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Outliers Podcast

Outliers Podcast

By Nathaniel Hodges
An Outlier is someone who - Leads a full and complex life. - Achieves high levels of competence and esteem. - Has multiple Projects at once and can't switch off. - Swings between intense focus & withdrawal. - Swings between feeling fully connected and then deeply alone. - Feels nobody truly understands them Our purpose is to collaborate with you across 5 domains providing clarity on deep challenges in life, business & ambition 1. Complexity management 2. Understanding yourself 3. Business development 4. Integrating peace and ambition 5. Emotional, intellectual and spiritual maturity
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Why outcomes rarely lead to happiness for the Outlier
1. Outliers are products of adaption and psychological habits. 2. Why can things go well but we feel bad? 3. Big life events ( painful and productive) only leave in 3 locations post event . 4. Consciousness will do whatever you tell it, tell it something for long enough and no matter what happens you will find yourself in the same internal position. 5. Why positive, life supporting emotions may actually feel unsafe in you at the deepest level.
January 5, 2021
FREE 30 minute extended intro of 'Antifragility beyond 2020'
We have become powerful enough in thought and technology to pause and withhold our natural correction/ collapse cycles. listen to the extended intro of an audiobook I am releasing in January to hear for yourself what this means and how it relates to antifragility.
December 14, 2020
The number one psychological skill for an Outlier (you're not going to like this)
Ok so you're an Outlier... You can get shit done, you come up with creative ideas and sometimes they flow and other times you lose interest and you're  ok with it. Most of the time you wouldn't want life any other way and then bam!!! something comes and takes you out, a big swing of emotion or a need to escape and have a big night or a few big nights back to back. Maybe you just want to withdraw from the world and wish your thinking would just take a break for a while.. You know this about yourself so over the years you have developed means and ways of managing yourself in a GOOD way. You can stabilise yourself and get your head back in the game.  but.. What if the good thing that you would never suspect is the thing stopping your psychological growth? Give this one a listen for a closer look at the number one psychological skill for an Outlier.
November 2, 2020
5 ways to know your interpretation of life is working.
1. Are you successfully moving towards a goal without encountering excessive error that require long amounts of recovery ? 2. Are you emotionally regulated or experiencing random swings of emotion without a clear pattern. 3. Are you socially engaged ? 4. Are you biologically and physiologically healthy, strong, fit and nourished? 5. Does meaning manifest in your life ?
November 2, 2020
Analysis Paralysis & The Outlier
Major points of interest in this episode  1. Typically the internal analyser is out of balance and therefore burdened with some emotion. 2. Outliers are typically not satisfied with simple or easily accessible solutions and feel the need to over enquire. 3. An increased level of personal complexity can awaken a 4th person (analysis) perspective which at the same time knocks out prioritisation and therefore inhibits your ability to act because all perspectives have enough merit to be correct. 4. Analysis normally comes down to a sense of control and trying to have foresight on all variables  5. The individual has come out of balance between 1st person realities and 3rd person realities. A simple remedy is to always consider 1st person intuitions, experiences, intimations and simple personal wants as viable and trusted sources of growth. 6. The 'spill over' point is when an individual has gone beyond the limits of variables in mind and feels helpless to act or change.
October 5, 2020
The Outlier Success Paradox
Success was once a nourishing game full of gold but now it's weighing on you. You may be trying to solve or squash these emotions with more success? Success comes naturally but nobody warned you of the deep contradiction down the road. The further you go the more devised you may become but the more unity you need. Simple solution at the end.
September 4, 2020
Confusing A Part For A Whole (how the Outlier can hide behind a single line of intelligence)
The Outlier commonly has one line of intelligence that stands head and shoulders stronger and more developed than the rest. although this will develop deep competence, it also creates separation and suffering. This can lead to the personality favouring this line as a 'go to' for all problems whether it's in its scope or not. This person can accidentally organise their entire self behind a single part confusing it for a whole. Leading to problems like  1. Competency bias - thinking they are good at all things because they are good at one thing 2. Using this line of intelligence in the wrong context or with poor timing  3. Insensitivity to others  4. Ignoring other areas of development by hiding behind their giftedness 
August 18, 2020
Outliers & Early Success (part 2) Child & Teen Achievement
Continuing the theme of early success I explore some of the unforeseen challenges of chronological early achievement. - Learning that achievement equals love . - Bracketed morality/ The goal of achievement no matter the cost. - Inflated sense of self without the perspective of age and time - Coaching and training character alongside ambition. - When pride is too high the emotional cost of failure can traumatise an individual.
