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Inspiration Katta : Marathi Podcast

Inspiration Katta : Marathi Podcast

By Nachiket Satish Kshire
A Marathi podcast for personal development journey.

inspiration कट्ट्यावर आपण ऐकणार आहोत प्रेरणादायी लोकांच्या सुपर एक्ससिटिंग गोष्टी.

आपला host नचिकेत क्षिरे हा आजच्या यशस्वी आणि प्रेरणादायी लोकांशी गप्पा मारणार आहे,आणि त्या गप्पांमधून आपल्याला आपले स्वप्न पूर्ण करायला नक्कीच मदत मिळणार आहे.

आपल्या पाहुण्यांच्या गोष्टी ऐकून आपलं पण आयुष्य बदलू शकतं, कारण ती प्रेरणादायी लोक आपल्याला यशस्वीहोण्याची गुरुकिल्ली पण त्यांचा अनुभवातून देणार आहे.
संधी हाक मारते तेम्हा प्रतिसाद नक्की द्या - EP 19 - VIDULA TOKEKAR
वयाच्या कुठल्याही वर्षी आपल्या आवडीच्या क्षेत्रात व्यवसाय सुरु करता येतो ह्याचा उत्तम उदाहरण म्हणजे विदुला टोकेकर. A highly creative person with an eye for details and strong process approach. Taking 'book translation' to a different dimension. Leads a team of gifted translation. Strongly believes in 'Do the New'. Vidula is a voracious reader and language enthusiast. She has published translation of 15 titles with various publishers and on various subjects ranging from fiction to management to biographies. Her columns in Marathi newspapers and magazines on creativity, leadership and woman entrepreneurship are well received. She worked in industry in finance domain for 15 years, and later in a Chamber of Commerce for 10 years. She left as the director of Chamber of Commerce to start her own venture. Her love of books and literature translated into TranslationPanacea. With her outstanding team of translators and editors, backed by her strong process expertise, TranslationPanacea delivers quality translations of titles to publishers in print ready copy. TranslationPanacea also helps corporate to reach to their customers and employees speaking different languages. Vidula is an avid traveler, foodie, writer, music lover and likes to dabble with origami.
October 18, 2020
लेखन हे उदरनिर्वाहाचं साधन बनू शकतं - EP 18 - NIRANJAN MEDHEKAR
कादंबरी वाचली कि मला नेहमीच आश्चर्य वाटतं कि लेखकाला सगळं सुचतच कसं ? इतके characters, कथानक, सगळ्या गोष्टी एकमेकानाशी जोडणं, लॉजिकल असणं हे सगळं फार विलक्षण आहे. निरंजन शी गप्पा मारल्यावर लक्षात आला कि हे सगळं शिकता येतं, ह्या साठी पण एक प्रोसेस आहे. लेखन, कादंबरी, सेक्स वर बोल बिनधास्थ हा पॉडकास्ट अश्या अनेक विषयांवर गप्पा मारल्या आहेत लेखक, कादंबरीकार निरंजन मेढेकर ह्याच्याशी..   
October 11, 2020
दहावीत असताना लग्नासाठी स्थळं पाहण्यापासून ते उद्योजिका आणि exporter बनणारी -EP 17 - K D SUSHMA
Mission – To create 10000 Exporters and Entrepreneurs by 2025 and to Boost Make in India Mission. KDSUSHMA is the founder and director of Global Fortune Mission India Pvt Ltd and Kaushal Food Products. She is having with more than 10 years industrial-productive experience throughout her years at Cummins India Ltd, Kirloskar Pneumatic Ltd, and 3 more companies further with her new and innovative ventures
September 26, 2020
१०*१० च्या चाळीतून दुबईतील उद्योजक बनण्याचा प्रवास EP 16 - Vitthal Mane
From slums of Mumbai to being a certified Life coach based out of Dubai, the journey of Vitthal Mane is truly inspiring. Motivation is temporary, and one needs to change from within, and any one can bring about that change in themselves just by following due process and putting concentrated efforts. He believes that if you take control of your Physical, emotional and financial self nothing is impossible in this world.Lets chat with Vitthal Mane For more you can visit
September 5, 2020
श्राव्य ( ऑडिओ) माध्यमांचे भविष्य काय ? - EP 15 - SUKIRT GUMASTE
Audio books, podcast, audio series;  who can listen ; future of audio industry ; career options in audio industry ; future of Marathi and other regional laungages in content creation industry. had a chat on this and many other things with storytel publisher Sukirt Gumaste..​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Link to Sukirti's podcast about how can you write for sorytel.
