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My Survivor Voice: The Podcast

My Survivor Voice: The Podcast

By Dani Elle
You're listening to My Survivor Voice: The Podcast, where VOICE stands for Voices of Independence, Closure, and Empowerment. Each episode will tackle the various issues women of color often face and overcome but do not often bring to light. From domestic violence and mental health to cancer and infertility (and everything in between), join us as our brown skin survivors share their journey from trial to triumph! Get ready to experience real and raw stories of survival.
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Scott Miller: Confessions of a Former Abuser
Scott is a rapper, singer, songwriter, and former abuser who has used his past experiences to gain knowledge about himself and and expresses himself through writing and music. Scott's story provides a male's perspective on healing from abuse as a former abuser. His transparency is unmatched and some of his story may be triggering. 
May 5, 2021
Jamilly Whitfield: I Survived Thyroid Cancer
Budy (pronounced Beauty) Jamilly Whitfield is a wife, mom, author, and career woman. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 15 years experience in the field. Jamilly specializes in helping youth and adults address their complex trauma, abuse, mood disorders, parenting issues, and sexual exploitation. She has promoted resiliency in the lives of those she has served. In 2012, at a routine doctor's appointment, her physician noticed some nodules in her thyroid that he felt needed to be assessed. With no history of thyroid issues, her medical team elected to monitor her nodules twice a year. In 2018, after an inconclusive biopsy, her physician ordered surgery. It was after that surgery that Budy was informed of her diagnosis: Thyroid Cancer. In her journey to heal, she activated survivor mode and began her battle to recover and deal with life without a thyroid. In this episode, she chats with host, Dani, to discuss the similarities and differences in their experiences with Thyroid Cancer. Since her diagnosis, Jamilly has launched her own podcast titled Beauteous Me and co-authored the book, We Heal, with a group of authors sharing their stories of healing. 
April 5, 2021
Candace Mumphrey: I Survived Domestic Violence
Meet Candace, your favorite survivin' girlfriend! She is the owner of The Comma Life, LLC, a resource haven and coaching business created to help the everyday woman establish goals and create practical plans to help her move forward past her fears, her doubts, and her traumatic experiences. It is Candace's goal to empower, encourage, and inspire women of all walks to take control of the life they've been blessed with by bravely choosing themselves and their God-given purpose. Listen to this episode to find out how Candace placed a comma at a point in her life story where most would have placed a period. 
March 5, 2021
Sené Goss: I Survived Intimate Partner Abuse
Meet Sené...more than a beautiful voice and face she’s altogether an experience that so many love and adore. Her infectious energy on and off stage leave people wanting more of her after just one encounter. Sené has been moving audiences with her gift well over 20yrs. But it’s who she is off stage that keeps people wanting to show up and be a part of whatever she’s doing. Her journey has not been an easy one. Most are heartbroken, appalled and almost in disbelief to hear her story of how she survived, and escaped domestic violence. Those tragic events however are what catapulted Sené into her life’s purpose. Sené’s current mission is spreading awareness of self discovery and healing while discovering the patterns and cycles that bring us to and keep us in toxic relationships! To date, Sené has mentored several young black and brown creatives to break the cycle of self sabotage and toxic behaviors through meditation and song.
February 7, 2021