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By Natalie Setareh
💜✨Makeup Artist & Beauty Coach💄 Queen of time & money saving makeup tips!💋Founder of Makeup Reset Workshop
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Free Makeup Resources + Lunch and Learn Makeup announcement!
This episode outlines all the four amazing and free resources I offer at as well as announces all the dates and times I’ll be going live in May, as part of my Lunch and Learn Makeup series. This series is in celebration of my upcoming book launch, Be Your Own Makeup Artist, which hits bookshelves and ebook libraries on 28 June 2019. To learn more about my book, head to
May 6, 2019
When is “too much” makeup really too much?
My most recent Ask Setareh is a question I get asked all the time! When is too much makeup, too much? And why do I look like I’m not wearing any in photos! // I try my best to answer this question site uneseen with practical tips and hacks for foundation application! Ask your question
April 28, 2019
A Pro Makeup Artist’s Guide to Packing Makeup for Personal Leisure Travel
Even though I am a pro makeup artist, it doesn’t mean that when I travel, I pack an entire pro kit worth of makeup on my travels! In this episode, I literally go through my personal cosmetics bags from a recent week long trip in Morocco. I break down what I pack, why I pack what I do, and the essentials I can’t live without and *will* repurchase on travel if I forget, lose, or run out of something!
January 17, 2019
My Year In Review: A Makeup Artist Life for Me
It’s really easy as a makeup artist to forget about all of the things that you accomplish in a year. You have really really busy times or really really slow times, and I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the highlights from this year while I’m in my slow season. This reminds me that I should give myself a pat on the back and not worry too much that it’s “slow”. You also deserve a pat on the back Because when you think of this entire year and reflect on all the things you’ve done, I’m sure you also can be very proud of that! hope this episode inspires you to create your own year in review and share with your audience. You all deserve it!
December 10, 2018
Stop the Vicious Cycle: Time For Print / Free Work for Makeup Artists
A must listen for all working freelance makeup artists, this episode discusses how and when I choose to work for free and why you should reconsider TFP/free work.
November 16, 2018
5 Tips For Your Headshot Makeup & Hair
Headshots convey your brand image — normally we focus on out outfits but really, your hair and makeup will speak volumes to the professionalism of your photos.
September 5, 2018
How To Find A Foundation That Matches Your Skintone
As a pro makeup artist, I custom blend foundations for my clients 99% of the time, so I can’t necessarily give a definitive answer on a true color match. And who has the time & the money to test out foundations to see if they are right? In this episode, you’ll learn 3 FREE ways that require very little time, to find your perfect foundation match!
June 8, 2018
So You Want To Be A Makeup Artist?
Learn how I became a freelance makeup artist and run my own makeup artistry & beauty coach business!
May 9, 2018
My Free Spring Skincare & Makeup Guide For 2018
Learn where to grab your free copy of my amazing skincare+makeup trend guide for 2018 and some spoilers of what’s inside!
April 4, 2018
Amazing new partnership announcement!!
I’ve partnered with a local salon — there’s an amazing gift with service to be had as well as a second location to book my services!
March 12, 2018
How I Get Deals on Makeup!
November 28, 2017
4 Wintertime Skin Care Tips
November 8, 2017
What's In Store For Me In 2018
November 4, 2017
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