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Welcome Back Season 2
Welcome Back Season 2 
May 5, 2021
Best of 2020 : The year that changed the world
My Style Live presents Best of 2020 : The year that changed the world.  Happy New Year!
December 31, 2020
Vaccination Trepidation
My Style Live is back for Season 2. Char D., Host My Style Live Podcast talks about To Vaccinate or Not (COVID19 vaccine) with special guest Dr. Dennis, MD PharmD.
December 20, 2020
Happy Holidays.. Healthy Baking Alternatives
Healthy Baking Alternatives for the Holiday.  Happy Holidays 
December 12, 2020
Music Industry Pandemic "TRAILER"
Music Industry Pandemic BookTrailer
December 9, 2020
Building Resilience More Than a Pandemic "TRAILER"
 Building Resilience More Than a Pandemic 
December 9, 2020
Building Resilience in COVID 19 with guest Dr. Candice Knight
Char D., Host My Style Live Podcast talks Building Resilience in COVID 19 with special guest Dr. Candice Knight MD MBA.  
August 18, 2020
The Music Industry and COVID-19’s impact on concert touring.
COVID 19’s impact on touring . What happens to the sound engineers, lighting technicians, gig employees, transportation? The episode will discuss how lives are in turmoil due to the pandemic. How to stay positive while the music industry is paralyzed. Mr. Alan Floyd Head of Global Touring Operations Beyonce/ Jay Z OTR II and Dr. Dennis MD PharmD discuss the impact of The Music 🎶 Industry, Mental Health, and COVID-19.
July 4, 2020
Life of a COVID 19 contact tracer
📣 NEW podcast episode! 📣 Episode 3 of Life of a contact tracer; COVID 19. Learn about how to become a Contract Tracer. To stop the spread of COVID-19 and reopen for business. This a detailed conversation with Char Dennis discusses how she became a contact tracer for the COVID 19 pandemic.   She discusses how she joined the fight against the novel coronavirus..  Char completed the contract tracing course at John Hopkins University. Contact tracers job functions are people who work on tracking the disease.
June 26, 2020
The Reality of Corona Pandemic
If you want to know about the pandemic, this is the podcast.  In this episode of  My Style Live Podcast, Dr K Dennis MD PharmD will focus on a serious topic that everybody is talking about COVID-19 Corona Virus Pandemic
May 9, 2020
My Style Live BONUS Introduction Podcast
My Style Live BONUS Introduction Podcast.  My name is Char D, MBA and I am your host for MY STYLE LIVE Podcast. MY STYLE LIVE Podcast is a fashion podcast for industry gatekeepers and elite. Covering style, business, healthcare, music, and culture, Tune in monthly for MY STYLE LIVE podcasts. To learn more visit MYSTYLELIVE .com
May 8, 2020
Introduction “My Style Live.”Podcast
Char Dennis, MBA shares her fabulous outfit inspirations, style advice, and makeup tutorials on the popular “My Style Live.”Podcast via 1KMEG PR
April 19, 2020