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Reclamation: A NWM Initiative

Reclamation: A NWM Initiative

By Naomi Wright
Religious abuse occurs on a spectrum. From an unhealthy experience to a full-fledged cult, harm is harm and trauma is trauma. Hear the vulnerable stories of those who have suffered this unique loss and learn along with us so that you never find yourself in a similar position.
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Part 4 of 5: Naomi's Story Project with Special Guest Jessa Dillow Crisp
We are launching our new podcast series with the fourth part of Naomi's story! In this episode, Jessa Dillow Crisp guides the conversation from her own place of understanding. Jessa is a survivor of sex trafficking and has allowed the horrors in her life to bring healing and education to others. Join us for this powerful conversation between two like-minded women, who share a common goal of seeing struggles turned successes.  For more information: BridgeHope - Nonprofit organization co-founded by Jessa and her husband, John. Jessa Crisp, LLC  Leaving the Life: Embracing Freedom from Exploitation 
February 13, 2021