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Forever Neighbors

Forever Neighbors

By The Nasty Woman Project
Deep, curious conversations about the state of grassroots activism, how we can foster community, and ways to leverage our collective power for the benefit of everyone. Featuring interviews with guests who are committed to intersectional progress through fearless journalism, art as protest, mutual aid, and more.
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Is there room for activism in the theater? w/ Zi Alikhan
Is there room for activism in the theater, or is it standing room only? In this episode, Julia and Pegah talk to theater director Zi Alikhan about the state of theater in the pandemic, what it means to be a queer MENASA artist, and whether the history of activism in the theater community is authentic or just performative.
March 22, 2021
How do we stay hopeful in the face of the climate crisis? w/ Yessenia Funes
It's our first episode! The Nasty Woman Project talks with Atmos climate editor, Yessenia Funes about sustainability, intersectionality in the environmental movement, and balancing the urgency of the climate crisis with hope for the future. Hosted by Julia Joyce-Barry and Lisa Fischer. Artwork: watercolor by Julia Joyce-Barry and graphic design by Pegah Yazd. Our music is "Zig Zag" by Premium Beat. 
January 22, 2021