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Nail Tech Entrepreneur

Nail Tech Entrepreneur

By AnDrea Pettingill
Within the Beauty Industry DOING NAILS is a whole different animal. We need to collaborate if we want to survive and thrive. It's time to stop saying "I just do nails" and step into being proud to call it your career! If you wish you could raise your prices, put up clear boundaries with friends and family, and boost your self confidence, join me, Drea aka @DreaDesignsBeauty as I interview professionals who are making serious $$$.
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Chris Miles Speaks on Paying yourself, Pricing, Debt and more!
If you are hitting some big money question marks in your Nail Business listen up, Chris talks to us today about all the things from Paying yourself, Pricing, Debt what is good, bad, and so much more.  Chris Miles is the Cash Flow Expert and Anti-Financial Advisor, is a leading authority teaching entrepreneurs and professionals how to get their money working for them TODAY! He’s an author, podcast host of the Chris Miles Money Show, has been featured in US News, CNN Money, Entrepreneur on Fire, Bigger Pockets, and has a proven reputation with his company, Money Ripples  getting his clients fast, financial results. In fact, his personal clients have increased their cash flow by over $250 Million in the last 11 years! Find out more about him at  Don't forget to send me a DM about what you loved about this episode or how you will use this info in your nail business! @DreaDesignsBeauty
May 24, 2021
Money Energy with Alyssa Comacho
Do you like woo woo ways to make more money in your business. In this episode I give you guys a sneak peak into a class I had for my clients in my business coaching program, where I invite outside teachers, this week it was Alyssa Comacho a bit about her: Alyssa June Camacho, is an amazing mother, wife, and ROCKSTAR entrepreneur! She is the Founder of Female Entrepreneur Empire.  She is a sought out trainer and mentor who has influenced and inspired the lives of thousands. She is the leader of one of the strongest Female Business Masterminds, THE INNER GODDESS EMPIRE. She is giving listeners access to her 10 day money challenge if you send your first and last name, email, and "Money Challenge to 385-528-7432 you will get access to that! do it is a game changer!!
May 17, 2021
DMs and Rebooking clients = sales and marketing
Quick drive to the salon with me episode (sorry about the audio) But I was on fire this morning about this topic. Once you truly honor this you can intentionally turn the "Do you do gel nails?" DM you just got into a life long client. AND in marketing will ba able to see so many new ways to make sure clie rs know you are open for business. Enjoy and don't forget to send me a DM on ig @DreaDesignsBeauty I love hearing from you guys ❤️🙏✨
January 14, 2021
Let's Talk Taxes With Jennifer Francis
Interview with My Accountant Jennifer Francis.  She mentioned a freebe for listeners if you Email her at, and tell her you found her on this podcast she will email you back her Business Expense Spreadsheet! DM Me on IG with any questions @DreaDesignsBeauty
September 17, 2019
Melissa Mathiason Interview we talk Nail Art, Client Experience, Your Brand/Style and more
Melissa Mathiason aka @thatnailchemist gives us some great insights in her business She has been an artist all her life experimenting in lots of creative hobbies, oil painting as one of her favorites.  As part of the @Fingerbangportland team she works 4 days a week in the salon and her favorite style is multi layered dimensional nail art. Melissa advises nail artist working on their hand painted skills to prioritize good nail art brushes, and just dive in and play around, give yourself permission to play, and let your true style come out.  for building clientel, Melissa advises creating a really great experience for your client and customizing their nails to work for their nail goals. Educate your clients that in your business we rebook teach them the value of having a nail tech.  She talks about her experience training at trade Shows like IBS Las Vegas, and Premiere Orlando.  She shares her secret sauce for having more energy to be a working mom.  find her on instagram @thatnailchemist
August 30, 2019
Entrepreneur? Me? But I'm a Nail Tech.
In this episode I explain my decision to name this podcast Nail Tech Entrepreneur. We talk about how shifting from "I work at a Job" mentality to "I am a business owner" can really serve to your benefit when you are just starting out as a nail tech. We talk about why you should stop B/Lame - ing the salon owner, the weather, the time of year, the whatever... for why you don't have clients and I admit how weird I am in my law of attraction- personal development- woo woo- way of thinking. Enjoy and dm me on Instagram with your salon business and mindset questions @DreaDesignsBeauty
August 22, 2019
Charge what you're worth - Tricia Baldwin Interview
In this Episode Tricia Baldwin shares her nuggets of wisdom from 18+ years experience as a beauty professional, salon owner and educator.  What I love about her is she makes a lot of money (haha) and she puts in the time and hard work for that cash ;) Tricia shares her best tips for:  *Building a clientele *Pricing tips and how to structure raising your prices. *Timing and how it can take you from 50,000 per year to 100,000  *Boundaries and support systems to help you succeed as a nail tech Balancing client work and owning a salon Follow Tricia @pinktrishnails and her salon @pinkssalon DM me on instagram @DreaDesignsBeauty Send me your Nail Business related questions and I will answer them or hunt down someone who can! Look for motivational episodes every odd day ...because I'm a little odd ;) xoxo Drea Thanks for listening!
August 15, 2019