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The Influencer 411

The Influencer 411

By Natalia Toby
We are creating a space for influencers and anyone in a creative space to learn about the industry, have their voices heard, and get a more business perceptive on influencer marketing.

The podcast is hosted by Natalia Toby and produced by Toby Solutions.
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17. A chat with Reframd, an exclusive eyewear brand
Today's episode is about the eyewear brand Reframd, if you want to learn more about them check out their Instagram and Website. If you want to connect with Shariff click here for his LinkedIn
June 07, 2022
16 Not everyone is ready for Influencer Marketing
Hot take on why some people aren't ready to start using Influencer Marketing! Are you thinking about using Influencers for your own brand? Check here to visit to get started Want to leave us a message for Podcast ideas or for your brand to be featured? Leave us a message here
May 26, 2022
15 Product Photography v. Influencer Curated Content w/ Imani Modus
This week's episode talks about the difference between Product Photography and Influencer Content and how they also work very well together! If you want to know more about Imani Modus check out her website here!
May 19, 2022
14 Behind the scenes of Eyewear Design with Selin Olmsted
This week's episode is all about eyewear design! From the process to the new trends Selin and I talk about it all!  To connect with Selin her LinkedIn is here  Visuals:  To look at the Walker lenses on Instagram click here To view my trendy glasses on Instagram click here To work with Toby Solutions click here
May 12, 2022
13 The 411 Of Working With An Influencer With Mariah Clayton
From being a beauty queen, to now an Influencer Mariah Clayton gives us the 411 on what it's like to be an influencer and how brands should work with Influencers. If you are an influencer looking for insight into the industry or a brand looking to work with influencers and don't know where to start this is the episode that you need to download!  If you are interested in working with Mariah or just following her journey click here!  If you are interested in getting started in Influencer Management click here
April 22, 2022
Episode 12. How to convert your Social Media followers into paying customers for free!
The goal shouldn't be to grow your social media following, it's about converting them into customers. Join the conversation on using Social Media as a way to convert your followers into paying customers for free! Want more information? Click here to read the blog! 
April 14, 2022
Ep. 11 What I’ve been up to! The podcast is changing!
Long time no see! This week's episode is the debut of the new season. Toby Solutions is now an Influencer Marketing Company for eyewear brands!
April 14, 2022
Episode 10. Balancing Fencing & Owning a business with Toby
There are two things that are very important in my life at the moment (fencing and my business). I don't really talk about the two as much as I should, and I think this episode does a great job of diving into them! For my fencers/athletes, we cover what makes a good fencer. And for my business owners (or aspiring to be) we talk about the skills, likes, and dislikes of being one! If you haven't listened to Anna's episode on Sustainability please head to Episode 1!  Click here to follow me on Instagram and click here to sign up for my newsletter for more Influencer tips and updates on when the course is out!
April 14, 2022
Episode 9. The struggles of being multifaceted with Eli Jay
Eli Jas is a Latina superstar that just happens to be multifaceted. Aside from her music career she also has a podcast and gender-neutral clothing brand. We talk about how to manage all of these things while staying sane and knowing what's right for you! Are you multifaceted or just curious about how to pursue something else, then this is the episode for you! WARNING LOTS OF LAUGHTER! Check out Eli Jas on Instagram!
August 31, 2021
Finding your Aesthetic with Slight Breeze
When it comes to building an aesthetic, Bri (aka Slight Breeze) is the perfect person to turn to. In this week's episode, we uncover the importance of anesthetic for your social media, an insider looks into a creative director, and when you might need one. If you are an influencer or business owner looking to create a story around your brand or a certain project this episode is perfect for you. If you would like to connect with Bri the Creative Director, you can via her Slight Breeze Instagram page. She is also on Twitter and sells merch on By Slight Breeze. Also, check out her other business Odd Flex!
August 24, 2021
Managing passion projects & your career with Erin Byers
Thinking of a passion project but don't know where you want to take it? This episode provides some clarity on what a passion project is, how it differs from a full-time business and amazing career advice for young professionals. If you would like to check out Erin's passion projects check out her book club Black Book Babes and her weekly newsletter The FAX. If you want to keep up with Erin follow her on Instagram!  Grab your free guide to clarifying your value as an influencer here. Follow us on Instagram to continue the discussion. Get Influencer tips and see my goofy ass on Tik Tok 
August 17, 2021
Profiting off your craft with Sir Mali
In this week's episode, Sir Mali talks about how he turned his passion for photography into a profitable side hustle! He offers tips on how to scale your craft, how to say no to things that don't align with your passion, and how to have people respect it enough to pay for it!  Find Sir Mali on Instagram by clicking here To see the photo he did with Kam click here To see more of Kam's work click here
August 10, 2021
Getting paid as a Micro-Influencer with Guidebyshe
In this week's episode, Guidebyshe talks about getting paid as a micro-influencer. There is a common misconception that you need "more followers" on social media to get paid brand deals. But Guidebyshe busts those myths and spills the tea on what it's like to be a micro-influencer. Her business That's My Tote is already launched and you can buy her totes here! You can find GuidebyShe on Instagram, Tik Tok, Pinterest, Youtube, and on her website!   Want to create your own media kit so that you can reach out to brands? Click here to start your journey on being a paid influencer! Follow us on Instagram to continue the discussion. Get Influencer tips and see my goofy ass on Tik Tok
August 03, 2021
Hustle Culture is Toxic with Zachary Lecky
In this week's episode, we talk about how the hustle culture displayed on Social Media can set unrealistic expectations for people and might be making you feel like you aren't working hard enough. Zach is here to tell you that's all bullshit. This Emmy award-winning video producer is the most chill yet focused person and he is here to give some advice to listeners!  In the episode, he talks about how his sister is also an actress and influencer so check out Zach and his sister, Munirat Antoinette, on Instagram! Grab your free guide to clarifying your value as an influencer here. Follow us on Instagram to continue the discussion. Get Influencer tips and see my goofy ass on Tik Tok
July 27, 2021
Transitioning into the Music Industry as an Influencer w/ Qualhata Williams
In this week's episode, we cover is to what it takes to be in the music industry, some of the things that need to consider beforehand, the stigma behind an influencer/personality transitioning into music, and more!  Grab your free guide to clarifying your value as an influencer here.  Follow us on Instagram to continue the discussion. Get Influencer tips and see my goofy ass on Tik Tok
July 20, 2021
The importance of a Media Kit with Toby
In this week's episode we talk about media kits! If you are confused about what one is, why you need it, and tips on how to start one, then this is the episode for you! If you want to get started on creating the perfect Media Kit click here.  Follow us on Instagram to continue the discussion. Get Influencing tips and see my goofy ass on Tik Tok
July 13, 2021
Dissecting Sustainability in Beauty and Fashion Brands with Anna Braun
In this episode with Anna Braun, we talk about understanding the roles that companies, consumers, and influencers play in overconsumption, fast fashion, & how they can impact others in Sustainability. For apps to check the environmental impact our your products click here: Questions to ask yourself: What do you think the future is for beauty and fashion brands? Who has the biggest ability to make beauty and fashion brands more sustainable? Want to create your own media kit? Click here Check out the Toby Solutions Instagram & Tik Tok
July 06, 2021