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Confessions of a Thinkaholic

Confessions of a Thinkaholic

By Nanette Stein

Continuing from a blog I started in 2011, I’ll dive into common (and maybe some uncommon) subjects that run the wheel in my head. I will ruminate on current, past and possible future events. I’ll discuss popular and unpopular opinions. I want to get into the “What If’s…?” and maybe try to figure out what the hell is going on in this world.
Season 1, Ep 1 Pt 2
Season 1, Ep 1 Pt 2
In this episode, the second of a two parter, I talk about my personal experiences after my mom passed and what they could mean.
November 12, 2021
Season 1 Ep 1  Ghosts
Season 1 Ep 1 Ghosts
Hello and welcome to the first official episode of Confessions! This is part one of two where I tell of some strange happenings from Ye Olde England…. * Exc. about Halesworth town dating is from this article: *Rendlesham Forest Incident covered in the Supernatural Podcast w/Ashley Flowers
October 28, 2021
Introduction to Confessions
Introduction to Confessions
Hey Guys! Welcome to my podcast, thanks so much for being here. In this first non-official episode I give a brief intro to the new show. Find the link below to leave me a voice memo of any questions or suggestions for an episode idea. Also…the new website/blog is coming soon! Thanks again for stopping by! Now, let’s put our thinking caps on and get to it….
October 19, 2021