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The Business Wellness Podcast

The Business Wellness Podcast

By Nathan Ho
My podcast sits within the soft spots of doing better business and doing it well.

As a consultant and coach, I help to motivate leaders and organizations to think critically about wellness in career and in life. I love seeing people thrive and just being the best versions of themselves, deriving meaning and making an impact in this world.

Each episode will dive deep into the lives of amazing leaders and the impactful work they're doing. We uncover critical mental wellbeing and self-development strategies that keep them thriving and share the hottest topics in their world of business today.
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'The CONSIDERATE Executive Officer is what we need today' with Per Stenius

The Business Wellness Podcast

Virtually Hybrid - a Guide to Remote Work Life with Robert Kienzle
Today's featured guest is my friend Robert Kienzle.  "#virtual #hybrid #remote" - Such common terms today were much further down our list of daily vocabulary just a couple years ago.  As we all continue to bear the brunt of the pandemic, be it wave 4 or wave 5, the reality is that our mode of communication has changed forever. There is now another layer of connectivity that must be adopted in both our personal and professional life. While there are early adopters and digital natives who effortlessly swing in and out of the in real life (#IRL) and digital economy, many of us are still working to get up to speed, fight off screen exhaustion, and communicate effectively, two dimensionally with only our upper torso.   ********************* Robert has over 15 years of business training and coaching experience on all 7 continents. Robert is the Senior Consultant at Knowmium (Hong Kong) and an Associate Professor at Sungkyunkwan University’s Graduate School of Business (Seoul). He works with Fortune 100 companies throughout Asia and beyond on topics including presentation, negotiation, personal branding, intercultural communication, influence, writing, and virtual communication. Robert authored the book Hybrid Live Guide and was a World Championship of Public Speaking semi-finalist in 2014 and 2015. He holds a number of certifications including Master Trainer (Association for Talent Development), Team Management Profile and Linking Leader Profile (Team Management Systems), and Hogan Assessment Certification. ******************** Resources Tech Resource: Robert's virtual background app is Mmhmm, which has free and paid versions, and does a lot more like making myself transparent, being a smaller image, laser pointer and marker functions, etc.  Here is a video I made about it: Another link you might consider including is our Radical Toolkit, which has Joshua's (Knowmium) free book Radically Remote, my video tutorials like the one above, and activity guides for virtual workshops: ********************** Connect with Robert  Linkedin: Knowmium: Meet Robert IRL on Sunday May 15, 2022 at the Association for Talent Development (ATD) International Conference & EXPO in Orlando, Florida, USA:
February 17, 2022
Digital Transformation through Managing Changes Within with Aneta Kosinska
My guest today is ANETA KOSINSKA. I have the pleasure of sharing the same alma mater with Aneta, Ivey Business School at Western University and she has been a wonderful friend through my transition back to Canada. Sharing the ins and outs of work life and insight into the technology sector where she works. Aneta enjoys solving strategic business problems through digital transformations. Her focus on business strategy and change management started grassroots, in a Canadian startup environment but has since taken her around the world through consulting in 6 countries (Canada, India, Poland, Italy, Germany and the US), helping Directors, VP's and Partners to establish/ reinvent/ achieve their company’s internal digital strategy. She enjoys actively coaching and leading people through transitions professionally in the digital sense, but personally, she creates content on how to manage energy while working remotely - all building towards the soon to be released book she is writing! In the podcast, we speak about: Important quotes in our lives right now;  Rediscovering Fear through simple but impactful reminders: Trust the truth, Full self-acceptance, Letting go of expectations;  Digital Transformation and the 'valley of despair' in the change curve for adoption of digital practices at work;  Tips and tricks for leaders on managing digital change;  Introduction of Aneta's practical workshop: "Ways of Working";  A playful "Let's get Lit" Fire Round;  Peaceful Energy and remote working and maintaining wellbeing. This was a lot of fun and we hope it gives you some tips on managing the digital world - get on or get out! Spotify Song Link: Wohin willst du by Gestort aber geil, LEA
