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Financial Pathway

Financial Pathway

By Nate Skelly
Learn how to take control of your personal finances with the Financial Pathway Podcast. We discuss practical ways to reduce debt, save for the future, and give generously all from a Christian worldview. If you have questions or want more information visit our website at
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27. Should You Invest in Gold?
Gold has been a valuable commodity for thousands of years. Even when markets have collapsed and monetary systems have failed, gold has retained its value.  With gold prices rising ~24% in 2020, maybe you've heard commercials or been advised by someone you know to invest in gold. Is now a good time to buy gold? When does it make sense and when does it not? In this episode, we'll talk about the potential benefits and drawbacks of investing in gold and help you understand how gold has performed compared to other investment alternatives.  Email: Website: Facebook:
January 13, 2021
*Bonus* Goodbye 2020: End of the Year Checklist
We all know 2020 has been a crazy year! But before we officially welcome in 2021, here are some final financial tips for the end of the year.  Take just a few minutes to consider whether one or two of these ideas can help you save or grow your money before the year is over.  Email: Website: Facebook:
December 22, 2020
26. What a Biden Presidency Could Mean for Your Finances
What changes can you expect to your finances under a Biden Presidency? Should you expect to pay more in taxes next year? Is now the time to make changes to your investments?  In this episode we break down some of Biden's major campaign proposals regarding tax rates, healthcare, students loans, and more.  We'll talk about the likelihood of these proposals becoming law and what changes (if any) you should consider making.  Email: Website: Facebook:
December 15, 2020
25. Getting the Most Out of Your Employee Benefits
With open enrollment season in full swing, it's a good time to talk about employee benefits. Every year there are employees that miss out on hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of dollars by not simply signing up for the benefits available to them.  In this episode, we'll share some tips on how to understand and navigate common employee benefits like health insurance, 401Ks, life insurance, HSAs, and more.  Email: Website: Facebook:
December 1, 2020
24. Interview with John Gall
In this episode, we discuss the vital role that insurance plays in our financial lives. Appropriate insurance coverage (whether it's auto, home, life, health, or more) is an essential foundation for building wealth.  Our guest, John Gall, is a commercial insurance broker for Security First based in the Denver, CO, area. He shares some helpful tips on how to get proper auto and home insurance coverage at the best prices.  We also take some time to discuss important steps that churches need to take to protect their members/attendees.  You can connect with John here: Email: Website: Facebook:
November 17, 2020
23. The "Fund"amentals - Mutual Funds vs ETFs vs Index Funds
We're getting back to the "fund"amentals. You've probably heard of mutual funds and index funds, but what are exchange traded funds (ETFs)? And why are many investors and advisors opting to use ETFs instead of mutual funds?  Investing your money in funds can be a great way to diversify and reduce risk, but not all funds are created equal.  In this episode, we'll break down 3 common types of funds and help you understand how they can benefit you as investor.   Email: Website: Facebook:
November 3, 2020
22. Ask Me Anything (Part 2)
On this episode, we take some time to answer some more questions sent in by listeners.  How do I choose the right funds inside my 401k (1:40)  With the election coming up, should I be looking at making changes to my investments (7:12) Is it better to invest my money all at once or spread it out over time (11:52) When's should you refinance your home (14:00) Roth vs Traditional IRA (16:34) Tips for tracking your spending (20:06) Email: Website: Facebook:
October 13, 2020
21. Should You Buy a Home or Rent?
At some point, almost everyone will have to decide whether they want to buy a house or rent. If you rent are you just "throwing money away" each month? Is buying a home a "good investment"? How many years do you need to live in a house before it' s better than renting? We'll answer these common questions and more on this week's episode on buying vs. renting.  Plus, we'll give you 4 crucial questions to ask when deciding whether it's better to buy or rent. We also share an easy formula to help you gauge whether it's better to buy or rent a particular house.  Email: Website: Facebook:
September 22, 2020
20. Common Investing Mistakes (Part 5) Getting Bad Advice
In this multi-part series, we'll teach you how to become a better investor by learning to avoid these common mistakes. Part 5: Getting Bad Advice - Not every piece of financial advice is helpful, and not every piece of financial advice applies to your situation. Unfortunately, there are a lot of voices in financial media and financial industry that are not worth listening to. And sometimes, bad advice can even come from the people who love us the most.  In this episode we talk about different possible sources of bad advice including stock "gurus", co-workers, uncles, or even financial advisors themselves.  Email: Website: Facebook:
September 8, 2020
19. Common Investing Mistakes (Part 4) Confronting Biases
In this multi-part series, we'll teach you how to become a better investor by learning to avoid these common mistakes. Part 4: Confronting Biases - A bias is a way of thinking that causes you to be wrong. Learn to recognize your limitations and blindspots as an investor. Sometimes our biggest challenge is trying not to get in our own way. In this episode we talk about five specific biases that every investor is vulnerable to and how to avoid them.  Email: Website: Facebook:
August 25, 2020
18. Common Investing Mistakes (Part 3) What to Expect When You're Investing
In this multi-part series, we'll teach you how to become a better investor by learning to avoid these common mistakes. Part 3: What to Expect When You're Investing - any time you step into a new experience with unrealistic expectations you are bound to end up frustrated and disappointed. Sometimes, investors have unrealistic expectations of the market's behavior, their investments' returns, or even their own ability. When things don't go according to plan, these investors are left wondering where they went wrong. In this episode, we'll talk about how to have manageable expectations and keep yourself focused when others start to panic.  Email: Website: Facebook:
August 18, 2020
17. Common Investing Mistakes (Part 2) Market Timing
In this multi-part series, we'll teach you how to become a better investor by learning to avoid these common mistakes. Part 2: Market Timing - No one knows where the market is headed in the short term, no one. But many investors think they know what will happen in the next week/month/year and make short-term investment decisions accordingly. The research shows that the vast majority of these market timers underperform the market. In this episode, we explain why that is and how you can protect yourself from falling for this common investing mistake.  Email: Website: Facebook:
August 11, 2020
16. Common Investing Mistakes (Part 1: Fear and Greed)
In this multi-part series, we'll teach you how to become a better investor by learning to avoid these common mistakes. Part 1: Fear and Greed - We explain about how our emotions often betray us in the arena of investing. These two emotions drive most of our investment decisions and often propel us to do the opposite of what we should. Email: Website: Facebook:
August 4, 2020
15. How to use a Health Savings Account (HSA)
HSA's are one of the best kept secrets in the finance world. They have some exceptional upsides including a "triple tax benefit" but the majority of Americans aren't using them. In this episode, we'll discuss how to contribute to an HSA, how HSA's have more robust tax benefits than your 401k or IRA, and how you can even use an HSA as an additional retirement savings account! Email: Website: Facebook:
July 20, 2020
14. How Do Financial Advisors Get Paid?
Before you enlist help from a financial advisor, it's imperative that you understand how they are paid and the value they are bringing to your situation.  Many investors are unsure what fees they are paying or are unaware that they are paying fees at all! In this episode, we explore the 5 most common compensation methods for financial advisors and discuss the benefits and limitations of each. We also explain which methods we've chosen to use at Financial Pathway and why we've chosen not to use others. Email: Website: Facebook:
July 6, 2020
13. Interview with Ben Schettler
On this episode, I sit down with Ben Schettler of The Center for Truth in Love to discuss the American church and a Christian worldview on finances. We talked through a variety of questions related money and the Bible including: why is money a difficult topic to discuss in the church? Is it wrong for a Christian to pursue wealth? Is "retirement" a biblical idea? Why is giving on the decline in America?  Ben gives some great insight into these issues and I think you will enjoy hearing his answers to these questions. For more info on Ben and his ministry visit or Email: Website: Facebook:
June 22, 2020
12. Ask Me Anything (Part 1)
On this episode, we take some time to answer questions sent in by listeners. We cover a wide variety of topics including life insurance, mutual funds, annuities, credit cards, retirement accounts, and more. If you've got more questions, send them in and we may answer them in a future part 2 episode! Should I get rid of my credit cards or keep them and pay them off every month? (1:48) Should I invest first or pay off debt? (5:16) When do I need life insurance and how much coverage should I get? (8:32) Retirement plan options for self employed individuals (13:10) How much money do I need to get started investing? (16:50) What is a mutual fund? (20:27) Understanding important features of annuities and 401k plans (23:52) CPAs, Financial Advisors, and Financial Planners (32:38) Email: Website: Facebook:
June 16, 2020
11. Debunking Money Myths (Part 2)
Will Social Security be out of money in 2034? Do you need $1 million to retire? Are good grades the key to a successful career? A continuation of Ep. 06, Debunking Money Myths (Part 1). In this episode, we tackle 7 new money myths and why you shouldn't fall for them.  Email: Website: Facebook:
