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By Natasha Jean-Bart
A podcast about learning how to meet our life’s shifts graciously. How to decipher the messages without repeating the suffering.

Pods hold seeds, portals hold possibilities. In between lies an important covenant, the pauses. When nothing happens, but everything kindles within. A time to rest and re-member who you are.

Follow me on the journey of seeking balance between heaven and earth.
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The Second Shift


The Second Shift


Time is Energy
In this episode, I am talking about Time being a resource. What it means to give it and also withhold it.
December 03, 2021
The Shadows We Are Ruled By.
This episode is about the hidden maps that run in the background of our lives. What is the meaning of what we see or the words we use, and the illusion and concepts we view as real to our stories.
February 26, 2021
Spaces - Life Amidst a Pandemic
How have you used your time during this crisis? If you haven’t paused and reflected about your life, now is the time. Use this empty space to reinvent yourself anew.
May 12, 2020
Manifesting Miracles - When Thoughts Become Things
In this segment I recount a little story that happened to me over the holidays. This year is a good time to restart. Make the invisible visible. Magic is just a thought away.
February 24, 2020
Alignment & The Law of Seeking
What is “alignment”? How to create it? In this segment I speak about my own process of alignment and how I connect it to the law of seeking.
November 25, 2019
FLOW (Surrender)
What it means to be in the flow. To surrender and avoid resisting to everything might save your life. You may catch me free flowing and repeating some words I have acquired — small habits like the ebb and flow of the words “you know” — but the message is yours if you can surrender long enough to absorb these insights.
October 17, 2019
The Third Shift - The Shifts of our Lives Part 3
The 3rd shift or the last “big” shift comes around at the age of 50. A time where you sit on the roof of life and must decide to go back into the world. Have you healed your wounds?
September 11, 2019
The Second Shift
What happens when you hit the second important shift (Uranus opposition) in your life which is often called the mid-life crisis? It is when our passions, relations and careers come to a standstill? When we must choose differently. Adding to this life shifting energetic transition are monthly full moons that deeply trigger our emotions into highs and lows and affect all of our relationships.
August 13, 2019
The Shifts of our Lives
The Shifts of our Lives (1 of 3) — What happens when we come upon these life shifts? When do they happen and why? Part one explains how humans must decipher the codes using the metaphor of a dance cipher.
July 27, 2019
PODS & PORTALS - Seeking balance between heaven and earth (trailer).
Pods & Portals is a podcast about how to seek balance between heaven and earth. Where humanity can cultivate a space where we can heal the root of our distress with equanimity. Subscribe to this podcast @
July 27, 2019