January 25, 2022
Hospitality from the Heart with Dannie Kravetz
Why Hello there! Apologies for the small hiatus - I recently relocated from Hong Kong back to my hometown Toronto. This was a big milestone of a decision and I needed to allow myself and family to acclimate back. I've been saving some amazing people for new podcast episodes.  For my very first guest since my Canadian return - I have an American of Greek decent who lives in Costa Rica!  Introducing: Dannie Kravetz, an Entrepreneur/business owner/Medicine woman. Dannie owns and operates La Ruka, a hostel on the Caribbean Coast of Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica.  A little more about this unique human:  a- I am a versatile and flexible human. I can be ready for anything. b- My goal/purpose in life is to walk this Earth in the name of harmony and Love and share this vibration to all I encounter.  c- I believe everyone and everything is connected and there is no such thing as coincidence 😉  Contact Dannie Email:   Instagram: Larukahostel or danniek7911 Youtube: Website:
October 18, 2021
Healthcare of the Future with Mark Szeto
In this episode, we are fortunate to host Mark Szeto, an ex-Investment banker turned Founder and CEO of開心醫館, a Chinese Medicine Telehealth Platform. Mark has worked in the most grueling and challenging of professional environments. He has taken those career defining moments to work in the next evolution of his already illustrious career: Telehealth and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  We aren't talking about 2 new avenues, we used to believe that Telehealth was the new innovative revolution of health and medical and that Traditional Chinese Medicine was a long dedicated path to ancient practices. But, here Mark is doing this TOGETHER. This really is the future of what healthcare is becoming and he is at the fore-front, a pioneer of the industry and making leaps and bounds.  I wanted to have him on as my guest to learn more about his origin story and also what he sees in this industry.  Mark has also dedicated his career as a senior executive of an entertainment production company and has a need for speed with his motorcycle hobby. It was a pleasure speaking with him and I look forward to seeing his continued development of this exciting new industry. Mark's Linkedin Profile: Time stamp: 01:06 - Mark Szeto & Nathan Introduction welcoming 03:38 - What is the common theme in your career? 02:14 - Why didn't you continue in the finance field? 03:45 - What 1 skill did you learn in finance that you can apply to your career now? 03:22 - What is Telehealth? 03:15 - Is Senior Aged Care a Driving force for Telehealth and why? 03:47 - What is your main challenge right now for Telehealth? 06:42 - What is something about TCM - (Traditional Chinese Medicine) that most people would not know? 01:51 - East and West Hybrid professionals - What's your experience? 03:02 - Rapid Fire!!! 02:13 - Megaphone - Words of Wisdom
July 02, 2021
Nathan's Career Journey with Oscar Venhuis
In the 13th episode, we do something a bit different. We reverse the roles and have Oscar interview ME!  My current podcasting style has somehow quickly evolved into a series of interviews, fireside chats, and featured guests. Where I often time took the role of the moderator and inquisitive questioner. I never planned to do this, but I believe my natural curiosity and instinct for digging deep into the lives of others took the reigns.  I was taken a back slightly when my Drinking Dialogue buddy, Oscar Venhuis had asked whether I would be cool to reverse the roles and have him interview me. Of course I said YES! This was a podcast where I did most of the talking and you will learn some of the more personal and intimate career stories that have shaped my journey thus far. I like to give credit where credit is due, so I casually mention names to help tell the stories.  My humble beginnings with Coffee to my EMBA to Finance, Investment and now to an Entrepreneurial path. You'll hear about what isn't stated in my Linkedin profile, nor on my CV - these are the sensitive moments and influencers who shaped and influenced my life thus far.  Hope you enjoy this one. 