August 28, 2020
सोप्या भाषेत इतिहास समजावून सांगणारा - EP 14 - ANEESH GOKHALE
When we think about history, we think of a boring school subject, but history is much more than a school textbook. Still people think that Britishers took India from Mughals, but it's the myth. Britishers took India from Marathas. Marathas were ruling large parts of India in the 18th century. We are always told about Plassey or Panipat, but never told about numerous battles that we won. To instil winners' mindset in our society, we must talk extensively about our victories. Also spoke about Bajirao, Ahilybai Holkar, Bhosale's of Nagpur and their contribution in national politics. Also spoke about controversies created around history and lessons which can be learnt from Maratha history. spoke about this and many more with author Aneesh Gokhale.
August 23, 2020
स्वसंवाद आणि ध्यान ह्या सगळ्यामुळे आपण आपल्या भावना निवडू शकतो. - EP 13 - GAURI JANVEKAR
Gauri is a clinical psycholigist with more than 15 years of expireance. We chat about Mental Health, Meditation as a tool for preventive mental health care, and role of parents in creating mentally stable adults.   
August 16, 2020
सिमेंट व स्टील शिवाय घर बांधणारा -EP 12 - Ar DHRUWANG HINGMIRE
Can you believe that a three storey building can be built without using a pinch of cement or a gram of steel?  meet Ar Dhruvang Hingmire who builds environment friendly homes.. Their work is based on 3 principles 1) Vernacular The traditional architecture that develops in a particular region responds directly to the context of its climate and culture. They believe that it is necessary to realise traditional methods of construction are the best "technology" that has stood the test of time and climate - 2) Natural A majority of what are considered to be "modern building materials" are harmful for the health of either the users, or the manufacturers - and definitely the environment. Therefore, we stress on the use of natural, energy intensive materials in construction - such as mud, lime, stone, mud bricks, timber and so on. 3) Local Majority of material and labour used for the construction of our houses is local. Use of local labour, skills and techniques not only provides employment to the people of the neighbouring villages, but also helps in safeguarding their traditional skills that are slowly disappearing due to modern methods of construction.
August 7, 2020
२६ भाषा बोलणारी -EP 11 - AMRUTHA LANGS
Hyperglot, Linguist, Globe-trotter, Public Speaker, Writer and The Homeschooling Mommy Originally Amrutha Joshi, changed her name to Amrutha Langs beacuse she didnot want people to judge her.  Amrutha speaks 27 laungages which includes 4 Indian and 23 non- Indian languages. She is also a writer and public speaker. As a parent she is homeschooling her son, which both parents and kid are enjoying.
July 31, 2020
Film industry च्या struggles ला शिक्षण म्हणून बघणारा -EP 10 - TEJAS PRABHA VIJAY DEOSKAR
Tejas Prabha Vijay Deoskar is an Indian film writer and director. He is well know as writer, director and producer of Madhuri Dixit's first Marathi movie Bucket List. He has written and directed films like "Ajinkya", "Premsutra" and "Bucket List", which were a huge success. His maiden film as a creative producer, “Baba” was released on 2nd August 2019 and received critical acclaim all over the world. He has also directed 9 short films which has received critical acclaim.  
July 21, 2020
पर्यावरणपूरक जीवन जगणारी नवीन पिढीतील शहरी मुलगी - EP 09 - AISHWARYA PHADKE # Travel Dirty
It is said about the current generation that they have considered the virtual world as the real world. They enjoy conversations on Facebook rather than face to face. Aishwarya Phadke is an exception. She wants people who care about other people, care about nature, mother earth to come forward and make a community. She wants more and more people to join this community, she has made this into her mission. As per part of this mission she has started a venture called Travel dirty. Travel, get your hands dirty, play, work in fields, help locals, learn their customs. Let's talk to this exciting young girl..
