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Virgin Cocktail Hour

Virgin Cocktail Hour

By Nathanial-Chère Wright
In Virgin Cocktail Hour Nathanial and Chère take you on a journey through their relationship, crazy opinions, and unwanted advice while having some delicious beverages. Join them on the journey while they avoid getting tipsy with their virgin cocktails.
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Strawberry Limeade and Kisses at Sunset (Ep. 2)
This week Nathanial and Chère had strawberry limeades and discuss their courtship all the way up to the day before their wedding. Make the strawberry limeade by making a strawberry lemon syrup (reduce strawberries and add lemon juice so there is a kick). Blend it all together in a blender and let it cool in the fridge. Once it is cooled, take your wine glasses, dip the edges in water, and then in white sugar. Let it dry. Add the strawberry syrup to the bottom of the wine glass and squeeze a half a lime (or maybe a little more!) into the bottom of the glass. Mix that together. Fill up the rest of the glass up with sprite. ENJOY!
April 10, 2020
Ep 1 - Piña Coladas and Sparks Flying
In this episode Nathanial and Chère talk about the beginning of their relationship and how the sparks started flying.  This weeks Virgin Cocktail was a piña colada that was super delish.  Chère didn't follow a recipe in the end, so there isn't one to post this week.  Keep on drinking!
March 24, 2020