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Re-Imagining Canada

Re-Imagining Canada

By Nathan Woolridge
In the midst of a global pandemic that began in 2020, Canadians were forced to think more about who they are. The pandemic exposed how divided the nation really is, how Canadians treat others and almost more than ever sparked further conversations about the social injustices that Canada has been built upon. The pandemic isn't over, but as each day comes and goes, Canada looks to move forward from this catastrophic event and it finally begs the questions: What Canada do YOU want to live in in a post-Covid world? We chat with Canadians looking to make a positive change in their communities.
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What Canada do YOU want to live in moving forward?

Re-Imagining Canada

What Canada do YOU want to live in moving forward?
Welcome to Re-Imagining Canada. This trailer opens up what the first season of this podcast will be about: "Re-imagining Canada in a post-COVID world." Canada has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic for over a year now. Through the process, we've learned a lot about the nation we live in as the spotlight shined upon our government, its systems, and our society. The pandemic has forced us to have some important conversations about our healthcare system, how divided we are on fundamental issues, and the plethora of social injustices present in our society. Together, we've been forced to look in the mirror and face the nation we've become and the one we are becoming. As the pandemic continues, we must also start dreaming of a Canada in a post-COVID world and how we can return to a nation better than ever before. Hopefully soon, it'll be a time to heal, to dream, and to move forward. For now, we must listen, learn, and discuss how we can re-imagine Canada.
May 07, 2021