July 14, 2020
सहावीत शाळेतून हलकालपट्टी ते IIM कलकत्ता आणि कॉर्पोरेट कीर्तन असा विलक्षण प्रवास -EP 08 - PUSHKAR AURANGABADKAR
Pushkar born in family of kirtnkars, had a journey from a school dropout to IIM. He started teaching in colleges beacuse he knew that best of the knowledge never comes back to teaching and he wanted to change this.  He then started training in corporate world. Kirtan, which is a art of storytelling, being used to spread massage from ages was in Pushkar's blood.  He then started exploring possibilities of using kirtan as method of training.  He found that most of the management/ leadership fundamentals can be related to many ancient Abhang, sholk etc.  He is now know for his Corporate Kirtan.   
July 11, 2020
प्लास्टिक कचऱ्यापासून पासून इंधन तयार करणारे पर्यावरणवादी - EP 07 - DR MEDHA TADPATRIKAR - #PLASTIC WARRIOR
#PlasticWarrior, TEDx speaker, Writer and Entrepreneur – “an accidental environmentalist” is how she describes her journey. She is co-founder of  ventures namely Rudra Environmental Solutions (India) Ltd, Mantraa Research & Consultants Pvt Ltd, and Phoenix General Insurance Brokers Pvt Ltd, where she serves a Director. She is also a founder trustee of Founder Trustee of “Keshav Sita Memorial Foundation Trust” Always yearning for more she started the first company in market research and Medha found herself working on waste plastic after witnessing the death of deer in wild life sanctuary. The passion and determination to find a solution on waste plastic resulted in Medha and her business partner Shirish Phadtare in to building a first pilot machine in 2010, which successfully converted waste plastic in to usable fuel. Looking at bigger picture has led Medha a trustee of “Keshav Sita Memorial Foundation Trust” to create awareness of waste plastic and segregation at source for better waste management. Today the Trust collects waste plastic from more than 25,000 households, hotels and offices in and around Pune. She has managed to connect and inculcate habit of source segregation amongst more than 1 lakh people. The trust has also been collecting waste plastic from faraway places like Baramati, Baneshwar, Raigad Fort, Bhima Shankar, Thane and Dombiwali. Her efforts have helped collection of more than 10,00,000 kg of waste plastic which was otherwise headed for landfill. She has earned her MBA from Nottingham University, UK, LLB from Pune University as well as PhD in Branding. She has studied for MSc in Psychology and has completed many diplomas in subjects ranging from IPR, Journalism, Marketing and Forensic Science. Her passion for writing has been evident as She has been writing columns on self- help and management for leading Marathi newspapers such as Loksatta, Maharashtra Times, and Sramana for more than 15 years. She has also penned two books namely “Domestic Violence – a reality” and “Impressive Manners” Medha who has published many scholarly papers on management and marketing research, in several leading international journals; also conducts lectures and seminars on communication, branding and women empowerment in various colleges and institutes across Maharashtra. She has been recipient of many awards, namely “Yadnyawalka Award”, Sukhakarta Award, Phoenix Leading Lady 17 and “V” 18 Award, Swachhodaya U.P Award 2019, iWomen Global award19, HNIMR Best Educator 19, VNWC Gold award 19, TIP 20 in Abu Dhabi and she was one of top 30 Women Transforming India of Niti Ayog. She is a trained Bharatanatyam and Kathak dancer who devotes majority of her time in creating awareness on waste plastic. Contact her:
June 28, 2020
जागा,भांडवल,अनुभव, शिक्षण इतकाच काय पण बाजारपेठ नसतानाही व्यावसायिक होता येतं - EP 06 - MANJIRI ARDE
Mrs Manjiri Arde decided to venture into a business where very few Maharastrians had ventured. The cloth market was all dominated by Sindhis, Marwadis and Gujratis. Still Manjiri Arde dared to enter this market and that too in early 80s when the biggest ambition of women from middle class families would be to take up a government job. It was rare for a women to start her own business and then do it fulltime.  She started with a bagfull of cloths and now owns a lavish 3 storey showroom. She belives you do not need Capital, Market or even formal training to start and be successful in a business what you need is focused hardwork, honesty, forsight, patiance and decision making ability.  By keeping a all women staff she is helping other women to be indipendent in their lives.   