June 08, 2021
A Drinking Dialogue Part 2 with Oscar Venhuis
Back by popular demand - Oscar Venhuis and another Drinking Dialogue.  This time, we mixed our drinks up with a low calorie Japanese vodka soda (similar to Seltzer). One was lime flavoured and the other grapefruit - crisp and refreshing. We followed them up by cracking open a couple tall boys of beer.  As usual with Oscar, the conversation flowed effortlessly, from strong topics such as neuroplasticity, to design and art, to multi-generational leadership. We naturally create good laughs together and appreciate the in the moment nuances of the present time. We can also dig in a bit philosophically on the larger questions of life.  If you don't know Oscar, you can now: • Co-founder | CEO of EQ Lab • Co-founder | Board Director theDesk • MA Product Innovation Management (UK) • UXD/ Growth Instructor GA Enterprise | Google • Clients include Nike, UBS, TetraPak, Astellas • HundrED Ambassador | | Twitter | Instagram: @oscarvenhuis Time Stamps: 0:00 Introduction  01:15 What are we Drinking? 03:32 Neuroplasticity 10:56 How to apply Neuroplasticity to Business? 15:16 Who are the best leaders? 24:35 Humility in Leaders 29:18 Art & Design 33:33 What exactly is design? 37:45 Behaviour Change as a component of Design 41:43 Applying design to business 45:36 How can you have a 3 day work-week? 49:00 Social Media notification inhibits efficiency 53:51 To-Do Lists & Distractions 58:20 Geriatric Millennials 1:03:37 Technology's Impact on our learning environment 1:10:03 Socializing - Physical vs Virtual 1:13:46 Future Decision making for leaders 1:18:23 Personalization is the Future
May 29, 2021
'The CONSIDERATE Executive Officer is what we need today' with Per Stenius
CONSIDERATION (n) showing careful thought; the act, state, or quality of caring about or respecting. This was the theme of my 11th episode and was thought up by my guest Per Stenius, CEO and Chairman, Reddal Incorporated, a new generation professional services company offering business development as a service and headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. Per and I spoke on a variety of topics pertaining to business strategy, culture, future leadership style as well as a softer and personable and considerate side of doing business. We have known one another for 6 years now and have maintained a pleasant mutual respect for our respective careers. I am happy to say that this was the first time truly getting to know Per, and all I can say is that I'm disappointed for not doing this earlier.  Reddal: Per's LinkedIn: A chat with Per: Time Stamps: 02:03 - Introduction 07:17 - What does strategy mean to you? 09:08 - The approach and application of Strategy 11:29 - Battlefield of Business - What is your leadership style? 14:55 - Being in the "Penalty Box" 21:44 - What does Culture mean to you? 31:55 - Rapid Fire 34:31 - What does a Leader of Tomorrow need to be? 37:55 - The Dreamer 41:53 - The Megaphone 47:03 - What's next? 50:43 - Our theme in one word 53:04 - Closing words of wisdom
May 23, 2021
ESG What? with Patty Ng
In this very special 10th episode, I have built up the confidence to bring on my wife and partner in crime and better half, Patty Ng. This is a multi-part episode given all the content that Patty and I can unpack together and share!   For now, this first part delves into the extremely important topic of ESG. What is ESG? How does it play a role within the business world? How can business leaders learn to adopt more sustainable practices leveraging ESG as a framework? Patty is a Sustainability Consultant for the strategic branding and communications agency Sedgwick Richardson. She helps large corporations with their ESG best practices, guiding them through global benchmarks and ultimately helping them to be more than sustainable. I am proud of the fact that my partner is so passionate about the space and an incredibly diligent force towards helping companies reduce their carbon emissions to save our planet. Patty: IG: @pattyng88 Sedgwick Richardson:  Time Stamp: 2:22 - Patty & Nathan Intro 03:42 - What is ESG? 05:09 - E&S - What about G? 09:07 - Why is ESG relevant? 11:48 - Governance as a means of operations and risk mitigation 14:00 - Megaphone 14:57 - Challenges in implementing sustainable practices 17:03 - What inspired you to get into this industry? 20:59 - Why work with corporates? 26:16 - Where do you work and how has that impacted your career? 27:49 - Grateful for the work and learning experiences 32:30 - SR Compliments 33:00 - Conclusion
May 07, 2021
Gen Z: Our Future Leaders with Tiffany Lo & Jennifer Qu