July 29, 2020
Outliers & The Dangers Of Early Success
The image of success is never the experience of it.  In this episode I briefly outline the COST of early success and how it can contaminate your authenticity. The unforeseen negative consequences of early success can really leave people rattled, confused and avoiding their gifts. - Loved ones leaving you - Your personality changing into something you don't like - Isolation - Friendship fractures  - Critical judgments and bullying  - Losing all your personal time  - Partnerships that become toxic 
July 29, 2020
Mental Illness or Complexity Management ? (controversial)
A 10 minute podcast on a new view towards mental illness and what it means to be alive in 2020. The world is demanding more of you now than it ever has in at the fastest rate in history .. What do we do with such immense challenge ?
July 14, 2020
Episode 41- Pursuit Of Love Podcast- part2/2
This is part 2 as we reconvene the conversation, in this we continue to explore  Why did some people rise after cover-19? have we evolved or devolved ? Stories and narratives  beyond stories into healthy spirituality  language and world spaces  The intelligence inherent in nature  Everything is NOT just energy 
July 13, 2020
Pursuit Of Love Podcast - part1/2
I joined some very good pals on their podcast 'Pursuit Of Love' Where they chew the fat about all things mastery and pursuing something deeply. We discuss  Money Business  Fear Time perception Free Will and lack there of :) 
July 13, 2020
The Body Mind Split
Ever had the experience of being 'possessed' by heavy emotion or moods. The feeling like something has come over you and you start to spiral? This episode can shine a light on the neurology of this phenomenon and some simple things to do to get out of it. Outliers are on the razors edge and can sometimes fall on the bad side, know what to do when this happens.
June 1, 2020
The Forgotten Survival Response / The foundation of the Outlier type
Flight Fight & Freeze are never associated with human flourishing or economic advantage  What if there is a survival response that actually has real world benefits ?  If so, this almost becomes an ethical and moral issue ....  Do you show someone this inbuilt survival response in an attempt to bring peace and balance?? 
June 1, 2020
Guilt-Success-Suffering Cycle
By far one of the trickiest intra-personal dynamics to see in yourself because at one stage of life it most likely kept you alive. Did you grow up with a chip on your shoulder? Did you swim, talk or walk early?  Were you known for your good grades ?
May 7, 2020
Radical self reliance is good right?
Find out how and why the Outlier develops radical self reliance. It is mostly growth driven but comes with 3 major drawbacks that can hurt down the track.
May 7, 2020
The modern stoned ape theory
There was a huge spike in the size of our brains, the theory goes it was apes eating magic mushrooms. What if something like that was happening right now but it was so subtle that you had to have shoved in your face to see it.
April 24, 2020
More competence = more isolation
Why the highly competent person doesn't resonate with the masses. Developmental Altitude  Needs Capacity of attention
April 24, 2020
Make overthinking great again
A fresh perspective on overthinking and why it's actually not as bad as what everyone makes it out to be. Overthinking is correlated to very very competent people.
April 24, 2020
Personality types are dead..
"Oh cool, so your telling what I already know about myself" Personality types are sooooo 90s!    This episode explains why personality types and why personality profiling is such an anticlimax and leaves everyone thinking " hmmmm I think there is a little more going on than this' Have you been sold the dream of complete and total self knowledge through a 10 question profile? hahaha me too
April 22, 2020
Let's get spiritual......spiritual (insert Olivia Newton John)
We take a quick little run around the spiritual playground and give multiple perspectives on an all too elusive subject. Part of my mission is to make this conversation more accessible and sensible so it can continue on. What could it be??   Spirituality in 1st person - simply the experience of experience  Spirituality in 2nd person - 'The great thou' a personified energy out there  Spirituality in 3rd Person - An interconnected web of everything outside me
April 22, 2020
Are You Serious ? Principles Of Outliers
The most counter intuitive way to set up the foundation of a company. You're just going to have to listen to this one
April 20, 2020
Boring Business
It appears people have lost the plot! Business has lost its essence. Social influence and manufactured authority has taken priority over doing an outstanding job 
April 16, 2020
Who and What is an Outlier?
What is this all about and am I the right person ? Common struggles and gifts of Outliers Hi, my name is Nathaniel Hodges founder of Outliers Consulting we work with a very specific type of person that this intro episode will outline. Our purpose is to collaborate with you across 5 main dimensions 1. Complexity Management  2.  Self Understanding & growth  3. Integration of ambition and personal peace 4.  Business development  5. Emotional, intellectual and spiritual maturity.  If you listen to this and it resonates and/or the four dimensions above talk to you in a way, I encourage you stay engaged with us as we go. All the best , Nat
April 16, 2020