June 25, 2020
३ failed businesses ,आत्महत्येचा प्रयत्न ते भारताला वाचनाचं वेड लावण्याचं ध्येय घेऊन झटणारा ध्येयवेडा - EP 05 - AMRUT DESHMUKH - THE BOOKLET GUY
Amrut Deshmukh has a dream of making India a nation of readers. He strongly belives in notion  "If I'm not reading, I'm not changing. If I'm not changing, I'm not growing." He has taken on himself to reach out to young India and make them read books.  His Mission Make India Read is now supported by lacs of people.  I had a fun talking to Amrut.  You can watch his TEDx talk also on
June 12, 2020
IT क्षेत्रातली लठ्ठ पगाराची नौकरी सोडून, मध गोळा करणारा अवलिया - EP 04 - AMIT GODSE - THE BEE MAN
Amit Godse also know as The Bee Man, left his IT sector with big fat salary job to work for conservation of Honey bee. It was so socking for a middle class family that Amit hide this from his parents for 6 months. While his peers were traveling in Europe and US, amit was visiting homes and was himself removing the beehives, collecting the honey and relocating those bees somewhere else, the job which traditionally done by tribals. With modern urban methods, honey bees are treated as pests and killed by spraying pesticides. Amit says when he removes the beehive without keeling the bees, he is saving around 1.5 lacs bees. lets meet Amit Godse.. Contact details for Beehives relocation - 8308300008 Website -
June 5, 2020
वयाच्या ४२ व्या वर्षी डॉक्टर होण्याची किमया - EP 03 - DR SHARDA BAPAT
As a result of immense curiosity and enthusiasm, a 35-year-old lady appeared for her 12th standard exam for the second time in her life, there after she went on to study medicine, lived in Philippines for two years, came back as a doctor at the age of 42. This she did even though she had a diploma in computer application and a degree in Law. She did this despite the fact that she was a doing well in her business, despite the fact that she had a kid, husband and home to look after. No surprises in guessing that she must have faced huge social and bureaucratic hurdles and naysayers. She learned how to fly aircraft, appeared for exam and got the licence for flying. She is today working with a software company, plays piano, Tennis, goes to trek in Himalayas, have visited more than 30 countries, and is also involved in organic farming. Let’s meet the incredible Dr Sharda Bapat
May 30, 2020
एका क्षणात पूर्ण परिवार गेला तरी आज स्वबळावर स्टोरीटेलर म्हणून प्रख्यात - EP 02 - MEHAK MIRZA PRABHU-
Mehak Mirza Prabhu, born as Tejal Prabhu is a Storyteller, writter and performer. She creates fictional stories in Hindi, Urdu, English and Marathi. She is also writting for a Webseries. She runs an online school for budding storytellers by the name of 'Jhumritaliaya' Once an entrepreneur, now she is a full-time dedicated mother - writer - Storyteller. Her story PHIR MOHOBBAT KARNI HAI, performed at an event organised by YourQuote in collaboration with Tinder, has gained over 3M views, across various digital platforms. The link to her TEDx talk is given here. This is must watch everybody who. मेहक मिर्झा प्रभू हि एक स्टोरीटेलर आहे, ती मराठी, हिंदी, उर्दू आणि इंग्लिश मध्ये काल्पनिक गोष्टी लिहिते आणि परफॉर्म करते.  तिच्या फिर मोहब्बत करनी है ह्या स्टोरी ला लाखो views मिळाले आहेत.  मेहक झुमरीतलैय्या नावानी storytelling शिकवायला online शाळा पण चालवते.  एक उद्योइजिका म्हणून सुरवात केलेली मेहेक आता  fulltime स्टोरीटेलर आणि आई आहे...   
May 22, 2020
रिक्षावर चित्र काढण्यापासून राष्ट्रपती भवनासाठी तैलचित्र काढण्यापर्यंतचा प्रवास - EP 01 - SUHAS BAHULKAR
Mr Suhas Bahulkar is a renowned painter, his work being displayed in Rastrapati Bhavan, Parliament House amongst other places.  His expireance will certainly help us in our success journey. 
May 3, 2020
Hi, This is Nachiket Kshire, I am excited to take you to a journey which will help us unlish our own hidden potential...  Inspiration Katta podchaser link is  DkJvoTFusROGXQzdbZhK
April 29, 2020