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TRX U.K. Podcast

TRX U.K. Podcast

By Nathan Drozario
Welcome to the TRX U.K. Podcast.

This Podcast is all about everything TRX Training in the U.K.

We'll be talking about TRX equipment, education, training and events.

We'll also have guests on the podcast that use TRX Training within their business, social media, sports, rehab and more.
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TRX U.K. Podcast - Episode 5 - Jim Huether - CEO of Hyperice
Welcome to episode 5 of the TRX U.K. Podcast. On this episode, host Nathan D'Rozario sat down with the CEO of Hyperice, Jim Huether to talk about Hyperice as they launch directly in the U.K.  They discuss the history of Hyperice, how the they started in the sports industry to offering their services and products within the spa and massage industry, along with general fitness consumers. They also discussed Hyperice's recent acquisition of Normatec and their plans for the U.K. market. 
June 25, 2020
TRX U.K. Podcast - Episode 4 - Matt Gleed
Welcome to Episode 4 of the TRX U.K. Podcast.  On this episode host, Nathan D'Rozario is joined by TRX Senior Master Course instructor, Matt Gleed. They discuss Matt's history within the fitness industry and as an educator with TRX. His views on last year's UK TRX Trainer Summit, TRX Virtual Education and the team of TRX Course instructors we have in the U.K.  Enjoy the episode TRX Training U.K. 
June 18, 2020
TRX U.K. Podcast - Episode 3 - Jay Brockway
Episode 3 is with host, Nathan D'Rozario and guest Jay Brockway. Jay Brockway is the co-founder of Equilibrium in London alongside his brother, Niko, who Nathan spoke with on Episode 2. On this episode Nathan sat down with Jay via Zoom to discuss Jay's journey in the fitness industry, his passion for TRX and how he's had to adapt to virtual training since the lockdown in the U.K. Jay has been at the forefront of TRX Training in the U.K. for many years, so it was great to hear his story and how he feels about TRX Suspension and TRX RIP Training.
June 11, 2020
TRX U.K. Podcast - Episode 2 with Niko Algieri
Welcome to Episode 2 of the TRX U.K Podcast. On this episode, Head of Education & Training, Nathan D'Rozario sits down with guest, Niko Algieri. Niko talks about his love for TRX Training, how got started in the industry and where his passion for training came from his family. Niko also discusses how he set up his studio - Equilibrium, with his brother, Jay Brockway and some nuggets of advice for anyone in the health and fitness industry. Enjoy the episode. TRX Training U.K. team
March 9, 2020
TRX U.K. Podcast - Episode 1 - TRX U.K. Team
Welcome to Episode 1 of the TRX U.K. Podcast On this episode, we find out more about the full TRX U.K. team, Bobbie, Marija, Aleksandra and Nathan. This introduction episode goes into what TRX have planned in the U.K. in 2020 and a little information on the team, their roles within TRX U.K. and industry experience.  We hope you enjoy the episode. TRX Training U.K.
February 7, 2020