From entering the workforce to mental health and what matters most right now in life, I had the privilege to explore the minds of two bright and opinionated future business leaders of Generation Z.   Let's ask ourselves:  How connected do you feel to the youngest generation of the workforce today, Gen Z?  How distant do you feel to this generation?  How much of a lack of understanding do you have about this group who grew up with technology integrated into their entire life?  Do you know what motivates them or what makes them tick?  In this episode, Tiffany Lo & Jennifer Qu, Ivey Business School (my alma mater!) undergraduate business, finance and accounting majors both have no shortage of confidence in what they like and dislike, yet somehow still feel apprehensive about what the future holds...yet, don't we all? We talk about many relevant topics that are spoken about in the workplace today. I hope this will give you a perspective about pertinent topics that you can consider building into your corporate policies and guidelines for building a conscious and caring business. Tiffany Lo: Jennifer Qu: Time Stamps: 01:37 - Tiffany & Jennifer Intro 02:20 - Tell us about yourselves! 04:13 - Reaching out and connecting to leaders 06:00 - What are you studying and how has it influenced your first career steps? 12:22 - Name 3 things you would value most at a job? 16:18 - Megaphone 22:10 - Rapid Fire! 25:56 - Trending up vs. Trending down: Sustainability 28:53 - Trending up vs. Trending down: Gender Pay Gap 30:34 - Trending up vs. Trending down: Tinder 32:22 - Trending up vs. Trending down: Dating Apps 34:22 - Mental Health & Wellbeing for the younger generation 44:19 - Final Thoughts
May 05, 2021
Human Leadership with Anjan Bhowmick
For my 8th episode, I have the honour of hosting the distinguished academic, charismatic corporate professional, empathetic family man, and passionate, informative friend: Dr. Anjan Bhowmick. Anjan is first and foremost, a Doctoral Fellow in Organisation Behaviour. He clearly has a thirst for learning and is an active Executive Coach - currently a student at the Newfield Network. In a day-to-day role, Anjan is the Executive Director of Organisation Development for the Asia and Australia markets at The Reinsurance Group of America Inc (RGA), a Forbes top 500 global corporation and leader in health and life reinsurance industry.  Lastly Anjan is an ex Faculty member and instructor at the ILR School, Cornell University teaching Technology Leadership, Design thinking, HR and Strategy. We speak about his work in the field of “Ontological Pedagogy”, why leaders need to develop their Softer side of management, linguistics, emotions, vulnerability and learn more about his inspirations that has led to the work he does today. Connect with Anjan:
April 21, 2021
The Millennial CFO with Youngrin Kim
This episode was done with extreme spontaneity and it was because my friend, Youngrin, will be soon relocating to Seoul, South Korea as the next step in his career journey. I just had to grab this opportunity and thank goodness, he is adaptable, curious and willing to try anything. Youngrin Kim, can be described as pragmatic, candid, polite yet personable and easy to like. I have the utmost respect for the potential of this millennial professional. First, he has a solid foundation working for the investment bank CLSA for the majority of his young career as an equity research analyst. Youngrin always fascinated me with his investment thematics work because of the investment trend knowledge he possesses - I always took something away after every chat I had with him. Now, Youngrin has landed the role of CFO with a Korean-based Seafood E-Commerce platform. Yes, you read that, from Equity Research to Chief Financial Officer! In this episode we talk all about what got him to this point and what advice he has for retaining young leaders of both large and start-up worlds.  Listen deeply my friends - this is very relevant knowledge for today's business world, for all levels of professionals.  Linkedin: Onul-Hoi: & CLSA Equities Research:
April 17, 2021
Embracing Change through Workplace Strategy with Melissa Leung
Thanks for your continued support! I'm already onto my 6th episode and couldn't be happier to have my friend of over 8 years, Melissa Leung, as my guest of this episode about embracing change. Mel is a recruiter turned change management consultant for the global real estate group CBRE. She works within the Workplace strategy team as a newly promoted senior manager and provides change management services for clients within the finance and banking industry. We talk about her journey transitioning from recruitment and talent acquisition to workplace strategy and corporate change management. We also dive into deeper topics about mental wellbeing and some tips for her younger self. Mel was a pleasure to speak to and regularly hosts town halls and workshops for her clients about change. Reach out to her here: Email: Linkedin: Website:  
April 10, 2021
The Future of Human Resources in Business with Norris Wong
