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Aluminium ON AIR

Aluminium ON AIR

By Nadine Bloxsome
Aluminium International Today is the leading B2B publication for the international aluminium industry.

Across this series of Podcasts, Nadine Bloxsome, Editor, speaks to famous industry faces about current sector trends, challenges and general goings on.
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The Fundamental Metal
If this year has shown us anything, it is that we can't predict the future! In this episode of the Aluminium ON AIR Podcast, Nadine Bloxsome speaks to Benedikt Sobotka, CEO of Eurasian Resources Group, about how the sector is working towards using more renewable energies in the hope for at least a more sustainable future and why aluminium is fundamental in driving a low carbon economy.
October 29, 2020
Aluminium on AIR: Lockdown boosts recycling
As the latest data shows that the UK Lockdown has driven a spike in aluminium packaging recycling rates, this week, Nadine Bloxsome speaks to Rick Hindley, Executive Director of the Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation (Alupro) to find out what is behind this increase and his thoughts on what a fixed fee Deposit Return Scheme would mean and should look like in the UK.
July 1, 2020
Aluminium ON AIR: Primary Production Post-COVID19
This week, the focus is on the primary industry and the manufacturing challenges that have been overcome during this time. Nadine Bloxsome spoke to Amélie Hennion, who was recently appointed as Managing Director of Europe's Largest Smelter in Dunkerque to find out how the site managed the COVID-19 crisis and her vision for the long term.
June 24, 2020
Aluminium ON AIR: The Global Aluminium Cycle
As the International Aluminium Institute recently announced it has developed a resource built on a century's worth of data, Nadine Bloxsome speaks to Chris Bayliss, Deputy Secretary General about how members and non members can benefit from this and we also hear his thoughts on how the sector could learn to embrace some of the changes COVID has presented us with. 
June 17, 2020
Aluminium ON AIR: The new 'normal' for networking
Following the news that the ALUMINIUM 2020 show in Dusseldorf is still planned to go ahead, Nadine Bloxsome speaks with Malte Seifert, who is the Project Manager on the ALUMINIUM Expo for Reed Exhibitions Germany, to find out what visitors and exhibitors can expect from this year's event and whether the pandemic will have a lasting impact on the aluminium sector’s attitude towards industry events and gatherings? Will things ever be the same?!
June 10, 2020
Aluminium ON AIR: History repeating?
This week, we go back in time as Nadine Bloxsome speaks to Professor Andrew Perchard who is head of the Management Research Centre at the University of Wolverhampton Business School. He’s written extensively about the aluminium industry, including in his 2012 book, 'Aluminiumville' and is best positioned to offer some interesting insights into what lessons history can offer the sector at this time.
June 3, 2020
Aluminium ON AIR: Getting to the bottom of 'Greenwashing'
In all applications, the use of durable and recyclable materials with a low carbon footprint will contribute to reducing global emissions and create products for a more circular economy. Hydro is working to support this statement and develop 'greener' aluminium offerings to the market... In this Podcast, Nadine Bloxsome speaks to Hilde Kallevig, Head of Brand and Marketing at Hydro about best practice when it comes to collaborating for sustainability success across the sector and the importance of not 'Greenwashing' aluminium products.
May 27, 2020
Aluminium ON AIR: Foiling the myths
This week, the focus is on the aluminium foil industry.  Nadine Bloxsome speaks to Guido Aufdenkamp, Executive Director at the European Aluminium Foil Association to find out how rollers are meeting the demand for medical and food packaging during these times. And, on the subject of healthcare, what are the links between aluminium and certain illnesses? How much of this information is just a myth?
May 13, 2020
Aluminium ON AIR: Sustainability is key
RUSAL is a leading company in the global aluminium industry, producing metal with a low carbon footprint. 90% of the company's aluminium is produced from renewable electricity, and by implementing innovative and energy-saving technologies RUSAL is able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at all production stages. Nadine Bloxsome speaks to Jerome Lucaes, Marketing & Sustainability Director at RUSAL about the efforts being made to reach environmental targets and why it is so important that sustainable initiatives remain a key focus area on the other side of this global crisis.
May 7, 2020
Aluminium ON AIR: Are you cyber aware?
Did you know that half of all global manufacturers have suffered a cyber attack? That's not to say half of all aluminium manufacturers have been a victim, but in the third episode in this series of Podcasts, Nadine Bloxsome speaks to Alexeis Garcia-Perez, a Reader in Cyber Security at Coventry University, about how the aluminium sector can build on its cyber security resilience. In what ways do aluminium plants open themselves up to vulnerabilities? And is there a need to develop an industry-wide, collaborative approach to cyber security management? 
April 27, 2020
Aluminium ON AIR: With Kelly Roegies
In this second episode of the Aluminium ON AIR Podcast, Nadine Bloxsome speaks with Kelly Roegies, Communications Manager at European Aluminium to find out the positive steps that European manufacturers can take from this COVID-19 crisis. We also find out about the Digital Activity Report and Kelly has a great question for the next guest...
April 9, 2020
Aluminium ON AIR: With Tom Jones
These podcasts are brought to you from Aluminium International Today, the leading B2B publication for aluminium manufacturers and processors. Join the Editor, Nadine Bloxsome, as she speaks with experts from across the sector to bring you the latest news and updates. 
April 3, 2020