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Interview Archives—Nash Holos Ukrainian Roots Radio

Interview Archives—Nash Holos Ukrainian Roots Radio

By Nash Holos Radio
Audio archives of past interviews on Nash Holos Ukrainian Roots Radio
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Euphoria Band - Debut CD 2018
Edmonton's Euphoria Band released its first CD in the summer of 2018. Great chat with with Adrian Warhola,  one of the young and energetic musicians that make up this popular polka band!
May 05, 2020
A Crimean Tatar shares his experiences of the Russian invasion
Shortly after Russia's "little green men" over-run and invade Crimea, I spoke with a Crimean Tatar living near Simferopol, the Crimean capital. He describes beatings of Ukrainian supporters in the streets, anti-Ukrainian propaganda taking over the media channels, vicious acts of ethnic discrimination against Crimean Tatars, communications disruptions, land mines, and the hopes of Crimean Tatars for help from the outside world. Recorded March 2014. 
January 31, 2020
Interview - The state of press freedom in Ukraine 2010
A discussion with a Ukrainian journalist (in English) about press freedom and its progress under President Victor Yushchenko, and how the Ukrainian media compromised the 2010 presidential elections and possibly helped Victor Yanukhovych to win. This interview was produced for, and was first broadcast on, the international radio program Media Network Plus in December 2010.
July 18, 2019
Interview - Sergei Loiko - The Battle of the Donetsk Airport
On Tuesday January 19, 2016, the Chair of Ukrainian Studies at the University of Ottawa hosted a presentation entitled The Battle of the Donetsk Airport by SERGEI LOIKO, War Correspondent, for the Los Angeles Times. The presentation was based on his Ukrainian-Language Book, Aeroport (2015) about the battle for the Donetsk airport in eastern Ukraine. Sergei Loiko was born in Finland and has been a correspondent for the Los Angeles Times since 1991. He has covered the wars in Chechnya, Tajikistan, Georgia, Nagorno-Karabakh, Afghanistan and Iraq. He reported from Ukraine from the beginning of Maidan in November 2013 to the Battle of Debaltseve (Donetsk) in February 2015. He is the only international reporter to have spent four full days at the height of the battle for the Donetsk airport in October 2014. On the day following his presentation he travelled to Toronto, and from there kindly agreed to a telephone interview on Nash Holos. 
July 18, 2019
Author Interview - Wretched Land
Mila Komarnisky is author of the outstanding saga, Wretched Land. Based on actual historical accounts, this is the story of a socialist utopia unfolding in 20th century Ukraine and its devastating effects on a family of self-sufficient subsistence farmers. 
July 18, 2019
Oleg Atbashian Interview 2011-1127
Back in 2011 I had the pleasure of speaking with Oleg Atbashan, author of Shakedown Socialism: Unions, Pitchforks, Collective Greed, the Fallacy of Economic Equality, and other Optical Illusions of “Redistributive Justice.” He shared with me some startling personal recollections of life in Ukraine—and, by extension, anywhere in the former USSR before the spectacular collapse of communism in Europe, starting with the Berlin Wall in 1989. He also reflected on the circumstances, events and government policies that led to the Holodomor (1932-33 famine-genocide in Ukraine) and why in his view the western world is on the brink of repeating history from the darkest days of communism in eastern Europe. Oleg is an American who emigrated from Ukraine in the early 1990s. He fully expected to find a bastion of capitalism and opportunity in America but instead, felt like he had stepped back in time. He was astounded by the multitude of naive Americans who, like socialist idealists of the early 20th century, firmly believed in the figment of socialist utopia. Hence his book. Oleg Atbashian has a wicked wit to match his clarity of thought and keen observation skills. You can see him in action on his websites The People’s Cube and Shakedown Socialism and by following him on Facebook. (Sadly, he is not on Twitter.) You will also see how his dire predictions are unfolding in America, including soviet-style censorship he experienced from social media sites like Google and Wikipedia. Enjoy the interview!
July 17, 2019