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Ambitious Women

Ambitious Women

By Dr. Dee Frayne
If you’re a leader, innovator, or changemaker you belong here. Because, around here, Ambitious Women are encouraged to have big, bold, unapologetic goals and dreams, and given the tools to execute and achieve them without the pressure, hustle, overwhelm or burnout. Dr. Dee Frayne is a life + business coach, and performance expert, and has helped hundreds of clients execute their ambitious goals, including scaling 7 figure businesses. In this podcast you’ll learn to stop underperforming and underearning. You’ll ditch the stress without working harder or sacrificing family time or your sanity.
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14. Relentless Drive & Women's Wealth with Tabatha Butler
In this episode I interview Tabatha Butler and we get down and dirty talking about what it means to be misunderstood for having relentless drive. We also talk about her love for high heels and what that has to do with the willingness to show up authentically. With a latte in hand, Tabatha shares her new ambitious goal to change the face of women's wealth by taking on outdated gendered financial advice. ABOUT TABATHA  Tabatha is a certified financial coach who believes that you can manage your money with a latte in hand. After making all the wrong financial decisions in her early 20's she pulled herself out of thousands of dollars in consumer debt only to graduate at the height of the 2008 crash. With no job prospects in sight, she went on to work multiple jobs while getting her graduate degree. After grad school she had over $35,000 in student loans and her dream job offered to her but it only paid $14/hr! Tabatha spent all her 20's making and digging herself out of debt. Now completely debt free and with over six figures invested towards her future she took everything she learned about being money savvy and turned it into an affordable financial coach texting service to share the motivations, wins and work that can change your money mindset too! LINKS FROM EPISODE:  Connect with Tabatha on Instagram or her website Use the code AMBITIOUS to get a month free of the Money Mindset Makeover Texting Service The Ambitious Women's Collective Facebook group  Book a free consult to determine if 1:1 coaching with Dr. Dee is right for you and your ambitious goals.
February 23, 2021
13. Achieve Every Goal
This episode introduces six areas of focus that will enable you to achieve every goal - no matter how big or small, bold or unapologetic, it happens to be.   These six areas are what help my clients smash through their ceilings and achieve exponential growth in their lives and their businesses.  You'll want to listen to this episode for the: 3 relationships you may want to do some housekeeping in - because these relationships are the foundation for all goal achievement The shift in the nature of goals that requires a different approach to goal achievement 3 areas of focus required to create high performance results LINKS FROM EPISODE: The Ambitious Women's Collective Facebook group Book a free consult to determine if 1:1 coaching with Dr. Dee is right for you and your ambitious goals. My YES Life website
February 19, 2021
12. Reclaiming Your Story with Stacy Bernal
In this episode I interview Stacy Bernal, and we get down and dirty talking about releasing shame and reclaiming our stories so that we can create badassery in our lives. And, at one point I give her some coaching about owning and celebrating all of her achievements. This coaching will help you too, if you are in the habit of downplaying your successes to not make others feel uncomfortable.  ABOUT STACY:  Stacy Bernal is a change instigator, TEDx speaker, author, and coach at See Stacy Speak LLC. She proudly serves on the WSU Alumni Association Board of Directors and Ogden City Diversity Commission. She is the founder of Awesome Autistic Ogden, an autism appreciation event turned community resource, as well as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Bernal Badassery Foundation. Stacy is passionate about empowering individuals and organizations to live their biggest and most badass lives. In 2019, published her first book, The Things We Don’t Talk About: A Memoir of Hardships, Healing, and Hope. LINKS FROM EPISODE:  Connect with Stacy on Instagram or her website Stacy's Book Stacy's TEDx Talk The Ambitious Women's Collective Facebook group Book a free consult to determine if 1:1 coaching with Dr. Dee is right for you and your ambitious goals. 
February 16, 2021
Welcome to The Podcast for Ambitious Women with Dr. Dee Frayne Links shared in the trailer: Join the Ambitious Women's Collective Book a free consultation for 1:1 coaching with Dr. Dee Frayne
February 15, 2021
11. Dirty vs. Clean Failure
Failure is an inherent part of success; it's impossible to succeed without experiencing failure. In this episode we're taking a deep dive into failure, and the difference between dirty and clean failure.   Dirty failure keeps us stuck, it's painful and we subconsciously self-sabotage to avoid it. Clean failure is an experience that moves us forward quickly, and enables us to fail forward toward the achievement of our goals.  This episode explains the difference between the two, the negative consequences of dirty failure,  the benefits of clean failure, and how to "fail clean" in the future. 