Welcome to the 5th episode of Better Business. I am very fortunate to have Norris Wong, an HR consultant chat with me today.  This discussion focuses on some very critical topics pertaining to the role of human resources within the corporate environment. We learn about what it takes to be a strong HR leader in today's corporate world, the mediation balancing act between managing HR at the core company headquarters versus managing HR from on the ground in regional offices globally.  We also talk about the right mindset that employees and HR professionals must take to ensure that HR is more than just a cost center, rather a multiplier and enabler in the organization.  Norris is a human resources expert through and through. She has worked with some of world’s largest conglomerates and multi-national global corporations, from AIA to State Street, to A.S. Watson Group Prudential, Castrol and BP. Extremely passionate and knowledgeable - we also dive into her personal inspirations and the books she is currently reading for new insights. Norris’ focus and expertise rests within Compensation & Benefits. She is currently the managing consultant for Inspire You Consulting, a corporate rewards and human resources strategy consulting firm in Hong Kong. Norris' voice is naturally very calming in nature, so my bonus episode features her narrating a Guided Tuza Meditation!!! Go check it out if you wish to relax. Website:   Linkedin: Instagram: @coachnorriswong
March 29, 2021
Wellness Tuza Meditation with Norris Wong
Everyone needs a break. Everyone needs to step outside and breathe. Everyone needs to calm their mind in order to re-energize and get refreshed.  This is the break you're looking for.  Take 6 minutes to listen to this Tuza Meditation spoken softly by my friend Norris Wong. She has this naturally soothing voice to help you relax your mind and guide you through a simple meditation practice.  You owe it to yourself.  Find Norris at: Website: Instagram: @CoachNorriswong/
March 26, 2021
Coaching Founders with David Siu
In this episode, I had the chance to speak with my good friend about clubhouse and podcasting, the challenges and excitement leaving the corporate world to run your own business, the importance of getting good external help and the best ways to work together with your loved ones.  My guest, David Siu, has spent 20+ years in the corporate world running teams for global brands such as Apple, Nike, and Accenture.  Today, David is a leadership coach who is navigating his journey in "solopreneurship". We met a couple years ago thanks to our mutual friend Lily and we often chat about what it means to be a modern boss and how to #bossbetter and run an organization, never mind our own lives! In this chat, we dive back into our pasts in order to recognize the present. To follow David's amazing work, please check out #bossbetter or read more here: Together with his partner in crime, he runs the Island Waldorf School of Hong Kong, the only Kindergarten to Grade 8 Waldorf School in Hong Kong. David's personal blog is here and his Clubhouse = @siudavid Lastly, you can get to know David through his past colleagues at any Apple stores in Hong Kong! 
March 25, 2021
A Drinking Dialogue with Oscar Venhuis
In this episode, I am so happy to feature my first guest ever!!!  I couldn't be more grateful to have the ever so creative, deep-thinking, problem solver extraordinaire: Mr. Oscar Venhuis.  We were fortunate to have recorded this using his professional setup - hence why the sound was so crisp. Oscar and I chatted on all things, 'Drinking Dialogue' - his virtual meetup discussion deep dive with fascinating friends around the world who gather weekly to talk about meaningful topics on human development, social interaction and world problems that need solving. We then moved to speak about 'meetings' at work and how inefficient they are. You'll see that Oscar is just full of knowledge, yet super easy to chat with. Such a pleasure! A bit about this talented human being below: • Co-founder | CEO of EQ Lab • Co-founder | Board Director theDesk • MA Product Innovation Management (UK) • UXD/ Growth Instructor GA Enterprise | Google • Clients include Nike, UBS, TetraPak, Astellas • HundrED Ambassador | Twitter | Instagram: @oscarvenhuis
March 20, 2021
Why the Wellness Pie Has Never Been Bigger
I chose this as my first podcast. I came across this article from the Global Wellness Institute which was authored by Beth McGroarty, interviewing Victor Brick. The topics piqued my interest as my business BEI VITA, is in the wellness space. Many topics in this article were so relevant to me such as digitalization, mental wellbeing, healthcare system, positive stress, resilience and the growing industry of wellness. I wasn't prepared to write a full script and had all this great material to share - so I said f*ck it and just do it. So here it is, a reading of some really insightful comments on the industry that I'm so passionate about. Credits to Global Wellness Institute - Beth McGroarty
February 19, 2021
February 18, 2021
February 18, 2021
Prologue: Why did I start a Podcast?
There are a variety of reasons why I started this podcast.  Have a listen - no spoilers here!!! :)  Thank you to all of you who encouraged me to do this, you know who you are. 
February 15, 2021