June 1, 2020
10. Should You Use a Health Sharing Plan?
What's the difference between a health sharing plan and health insurance? Are there any downsides that I should know about before choosing a health sharing plan? Your health care coverage is an important decision. So make sure you understand all your options. In this episode, we break down where most Americans get their health care coverage and the important features you should understand about your policy. We give a side-by-side comparison of health insurance vs health sharing and highlight some important advantages and disadvantages.  Email: Website: Facebook:
May 25, 2020
09. The Four Most Dangerous Words in Investing
This simple four-word phrase has cost investors billions of dollars over the years. Though it's often misunderstood, it is a vital lesson for the long-term investor. Given the recent events in our world, this episode is a timely reminder of what separates the average investor from the successful one. Email: Website: Facebook:
May 11, 2020
08. Interview with Anthony Weatherbee
Our guest, Anthony Weatherbee, is the assistant pastor of Lighthouse Baptist Church in Gulf Breeze, Florida. He is also the owner and founder of Cherith Home Inspections. In this episode, we discuss how Anthony turned a side hustle of inspecting homes into a full-time business. We discuss the unique challenges of starting a business from scratch and lessons that he's learned along the way. We also talk about how Anthony handles wearing multiple hats: pastor, business owner, husband, and father, and what advice he would share with those doing bi-vocational Christian ministry.  Cherith Inspections: Email: Website: Facebook:
April 27, 2020
07. Five Finance Books Everyone Should Read
"The book you don't read won't help" - Jim Rohn If you want to take control of your finances, you need to spend time educating and improving yourself. Reading great books on finance is a great place to start. In this episode, we recommend five finance books that can help you regardless of your life stage or financial status.  Email: Website: Facebook:
April 13, 2020
06. Debunking Money Myths (Part 1)
Did you know that sugar doesn't make kids hyper, that Napoleon was not short (he was average height for his time), and that the Great Wall of China can't be seen from space? Chances are that you've heard at least one of these "myths" before. You may have even believed it. But remember, just because something is widely believed does not make it true. In this episode, we'll explore 7 "money myths" and explain why you shouldn't fall for them. Email: Website: Facebook:
April 6, 2020
05. Interview with Korey Rademacher
On this episode, I sit down with my friend, Korey Rademacher, to discuss real estate investing. Korey is a full-time realtor in Pensacola, Florida, as well as an active real estate investor. We talk about his journey from a full-time accountant at the largest credit union in the U.S. to a full-time realtor averaging one closing a week while also managing multiple investment properties. Korey shares with me his investment strategy, his favorite resources, and some advice for those thinking about getting into real estate investing.  Korey Rademacher Facebook: Email: Website: Facebook:
March 31, 2020
04. Credit Score 101 - What Do I Need to Know?
How is my score calculated? What's the best way to improve my score? Why do I get different credit scores from different credit bureaus? In this episode, we explain the 5 factors that affect your FICO Score and debunk a few myths about what does not affect your score. Taking the right steps to improve your score could allow you to save  thousands of dollars in interest over time.  Free yearly credit report: Email: Website: Facebook:
March 23, 2020
03. Interview with Kurt Skelly
Our first interview on the Financial Pathway podcast: an interview with my dad, Kurt Skelly! Honestly, there's no one else I'd rather have as my first guest. We talk about the money lessons I learned from my dad growing up and how kids often learn more from what they see their parents do than what their parents say. In the second half of the conversation, we shift the discussion to my dad's experience as a pastor. We talk about how he approaches teaching/preaching on finances and what advice he would give to pastors who find this a difficult subject.  Email: Website: Facebook:
March 16, 2020
02. Five Tricks Advertisers Use to Get You to Buy
Ever made a purchase you later regretted? We all have! Advertisers study human psychology, and they've learned some powerful techniques to get you to part with your money. In this episode, we talk about five of those most common methods advertisers use and how you can spot them.  Email: Website: Facebook:
March 12, 2020
01. What's the Best Thing You Can Do for Your Finances in 2020?
If you could improve one aspect of your finances this year, what would it be? In this first episode, we talk about how building a simple habit can help you save hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year.  (4:02) APA study (14:57) Websites Email: Website: Facebook:
March 12, 2020