December 14, 2020
10. The Hustle Trap
Hustling and entrepreneurship go hand in hand, or at least that's the common belief. So many entrepreneurs share how they hustled their way to six figures and beyond.  Hustle might be a way to start a business but it's a hard way to sustain and scale a business.  In this episode I break down the misconceptions and challenges that hustle culture creates. I share a new way of thinking about hustle so that you can create six figure results without the grind, and the pain, punishment or pressure that usually accompany it.  --- Want help kicking the hustle habit for good? Book a free consultation to determine if 1:1 coaching is right for you. It's like a coffee date between you, me, and your business goals. Book here:
October 5, 2020
9. Perfectionism
Perfectionism robs the air from the room, the sleep from our nights, the enjoyment from our efforts. As a recovering perfectionist, this podcast episode is my love note to anyone struggling with perfectionism. It’s impossible to be perfect, and I’m offering a compelling argument for why you should stop trying and an exercise to help you change this pattern that holds you back from the greatness you seek. *** Join us for free Live Coaching: Join the continued discussion in the facebook group: Interested in personalized 1:1 coaching support? Book a free consult at
September 11, 2020
8. Imposter Syndrome
If you've ever felt like a fraud, like you don't belong, or aren't enough...This episode is for you. I know this pattern well, and I’m sharing what helped me finally kick this awful feeling. Learn the 4 main reasons it happens and how to ditch it quick in 3 simple steps. To join the live coaching session go to To join the facebook group go to
September 4, 2020
7. Comfort Zones Aren't Real
A common belief shared in the self-improvement world is that you're either in your comfort zone or your outside it creating your dreams.  In this episode, I propose that there's no such thing as a comfort zone - especially when you are a growth-minded, goal oriented person.  Instead, I propose the three zones that actually exist, and how we move through them to achieve our goals (or get stuck).  Show notes:  Click here to see the image of the three zones. 
July 22, 2020
6. Burning Desire with Aundrea DeMille
In this episode we're chatting with Aundrea DeMille, the proud owner of 360 Tour Designs Salt Lake City, a real estate photography business.  In a single year she created 483% growth and we dig deep into her thoughts and beliefs that created that massive result.  In just a couple years Aundrea has gone from a brand new operation to a market leader, and anyone who knows her will tell you it's because of the strength of her burning desire and her commitment to excellence.  While she has created elite level results, she will be the first to tell you that you can do it too.  Show notes: Connect with Aundrea
July 10, 2020
5. Lead Your Brain
In order to create six figure results you must be the leader of your life.  In order to do THAT, you must learn to lead your brain.  Our default leaderless brain believes it's running the show.  But when you learn to lead your brain, you're not only in charge, you're able to harness all that power to achieve six figure results. 
June 17, 2020
4. Seasons of Growth
When we look to nature to guide change, we do it best.  Mother Nature has a lot to teach us about seasons of growth.  The problem is that humans often ignore this wisdom.  When we fail to transition with the seasons of growth, we handicap our performance, our sanity, and our results. 
June 17, 2020
3. Goal Abuse
Stop using your goals to beat yourself up.  Goals are for growth, not punishment.  By changing a few beliefs about our goals we can make goals FUN again. 
June 17, 2020
2. Why Not Me?
Have you ever met that top producer and wondered "HOW did they do it?"  And... "Why not me?" You're just as, if not more, skilled, knowledgeable, capable as that top producer.  In this episode you'll learn how you're probably trying to solve for the wrong problem when trying to create elite level results.  And you'll walk away with the top three things you should focus on instead.  
June 17, 2020
1. Your Brain is a Liar
If your brain incessantly chatters - you are not alone. I used to think this constant noise was normal. In this episode we're talking about how our brains lie to us to keep us safe. But instead it often has us feel really crappy. We're shining light on our brain's lies so that we can finally feel SAFE and at HOME in our own minds.
June 17, 2020