Anger with Psychedelics
In this week's podcast, we dive into anger and the different ways it manifests and expresses itself in our lives. We speak to our own personal experiences of healing anger and rage through psychedelics, and we offer some practical things you can do to start getting a handle on anger through awareness, attention, and healthy coping mechanisms. We will also talk about what to do when you need to tell someone you're angry with them, what to express and when, and how to do it with grace and balance.    It is possible to express and process anger in a way that feels good and healthy!   Whether we are prone to repression or explosion, anger is actually not our enemy. It's our ally. Anger is the messenger with a dire warning that SOMETHING NEEDS TO CHANGE. So how do we move from rageaholic to rational, clear, calm expressions of anger? Psychedelics have so much to teach us about transforming anger and how we react and respond to it.    RESOURCES:  The Psychedelic Integration Podcast on YouTube Mystical Heart Collective Website Psychedelic Integration Academy Get The FREE Ultimate Guide to Healing with Psychedelics
January 18, 2021
001 Psychedelic Integration: The Key to Lasting Change and Growth
Welcome to The Psychedelic Integration Podcast with Mystical Heart Collective. In our first episode, you'll meet psychedelic integration coaches and retreat facilitators John Steiner and Sinclair Fleetwood, and we'll discuss the definition of psychedelic integration, and talk about why it's the true key to creating lasting change and growth. We'll cover how community and support are integral components to a full healing experience with psychedelics, and why finding your tribe is is the best way to amplify the power of psychedelics. 
January 12, 2021