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A Girl and Her Horror

A Girl and Her Horror

By Natalie Evans
A little bit of horror, thrillers, and everything nice? Oh sorry, I most definitely did not mean nice. I’m Natalie and welcome to A Girl and Her Horror where I review a horror movie or show in 5 minutes or less. There will be spoilers! Duh!
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21 - Death Bell (Korean Halloween 5)
We've got another classic Asian horror movie! It may not be as famous as the others, but it won't take you long until you stumble across this movie. I feel like a movie that was set up to be the ultimate revenge ended with a slight sigh of confusing anger? Am I the only one who feels that way? Instagram Twitter Limited Edition Merch Music at:
October 11, 2019
20 - The Wishing Stairs (Korean Halloween 4)
We are finishing up our coverage of the first three Whispering Corridors series with, "The Wishing Stairs." While I really liked the premise, this movie felt like a bit on an empty shell. I would have watched a longer movie if it meant more character development. Did you feel the same way? Instagram Twitter Limited Edition Merch Music at:
October 9, 2019
19 - Memento Mori (Korean Halloween 3)
Welcome to the second movie of the Whispering Corridors series, "Memento Mori"! Once again, we have the same trigger warning for the three movies in the series I'm reviewing and there is another graphic depiction of suicide. I still think the message of this movie is important if you can watch it and there's a 99.999% chance it's because this movie touched my gay little heart. Give it a watch and check out the calendar for the rest of the month on Instagram and Twitter! Instagram Twitter Limited Edition Merch Music at:
October 7, 2019
18 - Whispering Corridors (Korean Halloween 2)
Korean Halloween continues with the first installment of the Whispering Corridors series that shares the same name as this film. We will be covering the first three and possibly revisiting the series later, but I do want to warn you that all three have graphic images of suicide. With that in mind, it's up to you to watch this absolute classic in the genre of Korean or even Asian horror! I hope you're not afraid of the dark. Instagram Twitter Limited Edition Merch Music at:
October 4, 2019
17 - The Wicked (Korean Halloween Episode 1)
We have finally arrived! "The Wicked" is our very first episode of Korean Halloween and we're starting out with a bang...or lots of surprised gasping if you're me! Let me know if you've seen this movie so we can gush about it! Here's the link to our limited edition Korean Horror shirts and other merch that I promise you'll want to check out: My social media: Instagram Twitter Music at:
October 2, 2019
16 - The Eye
I know this movie is about as old as sin, but I never saw and you now get to hear me review it! This is the last episode before our Halloween special starts on October 1st, so give a listen and get hyped! Like all the hype. Because I said so. Thank you.
September 27, 2019
15 - The Perfection
This movie gave me all the mixed feelings! There were some really creative elements, but I also had a few things that I thought could have been better. No movie is ever perfect, but give a listen to hear where I stand. If you've watched this movie, let me know!
September 20, 2019
14 - The Lodgers
I've seen this movie before, but I couldn't resist revisiting it for the podcast! This gothic horror is definitely high on my list of movies and I'd love to hear what you thought about the movie! For those of you who haven't seen it yet and don't want a spoiler, I rated it 4.5/5. Go check this movie out! You can find me at: Instagram Twitter
September 13, 2019
13 - It (2017)
In honor of the release of It 2 which you bet your rear I'll be watching, I'm reviewing the 2017 version of it. I've never seen the original because super religious parents and now the newer one just looks better. I'm sure I'll be getting it for that! Anywho, let me know what you thought about the new It and if you'll be seeing the new one too! As usual you can find me on Instagram at agirlandherhorror and Twitter at agirlherhorror. I hope you're not afraid of the dark!
September 6, 2019
12 - Eerie
This week we're covering the second of the new nun related movies on Netflix, Eerie! I was extremely impressed with this movie and after watching it again, it might be one of my favorites!  This is the first episode on Anchor, so let me know what you think and if this is accessible to you! Let me know if you enjoyed this movie as much as I did! Either way, let me know! I hope you're not afraid of the dark!
August 30, 2019
11 - St. Agatha
I'm pretty sure I've finally got the hang of these 5 minute reviews with this episode! This week I'll be reviewing St. Agatha as part one of our Netflix battle of the nun movies. After the...interesting experience of this movie, we'll have to see if Eerie is more shudder worthy!
August 23, 2019
10 - A Tale of Two Sisters
We made it to episode 10 and definitely didn't cheat by uploading most of the episodes at once! If you saw A Tale of Two Sisters and were confused about the ending, I got you! I loved this movie and it's an absolute horror movie classic! If you haven't seen it, prepare for the ending to be thoroughly spoiled!
August 16, 2019
09 - Annabelle Comes Home
We bring the podcast up to date with the review of "Annabelle Comes Home!" I finally got answers to my questions, probably as spelled out as they'll ever be, but had major issues with the pacing. Did you feel the same way? How did you like this latest installment of The Conjuring universe?
August 9, 2019
08 - The Curse of La Llorona
"The Curse of La Llorona," directed by Michael Chaves, is the last movie in The Conjuring Universe before we get to "Annabelle Comes Home" next Friday! You can follow me at @agirlandherhorror on Instagram and Twitter for more!
August 2, 2019
07 - The Nun
Moving onto a different kind of horror in The Conjuring Universe, we're reviewing "The Nun" directed by Corin Hardy! You can follow me at @agirlandherhorror on Instagram and Twitter for more!
August 2, 2019
06 - Annabelle Creation
Annabelle is back in this next installment of The Conjuring Universe, "Annabelle Creation," directed by David F. Sandberg! You can follow me at @agirlandherhorror on Instagram and Twitter for more!
August 2, 2019
05 - The Conjuring 2
"The Conjuring 2" is the next step in our Conjuring Universe saga and is directed by James Wan again! You can follow me at @agirlandherhorror on Instagram and Twitter for more!
August 2, 2019
04 - Annabelle
Continuing the coverage of The Conjuring Universe, our next review is "Annabelle" directed by John R. Leonetti! You can follow me at @agirlandherhorror on Instagram and Twitter for more!
August 2, 2019
03 - The Conjuring
In honor of the new movie "Annabelle Comes home," we'll be diving into The Conjuring Universe starting with "The Conjuring" directed by James Wan! You can follow me at @agirlandherhorror on Instagram and Twitter for more!
August 2, 2019
02 - Midsommar
For our first episode of "A Girl and Her Horror," we'll be diving in to "Midsommar" directed by Ari Aster! You can follow me at @agirlandherhorror on Instagram and Twitter for more!
August 2, 2019
01 - Play Me
Welcome to "A Girl and Her Horror!" This is just an introduction and to show you what we're all about! You can follow me at @agirlandherhorror on Instagram and Twitter for more!
August 2, 2019